Purple Celebrates Black History Month with Concerts on a Mattress

Purple logoWe love how Purple mattress is celebrating Black History Month. Each week this month (February 2021), Purple will feature an independent Black artist. The artists are recorded singing a R&B song while sitting on a Purple mattress.

The campaign fits perfectly with this year’s stay at home culture. Since there are few concerts you can attend in real life right now, Purple brings them to your home (or bedroom).

Black History Month ConcertsThe mini concert series features Sheléa, George Lovett, Avery Wilson and Arlissa. Each artist is featured along with links to their social media profile pages. They croon away with microphone in hand, while sitting on a Purple mattress (we may earn a commission if you shop through our links).

Take me to The Concert!

For example, this profile:

George Lovett is a singer and songwriter with extensive musical training from classical and musical theater, to gospel and R&B.
You’ll recognize Lovett from celebrated appearances on various television shows from `American Idol’ to winning Fox’s `Showtime at the Apollo’.

Underneath each performance is a summary of Purple products featured in the video. So the exact mattress, mattress protector, sheets and pillow on the set. That may be the only part we’re not a fan of. Make it about the artists and leave it at that. If people are already coming to the site, they can browse products if they want. Don’t make it so overtly about the products.

Still, as far as we’ve seen, Purple is the only mattress company who has recognized Black History month. We applaud efforts to be more inclusive in the mattress industry. It’s a space that’s quite white male dominated, even in the online space, with few exceptions. When we attended an industry show, there were almost no people of color attending or on staff. We hope this inspires other brands to not just feature Black people in ads but inside their companies.

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