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Casper Mattress Sale – Up to 65% Off Mattresses and More!

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Casper Clearance Sale

Casper Sleep logo

Right now the Casper clearance sale with up to 60% off! Some mattresses are over $900 off! They are past models that have been updated. An adjustable base, Casper foundation, sheets and a mattress topper are also being cleared out.

On clearance, *Mattress discount is on select 2019 models. “Final Sale” items may not be returned or exchanged except in the event of a defect. On select new models, there’s a nother sale.

Casper Mattress Sale

Spring into something new with this sale from Casper!  Casper has special prices on select mattresses: 15% off Wave and Nova and 10% off Original and Element Mattresses with promo code: APRIL21.

Offer valid from April 8th through April 13th, 2021. Financing provided by Affirm. Flexible payments — Choose the length of time you want to pay from 3-24 months with rates as low as 0% APR, subject to eligibility.

Use code UNBOX50 to save $50 on any Casper Mattress.

All have a 100 night sleep trial, 10 year limited warranty and free shipping/returns. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and you may get better sleep.

3 Facts about Casper Mattress

Fun facts about Casper mattresses: the covers have Casper logos on 1/3 of the front because we spend 1/3 of our lives asleep.

The underside of the Original mattress has fun patterns that look a bit like a constellation.

You can only buy the Casper Wave and Casper Nova in all foam format from the Casper website. The others are also available in their sleep stores. All come rolled in a box.

Quick Details about Casper Mattresses on Sale

Casper Element

This is the most basic and lower cost mattress Casper offers. Made of two layers of breathable polyurethane foam. Has up to 57 recycled bottles in each cover.

How Firm is the Casper Element? Rated around 6 on the 10-point firmness scale.

How Thick is the Casper Element? 11 inches thick.

A queen is $595.


Casper Element Mattress - Unbox Mattress

Casper Original

Updated in 2020, with a new cover and cooler sleeping foam, the Original remains a popular foam mattress in the Casper collection. Choose from all foam or the hybrid version that has foam + springs.

Zoned support means the mattress is:

  • Divided into 3 ergonomic zones, to add support where most needed.
  • Sinks in more on shoulders and cradles hips for ergonomic spinal alignment.

Each mattress cover is made with up to 57 recycled bottles.

How Firm is the Casper Original? 5 on the 10-point firmness scale.

How Thick is the Casper Original? 11 inches

Hybrids are a little more firm feel generally over all foam models.

Price for a queen all foam Original: $1,095
Price for a queen Original Hybrid: $1,295


Casper Nova

Casper’s newest mattress (as of this article). Comes in hybrid only.

How Firm is the Casper Nova? 6 on the 10-point firmness scale.

How Thick is the Casper Nova? 12 inches

Price for a queen: $2,095

Casper Mattress Nova Hybrid - UnboxMattress.comBUY CASPER NOVA


top pick mattressCasper Wave 

Best for back pain. Comes in hybrid only. It’s the thickest Casper mattress and the perfect softness.

This is my personal favorite. It’s so soft and comfortable, I didn’t want to get out of bed! Paired with the Casper adjustable base in Zero G and the massage on, count me out for the day. I’m Zooming from bed today!

  • Zoned Support™ Max + gel pods ergonomically aligns your spine in two layers with patented gel pod support that cradles hips.
  • AirScape™ 3 + cooling gel makes it our coolest mattress yet, circulating air away from you to keep you sleeping cool.
  • Hundreds of resilient springs add lift, airflow, and a bit of bounce.

How Firm is the Casper Wave? 5 on the 10-point firmness scale, for a medium feel.

How Thick is the Casper Wave? 13 inches

Price for a queen: $2,695

Casper Wave - UnboxMattress.com


The McKinney Mattress from Country Living Review | 12 Inch Foam Mattress

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Sleep Country Living Welcome Home MattressesThe McKinney mattress is new and part of the Sleep Country Living Welcome Home Collection from Country Living Magazine. Country Living is a lifestyle brand that has been around for over 40 years. The style of their new mattress collection invokes a timelessness and the feel of living in a cottage in the country.

Country Living is an American lifestyle and home magazine published by the Hearst Corporation since 1978. The monthly magazine focuses on food, home renovation, home decor, DIY and lifestyle. Editor, Rachel Hardage Barrett said:

“Nothing beats a good night’s sleep in the country, and we’re thrilled to offer that relaxed, reinvigorating spirit to readers nationwide, regardless of geography. Our most discerning, nap-enthusiast editors put a great deal of thought into every detail, from the quilted tops to the ticking stripe detailing, meaning you can rest assured there’s no better way to hit the hay.”

If The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) had her own mattress, it would be this one!

McKinney Mattress

Start your 18 Month Trial

McKinney Unboxing \ 1st Impression

How long does it take to expand?
Did it have a scent or new mattress smell?

The first thing you will do when you get your Country Living mattress is bring it to the room you will open it in. Once you are ready to open it you can use the cutter that’s inside of the box. Be careful not to cut the fabric.

As it starts opening, it will expand quickly. It had a slight “new mattress smell”. The Mckinney mattress is made in the USA and they don’t roll it until ordered. It’s not rolled up very long, which helps with minimize off gassing.

I had it in my mattress studio and it didn’t smell but sometimes I open the door in this room and I could smell it at first. After a full week I didn’t notice any smell (the room it’s in isn’t very well ventilated).

This and more questions answered in our YouTube McKinney Mattress unboxing video.

Get the McKinney

McKinney Mattress unboxing

Country Living McKinney Mattress Review

We’re specifically looking at the all foam McKinney Mattress which is all foam and 12 inches deep. A queen size McKinney was sent to us for review and we may earn a commission (and you may get better sleep) when you shop through our links.

  • Beautiful detailing and relaxed luxury style
  • Made In USA
  • 18-Month Home Trial
  • Free Shipping And Returns
  • Lifetime Warranty

If you want to check out the McKinney, Save 20% OFF with our link.

