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Mattress Stores Closing & Opening – Sleep Industry News August 2018

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As this mattress industry news roundup shows, there continues to be more blurred lines between traditional mattress retailers and newer startup boxed brands.

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Mattress Firm to Close Locations While Casper Seeks to Open More

Just as Mattress Firm is poised to close 175 stores in 2018, Casper says they plan to open 200 stores (they already have a location in New York City and a napping store that charges $25 for some midday shut eye).

Mattress Firm is the largest specialty mattress retailer in the US and has over 3,500 stores. Casper is also eyeing a possible IPO in 2019.

Many Mattress Firm locations already sell the Purple mattress and other Purple products.

Serta to Merge with Tuft & Needle

Boxed brands open retail stores, retail brands come out with box beds and now a classic mattress brand is merging with a startup.  Serta, the largest mattress manufacturer in the world, announced they will merge with online startup Tuft & Needle. In addition to Serta, they also manufacture Beautyrest and Tomorrow (a boxed brand) and supplies beds to Mattress Firm.

While most put online market share at around 11% the segment is growing faster than traditional brands.

Helix redesigns mattresses

In early August Helix announced a redesign of their mattress. Rather than letting a customer customize one mattress, Helix has come out with a whopping 9 options!  To help you choose, take the sleep quiz to guide you to the right one for you. The beds also have a new look and have more foam between you and the springs than the original model. They still have the split option so 2 sleepers can get a mattress with different firmness levels on either side of the bed.

Helix mattress sleep quiz

Zinus Expands to Furniture – Now Sells Couches

Zinus brand is known for low cost boxed mattress options. Sticking with their value brand, a loveseat starts at only $274. It makes us wonder, in the future will more of the boxed brands sell furniture?

Brooklyn Bedding Introduces New Models

Mattress Retailer Brooklyn Bedding is expanding their offline brands to include 6 new beds. One is called the Titan and it’s created especially for bigger/taller customers. This follows the supersize bed trend we’re seeing more often.

Disney Opens Sleep Shop

You know sleep is trendy when Disney is selling it. The company announced a new  “Sleep Shop,” which is basically pajamas and sleep related products all grouped together (not a new mattress store). They’re also collaborating with a certified pediatric sleep coach who gives sleep tips to parents.

This month the company debuted a “Sleep Shop Hotline” which is a toll-free number with 5 pre-recorded messages from classic Disney characters. The hotline ended August 31st.

Mattress Companies Buy Up Mattress Review Sites

In a super-competitive online bed environment, many brands are looking for ways to expand their market share. Yes, they need traffic. And who has traffic? Mattress review sites. Over the past year, starting with Sleepopolis being indirectly purchased by Casper, other boxed brands have followed.

If you can’t beat em, join em!

Brooklyn Bedding bought Honest Mattress Reviews, previously owned by Ryan Mohan who worked for Ghostbed.

Leesa Sleep invested in the Mattress Advisor mattress review site.

While they maintain they’re still objective it’s likely find high reviews for the site’s sponsor.

Eight Sleep Studies Restless Leg Syndrome

Eight Sleep recently partnered with Dr. Brian Koo, director of the Yale Center for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and member of Eight’s Scientific Advisory Board, to conduct an RLS study among participants who own the Eight smart mattress.

Like Helix, Eight now offers a split firmness option.

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Unbox Mattress Industry News AI Sleep Tracking Edition June 2018

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Now for our monthly installment of mattress industry news. This roundup is for June, 2018. Soon it will be July and you’ll want to check out the 4th of July sales going on. A new month, a new sale!

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The Artificial Intelligence Mattress
Eight mattress announced they’ve gone higher tech with AI. The company is  using data collected from over 2.5 million nights of sleep to give you context about your sleep habits. The sleep tracker is a free app that connects with your mattress to help you improve your sleep.

Eight Sleep Coach

Nectar Debuts an Adjustable Bed
We think everyone will have one but Nectar is the latest to add an adjustable base to their product line. No longer seen as something only those in pain or older want – adjustable beds are for younger, hipper customers too who see them as a lifestyle product. Read more about the Nectar adjustable base.

mattress industry news roundup from Unbox Mattress

Mattress Protectors Galore
Newton Baby mattress and Eight Sleep announced new mattress protectors this month. Newton’s is notable in that it’s breathable, just like the mattress itself. Eight’s mattress protector is popular judging from the fact that it sold out immediately.

