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Casper Mattress Files for IPO – Dreams of Future Sleep Economy

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Casper logoOn January 10, 2020, Casper Sleep filed to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. Founded in 2014, that would mean they’d join bed in a box companies Purple and Leesa, which are both publicly traded after being bought out by larger companies.

Here are some facts from the filing that Unbox Mattress found interesting…

Casper sleep economyNote there is an affiliate link in this post.

  • Retail stores help boost online sales. Casper says on average they get about 2x the sales online in markets where there’s also a retail store. Casper is sold at Target stores and is in more than 2,000 stores, according to their website.
  • They’re not profitable and losses are steep – reports say that last year they were at $92 million.
  • Returns are a costly issue, costing about 20 cents for every dollar in sales and represents a key factor in their ability to be profitable. From the figures we read it looks like Casper has a 15-20% return rate, which is quite high.
  • What Casper does well is marketing and spending money on marketing. According to Fortune, “the company has spent $423 million in marketing since 2016.” And they report that for every $1 it spent on marketing, they bring in $3 in revenue. However, “more than 73% of its gross profit last year went to sales and marketing costs.”That’s gross, not net profit. In fact, when we reviewed Casper we were more taken by their marketing than the mattress. It’s not that it’s a bad mattress, it’s just it’s tough not to be in awe of their marketing. They are certainly creative and know how to leverage (and/or pay) influencers for placement. They’re almost more a marketing agency than a mattress/sleep company.
  • Casper bills themselves as a more than a mattress company but part of the global sleep economy. They’ve barely begun that journey. Right now though people usually buy a mattress and nothing else, but they have a long way to go in that category. The numbers, once again, don’t look promising at this point. According to Fortune, “only 16% of Casper’s customers who have bought a product through the company’s website or stores have returned to purchase another product.”
  • The IPO paperwork hints at future products and is far-reaching. This includes bedroom furniture, sounds (maybe they should acquire this bed company that seems to have never actually launched), scents, temperature and even sprays, pills or vitamins. Still, when you look at their website, it’s mostly mattresses and bedding. And new products have mostly been more pricey mattress models, like a hybrid. If the past predicts the future, it looks like we’ll see baby mattresses and cribs next.Casper products and services…are increasingly focused on non-traditional categories, including products that promote the ideal ambience for sleep, such as lighting, sound, scents, temperature, and humidity; sleep technology, such as tracking devices, medical machines, bedside clocks, and connected devices; sleep supplements, such as sprays, pills, and vitamins; and sleep services, such as digital apps, meditation, sleep programming, and counseling. Beyond the daily sleep needs of adults, we aim to meet a range of use cases with unique product and service needs, such as for travel, children and babies, and pets.

    As far as lighting, there’s the glow. It left us wondering, would you buy sleep supplements from Casper? And otherwise we don’t see a lot of tech. So far, Eight Sleep seems to be the leader in sleep tech, if not Reverie. So Casper has a long way to go (and needs a lot of cash to get there).

  • Casper “employs over 40 dedicated researchers, designers, engineers, and support staff…” focused on “the continuous improvement of existing offerings.” Honestly, we’d like to hear more about that than marketing.

The IPO sounds like a vision list of expensive dreams the mattress company has.

Our favorite part? A chart that highlights their wildly profitable beginnings: how Casper cofounder Neil Parikh delivered their first mattress by bike. They tweeted about it in 2014:

Casper bicycle delivery

Casper is a forerunner in the mattress industry and we wish them well in their IPO and future plans.

chilipad weighted blanket

Chilipad’s New Weighted Blanket Has Heat and Cooling Tech

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chili logoThere’s no doubt that weighted blankets are trendy. They Time magazine called one brand of weighted blanket (the Gravity blanket), “One of Time‘s best inventions of 2018.” And we’re sure there are differences between weighted blankets, besides just the weight, but also that they’re subtle differences. Top mattress brands such as Purple, Nectar, Layla, Helix, and Casper all have weighted blankets now.

The goal: more relaxed and deeper sleep. However, we also see potential health benefits for people who suffer from muscle aches and uses a heating pad to treat pain. Think: cramps, osteoporosis, lower back pain or injuries. Best of all, with the weight. it’s more likely to stay in place. However, a lot of people want the soothing qualities of a weighted blanket but they get uncomfortably hot.