Country Living is a premium luxury mattress at an affordable price. Country Living Magazine, “Welcome Home”, Mattress Collection with 3 mattresses, including the McKinney. This is the only all foam mattress in the collection and it’s the lowest priced.

Made in the USA and with gorgeous detailing, you’ll sleep like a cottage in the country with the windows open and a slight breeze.

Mattresses in the Country Living Mattress collection

There are 3 mattresses:

12″ All Foam McKinney (this one)
14″ Hybrid with Firm, medium or soft, Hudson
16″ Premium hybrid in firm, medium or soft, Napa

McKinney Mattress Layers

The McKinney has 4 layers of memory foam, including gel memory foam and a higher density foam base layer on the bottom. Gel and copper have been added to different layers of the memory foam to prevent it from sleeping too warm.

  • 3” Copper Infused memory foam
  • 1” Gel Memory Foam
  • 8” Foam Core this is a more firm layer

It’s so beautiful. This is a beautiful mattress.

McKinney Mattress Queen

McKinney Mattress Cover
The cover features a smooth white honeycomb pattern with a slightly silky feel. It’s a quilted cover that isn’t removable and as always you should get a waterproof mattress protector (I love Coop Home Goods). It feels cooler to the touch.

Mattress Sides
The sides are blue striped and the look is reminiscent of covers of real feather pillows. This is called ticking stripe. Ticking fabrics have been around for over 1000 years and are perfect for a country cottage look.

Long ago, ticking fabric was used to cover mattresses and pillows to prevent straw or feathers from poking out. There are 2 handles on each side to help you move the mattress on the frame. The attention to detail with the white suede in the center of the handles (it almost looks like ribbon) is another touch that you’ll appreciate. There’s also dark blue piping along the bottom.

McKinney mattress handles

Price for a queen at the time of this review is just over $1000. Check our link for the current price.

Who Will Like The McKinney Mattress?

  • Love to feel spoiled and yet don’t want to pay thousands for your mattress.
  • Like a softer feel but not so much that you feel stuck in the mattress and unable to move around.
  • Want a medium softness feel that is supportive and offers good pressure relief.
  • A nice quilted cover with a country ticking side panel and suede handles.
  • Someone who needs a lot of time to decide if a mattress is right for you. You get a long 18 months, so you’ll know for sure.

Who May Not Like The McKinney Mattress

  • Prefer a thinner mattress
  • Want a hybrid feel and construction (the other two mattresses in the collection are hybrids)
  • Like to really sink into and feel hugged by your mattress – in that case you should choose the Hudson or Napa in soft.
  • Anyone looking for a cheap mattress.


Best Bed Frame for the McKinney Mattress?

This mattress will work on any solid surface. A wood frame, foundation, box spring, slats, the floor or an adjustable base will work. Essentially you just want to make sure whatever you’re using the mattress on is flat. I picture a white 4 poster bed or modern look. At this time, Country Living doesn’t sell frames, sheets, pillows or other bedding products to go with your mattress. Coop Home Goods is a favorite for their adjustable shredded memory foam pillows. For a duvet, I love Slumbercloud.

There’s also a changing but country bedding on Zulily or bed frames here. It’s shown on this Wayfair platform bed frame.

The McKinney will work on an adjustable base as well. This model and the Hudson will be best. The Napa is likely too thick for an adjustable base because it’s so thick and can’t bend as well.

Country Living McKinney Price with Our Discount Link and Coupon Code

Twin $799
Twin XL $849
Full $999
Queen $1099
King $1249
Cal King $1249


Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box generally in 5-10 business days. Country Living Mattresses are made in the USA especially for Country Living brand that’s been making mattresses for over 25 years.

How to Wash Pillows in Washing Machine

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Are your pillows discolored and lumpy? Can you save your pillows and make them look new again? Try our machine washing machine and dryer method. 

Using this method, you can wash your pillows and make them fluffy again using minimal products. Clean your pillows on the outside and inside, right down to the fluff. Remove years of stains and discoloration in one wash! 

There are so many different types of pillows. Before you begin, read the label on your pillow and make sure it is machine washable and dryer safe. 

And if you wonder why someone doesn’t just get a new pillow, instead of washing it, consider how emotionally attached people get to their pillows. It’s the one bedding item that’s usually not shared. It’s the right height, feel and has years of memories. 

Why mess with just right?

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links. 

How To Wash Pillows

To wash your pillow, you will need OxiClean stain remover, an Arm and Hammer Pod, and wool dryer balls. You can also use tennis balls but they have material like plastic instead of natural wool.

How To Prep A Pillow For The Washing Machine

Take your old pillow and evenly spray it with OxiClean. You can add extra to specific spots as well. Put the pillow in the washing machine and add the Arm and Hammer pod. 

Note: we have an LG washing machine without an agitator in the middle (love it). It automatically adjusts for the size of load you’re washing so you don’t waste water and it adjusts the time. It’s much faster than our older LG. 

The pillow was very dirty and it looks like it has sweat stains and pee stains. You’ll see that this method got it so clean, even though the pillow is quite old.

Most people wonder why wash a pillow this old and stained. It’s probably time for a new pillow. And yet people get VERY attached to their pillows. It’s one of the few bedding items that people don’t typically share with someone else. Pillows can be nostalgic and hold memories. They may be just the way you want and you don’t want to change.

Here’s the full video on how to wash pillows, so you can see the process. Or continue reading below.

Washing Machine Settings:

Heavy Duty

Extra High Spin

Warm Water

Heavy Soil

Extra Rinse

This will wash for about two hours, so you may want to time this accordingly with the rest of your day. If you plan to wash multiple pillows, start early. You can also utilize a laundromat where they have higher capacity washer and dryers to fit multiple pillows at one time. 

How often should you wash your pillows? Usually once or twice a year. Ideally you have a waterproof pillow protector and wash it. This is my favorite one: Coop pillow protector. It’s such high quality, thicker and noiseless (waterproof too). It will help you pillows last much longer.