Mattress Lawsuits Settled
Casper was sued by rival Serta Simmons Bedding LLC who claimed that the Casper Wave mattress infringed on three of their patents. The suit was dismissed.

A trademark dispute between Mattress Firm and Tempur Sealy International (the rivals are former business partners) has been settled. Tempur Sealy sued Mattress Firm, “arguing the retailer violated a transitional agreement by selling, marketing and advertising Tempur-Pedic and Sealy mattresses after it was forced to stop selling the brands in April 2017.” Mattress Firm said they’re just trying to sell their inventory. Verdict? “Mattress Firm cannot use Tempur Sealy’s intellectual property since it is no longer an authorized retailer of the manufacturer’s products. However, Mattress Firm can still refer to Tempur Sealy brands and products like any other competitor…”.

Online Mattress’ Market Share Up 2% From Last Year, Continued Growth Expected

According to Mike Magnuson, founder and CEO of, market share for online mattress brands is up from last year. In 2017 online brands held 15% of the market and this year it’s up to 17%.

Number of online brands are on the market? It seems like there’s always a new brand in town but the number sits at around 175.

Top 5 bestselling online mattress brands in terms of sales? Casper, Purple, Saatva, Nectar and Tuft & Needle. Casper is the biggest with revenue of about $300 million and estimates that this year it will grow to $375 million.

According to the article, Nectar’s revenues were about $80 million last year and he projects they’ll more than double this year to about $200 million .

Saatva? Revenues of about $210 million to $240 million in 2018.

Purple? About $195 million with estimates for $350 million this year.

Tuft & Needle? $125 million now with a projected $150 million.

Consumers are ok with buying online and trying in home, skipping the mattress stores altogether. “’s figures show the percentage of consumers who say they need to try a bed in store before buying has declined from 75% to 55% in less than three years.”

As we’ve seen – he predicts more online brands will move into physical retail locations, add products and raise prices (probably with higher end mattresses and adjustable bases).

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Eight smart mattress

Eight Sleep Adds Artificial Intelligence to Mattress to Track your Sleep

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Is your mattress smart? Does it help motivate you and give you information to help you sleep? Eight mattress is the leader is smart mattresses.

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Today Eight announced a unique feature to go with the Eight  smart mattress – an A1 powered sleep coach!  The Eight Sleep Coach will use a vast database of information collected to offer personalized sleep coaching.

Visit Official Website

The Sleep Coach uses AI to identify what is wrong with your sleep and gives information so you can improve. This is in addition to what Eight already does: track your sleep, warm your bed and it also has a smart alarm. It works with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, Hue smart lights, and Nest.

The Sleep Coach uses data from their customers and the company says they will use data from over 2.5 million nights of sleep data that has been tracked to date. “Eight’s neural network uses this data to build real-time benchmarks of individuals’ sleep based on their personal patterns and other key indicators such as their gender, age, and location, with the goal of providing direction to improving their sleep.”

Eight Sleep Coach

Eight has always been focused on sleep and say that this is a way to help fight sleep deprivation. “Sleep deprivation is costing the US economy 400 billion dollars each year. The AI-powered Sleep Coach is our answer to this,” said Matteo Franceschetti, CEO and Co-Founder, Eight.

Some of the info you’ll get from The Sleep Coach:

  • How much sleep you got the night before and how it compares to your average for the month.
  • How much you’ve tossed and turned and how that compares to people your age.
  • How long it took you to fall asleep and what’s average for your age/gender.
  • How fast you got out of bed after waking and how it compares to people who live near you.
  • What days you sleep best.
  • Percent of REM sleep and what’s considered most healthy.

The Eight Smart Mattress, tracks over 15 factors of sleep including:

  • heart rate
  • breathing rate
  • deep and light sleep
  • time slept
  • tossing and turning

Eight’s mission is to help people understand how their health is affected by how they sleep, and how improvements in their sleep can ultimately improve the way they live.

