Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress Review | 20% Off + 2 FREE Pillows | 18 Month Trial

Idle Sleep logoIdle Latex Hybrid Review. You can an Idle Sleep mattress in your home for up to 18 months. If during that time you choose to return the mattress, you’ll get a full refund. It has a an everlasting warranty. Your mattress comes with 2 free pillows. 

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  • Idle Sleep has the longest sleep trial of any mattress we’ve tested – an ultra-long 18-months so you have plenty of time to really test it out at home
  • Choose the firmness level you want on each side of the bed – to medium or firm
  • Idle Mattress is flippable – extending the life of your mattress – a feature that’s harder and harder to find
  • Everlasting warranty means you’re covered against any defects – the company really stands behind the quality
  • Get 2 FREE pillows with your mattress
  • 14 inches deep, gives it a luxury feel

Idle sent us a beautiful dunlop latex hybrid mattress for review and we got to test it for several weeks. If you’re considering buying the Idle latex hybrid bed, we hope this will help you make the best choice for you.

Get 20% Off + Get 2 FREE Pillows

Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Review

We were provided the Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid model in queen size along with the two pillows you get free with purchase. The pillows are standard size shredded memory foam that has a zipper so you can remove the cover for easy cleaning.

Here’s our video review:

Construction of the Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress

As far as composition, the main difference is that the Idle Hybrid has foam and the organic version has dunlop latex. The natural version also has organic cotton and tufting to avoid glues. 

Most mattresses you buy online can be rotated, but they can’t be flipped. Why would you want to flip your bed? To help prolong the life of your mattress and fight sagging. Idle is built so it can be flipped. So it’s the same on each side with springs in the middle.

Manufacturers save money by putting less expensive materials on the bottom of the mattress. Idle has the same high quality materials on both sides and throughout the mattress.

This bed stands out in that i has a full 6” of natural dunlop latex.

Want to know the secret to the quality of this mattress – it has quality material. How many natural beds have this much latex? Not many because dunlop is a natural product that is more expensive to produce.

All foams inside an Idle Sleep mattress are certipur-US certified. That means they’re made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants. 

No mercury, lead or other heavy metals are used. There is no formaldehyde or phthalates. In addition the beds are classified as low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

And instead of glues to hold the layers together, Idle uses tufting. This is why you can’t remove the cover and wash it. You’d literally have to cut out the tufts. Worth it in our opinion.

Each Side can be a Different Firmness

In addition, when you buy a bed online, you get to pick one firmness for the entire mattress. If you sleep with someone who needs a more firm bed but you like a softer feel, you have to compromise. But Idle lets you choose a different firmness for each side so you’ll both be happy.

Comes in either medium or luxury firm. Or you can split down the middle so one side is medium and the other is firm. We opted to have both sides medium but if you sleep with someone who prefers a firm bed, this is the perfect option.

Super Long Sleep Trial – a Year and a Half

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Idle is one of the few beds that have longer than a year sleep trial. You can sleep on your Idle for up to 18 months and if you’re not happy with it, return it for a full refund. Plus you have an amazing lifetime warranty.

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Idle Mattress Layers

One of the most important things to look for when purchasing a new mattress is what it’s made from. Why is it important? Because the different materials define how comfortable and long-lasting it is.

The Idle 14″ Latex Hybrid Mattress is comprised of mostly latex and coils. Let’s get into more detail, including how this mattress doesn’t have glue to hold the layers together.

Cover: 100% Organic Cotton and Natural Wool

The eco-friendly cover is made from all-natural, organic, soft cotton and wool. The fabric is embedded with the word, “organic”. It’s sewn together with double button tufting, known as the Yarn Rosettes. 

These rosettes hold the mattress layers together and are a natural alternative to glue. There is often formaldehyde in glues between foam layers of mattresses. Unfortunately, that has health implications as breathing formaldehyde off gassing has been linked to asthma, allergies, and lung, nose, and throat cancers. 

Durable natural wool is quilted into the mattress cover to further enhance the comfort and velvety feel. Furthermore, the wool also acts as a natural fire barrier. There is a 1” wool layer sewn into each side of the cover. 

Cushioning: 6” of 100% Pure Dunlop Latex

The thickest layer, besides the coils, is the 3” of Dunlop latex on each side of the coils, for a total of 6”. This is the heavier, most durable latex available.

Dunlop latex doesn’t sink in but unlike most people think, it’s not really “bouncy.” Because dunlop is less processed than Talalay, it’s less expensive.