How To Dry Pillows

The best way to get the fluff back into your pillow is by using a dryer. It allows for thorough, even drying and even fluffing. You will need to add two dryer balls along with the pillow. 

Dryer Settings:


Low Temp

More Dry

If you do not have access to a dryer, you can hang dry your pillow. If you choose to hang dry, make sure you fluff the pillow several times while it is drying. 

How To Keep Your Pillow Clean

Once your pillow is clean and rejuvenated, we highly suggest purchasing a pillow protector like this one. The Coop pillow protector is waterproof and unzips so you can throw it in the washing machine. It is much easier to clean a protector than a pillow. These protectors are also noise free, unlike other nylon covers. Clean and maintain your pillow every couple of months. 

We saw significant results using this method. Our pillows look new again and the amount of fluff that was restored was very impressive. 

When To Replace Your Pillow

If you try this method with one of your pillows and you find that it is beyond saving, it may be time to purchase a new pillow. We highly recommend the Coop Original or Eden Pillow.

Why The Coop Pillow?

The Coop Pillow has a zipper on the inside and outside cover, so removing the cover and washing it is easy. You can also add or remove foam based on your comfort and preference. This pillow even comes with an extra half pound of foam. There’s the Coop Eden or Coop Original Pillow. They both come in queen and king size but only the Eden comes in standard.

Not sure which pillow to get? This chart can help you choose:

Coop Eden Vs Original Pillow

Both have a 100 night sleep trial and a 5 year warranty. Does your pillow have a 5 year warranty? I didn’t think so. It’s great that you have 100 nights to try out the pillows in your own bed and can return them for a full refund within 100 days if you don’t want to keep it. But we’re not sure why you wouldn’t. 

We want to hear your thoughts! Did you try our method? How did your pillows turn out? Comment below!

Nolah Evolution Mattress Review

Evolution Mattress Review | Nolah’s New No Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

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Nolah recently came out with a new mattress called Evolution. Until now, Nolah only had foam mattresses. Today they have a hybrid. They’ve evolved. It’s now Nolah’s bestselling mattress – and their most luxurious. The Nolah Evolution Mattress is a hybrid, which means it has foam and coils.

Quick Facts about Nolah Evolution Hybrid Mattress:

  • Medium firm feel.
  • Euro top with cooling tech fabric and materials (read: how Nolah’s foam is cooler than memory foam)
  • Features 8” of patented tri-zoned support coils.
  • Zoned support provides more support near your back where you need it.
  • Comes with 2 FREE pillows.
  • Is a full 15 inches deep!
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • 120 Night Trial.
  • Free Shipping & Returns.
  • Made in the USA

Save $875 + Get 2 Free Pillows – Use Code UNBOX

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and you may get better sleep.

Evolution Mattress Review

The Evolution comes shipped to your house in a box. As mentioned, it’s a 15-inch thick mattress, which I’m still amazed can be rolled up and fit in a box. It was a bit heavy compared to other mattresses. Luckily they offer a setup and removal service for $125 and in this case, I would take it, unless you have a few strong people to help you lift it.

After unrolling it went to full size pretty quick – within a few hours for the last of the pillow top to expand. You could sleep on this mattress the same day you unbox it.

Nolah Evolution Mattress

Where are Nolah Mattresses made?

Nolah is 100% Made in the USA, and is based in Colorado.

Unboxing the Nolah Evolution Mattress

Here’s the video of unboxing the Evolution mattress:


The first thing I want to know about a mattress is how firm it is. Since this mattress comes in one firmness, and this is one of the most important details determining if someone keeps a mattress, we’ll get to that detail first.

It’s a medium firm mattress. They say it’s a 5 to 6 out of 10 on the scale. This is what most people like. Not too soft or hard.

However, feel is also subjective and depends on how much you or anyone sleeping on the bed weigh. Also, the way you sleep.


Layers are what help determine the firmness. Especially the top layers, what they’re made of and how thick the layer is before the layer with the coils. The fabric and technical details tell you what’s important and with the Evolution, you can tell they want to help prevent overheating.

Hybrids are more breathable than all foam but I have to be honest that one of the warmest mattresses I’ve ever reviewed was a hybrid. So that’s not a guarantee. I found the sleeping temperature to be what you’d expect from foam. Not overly warm.

Layer 1 – 2” High-Performance Cooling Quilted Euro Top

This is the first detail to distinguish this mattress from others. It has 2″ of foam with what they call ArcticTex™ which has high thermal conductivity, to draw excess heat from the body to create comfortable sleep. And without harsh chemicals.

2” graphite-infused AirFoamICE™ accelerates the cooling qualities of AirFoam™ by further drawing away excess heat from the surface and body while giving pressure relief and comfort. As with hybrids and especially pillow top mattresses, the cover does not have a zipper and isn’t removable.

I really like that it the Evolution has 4 sturdy handles (2 on each side) to help rotate or move the mattress.

Layer 2 – 2” Cooling Nolah AirFoamICE™

2” layer of high-resilience foam that is stronger and more durable than latex adds a supportive and responsive transition layer.

Layer 3 – 2″ Deep Supportive High-Resilience Foam

2” layer of high-resilience foam that is stronger and more durable than latex adds a supportive and responsive transition layer.

So there are 6 inches of foam above the coil layer. This is important because it means even if you’re heavier, you’re not going to hit the coil level as the foam compresses. There’s plenty of contouring/cushioning.

Layer 4 – 8″ Patented HDMax™ Eco Support Coils

This layer has 8” of Nolah’s patented tri-zoned support coils. They say they give 25% more support than traditional spring systems. It works together giving you pressure relief and comfort from the AirFoamICE™. The coils are wrapped in our proprietary Edge-Tech™ support foam, strengthening the edge around the mattress.

I really appreciated that the sides have foam so you cannot feel the coils through the cover, as you can in cheaply made hybrids.

Layer 5 – 1” Foam Support Core

1” high-density core support foam that stabilizes the tri-zoned support coils and makes the mattress last for years.

