Nectar Motivational Sleeper Wants to Awaken you to your Greatest Sleep

Nectar Sleep LogoIf you buy a Nectar mattress through our link you may experience better sleep and we may earn a commission.

While most companies try to sell you a mattress by talking about low prices or its features, Nectar has launched a string of ad campaigns with a totally different approach. They’re lighthearted and fun, never boring. They use tech, cultural themes and humor to sell you a mattress in a very competitive category.

For the, ‘Real, Sleep Science from Mayim Bialik’ campaign, they hired neuroscientist Mayim Bialik and created a CGI brain character to teach you how bad sleep affects your brain’s ability to make good decisions. True edutainment, it entertains and educates you at the same time.

Then there was the “Make America Sleep Again” with animated brains depicting world leaders such as Donald Trump and Putin. It won first place in a YouTube award competition for its success in motivation people to action. So naturally, they capitalized on that through a new character who is trying to get you to take sleep seriously.

In these ads they offer a new twist on the motivational speaker and self help gurus. Fictional hype man Yawn Yawnson is a motivational sleeper. He pitches Nectar on stage, cheered by large crowds of adoring fans, in his pajamas and proclaims, it’s a great day to be asleep! The Tony-Robbins-like front man doesn’t talk about personal growth – he’s behind the world’s quietest sleep revolution. He wants to sooth your sleep anxiety by removing the blame. He assures a middle-aged woman who admits to everyone that she tosses and turns at night that it’s not her, it’s your mattress! “There are no bad sleepers, only bad mattresses,” he says.

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And he has followers he calls bedheads whom he comically leads to take sleep more seriously and at the same time pokes fun at the trend for business owners and leaders to grind and hustle rather than sleeping. One of our favorite parts depicts a man who comes on stage, looking very comfortable in sweats, to share a testimonial: “When I got my 365 night trial from Nectar, I slept for a whole year!” The crowd  cheers.

It ends with, “This is your moment and this is your mattress.”

It’s effective. People know and like the Nectar brand, which sells more mattresses. With over 100 bed in a box brands competing for mindshare, it’s not cheap or easy. According to DTC Daily, Nectar, is the largest mattress brand in terms of unit sales in the US. Launched in 2017, the brand generated $40m in revenue the first year and over $250m in 2019. 

In addition to their brilliant ad campaigns, their website has lots of practical information, including a sleep calculator to tell you how much sleep you need.