Donate Mattress Utah – New Nonprofit for Bed Pick Ups Or Drop Offs

Donate Mattress Utah

Mattress donation UtahEver tried to donate a mattress in Utah? Good luck! Most charities (like Goodwill, DI and Salvation Army) won’t accept a used mattress. Some are on a case by case basis.

If you have a mattress return from a boxed brand, you know it’s like new. You’d like to see it go to a good cause. After all, it’s usually only 100 days old or less. To get a full refund on most boxed mattresses you need to select how it will be returned.

One option is to donate your mattress to a charity. To do that you need to find one that will accept them and provide a charity receipt. They accept most brands, including Purple mattress, mattresses purchased on Amazon, Nectar, Dreamcloud, Casper, Ghostbed, etc.

Case in point. The International Rescue Committee lists items refugees need in Utah. In their list of items not accepted? Mattresses.

donate mattress in Utah

Adopt a Bed is a new Utah charity that accepts mattress returns. You can drop them off at their location in Salt Lake City OR call to arrange a pickup and they’ll come and get your mattress for you. They will give you a receipt to get your refund as they are a 501 3(c).

Bed pick ups are by appointment. To schedule you can call them at
385-333-6692 or email them at they should have a form or online scheduling soon.

The nonprofit donates mattresses to homeless shelter, domestic violence centers and more. They partner with mattress companies to place beds at Ronald McDonald house, to individuals, organizations and more.

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We interviewed Emma Peterson, founder of Adopt a Bed about how she got started and who they help with mattress donations.

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  1. Hi, I have a Tuft & Needle mattress that is about 10 days old at this point. We decided not to keep it and need to donate it to a charity. It is a kingsize mattress. If you would like this mattress please let me know.


    1. Hi Joe, yes, just call 385-333-6692 or email us at to set it up. They will get a better system where you can make an appointment online but call Emma and she’ll come pick it up or make sure she’s there so you can drop it off.

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