Haven Mattress Takes on Casper and Nectar with Low Prices, Long Sleep Trial

Haven Boutique Mattress

Newcomer Haven Mattress offers two premium memory foam mattresses that cost less and are thicker than a comparable Casper or Nectar.

  • Lower price than similar memory foam mattresses with the option of FREE accessories when you buy a Haven mattress
  • Choose from plush or medium – most have one option in firmness per model
  • 2 or 4 inches thicker than most foam mattresses which are usually 10″ deep
  • Has the longest sleep trial and warranty we’ve seen, other than Idle Sleep
  • Offers white glove service to set up your new mattress and take away your old one away (additional cost)
  • Ideal for side sleepers who need cushioning around the shoulders and hips

All information was correct at the time of writing (updated August 2020). We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Up to 4 Inches More Mattress for the Price

The medium is 12 inches deep. The plush version of Haven is a full 14″ thick. So for the plush you get an additional 4″ of height on your bed! A Casper original is 11 inches thick. Nectar is also 11 inches deep.


Longer Sleep Trial

Haven has a long 18 month sleep trial. However, you get a full 18 months to sleep on your Haven mattress and you can get a refund if you return it within that timeframe.  Free shipping and returns is pretty standard for bed in a box mattresses and Haven offers it too.

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Nectar has a 1-year sleep trial. Casper’s is 100 nights.

Longer Warranty

The warranty is forever/unlimited (same as Nectar). Casper’s warranty is 10 years.

Firmness Options: Choose from Medium or Plush 

To keep costs down, many foam mattresses in a box only offer medium. Haven lets you pick either medium or plush. As of this writing they have two mattresses – the Haven Boutique Mattress (14″ and softer feel) and the Haven Premier Mattress (12″ deep and a medium feel). Casper’s original queen is $1,095. Nectar is $799 (Nectar is lower priced).

Price for a queen: $909

On Haven’s website they compare Haven’s cost to Casper, Nectar and Purple. We purposefully left Purple off because it’s not comparable in our opinion, since it’s not an all-foam mattress. Purple has no memory foam in it at all.

Take 20% off

White Glove Service

For an additional fee (may not be available right now) you can get your mattress set up and your old mattress taken away from Haven and these brands. Casper and Nectar offer this service too.

Haven – delivery, set-up your new mattress, and take your old mattress (adds 1-2 weeks for delivery) for $149. Add $29 for removal of 2nd piece (mattress & boxspring).

Casper – in-home delivery and setup for $149 and includes removal of your current mattress/boxspring should you need it.

Nectar – for just $149, your new bed is delivered, set up and you have the option to have your existing bed removed.


Haven Mattress Coupon

You can use our link to save 20% off a Haven mattress. OR (and this is unique), you can choose to pay regular price but get an accessory bundle worth over $800. So if you need sheets, pillows, protector and a foundation, the bundle is a better deal.

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Haven mattress