Compare Eight Mattresses

With over 200 billion data points collected to date, the company is working to create the largest sleep database in the world. Last year Eight collected and processed 500 terabytes of data from over 20,000 people. They executed over 200,000 sleep-related smart home actions, and warmed up beds for over 1 million hours.

The Eight app is free to download, and must be used with an Eight Smart Mattress which starts at $699. The Sleep Coach is free for customers.


New Mattress Protectors from Eight Sleep and Newton Baby

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This is the week of new mattress protectors! Both Eight mattress and Newton baby mattress came out with new mattress protectors. We always recommend that you use a mattress protector with your bed. Don’t sleep on your mattress until you do.

Spills, stains, tears and other damage is inevitable, affecting things like allergies, resell value (should you decide to resell your mattress) and longevity of your mattress. Your mattress starts wearing down as soon as skin cells or sweat reaches the inside. After that bacteria starts to break down the foam or material. Newton has no foam and is the least likely to break down (plus it’s entirely washable), but a waterproof cover means less laundry for parents.

Note: Unbox Mattress has affiliate relationships and may earn a small commission on any sales and allows us to continue to publish bedding industry news and reviews.

The Newton Baby Crib Mattress Pad

After a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign which raised $27,11 this April, the company that introduced the unique, breathable Newton crib mattress debuted a new crib mattress pad. Like the mattress, the mattress pad is also breathable.

Size: 28” x 52” and 3/8″ thickness.

  • Waterproof.
  • Made from 100% polyester for easy cleaning with a soft waterproof TPU liner, or thermoplastic polyurethane layer, a waterproof layer that uses a heat bonded lamination process to a plush fabric material that is used most often in cloth diapering. Non toxic.
  • The crib mattress cover goes right over the quilted mattress cover. The sides are stretchy.
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. That means if it’s damaged in the course of ordinary use, they will provide a new one at no cost to you.

“With a half an inch of air circulation on the surface of the mattress, the baby will sleep safer, cleaner, and more comfortably. Hypoallergenic and proven in independent testing to reduce the risk of suffocation.”

The company’s aim is to provide safer, healthier sleep for babies.

Price: $69.99

I Want One

Eight Mattress Protector

Eight also introduced a new mattress protector made to go under the Smart Cover to make your mattress last longer. It’s already a hit and has almost sold out in its first few days.

This is Eight’s first ever mattress protector.

Eight mattress protector

  • 3-sided mattress protector that covers the top of the bed and the sides (not the bottom).
  • Shields from liquids, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, and mold.
  • Made with 100% Tencel
  • Made with hypoallergenic Construction for cool sleep to make your bed last longer.
  • Quiet – the material almost feels like a sturdy thick t-shirt.
  • Fits any mattress.
  • Free shipping and returns.
  • Waterproof.

Price: $95.00 for a queen. Learn more here.

I Need One

Unbox Mattress Industry News Vacuumopolis Edition May 2018

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Now for our monthly installment of bedding industry news. This roundup is for May, 2018, one of the top selling mattress months of the year (see our roundup of Memorial Day mattress deals).

Unbox Mattress is a business and may earn a commission from purchases referred by this site. Thanks for your support.

If you didn’t know Derek Hale of Sleepopolis sold his website to Casper (indirectly) and has now turned to reviewing another product for the home: vacuums. His site, Modern Castle, has both a website and YouTube channel.

Casper Human Mattress
Speaking of Casper, we had a chuckle when basketball superstar Dwight Howard of the NBA team the Charlotte Hornets was dubbed the Human Casper Mattress by a writer at the Urban Daddy website. Were not really sure what that means but you can check it out here. Please comment below if you have a guess!

mattress industry news roundup from Unbox Mattress

Mattress, Pillows, and Bases, oh my!
Nolah just introduced a new mattress, pillows and adjustable bases. Their existing Nolah Mattress is now called the Nolah Original 10″ mattress and the new 12″ is the Nolah Signature 12″ mattress. The two new pillows are the Nolah AirFoam™ pillow and the Nolah AirFiber™ pillow.

