We’ve Been Sleeping on a Purple Mattress for Over 4 Years — Here’s What we Think

family on Purple mattress

2015 was when Purple mattress launched. We got an original Purple mattress then.  Later, we got the hybrid or Purple 4, what’s now called a Purple Hybrid Premier. Our daughter still has her original Purple mattress. It looks as new as the day we got it. This year our guest bedroom got an update with a Purple 3 (also called the Purple Hybrid Premier).

All along I thought we’d find a mattress we liked more…because I’ve tested much pricer mattresses. But, here’s my story, starting out with why you can’t find another mattress like Purple…as with any mattress we’ve reviewed we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

What Makes Purple Different From Any Other Mattress?

First, I need to cover this because it’s so important to making a decision about what mattress to buy. That is, what’s inside the mattress, or what it’s made of — the materials and layers of the mattress. Almost all mattresses are similar in that they have foam, memory foam and/or springs.

Purple has something other mattresses don’t have. What makes Purple mattress totally unique is what they call hyper elastic polymer. Instead of the top layer being memory foam or foam, like most mattresses, the top layer of every Purple mattress has at least 2 inches of this purple stuff.

Hyper Elastic Polymer – Made of 90% Mineral Oil

No other mattress has this top layer – the purple grid. Purple hybrid mattresses have the option of 2, 4, or 4 inches of Purple’s patented the Purple Grid or Hyper Elastic Polymer. It’s quite stretchy and a little bouncy. It flexes in all directions so it moves with you. And if you (like me) sleep with someone who moves around a lot, it acts like a giant shock absorber. You won’t feel them like you do on other beds.

Here’s what the top layer looks like (this is the 2 inch top but you can get their top model which has a full 4 inches of this stuff):

And since it’s not a solid block (or sponge, like memory foam) it has air flow through the small squares. That means not sleeping hot, which memory foam is known for. I still don’t get the part about it being mostly mineral oil but I think that’s what makes a Purple a bit heavier than other mattresses I’ve hefted.

So when you read comparisons of Purple mattress with brands like Tempurpedic, Nectar, Casper or many other bed in a box brands, they’re not even close to being the same thing. Why? Because there’s not a bit of memory foam inside of a Purple mattress or in any Purple products. And these brands all have memory foam.

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The Problem with Memory Foam

And as Purple likes to point out, the problem with memory foam is it softens as it gets warm. Your body heat makes it softer so you slowly sink in more, creating a crevice in which your body heat builds up in. And it makes it hard to move around because you’re sort of stuck in a warm cocoon.

Almost as soon as Purple launched the hybrid mattresses, I was sent a king size Purple Hybrid Mattress to try out. To be honest, the shipment kept getting delayed so long that I lost patience and ordered one.

Today that’s called the Purple Hybrid Premier. It has a full 4 inches of purple stuff – which is the most you can get. Honestly, I’d be happy with the 3 too but I definitely think it’s worth getting one of the thicker, better made hybrid models. And I don’t think 2 inches of polymer is enough.

But before we got ours, I couldn’t wait so I went to Purple headquarters to check out the new designs. They weren’t available to the public when we did this interview. This mattress shown in the beginning is the one that I have. It used to be called the 4. It’s the same mattress but it has a different name.

What We Love about Our Purple Mattress:

