New Puffy Mattress Extra Plush 14″ Puffy Royal

new Puffy mattress

One of the more plush mattresses that comes in a box now has an even plusher version – The Puffy Royal Mattress. This is the newest mattress from Puffy and like the original and the Puffy Lux, they are made up of all foam. However, the Puffy Royal has some features that set it apart.

If you ever tried a Puffy and found even the Lux too firm, the Puffy Royal will be the best choice. Those who really love to sink into their mattress and want that body contouring and plush feel will appreciate the softness without the heat. Keep reading to find out how Puffy has addressed this common concern.

The Puffy Royal – Puffy’s Plushest Mattress

On the higher end price wise, the Royal is a luxury bed. If you compare it to other boxed brands it might seem premium priced. Yet it isn’t pricey when compared to similar brands. Puffy has added several features to the Royal that make it a great choice for someone who wants the softness of a Tempur-Pedic without the price tag.

One important point to note is that The Puffy Royal and all Puffy mattresses all come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

One of the most difficult qualities about a more plush bed is that they often have more memory foam. That means it get softer as your body heat reacts with the foam. Your body heat then gets trapped and builds up in the indent your body creates. Puffy has addressed this concern with the Royal and the physical differences in the foam set it apart from the original and Lux.

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Top 3 Features of the Puffy Royal Mattress

  1. It’s thicker – a full 14 inches deep!! Love the look of height on your bed or platform bed frame? This is it!
  2. There’s a breathable layer to cool down the memory foam. That allows more airflow than the other two Puffy mattresses and so you’ll sleep cooler.
  3. Extra support on your low back. With 5 cloud zones, your head, neck, shoulders, and feet will feel softest. There will be a little more support at your lower back. This means you won’t get that dip near your back might throw your spine out of alignment.

Is The Puffy Royal Mattress for You?

If you want to skip the store and buy online, plus you find most mattresses aren’t soft enough for you, the Royal will likely be a good fit.

As with all Puffy mattresses you get a 101 night sleep trial. Sleep on it in your own bedroom and see what you think. New mattresses typically take about a month to break in (your body is used to the mattress you’ve been sleeping on for years, even if it’s past its prime now), leaving you plenty of time to decide what you think.

One last nice touch with the Puffy Royal is a removable stain resistant cover. Still, we recommend that you don’t skip a mattress protector.

If it’s not for you, know that Puffy donates returns to help communities around the country.