Sleep Country Living Hudson Mattress Review | 13″ Hybrid

Country Living Magazine Mattress Collection

Country Living Magazine is all about creating a welcoming home. And being that your bedroom is a big part of home, it’s no wonder they decided to come out with a line of mattresses.

It’s called the Welcome Home Collection from Sleep Country Living. This is the Hudson Mattress, which is this one, and it’s a 13″ thick luxurious hybrid mattress. It’s the fine details and the fact that the mattress was styled by the editor of Country Living Magazine, yet manufactured by a mattress company that’s been making mattresses for over 25 years.

The Country Living Welcome Home Mattress Collection has 3 beds. Starting with the more budget friendly all foam mattress, the McKinney mattress 12″,  and the hybrids. This mattress, the Hudson, which is 13″ inch thick, and their most luxurious option, the Napa mattress which is a full 16″ deep with a traditional pillow top and hand tufting.

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This one, the Hudson is right in the middle at 15 inches deep. It’s a gorgeous hybrid mattress at a reasonable price for the thickness and features it offers.

This is a queen size. It has blue stripes on the side and the euro top has soft suede fabric and handles. Then navy blue accents and piping.

Hudson Mattress from Sleep Country LivingHudson Mattress Review

The Hudson mattress came in a very nice box. I filmed myself unboxing the Hudson so you can find a link to that in the description but I’ll just say that it’s on the heavier side so grab a friend to help. There you’ll find my first impressions and how long it takes to fully expand.

Right off lets go over the key points:

  • 13 inches deep
  • Euro pillow top design
  • 3 comfort options: soft, medium & firm
  • 18-Month Sleep Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA

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Country Living Hudson Mattress Details

First off, we will go through each layer of this mattress to review the materials and structure. Followed by the comfort and firmness as well as other areas of performance and benefit.

In the review video coming soon, I will demo side, back and stomach sleeping and go over the price, refund policy and warranty in more detail.

Hudson Mattress Unboxing

The Hudson came rolled in a box and delivered to your home. You’ll need to unroll it. There wasn’t a strong odor, or much of one at all when I unboxed the mattress. It took a little time to fully inflate, so allow time for that. 

Watch the video to see more about unboxing this mattress.

What Is the Hudson Mattress Made Of?

When it comes to a mattress it is just important what is on the inside than what is on the outside. If not, more so. Which is why understanding the materials of a bed can go a long way with understanding how it will feel and perform.

Below we will go through the layers of this bed as well as assess how these layers work together. From top to bottom this mattress combines 5 layers of foam and coils. Topped off with a cooling cover to create a thicker 14″ mattress.

Hudson Mattress Material Layers: 

Starting off, there’s a cooling quilted cover. There are handles with nice detail – two on each side. They’re re pretty and functional to help you maneuver the bed on the frame. 

5 Layers include:

  1. 2 inch a euro top and circle tufting. Navy blue ticking fabric on the sides and the matching dark blue piping detail.
  2. 3 inch Copper Infused Memory foam
  3. 8 inch Zoned Coil Unit or 8 inch Foam Core
  4. 1 inch base support foam
  5. The soft version has more memory foam than the medium or firm model. For example, the firm only has an inch of Memory foam, then 2 inch Firm HD poly foam. 

To start with the top you have a quilted layer directly under the cool to the touch cover. This quilting accounts for the top two inches of the mattress. This layer is what provides the initial softness and sink into the bed. It’s more plush.

Under this are two layers of foams to create another two inches total of comfort. This is made of more dense polyfoam so it adds cushioning with responsiveness so it cradles your body but don’t keep you stuck in it with. That gives you great pressure relief that isn’t too slow responding.

Following the comfort layers is the coils. This is the support and makes your mattress hold up longer. It has individually wrapped coils that are flexible, supportive and that move with your body. It has a zoned system for better ergonomics which means it’s a little firmer where you need it like in the area around your lower back.

The bottom is a dense base foam 

How Firm Is The Hudson Mattress By Country Living?

Here’s where the Hudson is set apart from the all foam McKinney which I reviewed first – the Hudson is a hybrid plus you can pick the firmness. Firm, medium or soft

Which firmness did I get? Soft. Because I wanted to compare it with the Hudson and not get the same feel. If you like to sink into your mattress and feel warmer and hugged, this is for you.

I know they put gel into the foam, but generally speaking, softer will also be warmer because the softer foam sinks in more than medium or firm and it captures more of your body heat in the space where you’re lying. However, this is offset by the fact that this is a hybrid. Coils add airflow. 

With most online mattresses you get one firmness only. Medium is the most popular, because that’s what most people like. But it’s somewhat harder to find a softer mattress in a box – like you can find with the Hudson.

What Kind of Sleeper Will Like The Country Living Hudson Mattress?

Best mattresses for people who want to sink into the mattress more and feel hugged by it. If you don’t weigh a lot and want extra cushioning, this is the best fit. I’d say this isn’t the most plush of any mattress I’ve slept on, but it’s on the softer side.

It’s an ideal choice for anyone who is a side sleeper most of all. If you want that comfy softer feel, you will want to pick this one. 

How Will The Hudson Mattress Perform?

You may be wondering what else is important besides materials and comfort? Well motion isolation, edge support and temperature are too. So lets examine that.

Motion Isolation: When it comes to minimizing the movement felt in a mattress from motion transfer, most hybrid beds do a great job. While you get all the positives of a coil system the design of the pocketed coils create movement without creating partner disturbance. Giving you precision support as well as great motion isolation.

Sleeping Temperature: Generally speaking the softer and heavier the person, the more they will sink deeper into the bed and sleep more warm. Foam in general does sleep warmer. But the coils help with air flow and this will be cooler than the McKinney all foam mattress for sure.

Edge Support: The last area we like to consider when it comes to performance is the perimeter support. This is how solid the edges feel while sleeping and sitting on the edges of the bed. The Hudson mattresses offers a solid feel throughout, but also uses a coils system that offers reinforced coils around the edge for better support.

Compare to The McKinney Mattress

With so much to offer, this mattress is a great option. Below we will go through what to expect with the check out process as well as what comes with your mattress purchase. Giving you a full idea of how the perks of buying a bed-in-a-box works.

Value: I’m still amazed every time I unbox a hybrid mattress. They usually pop as the coils spring up. And the thickness and weight along with the extra features like the pillow top style make this a more luxurious mattress. But the price is reasonable especially when you consider the 18 months you have to try it out at home. That’s one of the longest sleep trials there is. You can get a full refund within that timeframe.

You can expect to pay much more ($500 and up compared to these mattresses) for a comparable showroom mattresses. 

Sizes: The Hudson by Country Living is available in every standard mattress size. The queen is priced at $1299 before coupon. Included with this price is FREE shipping and returns, a lifetime warranty and that super long 18 month in home trial period. 

Trial Period & Warranty:

Each of the Country Living mattresses comes with a generous trial period and warranty. Each bed comes with an 18-month in home trial period. This is a full year and a half to try out the bed first hand to make sure that you love it.

We always suggest giving your mattress a minimum of 30 days to “break in” to allow your body to fully adjust to the new comfort and support. I take some Tylenol PM or something like that to help me adjust. This is something you want to keep for years to come so that time will be long forgotten as you get better sleep.

However, if it’s not a good fit, no problem. Returns are FREE.

Warranty: The Hudson has a lifetime warranty.

Have any questions, leave me a comment below or the link at the top of this review.