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Nectar Sleep LogoNectar is one of the most successful mattress-in-a-box manufacturers in the United States. They sell the highly popular “Nectar Mattress” – a premium memory foam mattress that starts at $399. With Nectar mattress financing you can pay monthly but get your mattress right away.

Nectar Sleep is famous for their amazing YouTube ads, featuring a brain. “This is your brain on Nectar” it says. Or the motivational sleeper.

People especially love that Nectar has a full year trial period and a forever warranty.

If you’re considering buying a Nectar mattress and want to get it now but pay as you go, this guide will help you know what to expect. College students or anyone who wants to preserve their cash will want to check out the financing options that Nectar offers.

Using financing to purchase a Nectar mattress means you can avoid large upfront payments and get the good night’s sleep you deserve at an affordable price. Mattress repayments start at $59 per month, which is less than you probably spend on soda every day.

The best part of purchasing a Nectar mattress on finance is that there are no fees. Affirm does not charge any late fees, service fees, or prepayment fees. This guide will explain how Nectar Mattress Financing works and how to use it when you make your next mattress purchase.

Warranty on Nectar mattresses is what they call forever and you have a full 365 nights to sleep on any bed they sell and get a full refund within that timeframe, if you’re not happy.

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Nectar Mattress Financing

Nectar has made it easy to purchase their mattresses by offering financing via Affirm. You can purchase a brand new Nectar mattress today, get it, start sleeping on it, and pay later. And checking your eligibility won’t affect your credit.

You can pay for your Nectar mattress in low monthly payments. Choose to pay it off over 6, 12, or 24 months. The interest rate varies between 0% and 30% APR and you’ll know right away what you qualify for.

Here are the steps:

1. Choose the Nectar mattress you wish to purchase

Nectar has two mattresses to choose from, the Nectar Mattress and the Nectar Lush Mattress. Right now Nectar is offering 2 FREE pillows, mattress protector AND sheets with a Nectar mattress purchase! A $399 value.

Nectar Mattress

A queen size weighs 74 lbs and is listed at $799 right now.

The Nectar mattresses are 11 deep, medium firm and have the following features:

  • Breathable Base Layer
A strong breathable foundation that supports other contouring and supporting layers.
  • Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam
Thick layer of memory that provides rebound and bounce.
  • Gel Memory Foam
Slightly thinner piece of gel memory foam that helps to distribute your weight evenly across the mattress.
  • Quilted Gel Memory Foam
Another layer of memory foam to support your body and provide increased air circulation.
  • Tencel Cooling Cover
Helps cool the body by circulating air and wicking away heat.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
All foam used in Nectar Mattresses complies with CertiPUR-US® certifications.

Nectar Lush Mattress

The Nectar Lush Mattress is a medium firm mattress that’s 12 inches thick and is all foam/memory foam construction. A queen size is 74 lbs and is $1399. It’s made to sleep cooler than the original and is an inch thicker.

Financing for the Nectar Lush Mattress can be 0% APR financing as low as low as $78/mo at 0% APR.

Visit https://www.nectarsleep.com/mattress to learn more about the mattress and make your selection.

Now, Nectar mattress has one of the most generous return policies and warranties you can find anywhere. You can keep it for a FULL YEAR and if at any time you decide to return it, get a full refund. Plus, it has a FOREVER WARRANTY.

How to Buy a Nectar Mattress on Credit

Use this link to select the mattress and size you are interested in purchasing from the drop down box. Now is a good time to add any bedding accessories that you want, including a bed base, sheets, pillows, and mattress protector. We HIGHLY recommend that you get the mattress protector but right now it’s FREE.

It is very important to include a mattress protector with your purchase as it will keep your mattress in newer condition. This makes it easier to return the mattress if you are unhappy with it. A mattress protector will also improve mattress hygiene as it will prevent dust, mold, and moisture from contaminating the mattress.

We want to walk you through financing a Nectar Mattress with this fictitious order. There are items that are FREE right now but for this exercise we’re going to figure it as if they are regular price.

In our example, we ordered:
The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress — Queen Size ($699)
Mattress Protector x 1 ($89) FREE RIGHT NOW
Sheets x 1 ($89) FREE RIGHT NOW
Platform Bed x 1 ($250)

Our order today came to $1,127. To the right of this figure is an estimated monthly repayment cost if you select financing. In our case, repayments will be as low as $63 per month (at 0% interest).

If you are happy with your order, click PRE-QUALIFY NOW above the ADD TO CART button, like in the image below.

2. Verify your mobile number.

Next it will ask for your mobile number and send a verification code. Once you add the code to verify, again this won’t affect your credit, it tells you the AMOUNT you qualify for. Then you’ll see the payments for your order, based on how long you choose: either 3, 6 or 12 months.

3. Review the details and complete your purchase.

If Affirm has approved your credit application, you will receive all of the details relating to the loan. This will include the length of the loan, monthly repayment costs, and the interest rate that you will be charged. Read the terms and conditions of the loan before accepting it. If you accept the terms of the loan, Nectar will immediately begin processing your order and you should receive your mattress within a couple of weeks.


Next select the term and complete your order. You can pay your bill automatically online. They will remind you when payment is due.

Nectar Mattress Financing FAQ

What is Affirm?
Affirm provides real-time financing for online purchases. They act as an alternative to paying for purchases using a credit card or other credit products.

Is Affirm safe to use?
Affirm is reputable financial company that is fully licensed and regulated. They have been providing finance for mattresses and other consumer items for several years and have a 3.5 reputation on CreditKarma (high compared to most finance providers).

Do you need to put down a deposit?
No, you do not to place a deposit when using Affirm to finance a Nectar mattress.

What fees are involved?
Affirm does not charge any additional fees. That includes late fees, service fees, and prepayment fees.

How much interest will you pay?
The annual percentage rate (APR) due on your loan will be between 0% and 30%, based on your credit rating. If you are on active military duty, you can apply for a 6% interest cap on your purchases.

How long do you have to pay back the loan?
The length of your loan is based on how much you are borrowing. Affirm offers repayment terms of 3, 6, 12, or 24 months for Nectar mattresses. You can always pay back your loan early if you wish.

How can you pay the bill?
There are several repayment options available including debit card, bank account, and check payments.

Do you need to have existing credit score?
Yes, a credit score is needed.

Will their credit score check affect my credit rating?
Affirm credit only performs “soft” credit checks on applicants. This types of eligibility check does not show up on your credit report and does not impact your credit score.

How soon will it ship?
After you have been approved by Affirm, Nectar will process your order and get your mattress into the post. Most people receive their mattress within 2 weeks.

What are the advantages of using Affirm?
There are several advantages obtained by using Affirm including:

  • You can order a Nectar mattress today and pay it off over several months. This makes ordering a new mattress much more affordable.
  • Affirm will tell you precisely how large your loan is and how much your monthly repayments will be.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • The application process is secure and very fast.
  • You won’t need a credit card to purchase your mattress.
  • An extensive credit history is not required to obtain finance from Affirm.
  • Affirm’s handy autopay function makes it easy to pay back your loan, making financing ideal for college students.

Thanks for reading How Nectar Mattress Financing Works. For more information on mattress financing, browse our other mattress financing guides.