This is important and where the quality is. It’s much cheaper to use foam than it is to use dunlop latex. 

Natural latex is a natural product that comes from a tree. It’s heavier and more expensive to ship. This is where most mattress manufacturers cut corners.

This latex is certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). GLOS certified products have more than 95% raw material which is not only pure but also certified. Furthermore, GLOS limits all types of harmful agents for a safe, healthy and top-quality product.

Moreover, the latex is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial which further elaborates on the measures of safety the company has taken while producing this particular mattress.

Support: Quantum 6” Pocketed Coils

There isn’t a lot of detail about this layer, but it’s thin and goes before and after the coil layer. It provides tension management. The pocketed coils help minimize motion transfer and provides additional support to the bed. There are 1,000 coils in a queen size vs the typical 300 springs.

The edge to edge support means you’re supported even if you sit, sleep or live on the edge.

Idle Mattress Firmness 

Now, that we have covered all the composition of the mattress, the next most important thing is the firmness. This is subjective, however, you have just two choices: medium or luxury firm. The medium falls around a 6 or 7/10 while the Luxury firm is at a 9 to 9.5/10 level.

White Glove Delivery Service

Although it may slow down the delivery, Idle Sleep has a White Glove Delivery & Removal service. That means someone will come to your home, unbox and set up your bed and remove your old mattress for you. 

This service is an additional $149.00 but considering that a queen size is very heavy, so it might be worth it to save your back. Or, make sure you get help unboxing it. 

Sleep Temperature

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The Idle mattress says this mattress sleeps cool. Research shows that around 12% of mattress owners report that their hybrid mattress retains heat. So not a huge number. 

Most mattress reviews are not entirely honest about this but we found that the Idle latex bed slept warmer than other beds we tested. Other reviewers claim it sleeps cool so we gave it a long time to confirm that it indeed sleeps warm. 

So if heat is an issue for you, we recommend the IDLE Hybrid. It’s still made with high quality. low chemical construction but uses foam instead of latex. 

Idle Mattress Sizes and Prices

The Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress is available in the following sizes: Single (or usually called a Twin), Twin-XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.



Single 39” x 75” x 14”
Twin XL  39” x 80” x 14”
Full 54” x 75” x 14”
Queen 60” x 80” x 14”
King  76” x 80” x 14”
California King 72” x 84” x 14”

We don’t normally publish prices because they change and become outdated. So just click here to check the Idle Sleep website for current prices. If your budget is tight or you would rather just finance your Idle mattress so you can get it now but pay for it monthly, we have an entire article about how Idle mattress financing works.

4 Reinforced Leather Handles for Easier Moving

For easier handling, Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress has two sturdy leather handles on each side to help you maneuver or flip it on the bed. 

Pros and Cons of Idle Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress

No mattress is perfect for everyone. The following are some of the benefits you will get if you buy an Idle mattress and some of the drawbacks too.


  • Eco-friendly – made from organic cotton and all-natural materials such as dunlop latex. Tufted so there aren’t any glues to hold layers together.
  • Super long lifetime warranty and 18 month sleep trial.
  • One side can be medium and the other firm to please two different preferences.
  • Can be flipped to prolong life even further, this mattress should last 1 or 2 decades. 
  • Excellent edge support.


  • Because of its weight it is shipped via UPS Freight because of its weight.
  • Sleeps warm.
  • No soft/plush option available (you never want a firm on one side and a soft on the other or you’ll feel the ridge as one side sinks in far more than the other).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress come in a split king?

Yes, the mattress does come in split king size, which is two twin XLs that together make the size of a standard king.  

Q: What bases can you put the mattress on?

You can put it on the floor, wood base or any sleeping surface. Idle does carry a simple foundation and an adjustable base. The adjustable base features an independent foot and head incline, dual USB charging stations on both sides of bed bases, wireless remote and programmable memory option.

You can buy the Adjustable Base from here.

Q: How much does the IDLE mattress weigh?

130 lbs for a queen and more for the natural version (we didn’t get a response from them yet on the exact weight).


If you’re looking for a thicker hybrid mattress and you like the feel of latex (as opposed to sinking in with memory foam), this is a quality pick. Given it has a full 6” of natural dunlop latex, it is a durable product made with quality components. Add the way it was made to be flippable so that you can extend the life of your mattress, this is a great value. This is reinforced by a generous sleep trial and warranty – some of the longest we’ve ever seen.