This week chiliPAD announced their own weighted blanket.

chiliBLANKET temperature controlled weighted blanket

Chilipad has something truly unique in weighted blankets. It’s called the ChiliBlanket. Wait, make that ChiliBLANKET. They put their heated and cooled water technology inside a weighted blanket. What does that mean? You get the stress and anxiety relief without the heat (or with it). Hot sleepers of the world rejoice! You can now get the benefits of a weighted blanket without the sweaty, heavy heat of one!

There are many cooling weighted blankets but that usually just means they’re made with a lightweight, cooler fabric. None that we’ve seen actually change the temperature of the blanket though. chiliBLANKET has tubing that connects to the control unit. You can set the temperature and heated or cooled water will coarse through the tubes and subtly warm or it cool down. It has a remote for easier control.

Temperature control means you can sleep deeper because you’re not too hot or cold. Or if you live in Arizona or Florida you can use your heated blanket year round!

You get the anxiety and stress relief from the feeling of calm that a heavier, substantial blanket provides. You can get the weight without the temperature. While the chiliPAD or Ooler go underneath you, the chiliBLANKET goes over you. And you can use it without the plug (features) too – as a regular weighted blanket.

chiliBLANKET comes stand alone or with the chiliPAD cube

chiliBLANKET has two options: it works with your existing chiliPAD or Ooler system or just the chiliPAD box. Here are some of the benefits, according to their website:

  • Hydro-powered, temperature-controlled weighted blanket leads to more restful, restorative sleep
  • Water circulates through a system of tubes inside the blanket for a luxurious sleep experience
  • The hydro-powered design also means the chiliBLANKET is EMF-free
  • The temperature can be adjusted to between 55° and 115°F (13–46°C) to promote deep sleep
  • Glass beads fill the blanket, which provides even weight distribution
  • Removable and machine-washable outer cover
  • Quality fabric offers strength and durability through repeated use and washing

Comes in one color.

chiliBLANKET cost

You will pay for the tech but if it means your health or sleep, it’s worth it for a lot of people. Available stand alone or with the chiliPAD cube – this is what you should buy if you already have a chiliPAD or Ooler system. Cost: $299 or $13.80/month.

chiliBLANKET with chiliPAD system

Or the system which contains both chiliBLANKET and chiliPAD control unit. $499 or $23.03/month.

chiliBLANKET with chiliPAD system


Comes in one size: Throw Blanket Size of 79.5in (202cm) long x 45.5in (116cm) wide

Sleep trial and warranty

ChiliBLANKET comes with a 90 day sleep trial and a 2 year warranty. Ships starting January 20, 2020 and so far we can’t find the exact weight (which is ironic).

Sweetnight Mattress Review

Sweetnight Mattress Review – Best Value Memory Foam Bed

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Sweetnight MattressAre you looking for a value priced mattress that has a higher profile? Today at Unbox Mattress we’re reviewing the Sweetnight mattress. We were sent a mattress to try out and we purchased two Sweetnight Pillows to go with it. When you shop through our links we may earn a commission.

Sweetnight 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Sweetnight is a value bed that’s sold on Amazon. Sweetnight is a cheaper mattress that you can find on Amazon. They sell different models on Amazon at lower price points too. There are beds with springs and some like this one that are all foam. We reviewed is a queen size Sweetnight 12 inch gel memory foam mattress.

Here’s the Sweetnight mattress video review on YouTube:

When I took it out of the box I was surprised that it doesn’t reach its full height quickly. It takes longer to expand – they say to give it 72 hours.

Nice presentation. Came in this colorful box. I liked the inner bag that add protection when shipping. I like that the box has handles to make it easier to move and the small touches like the felt pouch with material about the mattress.

Sweetnight Mattress Layers

12 inches deep
3 inches memory foam
3.5” regular foam
5.5” high density foam
Weighs 81 lbs.

Sweetnight Firmness

The firmness is so subjective that it’s helpful to refer to the layers. Sweetnight has a full 3 inches of memory foam on top, which means you’re going to get some sink. It’s not the most plush mattress we’ve reviewed, but it’s definitely towards the softer spectrum.

Sweetnight Sleep Trial

The Sweetnight gives you 30 days which is standard for mattresses sold on Amazon but not as long as other brands in the niche.

Sweetnight has a 10 year warranty.

Sweetnight Price

This queen is listed at $568 on Amazon. Which to be honest is a bit more expensive than I expected but it is a 12″ thick bed. But I do have a coupon code for you which – use code 82YQ8CV9 and it takes off $142, taking it down to $426.

As far as quality, it’s what you would expect for the price. I’ve seen much more expensive beds that were very cheaply made.