MyPillow Breaks World’s Record for World’s Biggest Pillow Fight
MyPillow donated over 70,000 MyPillows to attendees at a large Minneapolis Christian evangelism event so they could all clobber each other with a pillow. Great way to get out your frustrations but it would probably be better if they invited liberals to the fight!

The massive pillow fight made the Guinness Book of World Records with an  official count of 7,681. This isn’t MyPillow’s first win though – they set a record in 2015, with 6,261 people threw pillows at each other at a St. Paul Saints game. How American! Source

Purple Mattress Adds Beds to 30 Chicago Mattress Firm Stores
Purple is expanding its offline presence by selling mattresses in 30 Chicago-area Mattress Firm stores. They plan to open at Mattress Firm locations in Phoenix and the Bay Area next.

They also lost their CEO, are searching for a new one, and announced their fourth quarter earnings report.

Helix’s New Sheets Come with a 100 Night Sleep Trial
Helix‘s new sheets are made of a rich soft cotton-polyester blend with a two-sided sateen weave for comfort with breathability. They feature a high 600 thread count for that luxury feeling and wrinkle resistant material for convenience. The sheets are available in White and Slate (grey). 3 year warranty. A set of queen sheets retails for $125.

Nest Bedding Opens New Location in Studio City California
The trend is for boxed mattresses and offline mattress showrooms or stores to blend together. More boxed companies have locations and more traditional brands have boxed mattresses. Nest Bedding has several retail locations that now includes Studio City, California (aka, Los Angeles).

Isn’t this showroom pretty? It certainly doesn’t look like the typical mattress store!

Nest Bedding new Los Angeles store

Leesa Sells Reaches 300,000 Mattresses Sold Milestone, Donates Over 20,000

Leesa Sleep announced that they’ve sold more than 300,000 mattresses since its launch just three years ago. They’ve also donated 26,000 mattresses donated to-date. Read the press release here.

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How to Fall Asleep? 5 Sleep Essentials for National Sleep Month

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Every month thousands of us type these words into Google: “how to fall asleep.” We deal with sleep issues like sleep deprivation, sleep apnea, insomnia and more. That or we’re just looking for better or deeper sleep.

We should get at least 7 hours of sleep as adults and 1 in 3 Americans aren’t getting enough of it.

March is a big month for sleep. It’s National Sleep Month and we need it, thanks to Daylight Savings time. Nothing like the clocks springing forward an hour to throw off our sleep schedule! It’s also the month we have  National Napping Day (the 12th).

The foundation of good sleep is a good mattress and pillow. Research from the National Sleep council found that a new bed was associated with an increase of 42 minutes of sleep. Both your bed and pillow are so individual. That’s why we like the boxed versions (obviously) because they give you several months trial period so you can try them out at home.

Here are some other things to help you get the shuteye you so desperately want and need…

How to Fall Asleep


One issue: we can’t turn off our minds at night. What helps? Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques. This track is 3 hours of relaxing music to help you sleep and has over 62 million views. YouTube has self-hypnosis for sleep and a vast collection of sleep tracks.

“I love this, one night I couldn’t sleep, at all. I tried everything and I come across this and I fell asleep in less that 15 minutes.”


Sleep Aromatherapy Spray Lavender and ChamomileSleep Aromatherapy Spray with Lavender and Chamomile

If you don’t think smell affects you, remember what it feels like to walk into a place that smells terrible. Your body tenses up and you want to leave! The opposite happens with pleasant scents – you relax. You feel peace and calm. Essential oil can have a big effect on sleep.

With over 1,500 glowing reviews on Amazon, this comforting spray dubbed the “pillow potion” helps you fall asleep faster. This is ultra soothing, helping calm and relax you before bed.

Simply spritz this aromatherapy mist in your room, on your pillow or your sheets. Reviewers rave about how well it works. Your sheets will smell so fresh and a small amount works for days. Contains all natural ingredients including lavender, chamomile, hazel, rosemary, aloe and jojoba oils. Also hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free. If the idea of lavender essential oils sounds soothing, then you may want to check out the Lavender Bliss Pillow.

