5 of the Best Weighted Blankets for Fall

weighted blankets fall colored

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking of the fall as a beautiful time on its own but also a reprieve before winter comes. We’re in the burr months – Septemburr, Octoburrr, and Decemburrrrrrrr! And with the world right now it’s very tempting to stay home under a blanket – a weighted one, preferably.

Weighted blankets mostly come in drab shades of gray with the occasional navy blue. Nothing wrong with that but today I’m going to show you the most gorgeous weighted blankets for fall. They’re like the colors of the leaves that are falling from the trees and look perfect on your bed, sofa or home office.

Studies show that a weighted blanket helps with insomnia too. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Best Weighted Blankets for Fall

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The colors of these weighted blanket ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️ . With names like Butternut Bliss, Goodnight Grape, Evening Eggplant, and Cozy Corn, you’ll love the warm colors that are anything except boring!

And this color…


This weighted blanket is an eco-friendly, luxury weighted blanket made with lead-free glass microbeads and materials certified to be free of harmful chemicals. Clean, safe, and made with soft, premium cotton that’s cool and breathable for year-round use. White is classic any time of the year.

And what about this rust colored removable cover weighted blanket lined with a soft minky blanket on the inside?

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rust colored weighted blanket from Luxome

Removable Cover Weighted Blanket
from: Luxome

This weighted blanket comes in fun colors for all year – and looks like the perfect camping blanket to keep you warm and snuggly.

light blue and gray weighted blanket

Integrated Cover Weighted Blankets
from: Luxome


Luxurious one-piece weighted blanket that's machine washable!Cooling Weighted Blanket
from: Luxome

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