Evolution Review Video

Watch the video for more details and close up shots of me lying on my side, back and stomach. In the video, I’m using one of the free pillows that come with a Nolah mattress. These aren’t the same pillows that they sell on their website. It’s a shredded memory foam pillow that unzips and so you can adjust the height. Nolah sells a down alternative (very soft/airy) pillow and a more molded style pillow.

Who is the Nolah Hybrid Best For?

  • Side sleepers, especially if you don’t weigh over 230 pounds.
  • Anyone looking for pressure relief aches and pains from pressure points.
  • Anyone who wants the softer feel of foam but is worried about sleeping too hot.


As far as price:

  • Reasonably priced with finance options.
  • Our coupon code takes off $75.
  • Unexpected way to save $169 on a queen.

But is the Evolution a good fit for you? In this Evolution mattress review, we’ll cover the pros and cons to help you find out.

Use code UNBOX to save an additional $75 on your Nolah Mattress above $800!

Right now the Evolution is $1499 for a queen size.

Start my 120 Night Trial

How to save and extra $150 on an Evolution Mattress

You can save $169 if you opt out of the sleep trial. So normally you have 120 days to test out a Nolah mattress and see what you think. If you don’t like it you can return it for a refund. But you can waive your ability to do that. If you’re confident this is a good fit for you, you can skip the sleep trial which means you can’t return it.
That helps reduce waste and expense for the company, plus saves you money.

Plus, to save more, use the code in the description along with my link to take an additional 10% off.

The Evolution is priced just where it should be for a mattress this height and construction, and it’s especially reasonable when you use my coupon. It has the lifetime warranty. Because it’s made in the USA they haven’t had shortages and shipping delays like on some companies that have their mattresses made overseas.

You can order it and get it pretty quick. Within about 5-10 days.


As for sizes, The Evolution comes in twin, twin xl, full, queen, king and cal king.

What about Sleeping Positions?

Overall, the Evolution is the most firm mattress from Nolah, although it’s still medium. We recommend it for back sleepers and heavier (people who weigh more) sleepers.

Side Sleepers:
Given its medium feel, the Nolah Evolution Hybrid is likely to be especially comfortable for side sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds, gently shaping to your hips and shoulders without sagging. This is my weight range.

If you weigh under 130 pounds you won’t sink in as deeply and so it will feel more firm to you. You’ll get pressure relief and support. If you weigh over 230 pounds, your hips and shoulders may sink in more but it’s unlikely to cause discomfort.

Back Sleepers:
Back sleeping keeps the spine close to its natural alignment, so if you’re a back sleeper, you need a mattress that has enough give for your hips to sink in a bit without making a big dip in the mattress. The Nolah Evolution Hybrid’s Euro-top cover and two layers of polyfoam contour and cushion the hips. The coil layer with the zoned support limits sinkage.

If you weigh under 130 pounds you’ll likely get excellent support when lying on your back. Your hips should sink in just enough to keep your spines relatively straight and supported. If you weigh over 130 pounds it may be more difficult to maintain your spinal alignment.

Stomach Sleepers:
If the weight around your midsection pulls you too deeply into the mattress it can pull your back out of alignment and strain your lower back. Stomach sleepers often need a more firm mattress.

Individuals who weigh under 230 pounds should be a great fit, but if you weigh more than 230 pounds you may notice sagging near your midsection. While the zoning of the coil core helps, the middle of the bed still may not be sturdy enough for those who carry more weight on their hips.

The cons
Overall, the Evolution had more offgassing than the original Nolah, but it aired out for a day and was good to go. As I mentioned it’s heavy to set up. Also, the edge support wasn’t as strong as expected. While it’s not bad it doesn’t seem to be better than other mattresses we’ve tested.


Is there memory foam in Nolah mattresses? If you want to know how Nolah’s proprietary foam compares to memory foam, I’ll tell you that it doesn’t sink in and stay down as long as memory foam. Yet it’s still softer. And it doesn’t sleep hot like memory foam.

Here’s more about the science and technology behind Nolah’s foam.

Nest Plush Bed

Nest Alexander Hybrid | Mattress with Different Firmness on Each Side

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A lot of people are concerned about mattress firmness and feel. It’s even more of a concern if you sleep with someone who has a different preference than you do. You like a more medium feel and the other person likes to sink into their mattress (more plush). Or maybe there’s a significant weight difference between you.

Either way, the Nest Alexander Hybrid offers a lot of benefits that other mattresses don’t have. There are 5 solid reasons to consider the Nest Alexander Hybrid. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and you may get better sleep.

Nest Alexander Hybrid

Here are 5 reasons to choose an Alexander Signature Hybrid that you may not know about.

1. Euro Top

If you like a pillow top mattress, you’ll love the look and contouring you get from the Alexander mattress. It features a euro pillow top design. The Nest Alexander hybrid mattress is 13″ deep with springs. The top layer is meant add more softness. But with the Nest there’s additional benefits you may not be aware of.

You can choose between a plush, medium or firm. And since firmness is the #1 issue people have that makes them return a mattress, Nest offers something unique: split firmness and comfort exchange.

2. Split Firmness

The first point is that you can get a split firmness (for king or cal king size only). So one side is medium and the other side is firm. I recommend trying to do soft and firm though. Here’s why. You will feel the edge in the middle because the softer side will sink down much further than the firm side. So there will be a height difference.

The heavier person will also add more pressure onto the mattress where they sleep which can mean their side can break down sooner than the side with a lighter person. The foam might wear out quicker on the side with more weight.

3. FREE Comfort Layer Exchange

Besides split firmness, Nest offers another benefit. Nest will allow you to exchange the top layer. So you can change out a firm for a medium, or just the firm side if you don’t have a split firmness. You can do that one time, anytime within the 100 night trial window.

Start with more firm than erring on going too soft. Remember, you can always make a firm bed softer down the road by adding a mattress topper, but you can’t make a soft bed more firm. Or, it’s harder to.