Sweetnight Unboxing

Want to see what Sweetnight mattress looks like as it comes out of the box? We liked how it has an inner bag to protect the bed for shipping. It’s unusual in that it takes longer to expand – 2 or 3 days.

Watch the unboxing video here:

Sweetnight Pillows

Sweetnight mattress adjustable shredded memory foam pillow

We purchased the Sweetnight pillows to go with the mattress and they are standard queen size shredded memory foam pillows. The thing that I was impressed about with them is that they have a double zipper.

You can unzip the cover and wash it and you can unzip the inner cover and adjust the amount of memory foam inside to get the thickness you want. It has a plush feel and about $45. The discount code only applies to the mattress but the pillows do go on sale if you watch. It’s a great pillow and also a strong value, like the mattress!

Sweetnight Pros
No noticeable offgassing. That was unexpected. This is a made in China memory foam bed so I almost expect it to have a strong smell but it doesn’t. The pillows did have some smell but the bed didn’t.

The mattress cover zips off which makes it easier to clean and is a feature we love to see on a mattress. Most people need a minimum of 10 inches of foam because it does compress with weight. The Sweetnight is 12″ thick which gives it a higher end feel and look.

Sweetnight Cons
It only has a 30 day trial period when most have 100 days. However, it’s pretty standard for a mattress to have 30 days on Amazon.

Purple mattress foundation

Best Box Spring for Purple mattress?

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Should you put your Purple Mattress on a box spring?

Purple mattresses are HEAVY. A queen size original, for example, is 100 lbs plus any additional weight (such as a partner, kids or pet). You need something with enough support so your mattress doesn’t develop sags.

Here’s what Purple mattress says you should put your mattress on:

The Purple Mattress will work great on any flat, sturdy foundation. Whether you put it on the Purple PowerBase or Platform, slats, box foundation, adjustable bed, or even the floor, your Purple Bed will sit pretty in any room. 

Why would you even want a box spring or what we use today, a foundation? It adds height and looks nice on your bed. Not having anything means a shorter bed. Also, our frame only has a cross section of wood – it’s not nearly strong enough to support the weight it needs to. We could add wood slats across the bed and then it would work, but we wanted the extra height and none of the extra work (our bed frame is not set up for slats).

There are links in this article to shop Purple mattresses and we highly recommend that you do (it’s still our top choice). We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Best box spring For Purple Mattress

Notice that the quote above DOES NOT SAY box springs. There’s no best box spring for a Purple mattress – in fact, you shouldn’t use one.

Why shouldn’t you use a box spring? Springs can break down over time and cause the mattress to sag. There are box spring alternatives – sometimes still called box springs, it’s technically a box foundation because there are no springs inside. If you get a platform bed the slats need to be 3″ apart or less.

Like this:

A platform bed from Wayfair with built in slats and a headboard

Read more about why you shouldn’t use box springs with your Purple mattress.

Using a box spring voids your warranty

Mattress warranties are mainly to cover mattress defects from manufacturing or shipping. Or if your mattress breaks down. You have to prove significant indents for almost any warranty. Companies don’t want to take back a used mattress. So we HIGHLY recommend that you use a mattress protector.

Here’s a quote from the warranty:

Mattresses are covered by warranty only if they are used on a firm, flat, non-spring foundation (whether non-moving type or adjustable type) sufficiently strong to remain flat and firm under the weight of the mattress and its users, from the date of delivery onward to the date of the warranty claim without interruption; otherwise the warranty is void. Other placement (whether long or short term) of the mattress, including but not limited to foundations of other description, a storage facility in any orientation, or use of a non-sufficient frame beneath the foundation, voids this warranty.

A sufficient frame on which the foundation rests must provide sturdy support for both the mattress and foundation and in the case of a queen or larger must have 5 or more legs including a center support. Purple may require purchaser to provide proof of the sufficiency of the foundation and frame and of the constancy since purchase of the support of the mattress and foundation thereon before this warranty will apply. This warranty shall not apply if Purple determines in its reasonable discretion that the mattress or foundation has been damaged, abused, or neglected; it shall be reasonable without limitation to make such determination if the following are present: Tears, stains, odors, unsanitary conditions, folds, footprints, burns, cuts, or signs of jumping on the bed, rodents, insect damage or other infestation, damage from liquids or gels or blood or bodily fluids or other fluids, or damage from weather or sun exposure. Purple highly recommends the use of a very stretchy, breathable mattress protector because without such protection your mattress may not be clean enough or undamaged enough to have this warranty apply. Please note that a non-stretchy or non-breathable mattress protector (or non-stretchy tight sheets) will negate much of the benefit of the mattress. For the health and safety of anyone who would be required to dispose of, or otherwise handle, the sleep set, Purple and its retailers or agents may refuse to inspect such products to assess whether covered by the warranty, in which case, Purple reserves the right to deny warranty coverage. Photos may be requested to be sent via internet to Purple. Localized firmness changes are normal and are not covered under warranty. Comfort preferences are not covered under warranty. The mattress must be always covered in use or the warranty is void (UV light degrades cushioning materials).

