Newton Baby Mattress is 20% Off for Black Friday

Newton Baby Black Friday Sale

Newton Baby Black Friday Sale

Newton Baby is a unique safe, breathable crib mattress that gives parents peace of mind. And right now they’re on sale. Here’s what’s on the Newton Baby Black Friday Sale 2020.

If you want a Newton Baby Mattress, get it now, because this year is a wild card. Black Friday sales are starting earlier and more people are shopping online than ever. As we get closer we get to the holidays there will be higher chances of shipping delays.

Newton baby mattress has a 100-night risk free trial with Free Shipping & Returns.

Take 20% Off a Baby Mattress this Black Friday.

Get 20% Off!

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and you’ll get more peace of mind knowing your baby is sleeping safer.

Which Newton Baby Mattress Should You Get?

There are a few options for you to choose from during the Newton Baby Black Friday sale. Which mattress should you get? There are a few options that we’ll explain so you know which one you need.

The Newton Baby Mattress comes in two sizes – standard and mini. Select mini if you’re buying it for a bassinet. Select the standard size for a crib.

The standard and mini crib mattress comes in darling colors including gray, white, pink and blue.

STANDARD CRIB MATTRESS – $ 299.99 Dimensions are 52″ X 28″ and 5.5″ thick.
MINI CRIB MATTRESS – $ 249.99 Dimensions are 38″ X 24″ and 5.5″ thick.

Choose from the regular or waterproof version.

The Essential Baby Mattress is 4 inches thick, costs $50 less, but doesn’t come with the waterproof cover option.

The waterproof means that the mattress cover itself is waterproof (it’s not a separate mattress pad/protector). The waterproof cover can be unzipped but covers the entire mattress.

The mattress pad/protector is gathered on the bottom and comes on/off like a fitted sheet. You don’t need both but obviously the mattress pad is easier to change than the waterproof cover. It took me so long to figure out the difference!


Which Newton Baby Mattress Should I Buy?

What to Buy on the Newton Baby Black Friday Sale

If you want a Newton Baby mattress, the Newton Baby Black Friday sale is the time to get one. Along with the Newton Baby Black Friday sale you may want to get sheets and a waterproof mattress cover to protect your mattress. Or choose the waterproof version of the standard or mini size mattress.

The sheets, cover and waterproof mattress pads are breathable, just like the mattress.

What we’ve seen is you can donate, give or sell your mattress after you’re done with it, if you have a waterproof mattress cover or pad, because they last and hold up so well. I don’t know if you’ve seen the sad condition of most baby mattresses after a few kids, but it’s not cute! I gave my last baby mattress to a new mom who very much appreciated it – and it still looked brand new.

Why Choose a Newton Baby Mattress?

If you’re not familiar with the top features of a Newton Baby mattress yet, here’s why parents love it so much:

Breathable/Lower Risk of Suffocation

Parents will appreciate that Newton is breathable. So even if baby is face down she’ll be able to breathe through the mattress. This gives a lot of peace of mind that your baby or child can breath, even when face down on the mattress. It’s made mostly of air!

The cotton muslim sheets are also breathable. This Newton Baby Black Friday sale is a good time to get sheets, while they’re on sale, because they don’t go on sale often.

Firm Enough to be Safe for Baby

When it comes to a crib mattress you need something firmer, especially for babies. They can’t lift and move their heads to adjust for breathing. And memory foam mattresses or softer mattresses aren’t recommended. Even older children have sunk into a softer mattress too much.

“According to the AAP, your baby’s mattress should be firm and comfortable. The firm surface reduces the risk of suffocation…The mattress doesn’t have to be so hard that it’s uncomfortable and difficult for your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep; it just needs to be firm.”

Read more tips for choosing the right baby mattress and why firm is better here.


Newton mattresses are also washable. Yes, those blowouts and spit up stains can be washed out completely – both the cover and the inside of the bed. You can literally put it in the bathtub.

Watch this video with us cleaning the Newton Baby Mattress in the bathtub and it includes a demo of just how breathable the Newton crib mattress is.

No foam, glue or latex

There is no foam, glue, latex or springs inside a Newton Baby Mattress and they’re 100% recyclable.

Why You Need a Newton Baby Mattress Protector to Go with your Mattress

We recommend that you buy a Newton baby mattress protector to make cleaning even easier. Even if you don’t have the Newton mattress.

We’ve tested Newton Baby’s waterproof, breathable mattress protector for a baby mattress and it’s amazing! It truly is breathable. I’d get it for any baby mattress, it’s that good. Not cheap, but have you seen how they mostly fall apart?

We’ve tested and LOVE the quiet, breathable and truly waterproof Newton mattress protector. It’s amazing. It’s pricey but worth it. Just note that Newton Baby calls it a mattress pad.

Watch the Video

In the video after we show cleaning a typical baby mattress, we show more about the Newton. How it’s so sanitary and we do the fan test so you can see what we mean by safe and breathable.

Then I show you the Newton waterproof mattress pad and I breathe right through it. Even on the bed you can breath through it. Plus it is high quality and will last. If you can, I’d get two so you have a back up to change out for those middle of the night blow outs.

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Hope that helps you take full advantage of the Newton Baby Black Friday Sale. Want to learn more about this crib mattress? See our Newton Baby Mattress Review.

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