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Purple Mattress Financing allows consumers to purchase a brand new Purple mattress, get it today and pay it off via affordable monthly payments. So it basically means you can get better sleep faster. Interest rates for Purple mattress financing are as low as 0% APR for qualified customers and there are no additional fees.

You get better sleep and we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Contrary to what many think, mattress companies don’t make money on financing, they make money because it means more people buy a bed because they can afford it.

Purple Pay Monthly

Financing is a fantastic way to obtain an award winning Purple mattress without paying the total purchase price upfront. You can purchase a mattress for as little as $55/month which is less than the price of a Coke each day. A small price to pay for a great night’s sleep!  In this guide, I’ll explain how to purchase a Purple mattress on finance.

Purple mattress financing

How Do You Finance A Purple Mattress?

Purchasing a Purple mattress on finance is simple.

There are only three steps:

1. Choose the Purple™ mattress you want to buy on finance
The first step is to choose the mattress that you wish to purchase. Head on over to the Purple website to decide on which mattress you want.

There are 3 options:

  • The Purple Mattress
    Starting at $649 for a Twin and going up to $1,399 for a King. It features a Dual-layer Polyurethane Foam base, 2” Smart Comfort Grid Level (Hyper-Elastic Polymer), and is medium-firm. This mattress is 9.5 inches deep.
  • The Purple Hybrid Mattress
    Starting at $1,299 for a Twin XL and going up to $1,899 for a King. This mattress features a Polyurethane Foam and Responsive Coil base, 3” Smart Comfort Grid Level, and is medium-firm. It has springs. White glove delivery with in-home setup and old mattress removal available in all 48 contiguous states. This mattress is 11 inches deep.
  • The Purple Hybrid Premier.
    Starting at $1899 for a Twin XL and going up to $2699 for a King for the 3″ version. It features a Polyurethane Foam and Responsive Coil base. You can choose from a 3” or 4″ thick Smart Comfort Grid Level. The most soft being the 4″. White glove delivery with in-home setup and old mattress removal available in all 48 contiguous states. The 3″ is 12 inches deep. The 4″ is the thickest Purple at 13″ deep.

Compare Purple Beds

After you choose your mattress and any other products, the website will automatically show you the total price. For the configuration we  chose, the price is either a one-off payment of $2,099 or a monthly repayment of as little as $98 per month. You pay more for your cell phone!

We also recommend that you get a protector for your new bed. Mattress protectors help you ensure that your mattress stays in great shape and is an essential addition for your new mattress. It’s a good idea to protect your bed because in some cases it could void your return or warranty if the mattress has stains, rips, extreme smell, infestation, lots of pet fur, etc. Plus it will prolong the life of your bed.

Purple often offers a free product when you purchase a new mattress, so we are going to add a free Mattress Protector. Purple mattress protectors are extremely water-resistant, quiet, and provide protection on all 5 sides of the mattress. Any deals like that will be stated on their website.

2. Apply for finance
To checkout using finance, click on the View Details link local beneath the monthly repayment total. A pop-up will appear with more details of the finance terms, including an estimate of what you will pay each month (based on a 10% APR).

In our case, payments will be $97.03 per month based on a 10% annual interest rate for 24 months. After two years we will have repaid a grand total of $2328.72, which means we will have paid $229.72 in interest or about $9.50 interest per month.

Purple partner with Affirm to offer mattress financing. Affirm is one of the country’s leading providers of small consumer loans.

To continue, click on the See if you quality button. You will have to either create a new account with Affirm or log into your existing account. If you are creating an account, you will need to enter several details including your legal name, email address, birth date, and the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Once you have completed the form, click Create account. Affirm will then check your credit report and decide if you are eligible for finance. It may take a couple of minutes to receive a response from Affirm, but most decisions are made instantly.

Purple also uses a company called Splitit which is like Affirm but you use your credit card. It also offers 0% financing.

