Bed in a Box Original Mattress Review (Best Foam Mattress?)

Bed in a Box foam

Have you heard of BedinaBox®? They’re a family owned mattress company (one of few in the industry), who make their own mattresses in the USA, and are experts in foam. In fact, they supply foam to other mattress companies. While you may not have heard of them, they’re the original bed in a box company. They even own the trademark for “BedinaBox”.

The first thing that sets Bed in a Box apart from the other mattresses out there, is the foam…

Bed in a Box Original Mattress Box

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Best Foam Mattress?

Trying to compare mattresses to decide which one to buy can be a long, frustrating experience for a lot of people. There are so many choices and it’s tough to know what criteria to use to figure out which mattress will be the best for you.

We spent over an hour talking to the Chris, who is the vice president of Bed in a Box, about what makes a high quality mattress. If you want the best foam mattress, you need to look at how much the mattress weighs. Cheap foam doesn’t weigh a lot and that’s the kind that will compress and develop indents or sagging on the top, in the areas where you sleep.

Bed in a Box specializes in foam mattresses and even supply foam to other manufacturers. Overall, the reason Bed in a Box is an excellent choice for an all foam mattress is that they’ve struck an excellent balance between the cost of the mattress and the quality. They have all of their own foam manufactured to be the right balance.

Best Bed in a Box mattress

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Weight is a factor in foam quality. If a mattress is heavier then it’s usually better quality. Foam is based on density. The standard core weight is 1.8lbs, theirs is 2.0. So if you buy a bed that’s a queen that weighs 50 lbs, you know it’s not great quality no matter how low the price may be. You probably won’t get more than a year or so out of it.

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Of course these beds are rolled up and shipped in a box, so there’s a balance between the weight and cost. Plus ease of use. Some beds are so heavy that moving them is very difficult. So you need something that is heavier to indicate quality, but not so heavy that the cost is too high and it’s difficult to move.

Let’s take a closer look at Bed in a Box and their popular Original mattress.

Bed in a Box Original MattressBed in a Box gave us an Original queen size mattress to review. And we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Bed in a Box® Original Mattress Review

Bed in a Box Original is their classic all foam mattress, it may not compete on sleep trial or warranty, but it’s a similar price to other boxed brands like it. Except that it’s 11 inches deep. And, unlike some that are made in China, Bed in a Box is made in the USA. Price is right where you’d expect but the quality is higher than other foam mattresses in its price range.

Watch our video review or read on for more details about this high value mattress…this is where you can see the edge support, motion transfer and see the layers up close.


As someone who is sensitive and has a reaction to that new mattress smell, I paid attention to the smell when I unboxed this mattress. I’m happy to report there is not a strong or chemically smell at all. So you’re not going to need to air it out at all. And it was ready to sleep on immediately, right out of the box.


Here’s me unboxing the Bed in a Box Original, it’s really fast and ready to sleep on immediately.



First, let’s start with the cover. It zips off and can be removed but they don’t recommend washing it. Instead they say you should spot treat it. It’s made of a soft knit and has cooling properties inside the fabric.

As always we recommend that you use a mattress protector before you even sleep on your new bed. Bed in a Box has a 5-sided waterproof mattress protector at a reasonable cost. Having it keeps your bed cleaner and prolongs the life of your mattress – including the sides. They also have a cooling mattress protector.

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Bed in a Box is very transparent about the foam they use. There are 2 layers on this bed and they give the density of the foam for each layer. First, the Original is 11” deep, so a bit above the standard of 10” we usually see.

11″ BedInABox® Original
3″ – 3 lb CoolRest® Gel Memory Foam
8″ – 2 lb SureAlign® High Density Support Foam

The original has a medium feel.  If you want a softer feel, they have a bit higher end version called the Azul. They also have a medium and a firm option.

A queen is $764 which is about what you’d expect but it has an additional inch of height.

They offer financing through Affirm if you want your mattress now but pay for it with a low monthly payment.

You do need a base to support the mattress and your weight. Bed in a Box has a basic foundation, metal frames and an adjustable base that will raise or lower your head or feet (no massage).

A generous 20 years.

Sleep Trial
You get 120 days to decide to keep your new mattress and get a full refund if it’s not for you. However, they ask you to give it a full 60 days first. Bed in a Box has a low return rate, most often you’re going to see double or triple what this mattress has. So you can be confident that you’re making a good choice. However, there’s a subjective part of every mattress that you can’t know until you actually sleep on it.

Will you like the Bed in a Box Original? It really comes down to the feel, which is subjective, but you have ample time and no cost to try it out.

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Bedinabox Original Mattress Review

So I hope this helps you decide if the Bed in a Box original mattress is right for you. Bed in a Box has quality foam mattresses for the price.

Leave a comment with any questions, requests, or simply to share your experience with this mattress.