Idle Mattress Sale | 50% Off Memory Foam Mattresses

Idle Mattress Sale

We’ve never seen an Idle Mattress sale like this before! Not for Memorial Day, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day or any other sale this year so far. In fact, we’ve never seen this good of a deal from Idle (or any mattress company). So do not wait if you want to get the best price on a mattress.

Why Idle?

Idle Sleep mattresses have an 18 month trial, forever warranty and the best financing terms we’ve seen. Almost all their mattresses are 14 inches deep (most are 10). And you get 2 FREE pillows with your mattress.

Idle Mattress Sale

Idle Sleep Mattress has an incredible Idle mattress sale going on right now! Choose a foam or a hybrid mattress. You’ll save the most if you buy a foam mattress. Prices are good until November 11, 2020.  If you love a soft mattress, they have a plush or a medium gel memory foam option.

For the Idle Sleep Mattress sale, you can choose between a hybrid (it has coils and foam or latex) or memory foam mattress:

Visit the website or scroll down to the bottom of the page for complete sizes and prices.

Save 50%!

18 Month Sleep Trial and Forever Warranty

Plus as always you get a full 18 months sleep trial. So that means that you have 1 1/2 years to test it out and if it’s not for you, return it within that timeframe for a full refund. There’s also a lifetime warranty on your mattress. Incredible!

And Idle Sleep has some of the best terms for financing too, so you can get your mattress now but pay as you go. As low as 0%. That means you could get a new mattress for as little as $4.50 per month. That’s less than you spend on a cup of cofee!!

Which Idle Mattress Should you Get?

All Foam options

If you want a lower priced, all foam, choose from the

  • Plush Gel Memory foam (14″ deep) and soft
  • Idle Gel Memory Foam (12″ deep) and medium

Hybrid Mattresses

For a longer lasting mattress, or if you don’t like to sink into your mattress as much, we recommend the hybrid. It’s 14″ deep and has coils. You can choose from latex or memory foam (we recommend the memory foam). Check below for exact sizes and prices for each model.

If you go to the website and choose a mattress and size, they will state you how much each mattress will cost per month depending on which you select. They do the math for you. Just remember, with the sale, you need to cut that number in half or 25%.

Idle Mattress Sale Prices

How much will your Idle mattress cost? Here are the prices for each Idle Sleep Mattress, by size and type. If you want the least expensive option, it’s the Idle Mattress with gel memory foam.

For an additional fee of $125 they will remove your old mattress. Not all mattress companies offer this service. It can be worth it depending on if you have a truck or vehicle, can lift your mattress and the dump fees.

Idle Gel Foam Mattress Prices

This is a medium firm mattress with gel memory foam. Made to fit most people’s sleep preference, with the addition of gel for cooling. 12 inches thick.

These are 50% off + 2 FREE pillows.

Size Regular Price Sale Price
Twin $649 $324.50
Twin XL $699 $349.50
Full $849 $424.50
Queen $949 $474.50
King $1099 $549.50
Cal King $1099 $549.50

Idle PLUSH Gel Foam Mattress Prices

This is the softest mattress, you will sink in and get warm and cozy. If you like the feel of soft gushy memory foam, this mattress is for you! 14 inches thick. We think it’s the best mattress for side sleepers but there are options for all sleepers.

Idle Mattress sale price is 50% off + 2 FREE pillows.

Size Regular Price Sale Price
Twin $899 $444.50
Twin XL $949 $474.50
Full $1199 $599.50
Queen $1349 $674.50
King $1599 $799.50
Cal King $1599 $799.50

Idle Hybrid Mattress Prices

Comes in medium and luxury firm. These are 25% off + 2 FREE pillows. 14 inches thick.

Size Regular Price Sale Price
Twin $1,041 $780
Twin XL $1,105 $828.75
Full $1,320 $990
Queen $1,420 $1,065
King $1,690 $1,267.50
Split King $1,999 $1,499.25

Idle Latex Mattress Prices
Made with dunlop latex, in medium and luxury firm. 14 inches thick. This hybrid mattress has wool and cotton and is a more eco-friendly choice.

Size Regular Price Sale Price
Twin $1,212 $909
Twin XL $1,284 $963
Full $1,998 $1,498.50
Queen $2,141 $1605.75
King or Cal King $2,427 $1,820.25
Split King $2,498 $1,873.50

Want more details? Check out our Idle Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress review or our Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review.