Pure Soothing Comfort Aromatherapy Spray, $14.95, Amazon


bestselling silk sleep maskALASKA BEAR® Natural silk sleep mask

Sleep anywhere at any time with this bestselling hypoallergenic 100% silk eye mask. Completely blocks out light. Your body needs the hormone Melatonin for sleep and light prevents your body from making it. Light from your electronics, tv and even your alarm clock can hurt your sleep pattern. If your room isn’t completely dark, you’re traveling, or need to shade your eyes from the light of someone else’s screen, this is it. Minimal rubbing to not bother your eyes or lashes. Silk means it leaves no marks. 

Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask, $9, Amazon

Improve Sleep Duration and Quality with a Weighted Blanketbest weighted BlanketWeighted Blanket

The Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders did a small study to see if a weighted blanket could improve sleep. Participants slept in their regular environment then with a weighted blanket every night for two consecutive weeks. Sleep quality was measured and found that the weight of the blanket reduced movement which made for more sound sleep.

Polysomnography (PSG) data found a significant decrease in time spent awake during the night and a significant increase in total sleep duration.
In case you’re worried about getting too warm, the fabric is made so it doesn’t provide extra weight. There are different weights to choose from so you get the one recommended for your body weight (it should be more than 10% of your body weight).

Weighted Blanket for Adults, $166, Amazon

Avoid Overheating with a Bed Fan 

BedJet bed coolerBedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds, Cooling Fan

Melatonin isn’t just affected by light, it’s also temperature sensitive. When you get overheated during sleep, your body doesn’t produce adequate melatonin and growth hormone. These are both important for repair and are anti-aging.

BedJet is a small bed fan that hooks into a special comforter. It helps regulate your bed’s temperature. If you’re in menopause or sleeping hot, this ‘as seen on Shark Tank’ product, is a lifesaver. It circulates cooler air near the floor into your sheets so you can sleep with sweating. It’s like having a room fan subtly blowing right next to your skin.

BedJet Bed Fan, $339

Now it’s your turn unboxers. What’s helped you get quality sleep?

Bed in a Box Mattress News and Trends: Adjustable Pillows

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We all know about adjustable beds – but what about adjustable pillows? Bed in a box mattress companies and even traditional mattress/furniture retailers are introducing adjustable pillows.Helix adjustable pillow

Helix is the newest company to market an adjustable pillow. They offer both a regular and a cooling version made of memory foam and down alternative. The cooling version (Helix Cool) has a high-end ultra cool knit polyethylene fabric. This material has a higher heat transfer, which means it is a lot cooler than typical fabrics – that’s why it’s cold to the touch. The Helix pillow has 2 support layers which can be kept inside or removed to adjust the height and feel.

What is an adjustable pillow?

We’ve seen smart pillows and cooling pillows (hot on the market) but we noticed a lot of adjustable pillows at the Las Vegas market.

Adjustable pillows are pillows that can be changed to fit your preference in a number of different configurations.

  • The loft or height of the pillow. You can make a higher or flatter pillow by adding or taking out some of the material (such as shredded memory foam) inside. The pillows unzip and sometimes have a mattress protector as part of the system.
  • The use of a pillow insert to change the feel and/or height of the mattress.

Pillow Price Point

Many of these pillows are within the $80-100 price range and come with a warranty.

Coop Home Goods

Common Features of Boxed Pillows

When it comes to boxed bedding products, the bonus here is that they usually come with a trial period, just like mattress. Pillows are even more personal than mattresses because you usually don’t share one with anyone. Your face is directly on your pillow. People can be very picky about the feel and other features of their pillow.

Here are common features of a pillow from a boxed retailer:

  • Sleep trial of 100 days or more
  • Warranty of 1-3 years, sometimes more
  • Free shipping
  • Often don’t have financing option unless you purchase a mattress too, but do offer Paypal as payment option
  • Comes rolled in a box

For example Purple pillow has a 100 day trial which means you have 100 days to test it out and can return the pillow for a full refund if it doesn’t work for you.

So does the Eden pillow from Coop Home Goods – get 15% off a pillow bundle. Their pillow sounds amazing with all of the adjustable pillow benefits plus you can literally throw it in the wash. The Eden pillow actually has a 5 year warranty!