Can you put a purple mattress on a box spring?

Yes, you can, but it’s not recommended and as we mentioned above, it voids the warranty. We have our Purple mattress on a box spring for years. But we didn’t have a warranty anyway (as our mattress was provided by the company).

Purple Mattress- new foundation replaces the need for a box spring

So what are your choices if you can’t use a box spring and you want to buy something from Purple so you know it will adequately support your bed (especially on the much heavier hybrids)? Until now you had just two choices from Purple: a basic metal frame, or the Purple Powerbase adjustable base. That recently changed when Purple came out with the Purple foundation. Purple still doesn’t have a platform bed with a headboard – if that’s what you’re looking for we really like Wayfair.

7 Facts about the Purple foundation
  • The top layer is purple just like the top layer of your mattress
  • Holds up to 2,000 pounds
  • Won’t squeak
  • Stylish and neutral grey color looks good with almost any bedroom decor
  • Attachments for headboard and the foundation is 17″ from the ground.
  • Slipcover is removable so if it gets dirty, you can take it off and throw it in the wash
  • Easy set up

The Purple foundation isn’t white labeled from another manufacturer like most bed in a box foundations are. It’s made specifically for Purple mattress and to support the additional weight of even the heaviest hybrid (the Hybrid Premier 4 which weighs 204 lbs for a king size).

If you want to get it now and pay as you go, you can finance it through Purple for a low monthly payment.

Check Price on Purple Foundation

Nectar Motivational Sleeper Wants to Awaken you to your Greatest Sleep

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Nectar Sleep LogoIf you buy a Nectar mattress through our link you may experience better sleep and we may earn a commission.

While most companies try to sell you a mattress by talking about low prices or its features, Nectar has launched a string of ad campaigns with a totally different approach. They’re lighthearted and fun, never boring. They use tech, cultural themes and humor to sell you a mattress in a very competitive category.

For the, ‘Real, Sleep Science from Mayim Bialik’ campaign, they hired neuroscientist Mayim Bialik and created a CGI brain character to teach you how bad sleep affects your brain’s ability to make good decisions. True edutainment, it entertains and educates you at the same time.

Then there was the “Make America Sleep Again” with animated brains depicting world leaders such as Donald Trump and Putin. It won first place in a YouTube award competition for its success in motivation people to action. So naturally, they capitalized on that through a new character who is trying to get you to take sleep seriously.

In these ads they offer a new twist on the motivational speaker and self help gurus. Fictional hype man Yawn Yawnson is a motivational sleeper. He pitches Nectar on stage, cheered by large crowds of adoring fans, in his pajamas and proclaims, it’s a great day to be asleep! The Tony-Robbins-like front man doesn’t talk about personal growth – he’s behind the world’s quietest sleep revolution. He wants to sooth your sleep anxiety by removing the blame. He assures a middle-aged woman who admits to everyone that she tosses and turns at night that it’s not her, it’s your mattress! “There are no bad sleepers, only bad mattresses,” he says.

And he has followers he calls bedheads whom he comically leads to take sleep more seriously and at the same time pokes fun at the trend for business owners and leaders to grind and hustle rather than sleeping. One of our favorite parts depicts a man who comes on stage, looking very comfortable in sweats, to share a testimonial: “When I got my 365 night trial from Nectar, I slept for a whole year!” The crowd  cheers.

It ends with, “This is your moment and this is your mattress.”

It’s effective. People know and like the Nectar brand, which sells more mattresses. With over 100 bed in a box brands competing for mindshare, it’s not cheap or easy. According to DTC Daily, Nectar, is the largest mattress brand in terms of unit sales in the US. Launched in 2017, the brand generated $40m in revenue the first year and over $250m in 2019. 

In addition to their brilliant ad campaigns, their website has lots of practical information, including a sleep calculator to tell you how much sleep you need.

idle sleep mattress

The 2-Sided Mattress with an 18 Month Sleep Trial and Lifetime Warranty!