4. Get More Years out of your Mattress

Nest Alexander Hybrid has a zipper so you can change/replace/swap the foam comfort layer at any time. So if your mattress does wear out on top (loses support), you may be able to get more time from it by changing out the top layer. Of course if you’re out of the 100 night window, you will pay for that, but it costs less than a new mattress. And compared to a mattress topper, it’s more stable (won’t shift or move around).

5. Less Waste and Hassle

Mattresses get returned and some end up in landfills where they take up a lot of space. Nest gives you more options so you don’t have to return the mattress (which can be a hassle). You can work with them to get the right feel for you. Firmness is subjective, so you need to try it out and sleep on the mattress for a while to know if you like it or not.

Start My 100 Night Sleep Trial

What Is Great about Nest’s Warranty

Nest Bedding’s warranty is a lifetime warranty for the original owner of the mattress. One common reason for returning a mattress is because of indents or body impressions. It creates hills and valleys out of your mattress and that won’t support your body properly. Which can be tough on your neck and back. Nest requires a 1 inch depression for warranties. It can be returned if the impression is deeper than an inch. Most mattresses require 1.5 to 2 inches deep to qualify for a warranty claim.

It’s also impressive that Nest clearly states how to file a warranty claim and promises a return within 7 days. This builds trust because sometimes dealing with customer service can be very stressful. It’s also helpful that Nest is made in the USA (I’ve met the CEO, they’re based in Arizona).

Which Firmness Should You Choose?

Select Medium if you…

  • Are a combination sleeper, back and side sleeper.
  • Want to feel supported by your mattress, with a little give.
  • Are an average weight.
  • Are not sure which feel to choose. Medium is the most popular firmness, which is why many mattresses in a box started with medium firm models.

Select Plush if you…

  • Are a side sleeper.
  • Looking for pressure point relief and gentle support.
  • Are lighter, under 140 lbs.
  • Know plush is what you like because you already know you prefer a soft mattress

Select Lux Firm if you…

  • Mainly sleep on your back or stomach.
  • Are a side or back sleeper who require additional support for your back (back pain/issues).
  • Recommended to by a medical professional.
  • Prefer sleeping on a firmer mattress, with a plush pillow top.

I think the Nest Alexander Hybrid is the perfect choice if you’re agonizing over which mattress to buy because you don’t agree on firmness or you just like the peace of mind knowing you’re not committed to a certain firmness. Life situations change. Our needs and preferences can be different at different stages of our lives. Rather than spend a lot on a new mattress, you can replace part of the one you have.

Check Current Prices

FREE Shipping and How Long it Will Take

Shipping is free to all Nest Bedding customers within the continental United States. Your Alexander Signature Hybrid is made to order, meaning your bed is built up to a few weeks before your order or soon after your order is placed. Expect it to take 8-10 days to be made, then it will be shipped to your door.

0% Financing

You can get your Nest mattress now but pay for it over time with Nest and Affirm. There are no gimmicks like deferred interest or hidden fees. The total you see at checkout is always what you’ll actually pay. You will need your name, email, mobile phone number, birthday and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. That is to protect your identity. They try to approve everyone and you’ll see the terms of the loan clearly stated before you agree.

What is great is that you can pay online, with a debit card, bank transfer or check. I’ve been through the process with Affirm for a bed frame and it was very easy because you can schedule payments online. Mattress companies don’t make money from these loans, it simply enables them to sell more mattresses because they’re more affordable.
To pay with Affirm, you go to your shopping cart and check out. On the second screen it gives you the option to pay with credit card (maybe by default). Use the small down arrow to expand the menu options and select Pay with Affirm.
PayPal, American Express and Other Payment Options
Besides Credit Card or Affirm financing, Nest accepts Paypal, Shop Pay or G Pay.

Allswell’s New Firm Mattress in a Box | The Brick

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With a name like The Brick, it better be firm!

Allswell Home just launched their new mattress. It’s a firm mattress in a box called THE BRICK! Stay asleep with individually-wrapped coils which help minimize motion transfer. Great edge support. The top 1″ layer of copper infused memory foam provides helps move heat away from the body for cooler sleep.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and you may get better sleep.

Firm Mattress in a Box

When mattresses in a box were new, the only options were all foam mattresses. Most were medium firm to soft to appeal to the most people and to keep costs (including shipping costs) down.

Today, you can get hybrids (mattress with coils/springs) in a box, thicker mattresses in a box (12″ and up) and mattresses that are firm. With the Brick you have 3 inches of foam above the springs.

The Brick is a firm hybrid mattress with the following features:

• High-performance memory foams with cooling benefits of copper
• Advanced cooling gel swirl foam
• A firmer top layer of foam
• 2″ layer of high-density foam
• 12” tall
• 5.5 to 7.5 out of 10 for firmness

firm mattress in a box the Brick from Allswell

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Price for a queen at time of writing is $645.

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Firmness is subjective

One person’s medium firm will feel like a board to another person. Someone who sleeps hot will heat up memory foam with body heat over time, which makes it feel more soft than it will to others. Memory foam feels harder when it’s cold and feels softer with heat, so if you’re looking for a firmer feel, choose a mattress with less memory foam or one that has gel inside.

When I worked in the mattress industry people returned the same mattress. One person said because it was too firm. Another person said it was too soft.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars.

This mattress is amazing!! It arrived all folded and compacted vacuum sealed and I was thinking why is it so thin it can’t be comfortable… I was 100% wrong the mattress grew as I unpacked it and it was thick and plush.. firm and extremely comfortable… had it for over 2 months now and it’s still and comfortable and helps me sleep better… am truly amazing mattress highly recommend!!

5 out of 5 stars.

Love that mattress is firm firm firm. When it says firm, it is firm. It still has cushion but still maintains its’ firmness. Another plus is that the mattress has depth to it and sits up high. Firm and depth makes this mattress a winner.

4 out of 5 stars.

I got this mattress and upon first impression I thought it wouldn’t work for me because it felt relatively firm and I have a curvy body type. After sleeping on the mattress for a week I realized it actually did well with my body. I didn’t experience any back pain like I usually do with firmer mattresses and in fact I slept well. Very pleasantly surprised by this mattress!


