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Gravity Mattress – Cooling Mattress Review

Gravity is known for their high end weighted blankets and sleep products. They’ve recently came out with a mattress called the Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress which was sent to me for review. It’s a cooling mattress, so going in, I wanted to know if the Gravity mattress sleeps cool, as advertised.

At the time of this review there are no reviews on their website, it’s so new. This is also the first cooling mattress in a box we’ve seen anywhere, so I couldn’t wait to try it out!

This is a 12 inch thick hybrid mattress and has coils to support you and make your mattress last longer. We may earn a commission and you may get better sleep when you shop through our links.

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Be sure to grab a Gravity blanket to go with your mattress OR for a wonderful gift for someone on your list who would appreciate the calming of a weighted blanket!


Gravity Mattress Layers

There are 4 layers in this Gravity mattress and is a hybrid mattress. It’s a hybrid so it has both comfort layers of memory foam as well as pocketed coils.


This is the most unique part of the mattress in that it’s cool. When you touch it, it feels refreshing. It features a cool (in both senses of the word) white cover with silver ice design. The sides are brown and breathable. There’s a zipper so you can remove the cover although they recommend spot clean only. Because of the technology in the mattress cover, I would use a waterproof mattress protector. Gravity doesn’t sell one, so we recommend the Coop mattress protector.

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Memory Foam and Foam Layers

On top of the coil-foam hybrid base, the mattress is topped with a layer of cooling gel to help you sleep cooler. Here is a detailed overview of the layers:

  • 1” of 3.125 lb density cooling gel memory foam
  • 2” of 3.125 lb density memory foam
  • 1” of 1.625 HD poly base which is about the density you want to see at this level so it lasts longer.
  • 6” of pocket coils – these are individually encased to add structure and support. Pocketed coils offer better motion isolation and are quieter than traditional mattress springs.
  • 2” of base foam that’s 1.875 lb density

A plush mattress has a foam density of 3lbs and under, so this is just above that for a softer mattress that’s good for people who weigh less, and who sleep on their side or back. So this is a good mattress for side sleepers. However, that’s only from the specs of the mattress. Be sure to keep reading and watch the YouTube video to see my reaction after sleeping on the Gravity Mattress.


Gravity Mattress Firmness 

The Gravity mattress is more firm feeling than I expected with 3 inches of plush memory foam. I found it medium to firm. It’s advertised as a plush but I for sure don’t think it’s a plush feel. There is always a trade off when you go too soft that it will be too warm.

However, firmness is subjective. That’s why you can try it out with the sleep trial and get a refund if it’s not a good match for you. However, if you already like sinking in and feeling hugged by your mattress, you may find it firmer than you’re used to.

Why does memory foam usually sleep warmer? It’s a dense foam that doesn’t allow air to circulate. It doesn’t absorb moisture well. Instead it reflects heat back to you, and you get overheated. But honestly, this mattress didn’t do that and I didn’t sink into it very much at all. This is what most surprised me and what I didn’t expect.

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Does it Sleep Cool?
The big test is how cool does it sleep?

Verdict: it really does sleep cooler than most memory foam mattresses do. Even ice melts over time when it’s not in a freezer so you can’t expect it to feel icy all the time. Where you sleep will warm more than where you’re not, but overall it didn’t sleep too hot. And during the night I could move my arm or hand to feel the cooler fabric, even through the sheets.

Generally speaking, a softer memory foam mattress will sleep warmer than a medium or firm mattress does. Springs or coils help with airflow. And I noticed that the foam itself did have air chambers in the side and the cover has a mesh sort of material that’s more breathable.

Gravity Mattress Review Video

In this video, I slept in warm clothes and cranked up the heat to see if I slept too hot or not.

Advantages of coil mattresses

The coils also help the mattress keep its shape, providing you with many more years of use compared to pure memory foam mattresses, which lose shape over time.

The coil-foam combo increases airflow throughout the mattress, keeping you cooler than a traditional, heat-trapping memory foam mattress.


Right now the Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress is available in three sizes (Full, Queen and King).


The price for a queen is $1,232.50 at the time of this review.

Free Shipping

Sleep Trial

100-Day Return Policy


10-Year Limited Warranty

Gravity Mattress Unboxing

When unboxing the mattress, it’s ready to sleep on within an hour or so. Watch this video to see more details about the process.

Is the Gravity mattress for you?

It is, if you

  • Sleep too hot and want the extra cooling feature of this mattress
  • Like the feel and durability of a hybrid
  • Are looking for a medium to firm mattress

Any questions about the Gravity mattress? Let us know in the comments!