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Idle Sleep logoIn previous articles we highlighted mattresses that have a full year trial. There are at least 4. In this post you’ll learn about a mattress with an even longer sleep trial — 18 months. Yes, you get an entire year and a half to decide what you think. The name of the mattress? Idle Sleep! Note that we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Idle Sleep Mattresses Have an 18 Month Sleep Trial!


  • Idle Sleep mattress is a higher end luxury mattress that comes in 4 models, including hybrids and a latex model.
  • Each Idle mattress is 14 inches deep and several are flippable which means you can sleep on either side and choose the firmness you want.
  • Comes with a full 18 month sleep trial.
  • Has a lifetime warranty.
  • You can finance your mattress, so you can get your mattress now for a low monthly payment. Idle uses Affirm financing which starts at 0% interest for 6 or 12 months.
  • Choose from all of the standard sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. In addition, they’re one of a few companies that offers a split king which is perfect for couples who can’t agree – you can have one side softer and one more firm so you’re both happy!

There’s an optional white glove delivery for an additional $149. They’ll set up your bed for you and take away your old mattress. Since these are heavy beds, it’s probably a good idea unless you have some help. For $29 more they’ll remove a second piece of furniture, such as a box spring. However, this option does add 1-2 weeks onto delivery.

If you can’t wait or just need a mattress removed without set up, we highly recommend this mattress removal service for about $83 for a queen (instant quotes available). That way you won’t slow down your delivery waiting to coordinate the delivery and pick up. You can usually book online for next day pick up.

Lifetime ownership warranty! Idle is one of the few mattresses that offers this generous warranty. They guarantee IDLE for as long as you own the mattress.

Idle Mattress Coupon

When you purchase through our link you will get 30% OFF + Two FREE Pillows when you buy an Idle mattress.

Get 30% off and 2 FREE Pillows

Idle Mattress Options

Idle 14″ Hybrid

For the hybrid both sides are the either medium or luxury firm. Flipping your mattress helps extend its life.

  • Comes in 2 firmness levels – “Medium” at 6-7 and a “Luxury Firm” at 9-9.5.
  • Has 6″ coils – over 1,000 in a queen and they go end to end for the best edge support
  • They ask that you give it at least 30 days to give yourself time to adjust to your new bed
  • A queen is $1,421 (check site for current deals)

Idle 14″ Double Sided All Natural Hybrid

  • Natural Organic Cotton Fabric and Natural Talalay Latex
  • meets the stringent GOLS certification requirements, your mattress is made with pure, certified organic raw materials and it does not contain chemicals, emissions, fillers and/or polymers.
  • You can choose from both sides the same (either medium or firm) or a split firmness where one side is medium and the other side is firm.
  • “Medium” at 6.5-7.5 and a “Luxury Firm” is an 8-8.5
  • A queen is $2,141

Idle 14″ Double Sided All Foam Mattress

  • All foam – no springs or coils
  • Comes in two firmness options: “Medium” is at a 6-7 and the “Luxury Firm” is at 9-9.5
  • A queen is $1,421 (check site for current deals)

Idle Hybrid 14″ No Flip Mattress

  • Similar to the 14″ hybrid except it’s not flippable
  • Coils are 8″ inches (taller than the flippable hybrid)
  • A queen is $1,328 (check site for current deals) so you save over $100 by not having a flippable option
Mattress return

What Happens to Returned Mattresses?

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You buy a mattress online and it comes with a return window, usually called the sleep trial. Your sleep trial can be anywhere from 30 days to a year or even an 18 month sleep trial. During that time you can return your mattress and get a refund for just about any reason. Often they’ll try to save the sale by offering a mattress topper or other remedy to see if you like the mattress more. Some require a certain number of nights before you can return a bed, as it can take a month or two to adjust to the feel of a different mattress than you’re used to.

But just what you need to do to get your mattress returned so you can get your refund, depends on the mattress company and their policy. In most cases you need to show proof (a receipt) that the mattress was picked up or dropped off by an approved partner.

Retuning your mattress can be a pain but it doesn’t have to be. Two companies that are known for making returns easy are Tuft & Needle and Puffy.

There are affiliate links in this article and we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

What Happens to Mattress Returns?

If your mattress isn’t the dream you hoped it would be, your journey to return it and get a refund has just begun. But, what do they do with returned mattresses? They can’t be recompressed and shipped back. Here’s what happens to the mattresses when a customer invokes the 100-day guarantee (or however many days you have), and sends it back.