What is a firm mattress?

It’s one that doesn’t have a ton of give. If you press your hand on it, the materials won’t press down easily like foam typically will. As far as construction, thinner layers of memory foam and less layers between you and the springs helps create a more firm mattress.

firmer mattress

With a firmer mattress you won’t see a hand print when you push down on the mattress. Softer mattresses leave an indention for a few seconds.

Who Needs a Firm Mattress?

You may need or prefer a firmer mattress if you are a

  • Back sleeper
  • Stomach sleeper
  • Are a heavier weight

Back sleepers need more firm support to keep their spine in alignment because if your mattress compresses along the heavier parts of your body, it can make your body sink in more there. This can lead to back pain.

The Brick firm mattress in a box

Notice how there’s almost no give in the mattress where her hips and shoulders are. This is a firmer mattress. 

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you need to keep your hips and stomach from sinking too far into the mattress. If you sink in more on those places than others, your spine won’t be aligned.

Hybrid mattresses are the best types of mattresses if you’re heavier. A softer mattress will sink in more and compress. Over time the mattress can wear out. You’ll see divets form where you sleep. Coils offer more structural support. People who are lighter weight won’t press into the mattress as deeply and so a softer mattress will feel more firm to them.

Side sleepers usually need more sinking in and cushioning on their hips and shoulders because your weight is concentrated on those areas. If your mattress is too firm, it can create shoulder and hip pain.

What firmness should my mattress be?
Most lighter sleepers need a more plush mattress in the 2-5/10 range on the firmness scale. If you weigh between 130 and 230lbs you probably need a medium-firm mattress (4-6/10 range). For those 250lbs or heavier, pick a mattress in the 7-10 range.

Does Body Weight Affect Mattress?

Yes, your weight affects how a mattress feels to you. Someone who weighs 250lbs, for example, will find a mattress much feels much softer than someone who weighs 150lbs. That’s because additional weight puts more pressure on the materials, causing them to give or sink in more.

Can you get a firm mattress in a box?

Yes, in addition to The Brick, there are several options for someone who wants a firm mattress in a box.

Is firm mattress better for back?

Generally speaking, a firm mattress offers more support for your back. A firm mattress keeps your lower back from collapsing, or bowing as your shoulders, hips, stomach sink in more than lighter parts of your body.

Which mattress in a box is the firmest?

Besides The Brick, here are firmer mattresses in a box:

So the most firm on our list is The Plank. If you sleep with someone who prefers a different firmness, check out this mattress with different firmness on each side.

Nestled natural latex mattress topper

Nestled Latex Mattress Topper Review (Top Selling Mattress Topper on Amazon)

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Naturally NestledWe recently tested the Nestled latex mattress topper to address a problem: a mattress that is too firm. So we looked for a solution to make the mattress softer without adding warmth, which is what happens with a lot of memory foam toppers. Natural materials like latex tend to be more breathable than foam.

Latex Mattress Topper Review

Nestled Natural Latex Topper is made by Take Ten and you can buy it on Amazon, here. Or, if you prefer, you can buy one on Naturally Nestled’s website. They also offer free shipping and the site’s much easier to navigate. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and you may get better sleep.

Nestled is our first choice for a budget priced natural latex mattress topper because it’s natural latex with the unique properties that they have. It also comes with a cotton cover included and gets very high ratings. Nestled latex toppers a bestseller on Amazon which means it outsells other brands (they sell A LOT of mattress toppers). There are almost 4,000 reviews.

You may be concerned about the chemicals in your mattress or bedding. Here are some of the certifications the organic Nestled natural latex mattress topper has:

  • GOLS Certified Organic
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Carbon Neutral Certified
  • OEKO-TEX 100 Certified

Nestled Mattress Topper Sleep Trial and Warranty

You have a 30 day trial and Nestled will cover the return shipping charges within the 30 day trial period for undamaged returns. To make sure your topper isn’t damaged, get a mattress protector like Coop brand and put it over your topper and mattress. To keep it clean don’t sleep on this topper until you have it covered with a waterproof mattress protector. Bonus: it also protects your mattress.

Nestled natural latex toppers have a 5 year warranty. This Limited Warranty does NOT cover the following: Damage to the product due to improper handling of the mattress or from burns, spills, body fluids, etc.

natural latex topper (folded)

Price for a queen: just over $238 at time of writing, which is amazing for a value priced organic latex mattress topper. You can save by opting out of the organic cover. Check current price.

We recommend, if you have the budget, instead of opting out of the cover, add the knit cover or the quilted cover with wool. These aren’t options on Amazon (find them here) but as you can see the cover is very lightweight, even see through. The quilted cover will even out any small inconsistencies that may come with this natural product. And it will add some additional cushion to your bed.

Is natural latex safe?

If you’re looking for a more nontoxic mattress topper or living, natural latex is an excellent choice. It is not treated with harmful chemicals such as pesticides or formaldehyde. However, it’s not safe for everyone. Some people have an allergy to latex, so it won’t be a safe choice for them.

Is latex better than memory foam?

Latex has a unique feel that’s not like memory foam. You don’t sink into it as much. As far as the feel of latex compared to memory foam, it’s matter of preference. You won’t feel that hugged feeling that you get from memory foam.

How thick should a latex mattress topper be?

Nestled latex toppers come in two thicknesses; 2 inch or 3 inches. Back sleepers will probably be ok with a 2 inch but side sleepers concentrate more weight on their shoulders and hips. We need more cushion. So we’d get a 3 inch. Your weight also affects what to choose. This guide is helpful:

which softness mattress topper to get

Latex comes in different densities. Nestled offers 3 densities: soft, medium or firm. Most commonly people use soft or medium to soften a mattress.

A firm density is ideal if you are trying to fix a sagging mattress and you want to get a few more years a life out of it. Note that it will still take some of the shape of the sag but it will at least give you quite a bit more support.