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Purple mattress monthly payment

Or, if you click “learn more” next to the Affirm link at checkout, they have a calculator to figure out your payments. It looks like this:

Affirm Purple mattress


3. Review the details of the financial agreement
If you have qualified for finance, the website will show you the full details of the loan agreement. The interest rate charged will depend on the quality of your credit report. The size of the loan determines if you will be given a 6, 12, or 24 month loan.

You will be shown exactly how much interest you will pay, if any, and how much you will be expected to pay each month. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the financing agreement before you accept it.

If you are happy with the details of the financial agreement accept it and finalize the checkout process. Purple has beds partially assembled but they aren’t completed until an order is received. In most cases, your new Purple should be at your door within 2 to 3 weeks!

What Purple Mattress Should I Get?

We recommend the Purple Hybrid – 2″ or the Hybrid Premier 3″. This bed is heavy. Unpacking and moving it can be challenging. If you can afford it, save your back. The hybrid models offer delivery service so you won’t have to lift a finger. 

Choose the Purple Hybrid Premier if you like a softer feel. The 4″ is the most soft, however, some people will prefer not to have that much polymer grid on top. Knees will sink into the polymer. That’s why a 3″ might be a better choice. If you truly like to sink far into and feel hugged by your mattress or prefer a really soft bed, the Puffy Lux is comparable in quality but has that classic memory foam feel. 

Or, you can try one out a Purple Mattress in person at most Mattress Firm stores, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Macy’s. You can try one out at their headquarters in Alpine, Utah which is about 30 minutes from Salt Lake City. Before you go to a store, call to check that they have Purple mattresses on display.

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Just note that stores have their own return policies and may not have the same financing or freebies as buying online. You may be charged a return fee if you decide not to keep your mattress. They may not accept any returns on freebies (which means you keep and pay for them should you return the bed).

Free Purple Product when you buy a Mattress

Other Purple Products We Recommend

Besides the stretchy Purple mattress protector, we think it’s worth considering the Purple sheets (the newer ones that cost more but are medium stretchy are my top picks. The original Purple sheets were so stretchy that our feet got caught in them.

But both are made to stretch with your movement and the comfort grid. Since Purple has such a unique feel, you need sheets that aren’t stiff and that will give you the full experience.

While some people (especially back sleepers or people who want a flatter pillow) love the Purple pillow, we’re not fans of the Purple brand pillows. This is the only Purple product that we haven’t liked.

The Purple Powerbase is a high quality adjustable base that’s excellent for people with bad backs, because it offers a zero-gravity position that takes the weight off your back. It also has massage which helps you fall back to sleep faster. Then there’s the ability to raise your head slightly which helps open your airways and prevent snoring.

You can choose a FREE product from Purple when you buy a Purple mattress with this link.

Common Questions about Purple Mattress Financing

Does it do a credit check?

Yes, only to confirm your identity, and decide if you’re approved and for what interest rate. It won’t show on your credit report.

Do you need to put down a deposit?

No, Affirm allows 100% financing for all Purple™ mattresses. 

What fees are involved?

One of the great tings about Purple™ mattress financing is that there are no late fees, no service fees, and no prepayment fees.

How much interest will you pay?

Your annual percentage rate (APR) will be between 0 to 30% based upon how much you are borrowing and how good your credit score is. Affirm also offers a 6% interest cap for anyone on active military duty, which you can apply for here.

How long do you have to pay back the loan?

Affirm will offer you a repayment term of 6, 12, or 24 months for Purple™ mattresses, based on the size of the loan.

How can you pay the bill?

Affirm make it simple to repay your loan, with several repayment options including debit card, bank account, and check payments.

Do you need to have existing credit score?
Yes, a credit score needed.

Will their credit score check affect my credit rating?

When checking your eligibility for Purple™ mattress financing, Affirm credit will perform a “soft” credit check. This check is designed to confirm your identity and determine if you are eligible. This eligibility check will not show up on your credit report and will not affect your credit score.

How soon will it ship?

Once your finance has been approved through Affirm, Purple will immediately begin processing your order. You will have your new mattress within 2 to 3 weeks.

Thanks for reading How Purple Mattress Financing Works. For more information on mattress financing browse our other guides.