Donate your Mattress to a Charity.

This is the best option if you want to do some good with your mattress return. However, your mattress should be in like new condition, as most charities don’t have large facilities or the ability to clean them thoroughly. Some mattress companies work directly with a charity and others leave it up to you to find one. Depending on where you live this might be challenging. Charities may also have limited staff and ability to get your mattress fast. As there is considerable effort and cost to get, transport, store and protect each mattress, they might resell your mattress to help recoup costs.

Get it Picked up by a Junk Removal Company.

The sooner you return your mattress, the faster you get your refund. So what if you need your bed picked up asap and you don’t have a way to drop it off? Sometimes you just need it gone fast. Junk removal companies like Load Up will come and get it for you. LoadUp is a nationwide full-service junk removal and hauling company specializing in guaranteed upfront pricing online and dedicated customer support.

Where to Dispose of Mattress Near Me
Best of all you can get a price check and availability online so you can find someone near by to come get your mattress. Load Up is 20% cheaper than other junk companies, guaranteed. A lot of mattress companies use them. They can even take away your old bed.

If you want more details on what they do with your old mattress…read, What Happens to my Old Mattress? It’s more interesting than you might think.

Get a Price Quote

Take it to a Mattress Recycler.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a mattress recycling center, you can take your mattress there. There’s usually a fee to do drop off or more if they come and pick it up (assuming they offer that service). Unfortunately, in a lot of states there aren’t that many options and it may be too far or cumbersome to recycle your mattress (you may spend more energy to get it there than it saves).

Company Lets you Find Someone to Give Your Bed to.

Some mattress companies let you find a person to donate your mattress to. You can put an ad on Craigslist, on Classifieds sites or otherwise located someone in need. This is more work on your part but it could also mean a free mattress to someone else. You do have to do the work to find and get the mattress to the next person though. Mattresses are so personal that there’s no one right one for everyone. And it may take some trial and error to get the right one for you.

A For Profit Company Picks Up Your Mattress.

Whether you choose to donate, recycle, or have a junk removal business get your mattress, you’ll get a receipt. Or you otherwise have to prove that you followed the instructions. Then the normal wait time is 30 days to get your refund processed. The amount of work it takes to complete your return varies widely, depending on the mattress company you bought your mattress from. Be sure to look at the policy before you buy. One of the advantages to buying a mattress online is that you can actually sleep on the bed for weeks to make sure it’s the right fit for you. There are usually no fees or expenses involved (the company incurs the cost of the return).

Your turn. We’d love to know what your experience was like when you returned a mattress. Please let us know in the comments. 

Have you returned a mattress? What brand was it? What did the mattress company ask you to do to get your refund? How satisfied were you with the process?


What happens to your Mattress Return?

Missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday Mattress Sales? These are Still on Sale

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Maybe you couldn’t decide. Or your mattress was fine and now suddenly you need a new or another bed (and you wish it was before the sales were over. Perhaps you were too busy with relatives and activities or you were focused on getting other items on your shopping list.

Whatever the reason you didn’t get a mattress during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. And you wish you did. Now what? Well, you’re in luck. Lots of mattresses are still on sale! Some are surprise extensions. These won’r last for long though, so act fast if there’s a mattress or bedding you want. P.S. We think giving a pillow for Christmas makes an incredible gift. You’d be surprised how many kids request one.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links, thank you.

Mattresses, Bedding and Adjustable Bases Still on Sale

We kept this list super simple so you can browse it easily. Listed in alphabetical order.

Avocado Green MattressSAVE $200 on ALL Avocado mattresses. Deal includes the new organic crib mattress, vegan mattress, pillow top and more! Expires Dec 9, 2019.

Bear Mattress – 25% off Site Wide + 2 Free Cloud Pillows with mattress or mattress bundle. Sale includes adjustable base, bed frame and foundation.

Brentwood Home  – $500 off the new Cedar Natural Luxe USE CODE “CYBER500”. $175 off Select Mattresses USE CODE “LUXURY175”. $50 off the 2020 Cypress Mattress USE CODE “CYPRESS50”. $50 off the Adjustable Frame & Foundations. 20% off all Pillows USE CODE “PILLOWS20”. 20% off Crystal Cove Yoga Pillow Collection USE CODE “YOGA20”. 20% off Pet Beds
USE CODE “PETBED20”. Expires Dec 9, 2019.

Brooklyn Bedding – SALE: 25% OFF THE ENTIRE WEBSITE, all mattresses, pillows and bedding. They have the best shredded memory foam pillows! Great Christmas gifts for the parents or in-laws! Expires Dec 8, 2019.