  • It’s insanely comfortable. There’s sort of a suspended feel like you’re floating a little. We miss it when we’re at hotels, even really nice hotels. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate other mattresses – I’ve just never switched – despite trying many, many mattresses over the past 4 years. Even more expensive beds.
  • Hygiene. Basically mattresses are large sponges – and you know how germy a sponge is. A bacteria hotbed actually. That’s why I’m all about waterproof mattress protectors. Sweat, skin cells and whatever you ate or spilled while you were in bed soaks right in. But not with Purple. You could, if you wanted to, remove the cover and wipe down the top.
  • The cover is thicker and high quality. They say it’s not machine washable but don’t tell them, I’ve washed ours more than once and it holds up perfectly. Another selling point for this clean freak.
  • There is little movement transfer. My husband is a bigger guy and every time he shifted in his sleep, I got woke up. With Purple, I don’t feel it. Which means I get a lot better sleep. So many people lose sleep because of their partner or a pet. You may not even realize how many microseconds you wake up because of movement or temperature and quickly fall back asleep. But that takes a toll. To me it’s not worth losing sleep if I can help it because sleep is so important to my health and mood.
  • I expect my Purple mattress to last for a LONG time. So far it is going strong, over 2 years in. The polymer they use is also used in wheelchair cushions that people sit on all day. And it takes many years to compress.
  • Non toxicity. This is a big deal. You breathe in whatever fumes your mattress releases and that’s bad news for most mattresses. However, when I visited the factory where Purple is made there was an amazing lack of odor. Same with when we opened our mattress.
  • No peaks and valleys. Our other mattress we paid considerably more money on (more than double the price) developed divets after just 5 years.
  • Best mattress for back pain. There are a ton of factors that cause back pain and I’m not an expert on the topic. I have suffered aches and back pain when I’ve slept on a bad mattress. I’ve never had that problem with Purple.
  • Purple will come and pick up your mattress and donate to charity if you are not happy with your mattress. I would caution though not to act too soon. For many people, including me, there’s an adjustment time. It’s not like any other mattress like I explained above. It took me more than 2 weeks to adjust. But I’m so glad that I did!!! Take some Tylenol PM if you need to, but be patient. I promise it’s worth it. My husband had zero adjustment time. Everyone is different. That’s why you have the long 100 day trial.
  • The polymer cushions your pressure points like your shoulders, elbows and hips. So if you have achy body parts, Purple is gentle on them.
family on Purple mattress

Our family resting on a Purple mattress


This is VERY IMPORTANT to note when you buy a new mattress – how firm is it? The number 1 reason people return a Purple, or most beds for that matter, is that it’s too firm. The second reason? It’s too soft.

Basically, the 4 is the softest, the 3 a little less soft and the 2 is the most firm. Each model has an additional inch of height, so the 4 is 13″, the 3 is 12, and the 2 is 11 inches deep. Still I’d put them all at about a medium feel.

If you want to add more softness I encourage you to get a feather bed type 4 inch memory foam topper (I like this one because it has a barrier which makes it sleep cooler).

Purple Mattress Sleeps Cool

Again, I think it’s from the airflow but Purple doesn’t get hot. In fact, I always have a heated mattress pad under me until summer. If you’re the type who sleeps hot, this bed doesn’t retain heat like a lot of other beds do. For me, I can feel my hips sink in over the night and it feels like there’s a weight on me. In the middle of the night I’m too warm to be comfortable (even though I sleep cool).

The temperature of your room and your mattress, even only by a few degrees, has a big impact on the quality of your sleep. Since Purple isn’t a solid surface and has airflow built in, it sleeps cooler than any other bed I’ve tested. I didn’t appreciate this until I tested a mattress that made me so uncomfortably hot that I couldn’t sleep. That’s a new problem for me to have! But it taught me that even people who don’t sleep warm can become too warm with the wrong mattress.

Hope this helps you. I didn’t even go into back pain – but everyone I’ve recommended a Purple mattress to that has back pain has told me that it helped significantly. Now, there are so many causes of back pain and I’m not a doctor, so I’m not going into it more than that. Let’s just say you shouldn’t wake up WORSE than when you went to bed and your mattress can be a factor in that.

Sleep is so vitally important to your health (physical, mental, emotional) that I’m not the same person without quality sleep in my life. Therefore, in my 40s I decided it was worth investing in quality shoes and bedding. Both give me pain if they’re not comfortable. So I hope this was helpful for you. Purple isn’t for everyone, but it’s a wonderful mattress that I and a lot of other people credit for giving them the best sleep, compared to other mattresses.

Purple mattress offers financing if you want a lower monthly payment. Visit Purple’s website here.