Why You Need a Cover for Your Latex Topper

One thing that we liked about Nestled is that you get a cotton cover included with your latex topper. This is important. We recommend that you get a mattress topper with a cover to protect the latex from tearing and breaking off. Some mattress toppers charge extra for a cover but Nestled doesn’t (unless you get an upgraded one).

The cover was pretty thin but has a zipper so you can remove it. You’ll get a more substantial cover with on their website, here.

weighted blanket without beads

Weighted Blanket Without Beads (New Bedsure Weighted Blanket with Thermoplastic Elastomer)

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A lot of weighted blankets use glass beads but Bedsure’s new weighted blanket without beads. Instead of beads, Bedsure uses TPE. That stands for thermoplastic elastomer. It’s like a mesh piece that evenly distributes weight. Glass beads can shift around the weight where the beads are concentrated.

You can use the code provided at the end of this article to save 20%. We’re not sure how long that offer will be available (no expiration date given).

Another advantage of TPE is that it’s more breathable than glass beads. So you can get the same comfort and stress reduction many feel from using a weighted blanket without some of the drawbacks.

TPE, referred to thermoplastic elastomers, are made out of recycled plastic. Comes in one size, 60×80. A queen size mattress is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. So this blanket will fit the top dimensions. Most queen size blankets are 90×90 but that’s because you normally have extra fabric that on the sides and bottom that can tuck in. A weighted blanket is not meant to be tucked in the bottom or sides, but to sit on top of your other bedding.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our link and you may get better sleep.

New Bedsure Weighted Blanket Without Beds

Bedsure has a new weighted blanket that’s different than other weighted blankets we’ve seen.

Here are the top features:

  • No possibility of glass beads leakage or clumping to one side of each square of a weighted blanket.
  • Quiet, because beads aren’t shifting around when you move.
  • More even pressure and weight.
  • Perfect for relaxation, a great hug, and a sound sleep.
  • Features ties on each corner so that you can attach the weighted blanket to a duvet cover. That way you can change the look and it’s easier to keep clean.
  • Available in queen size, 15 lbs weight. It’s recommended that your weighted blanket is 7%-12% of the weight of your body, so 15 pound weighted blanket queen size is ideal for most adults.
  • Made of soft and fuzzy fleece.
  • Claims to be warm without overheating.
  • Spot-clean only. Do not tumble dry. 
  • Comes in navy or grey.
  • Price of $59.99, with 5% off right now, making it $56.99. However, you can save 20% with code SOUNDSLEEP1.

Illustration of thermoplastic elastomer

pillow top mattress in a box

Pillow Top Mattress in a Box (9 Luxurious Mattresses to Choose From)

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What is a pillow top mattress?

A pillow top mattress is a mattress that has a separate section on top of the mattress to make it softer. It’s like adding a pillow on top of your bed. Unlike a mattress topper, it’s sewn onto the mattress. It’s attached to the bed, and is not removable.

When boxed mattresses first came out, most were around 10 inches deep and all foam. Today, there are pillow top mattresses in a box that come rolled up and shipped right to you. The best part is you get a long sleep trial and that means you get at least 4 months to sleep on the mattress to know how you like it. During that timeframe, you can return it for a full refund if it’s not right for you. Some mattresses in a box will require that you give it at least 30 days to adjust to a new mattress before it’s eligible for a return.

pillow top bed in a box mattress vs euro top

2 Types of Pillow Top Mattresses

There are 2 types of pillow top mattresses: pillow top or euro top. Pillow tops are flatter around the edges, like if you smushed a pillow top top of a bed, then sewed it on. Like an actual pillow, it’s flatter along the edges than it is in the middle. They’re stitched on top of the mattress.

A euro top is stitched beneath the mattress cover. Rather than flattening out along the edges it’s square with the mattress (it’s box shaped with straight edges).

Both usually add 1-3 inches of height to the bed and can be made of foam, memory foam, latex or other material. Most often it’s made of memory foam for contouring.

Why get a pillow top mattress?

Pillow tops are usually added to a hybrid mattress (a mattress that has springs) to add an additional layer of softness between you and the springs. The closer you are to the springs the more firm the mattress feels. It also adds height and has a more luxurious look to it. The mattresses on our list start at 13″ deep. It’s also more common to have longer sleep trials – up to 18 months! So if you’re not happy during that timeframe, you can return your mattress for a full refund.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links. Prices accurate at time of publication but may change.

Pillow Top Mattress in a Box

Most bed in a box type mattresses are euro top, rather than pillow top style.

Here are 9 pillow top mattresses in a box. All are hybrids which means they have springs. They also tend to be thicker than average for mattresses that come in a box.

1. Nolah Evolution Mattress


Nolah’s newest mattress is a euro pillow top and is 15″ deep. It has a medium firm feel. The euro top features 2″ cooling ArcticTex™ quilted euro top fibers. And you get 2 FREE adjustable shredded memory foam pillows with your mattress.

  • 1 and 1/2 YEAR TRIAL
  • Choose from firm, medium or soft
  • Price for a queen size Evolution mattress: $1499

Nolah Evolution 15 inch hybrid mattress Shop Nolah Evolution

2. Napa Country Living Mattress


We rate this the thickest option because the Napa is 16 inches deep, making it one of the thickest mattresses you can buy that comes in a box.

Country Living Magazine has a new line of mattresses that includes 2 pillow tops. The vintage country style sets it apart from most mattresses in a box. The Hudson and Napa styles both feature 2 inch deep, euro style pillow tops. The luxurious Napa is 16″ deep, which is the most of any mattress on this list.

If you’re looking for the softest pillow top mattress in a box, pick this one.

  • 1 and 1/2 YEAR TRIAL
  • Price for a queen size Napa Mattress: $1,899

Country Living Mattress

Shop Country Living Mattress

3. Avocado Mattress


You have the option to add a 2 inch top to any adult size Avocado mattress for an additional cost. It’s made of organic latex. While not as firm as an Avocado Green mattress without it, it’s still more firm than most pillow top mattresses. So choose Avocado if you want to support a green business that’s easier on the environment. Also, if you like a more firm feel, you’ll love this. It’s organic, GOTS, GOLS and Greengold certified.