Casper – Take 10% off any order with a mattress with code MONDAYS. Expires Dec 9, 2019.

Coop Home Goods – Take 10% Off Sitewide at Coop Home Goods, for pillows, mattress protectors, incontinence pads, sheets and more! Use code ‘COOPMAS’ at Checkout. Expires Dec 16, 2019.

Latex For Less – $175 Off EVERY Latex For Less Mattress with coupon code: CYBER2019. Expires Dec 12, 2019.

Layla Sleep – Mattress: $150 OFF/ + 2 Free premium pillow + Free Mattress Protector. Kapok Pillow: Buy One Get One 1/2 OFF. Foundation: $50 OFF. Topper: $50 OFF. Sheets: $50 OFF. Weighted Blanket: $30 OFF.

Luma Sleep Mattress – 25% off Mattresses. 15% Off entire store. Financing terms of 18 months with 0% APR (see site for details). Luma makes natural talalay latex bed and mattress toppers. You exchange the top layer if the firmness isn’t right for you, up to a year after purchase.

Molecule Mattress – 25% off site wide WITH CODE: CYBER25. Expires Sunday, Dec 8, 2019. 40% off sheets, pillows & original mattress toppers. Expires Dec 16, 2019.
No additional code needed.

Nest Mattress – Save $300 on your purchase for $1299 or more. No Code Necessary. Expires Dec 8, 2019.

Nolah Mattress – $300 off the Nolah 12′ Signature mattress + 2 free pillows ($158 value) – $458 DEAL! $125 off the Nolah 10″ Original mattress + 2 free pillows ($158 value) – $283 DEAL! $70 off any size organic cotton sheet set. $30 off any mattress protector (bamboo or organic cotton). $20 off any 2-pack pillows, $150 off any adjustable base – with or without built-in massage. Expires Monday Dec 9, 2019.

Pacific Coast Bedding – Free Ground Shipping On All Orders Over $99, 25% off Hotel Products, $100 off White Goose Down Comforters, 20% off Feather Beds. Expires Dec 31, 2019.

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Chilipad or Ooler Sale – 20% off the Chilipad or Ooler. Heat or cool your bed with this sleep tech. Holiday financing options available.  Save up to $300!

chilipad ooler saleHappy mattress shopping!

New Avocado Green Organic Crib Mattress Flips Over to Turn it from a Baby to a Toddler Bed

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Avocado green mattress logoAvocado Green Mattress has a new addition to add to their line of nontoxic mattresses and accessories – a baby mattress! And they may be the only online mattress company that has a children’s book. Fitting with their brand, all profits from the book, which has an environmental theme, will be donated to 1% for the Planet.

Thanks for shopping through our links as it helps support our small business.

Avocado Organic Crib Mattress

Like the rest of Avocado’s mattresses, the Avocado organic crib mattress is gorgeous. It’s also created to go from baby to toddler bed. One side is more firm, for infants who need that extra support. Flip it to the other side for a tad softer feel – ideal for toddlers who can move their heads and bodies around more. As with all Avocado mattresses, it’s handmade in Los Angeles.

Avocado Toddler Mattress

Crib Mattress Size

Fits standard cribs and is 6 inches deep and 28 inches across. The bundle of joy is 52 inches long and weighs 36 lbs. Mom and baby are doing great!

What it’s Made of

In addition to 170 cotton-wrapped pocketed innersprings which are encased in unbleached cotton, there’s organic certified wool, organic certified flax pads; organic certified coco-fiber perimeters infused with organic latex for strong edge support; resilient organic certified natural dunlop latex foam; and organic certified cotton ticking. Cotton is GOTS organic certified.

How much is the Avocado Organic Baby Mattress?

The Avocado Organic Baby Mattress costs $1,249 and has an option to finance with Affirm. If you quality you can get the mattress now and get 0% APR and payments as low as $76/month.

Take me to their Website

A Farm to Bedroom Mattress

Avocado has taken the concept of farm to table that’s popular in the food niche and applied it to making mattresses. Most mattress brands don’t make their own products, rather they’re made by a different manufacturer (or several). Avocado mades their own, from farm to bed in their GOTS organic certified factories in Los Angeles. They co-own the factory in India where the GOLS Dunlop latex is processed and control more than 4,000 acres of family-run latex plantations. In addition they ethically raise more than 150,000 native Gaddi sheep on 40,000+ hectares of organic certified pastures in the Himalayas.

