Purple Mattress Meets Sleep Number with New ReST Bed

ReST smart bed with Purple mattress

ReST is the first time that we know of (besides Purple) that has licensed Purple mattress to create an entirely new bed. Though we haven’t yet reviewed one, we wanted to introduce you to ReST. You can save $1,000 on a pre-order (ends July 21, 2020).

The ReST Bed with the Purple Grid combines ReST’s patented smart fabric, which senses pressure changes and automatically makes real-time adjustments to 5-zones, and Purple’s proprietary technology, which instantly adapts to your body yet never sinks or forms an impression.

It’s truly one of a kind and addresses many common sleep issues. It’s like a Purple mattress meets a Sleep Number bed. See the comparisons between ReST with Purple Grid and Sleep Number here.

The ReST Bed with Purple Grid is now available in limited quantities at https://restperformance.com/.

Pre-Order a ReST Bed with Purple Grid

So basically you get an air bed, like a Sleep Number, but with more options to personalize the feel. This solves a problem a lot of people have when buying a mattress.

Two of the top problems people have is: finding the right firmness and the finding a firmness that two people who sleep together can agree on. More often than not, one person prefers a more soft or firm feel than the other. Or, they must have a firmer or softer bed because of health issues (like a hurt back). Because each side can be adjusted independently, this is a great option for couples who disagree.

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ReST is a smart bed that you can adjust to get the feel just right. And, if you’re a fan of Purple mattress like we are, this opens a whole new range of possibilities. In our research we found that most people who returned a Purple mattress, based on feel, found it to be too firm for them.

Top 6 Features of the ReST Bed with Purple Grid Tech

  1. Targeted adjustments with 5 different comfort zones
  2. Total customization with 3 modes of operation: manual, automatic, position
  3. Automatically adjusts to meet your needs
  4. Collects and reports on sleep data – Sleep Quality Monitoring
  5. No compromise – independent control on each side
  6. 10 year full warranty on all components

ReST smart bed with Purple mattress

The bed has 4 layers and like the Purple Hybrid Premier, has 4 inches of hyper elastic polymer (Purple grid) on the top layer and is 13″ thick.

  • Machine washable, anti-microbial, removable sleep skin
  • Patented fabric sensor layer
  • 9” medical grade polyurethane air chambers
  • 23 total patents
  • Modular design
  • Operated by the ReST Bed App with is available on any iOS or Android device


Twin XL, Queen, Queen split top, king, king split top, California king and split king. These would be perfect with an adjustable base because the flexibility of the entire mattress will conform best to the base as it moves up or down.

Differences Between ReST and Sleep Number

This video explains the difference between ReST and Sleep Number Beds very well with a side-by-side comparison. Note that this video compares the regular ReST, not the one with Purple Grid. But the concept remains the same. Since ReST doesn’t have a base we suggest the Purple Powerbase. Or, you can read our Purple adjustable base review here.

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ReST Bed Financing

ReST beds are higher end and cost more (but worth it if it’s perfectly fit to your preferences). However, they cost less than Sleep Number and you have the flexible grid on top that cushions your pressure points.

Did you know you can get a ReST Smart Bed now but pay monthly with their financing? Just choose the Splitit buy-now-pay-later option. There’s no credit check, no application, and no interest payments. Buying with Splitit puts you in control of your cash flow.

By selecting Splitit’s payment option at checkout, you can split your purchase into interest-free monthly payment using their existing Visa or Mastercard for up to 36 months. You can get instant approval, and there’s no need to apply for a new line of credit, fill out an application, or face a credit check.

Pre-Order a ReST Bed with Purple Grid