  • Price for a queen size Avocado Green with euro top, that’s 13″ deep: $1,899.

Avocado Green Mattress Shop Avocado Mattress

4. DreamCloud Premier Mattress


This hybrid also has a firmer feel. We love the look of the DreamCloud, it’s not pure white top. Very reasonably priced for the depth and generous sleep trial and warranty.

  • Price for a queen DreamCloud, that’s 13″ deep: $1,199

Shop Dreamcloud Mattress

5. Brentwood Home Oceano Luxury Mattress


Like the Avocado Green Mattress, Brentwood Home is made with clean materials, including GOTS organic certified cotton and wool.  Euro top consists of organic wool and microcoils, the only mattress on this list to have that feature. Another bonus is that you can get delivery and set up, or even removal service, for an additional fee. This mattress is well-constructed and has steel springs, along with the extra thickness, they’re heavier. So if you have a bad back or cannot or don’t want to lift and set up this mattress by yourself, get the white glove service.

  • 4.5/10 FIRMNESS
  • Price for a queen, that’s 13 inches deep: $1,499

Brentwood Home euro top mattress Shop Oceano Mattress

6. Saatva Mattress


We rate the Saatva the best value on this list, based on FREE white glove delivery service and price.

Comes in Soft Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm. Also choose thickness, either 11.5″ or 14.5″. INCLUDES DELIVERY and take away of your old mattress and box spring. However, returns will cost $99 for cost of labor and gas for delivery. 

  • Price for a queen, that’s 14.5 inches deep: $1,399

Saatva euro top mattress

Shop Saatva

7. Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid, Mattress



Here’s the best part about the Nest Bedding Alexander Signature, besides the euro top. During the 100 night trial, you can exchange the top layer to be a different firmness. The euro top unzips so you can change or replace it for the right feel or to replace (instead of getting a new mattress). If you sleep with someone who likes a firmer or softer mattress than you do, you’ll love that you can make each side custom (king or cal king size).

  • CHOOSE FIRMNESS (plush, medium or firm), with king or cal king you can get internal split with each side its own firmness level
  • DEPTH: 13″ deep
  • Price for a queen: $1,499

Nest Plush Bed

Shop Nest Alexander Mattress

8. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress


The Aurora is the most popular choice and you can choose from soft, medium or firm. Lowest price pillow top mattress in a box option, however, you have a shorter sleep trial and warranty. Brooklyn Bedding Sendona also has a euro top. And they have the best shredded memory foam pillows that are also high quality and reasonably priced! And, the pillows come in king size.

  • DEPTH: 13.5″
  • Price for a queen: $1,274

Shop Aurora Mattress

9. Awara Mattress


This plush Euro Top features smooth organic cotton and cozy 100% organic New Zealand wool. So you stay cool and dry as you sleep. Has dunlop latex. 

  • Price for a queen, that’s 13 inches deep: $1,299

Awara euro top mattress

Shop Awara Mattress

Presidents Day Pillow, Sheets and Sleep Related Sales

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Presidents Day is one of the top weekends to purchase things you need for your bed because pillows, sheets and frames are on sale for this holiday. Save some money and shop while you’re (hopefully) off work. The sales start before the holiday and many extend a few days following. But don’t put it off, you don’t want to miss the great prices!

Here are the top Presidents Day deals for you. Listed with the best first. We may earn a commission when you shop through our link and you may get better sleep.

Brooklyn Bedding has my favorite shredded memory foam pillows on sale for $30. Had mine for years and it’s still amazing! I’ve given them as gifts. So stock up! They’re far better quality than other pillows we’ve tested at this price point.

Presidents Day 2021 Sales on Pillow, Sheets and Bed Frames

Luma Sleep

50% off The Adjustable Bed base with the purchase of a Luma Mattress! Use code “BogoBed” and 20% off everything else.

Luma Sleep | Customizable Hybrid Mattresses

Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast specializes in dreamy pillows that are hypoallergenic and last forever. I first learned about the brand after staying at a hotel that had them. I took off the pillow case and got one for home, as soon as possible. Years later, our Pacific Coast Double Downaround pillow is as good as new still!

Presidents Day Sale – Take 25% Off All Orders at Pacific Coast. No Code Needed, Offer Valid until February 15, 2021.

Pacific Coast Feather Best Pillow 230 Thread Count Resilia Feathers Machine Wash & Dry - King

Standard Textile Home

Classic, higher end sheets and textiles, since 1940. I LOVE their Circa bed wrap that takes the place of a bed skirt of dust ruffle to give your bed a more finished, modern look.

20% OFF President’s Day Sale

The ENTIRE site will be 20% OFF from 2/12/2021 to 2/16/2021

Use Promo Code: PRES20


If you’re looking for temperature regulating tech in your sheets, duvets, pillow cases in silk and flannel, throw blanket, pajamas, quilts, blankets and other linens check out SlumberCloud. The fabric was used by NASA to regulate astronauts body temperature while in space. I have and love their comforter.

BLANKETS 20% OFF | COVERS 15% OFF | SHEETS ETC. *10% OFF. Shop now to receive free shipping and a free 60-night trial on all U.S. orders.

Save 50% on Sleep Relaxation CBD Cream

Slumber Cloud logo with woman reading in bed made with Stratus Sheets, Cirrus Pillows, and Stratus Duvet Cover.


If you’re into natural dyes, hemp linen sheets or a comforter made of eucalyptus, Buffy is the best! They’re known for their comforters but what you need to know about their comforters is, if you sleep cold, get the Cloud. If you sleep warm, get the Breeze. You’ll thank us later.

15% Off Everything
Buffy comforter presidents day sale


While Jane.com is not the usual place we think of to buy bed frames online, they do!

Was $599.00 – Now $299.99 – Wood Queen Spindle Bed Frame (1/28 to 2/27)

Jane.com platform bed frame dealThe Futon Shop

20% OFF Wood Futon Frames and Platform Beds