18 Gifts for Sleep Lovers, Like Your Mom

I'm so tired tshirt mom

If you know anyone who loves sleep it’s probably the ones who are most sleep deprived. For a lot of us, that means moms with young kids. So check out our top 20 best gifts and make your mom or someone who loves sleep very happy!

This shirt always gets comments and other parents nod in agreement when they read it. People have stopped me in an airport to ask where I got it. It’ll bring some smiles and hopefully a bit of slack when people realize that you’re sleep deprived.

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Unisex Let’s Sleep In Tee in Black and White (or White on Black)

lets sleep in tee

or the same idea but in a fun print for your bedroom decor.

lets sleep in sign

I’m so Tired Tee
I'm so tired tshirt

Let’s Just Sleep Pillowcase

lets just sleep pillowcase


I am going to bed tee.

i am going to bed shirt

Let me Sleep PJs
let me sleep pjs

Eyelash pillow case

eyelash pillow case

Stop Snore Shirt

Fill the area with balls so you can’t sleep on your back comfortably. Strange but it has a lot of fans!

stop snoring shirt

Comfy wide sleep mask that’s also pretty

Thick eye mask comes in 8 patterns, with a satin or minky back. This one won’t slide off as easily as thinner masks that barely have you covered.

wide flower sleep mask

Matching sleep deprived tshirt and onesie for dad and baby

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sleep deprived matching shirts for dad and baby

Silk Short Flowered Robe

silk flowered robe

I’d Rather Be Sleeping Tee

rather be sleeping

Award Winning Adjustable Pillow

Choose the firmness you want and take the quiz to get the best match for your sleeping position.

Coop adjustable pillowAllergic to mornings tee

allergic to mornings tshirt

Give it to God and sleep sign

give it to God wall hanging

Soft 100% cotton guaze pjs for summer

Make by double gauze consists of two layers of gauze tacked together.

womens muslin guaze pjs

If you love me, let me sleep tee

Comes in 30 colors

love me let me sleep tshirt

Let’s sleep under the stars tee

sleep under the stars tshirt