BedJet 3 Bed Fan Launches on Kickstarter

The Bedjet v3 bed fan is coming! The popular bed fan is coming out with their newest model that’s completely redesigned and upgraded with cutting-edge technology.

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It’s now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, shipping in December 2018.  Typically this is the cheapest price you’ll find on the product. We ordered one and can’t wait to review it.

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The company’s prior Kickstarter in 2015 they hit the $1 million dollar mark in only 28 days and is one of the Top 25 Tech Kickstarter campaigns of all time.

BedJet became the number one customer ranked product in the entire mattress category on Amazon, and the top selling cooling and heating product in America for beds.

On first look, it’s smaller and has no more medical-device look. Instead it has a slimmer, lower-profile design (30% smaller than previous models). It’s beautiful. It will look great in a room.

The BedJet is a cooling and warming fan that works in seconds to cool or heat your bed. It’s ideal for couples who have different temperature preferences.

Along with the new BedJet 3 there’s a new video created by the Harmon Brothers who also did the egg test mattress video for Purple mattress).

It’s a real hoot!

You can buy just the fan to go under your sheets or you can get the comforter that has special air pockets to contain the air.

We much prefer the comforter, not only for keeping the air more concentrated, but because you can cool/warm each side of the bed to your preference. Please note that you’d need to get 2 BedJets to have different fans/temperature on each side.

BedJet is ideal for menopausal women and their partners – where she cannot get cool enough and he’s an ice cube. We noticed many men buy this because they’re freezing to keep their wife comfortable so she can sleep well at night.

This is one of the few split preference products that we fully endorse. Mattresses with split firmness don’t work very well because a difference in softness creates a difference in elevation in your mattress so you feel separated from or there’s a ridge between you and your partner.

BedJet version 3

New BedJet v3 features include:

  • Amazon Alexa and Smart Home connectivity. Control your sleep comfort by voice and integrate with all sorts of cool platforms enabled by the new wifi chip in BedJet 3.
  • Color screen remote control for a bedding/sleep tech product. For folks who don’t like bringing their phones to bed to use our App to control the BedJets most advanced features. Now everything (including the biorhythm sleep cycles) can be programmed via the new remote.
    BedJet remote
  • New and improved BedJet app.
new Bedjet app

What do you think – excited for the new BedJet?

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