No Polyurethane Foams, Glue, Flame Retardant or Chemicals

There are no petroleum-based polyurethane foams, chemical adhesives, vinyl waterproofing, polyurethane, polyethylene or flame retardant chemicals in this Organic Crib Mattress. Instead, they use 100% organic wool as a natural fire retardant and interior needle tufting. Keeping with the theme of no plastic or polyurethane, the baby mattress protector is made of certified organic cotton too. That means more washing and the company recommends you buy 3 so that you can change them out as needed.

If you’re unsure about your purchase at all, you may want to get a waterproof incontinence pad to put under where baby is sleeping.


Babies sleep more than adults, which means that they spend more time near mattresses that can emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals). Studies show these emissions are linked to neurodevelopmental issues, childhood obesity, asthma, and other conditions. That’s why our organic crib mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low emissions. It’s been tested in environmental chambers to meet the world’s most rigorous emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants. Few crib mattresses qualify for this gold standard.

100% GOTS Organic Certified Wool

Carbon Neutral Production & Shipping


100 DAY SLEEP TRIAL – but the company states that the crib mattress must be sanitary and undamaged to be eligible.

As of this writing Avocado does not sell the crib, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that was the next addition to the Avocado Green mattress family.

Amazon mattress in a box

You can Make Monthly Payments on Mattresses on Amazon – No Interest and No Credit Check Needed!

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Did you know Amazon offers mattress financing with no interest or credit check? If you’re shopping for mattresses or bedding on Amazon, you’ll be happy to know that you can finance a mattress so you get low monthly payments.

Amazon offers competitive prices, excellent customer service and a hassle-free return policy. They also have a huge selection of bed in a box mattresses to choose from, in different price ranges and types. Plus, who doesn’t love fast and free Amazon Prime shipping?!?

When it’s time for a new bed, you know it. Well, now there’s yet another reason to shop for your mattress and other items at Amazon: you can now pay for your new bed in 5 interest-free monthly installments! That’s right, you can purchase a new mattress and everything you need to go with it. That includes an adjustable base, sheets, comforter, pillows or any other qualifying item and pay for it in monthly payments – completely interest-free. Best of all it doesn’t require a credit check.

Not every item Amazon sells qualifies (although this value mattress brand often does ) but I’m going to show you how to find the ones that do! I appreciate it if you shop through my links as it helps support my site.

You can find the mattresses that qualify – it will tell you on the item description page. If there is financing offered, it will clearly state what you monthly payment will be should you finance your bed. Like in this example:

Amazon mattress financing

See Amazon Mattresses with 0% Interest Financing

Here’s the catch. Not every customer will qualify for the monthly payments plan. According to Amazon, here are the terms and conditions for monthly payments:

1 – You must be a resident of the United States.

2 – Your account must have been active for at least one year.

3 – You must have a valid credit card or debit card associated with your account.

4 – You must have a good payment history on

Most U.S. residents or Amazon shoppers can easily qualify.

To take advantage of Amazon’s monthly payments offer simply shop as you normally do by checking out the mattress and bedding categories. Then, look for items with the Monthly Payments purchasing option. It will break down what your exact payment will be. Find the Amazon mattresses you can buy now and pay later on this page. Just click on the kind of mattress you’re looking for and start shopping.

Amazon buy now pay later mattress

Bottom line: If you’re in the market for a new mattress or bedding, you can now purchase what you need and pay for it in five monthly installments. AND, you won’t even have to pay any interest or submit to a credit check!

Tip: Did you know Amazon will text you when your order has shipped and text you again when it’s been delivered? Go here to set it up. Now you will know exactly when you’ll get your new mattress so you can be home. I bet you can’t wait! It’s also handy if you’re buying a gift or something that you don’t want anyone in the household to see. We won’t tell if you sometimes hide your Amazon purchases from your spouse!

Tip: You spent a lot on your mattress and you’ll probably have it for many years. So be sure to protect your bed – buy a waterproof mattress protector so your mattress will last as long as possible (even if it’s not financed).

Tip: Save 3% on everything you buy with the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card. You need to be a Prime member. If you’re not already part of Amazon Prime you can click here to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership.

If you prefer not to get another credit card, you can still save 2% on your order by using a reloadable gift card. Simply put the money onto the card first and then shop. You’ll save an additional 2% when you reload a gift card balance with your checking account.

Amazon financing is available for many items, not just mattresses. It’s one of the perks of being an Amazon Prime member that no one talks about but can save you big $$.