Best Adjustable Pillows

Our favorites are

  • Brooklyn Bedding shredded memory foam pillow. This won’t get lumpy over time like some shredded memory foam pillows because it has a straight edge cut and fabric to keep the foam together. MyPillow has clumped up under use for us. Watch for our review and comparison of a typical bamboo pillow like MyPillow and Brooklyn Bedding. After many months and tests, this is one of our favorite pillows. It features a thick cover and unzips to add or remove foam.

Learn more

  • Layla Sleep pillow with copper (hypoallergenic). This unique pillow also uses Kapok fill, which is made from the fibers in the seed pods of Kapok trees. Kapok is natural and free from pesticides and other nasty chemicals. It draws a lot of attention from our customers. Everyone seems to be interested in it! Note: the Layla pillow is not adjustable.Layla pillow Check out Layla

Look out for our Layla pillow review coming soon!

Las Vegas Market Awards - Mattress Category

Top 10 Best of Las Vegas Furniture Show Awards

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AUnbox Mattress was recently in Las Vegas for the Furniture Show at the World Market. It was our first year attending and we wanted to point out the amazing things we saw.

If you haven’t been, it’s a little like a mall with only furniture type stores but better because there’s food and drink in a lot of them!

All awards created by Unbox Mattress and are entirely biased and unscientific.

mattress ads on sidewalk

Mattress ads on the sidewalk

Las Vegas Market Awards – Mattress/Bedding Category

Here are our nominees and winners of the 2018 Las Vegas Furniture Awards in the bedding category.

1. Cutest Kid Bed
5 Little Monkeys (comes with an organic bed, stuffed monkey, and kid pillow all in a cute bag, boxed.

2. Funnest Wall Display
Pillow Wall at Protect-a-Bed that had the booth staff’s photo and title on them. Runner up, best food.

3. Best Affiliate Program
Brooklyn Bedding.  They’ll share content from their partners. Note: easy win, not a lot of competition.

4. Best Futuristic Mind Reading Bed
Reverie. The built in speakers are killer too. You can hear the sound while you’re underneath them but move just an inch out of range and nothing. If our phone hadn’t died we’d have video.

5. A Mattress So Organic a Vegan Would Eat it Raw 

COCO-MAT. Made of coconut,  seaweed and cactus fiber. Can be made into a refreshing smoothie. They won two other awards too…

Best Wood Bicycle that Looks Fake but is Real and They Let you Ride
COCO-MAT (photos lost).

Most chill, hip & instagrammable
6. Most Exclusive/Elusive
Bedgear. Nothing to report here. We and others were banned from the showroom.
7. Best Non Fake Tech

Magniflex temperature controlled room with smart bed that truly delivers on promises. Displayed in a temperature controlled room optimized for sleep. Heart rate, temperature, sound decimals and more data collected.

Guys stop hiding your treasurer at the back of the showroom. Take everyone through! We want your bed most!

 Honorable mention: best memory foam
8. Best Spiffs 
Malouf’s lavender -infused travel pillow.
9. Most Comfortable Massage Chair that Rocks you Better than your Mama Did When you were a Baby
10. Best in-Suite Dining

Malouf. They brought their team of chefs from Utah with them and built out a kitchen! The gourmet spread included raw honeycomb,  artisan cheeses, and  test tube asparagus soup. They even baked their own bread. Never miss a chance to eat with them!

Here’s a preview:


We couldn’t stick to only 10. So here are a few more awards…
Most Friendly
Tie between COCO-MAT and Reverie (thanks for the phone and moral support guys).
Most Disparaging to Online Only Mattress Companies
Preferred not to be named: 2 way tie.
Best Basic Platform
Hollywood Bedframe, upholstered.
Best New Sleep Service
Reverie sleep coaches. Move over white glove delivery, hello sleep concierge.

Best New Word
Casperopolis – a combination of Sleepopolis and Casper, referring to the changes which happened after Casper acquired the Sleepopolis (indirectly).  The company rep who said it shall remain anonymous.

Who We Didn’t Get to Visit but Wanted To

Classic brands