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Sleep Country Living Mattress

After more than 40 years of curating the best American lifestyle, Country Living Magazine has the ultimate mattress. Like it’s signature farmhouse style, they’ve made a cozy mattress. And like the magazine, Sleep Country Living mattresses are made in the USA. 

At 16 inches thick, the Napa Mattress is one of the thickest mattresses in a box we’ve reviewed! It’s also the prettiest.

I’m reviewing the entire Welcome Home Collection but there are 3 options,

  • A 12″ All Foam – McKinney Mattress
  • A 14″ Hybrid with Firm, medium and soft options – Hudson Mattress
  • And this one, the Napa, which is a 16″ Premium hybrid in firm, medium and soft options

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Napa Mattress from Country Living Magazine

I have the queen size, in soft, so I can sink in and feel cradled by the bed as I sleep. Normally I like a medium firm, but as a side sleeper, I loved the cushioning it gave my shoulders and hips.

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Sleeping In

Modern country style bedding

Sometimes I think I’m a sleep addict. It just makes such a difference in your quality of life. And I see it beyond just being practical. Sleep is renewing and helps us recover and de-stress. 

I want sleep to be an experience and to feel pampered like I’m staying at a nice bed and breakfast or boutique hotel. But in my own room. This helps create the best atmosphere for good sleep and feeling pampered.

I don’t usually discuss mattresses like this but the Napa isn’t like other mattresses I’ve reviewed. 

Napa Mattress Review

Here’s what you need to know right off about the Napa Mattress from Sleep Country Living

  • It’s the thickest mattress in the collection at 16 inches deep
  • Features a pillow top design, so the top 2 inches add the most softness
  • It comes in 3 Comfort Options to choose from: Soft, Medium or Firm
  • You get a super long 18-Month Sleep Trial 
  • Free shipping and returns
  • It has a Lifetime Warranty
  • It’s made in USA by a mattress company that’s been making mattresses for decades

This mattress was styled by the editor of Country Living Magazine so it has premium details that you don’t usually see. Like the custom woven fabric on the borders and handles. Even that it has handles (just don’t use them to pick up the mattress, it’s to help you maneuver it on your bed frame).

 Since this is a hybrid mattress, it has both springs and foam. More detail below, but watch the video to see me lying on my side, stomach and back. I’m mostly a side sleeper but I do sleep on my back some too.

Napa Unboxing

I didn’t unbox this mattress like I usually do, because while it comes in a box, it’s not rolled up. It came in a truck, flat. It’s not like the McKinney or Hudson that come rolled up. So it’s ready to sleep on immediately and no need to unwind it.

That makes your life easier because of course it’s going to be heavier and that makes it tough to unroll. You can see me trying to put it on an elevator (to my mattress studio) in the video above. We had to remove the box because it’s a small elevator.

Country Living Napa Construction

Pillow Top

The Napa has a traditional pillow top and hand sewn tufting.

Right away you see that instead of the ticking fabric on the sides like the other mattresses in this collection, it has it on the pillow top instead of the sides. The sides are white suede type materials that’s very soft. It has a cleaner more minimalist look. Like the other mattresses, it’s beautiful.

The top quilting foam will contour to your body like a foam mattress but you get the feel of a more traditional mattress because of the micro coils and pocketed coil system underneath the foam. 

Springs tend to add a bit more firmness than all foam, and hold up longer. They also give better airflow. We all love the softness foam can add – but not always the hotness.

The Napa quality and build would be much higher priced than similar mattresses at a mattress store. It’s thicker than many brand mattresses that you may have heard of more but it’s a better price by a lot! 

The Napa mattress has 8 layers

  1. Cooling cover. The cover is soft and a little silky with stitching in a box pattern around the perimeter.
  2. Quilted foam – 2 inch thick pillow top layer with button tufting.
  3. 2 inches of titanium Infused Memory foam.
  4. 1 inch micro coil layer with individually wrapped coils and zoned support so it’s more firm on the heavier parts of your body and less on places like your head and feet.
  5. 1 inch Copper Memory foam.
  6. 1 inch firm transition layer for support/structure.
  7. 8 inch zoned coils.
  8. 1 inch base support foam.

That’s 5 full inches of memory foam. That’s where you get the softness. The coils add airflow and support. And you have them rather than a thick layer of base foam, the highest density foam.


Comes in all regular sizes, twin, twin xl, full, queen and king.

Who is the Napa Mattress Best For?

You want something luxurious and a little unique. It looks amazing on the bed. 

It’s good for anyone or couple who likes a softer mattress and to sink into a mattress more. Side sleepers will appreciate the cushioning on their shoulders and hips.

Just remember the heavier you are, the more you sink in. But it’s so thick and has coils so it can support extra weight compared to an all foam mattress or something that’s not as thick.

You Might Not Like the Napa Mattress, if you:

Are shorter and the height is too much — you might prefer the 12” McKinney mattress instead.

You have a home that has a narrow staircase to get it up or down. A king size may not fit and may be difficult to get through narrow hallways that you sometimes find in older homes. The Hudson is closest to the Napa and it’s 14 inches thick.

 What Bed Frame or Foundation Goes with It?

This mattress works on any solid surface.  A wood foundation like this one which is actually a platform bed, with a box spring, slats, the floor. You can use it on an adjustable base also but honestly, the extra height and weight mean the other models are a better fit. 

My Thoughts

As I get older and have the budget for it, I want more comfort in my life. I was the camping on hard ground in the middle of winter kind of person in my 20s but now I can’t even camp without a nice pad. To me now, camping is staying at a cheaper motel in a small city that doesn’t have many other options.

I mostly prefer a medium firm feel, but firmness is subjective. If you look at the layers you can get a feel for how much memory foam it has. If it has 3 or 4 inches, that’s soft and this one has 5 inches.

I think it feels amazing…

Country Living Napa Mattress Price with Discount Code

The price for the Napa mattress is $1899 for a queen size. You can expect to pay another $1,000 for a comparable name brand mattress. So if you don’t want a black mattress and want a better price for a softer look, at a lower price, you’ll love the Napa. 

These are the current prices:

Twin or Twin XL$1499
Twin XL$1549
Cal King$2099

Country Living Napa Mattress Warranty and More

Warranty – Lifetime

Trial Period – 18 Months which means that you have a full year and a half to try it out and during that time get a full refund if it’s not for you. That’s one of the longest trials you can find and blows away other brands.

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