What Mattress Should I Buy with My Stimulus Check?

Recently the government provided up to $1,200 per person and $500 per child as a stimulus check to people who meet certain income thresholds. Many have already gotten their stimulus check or it’s on its way now. How should you spend it? If you’re thinking in investing in your sleep, keep reading.

A lot of people are experiencing stress and anxiety as a result of changes brought on by the coronavirus. For many of us, this pressure adds up to a lot of losing sleep. And you might also realize that you’re way overdue for a new mattress. The side effect of cumulative sleep loss can be so hard on your body. It can weaken your immune system, cause weight gain and more.

According to the Institute of Stress (yes, there is such a thing):

Depression, weight gain and high blood pressure are just a few of the health issues that can be related to insufficient sleep and the connection between poor sleep and stress can be a cyclical one.

Too much stress can cause you to have a bad sleep, leading to mental and physical health issues which can, in turn, cause stress in daily life, leading to poor sleep at night.

In this simple guide, we’ll recommend a few of our favorite mattresses and why we recommend them. Note that we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Best Budget Mattress – Sweetnight Mattress

If you’re looking for a great price on a memory foam mattress, look at Sweetnight. They’re better constructed than some of the other budget brands which means it’ll last longer.

Check out our Sweetnight Mattress video review if you want to know what we mean:

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Best Soft Mattress – Puffy Mattress

The Puffy bed is the most gushy, soft, comfortable mattress for anyone who loves memory foam. It’s got the classic memory foam feel to it which mean you’ll sink into your bed and be warm and cozy. We find it to be above average quality for a bed you buy online. Spring for the Lux or Royale if you can, they’re a little more but they’re the softest and most high quality.

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The original Puffy is 10 inches thick. The Puffy Lux is 12 inches. The cover is full of puffy white clouds which is how you’ll feel in this more plush feel bed.

Plush bed in a box Puffy

Best Thicker Hybrid Mattress – Idle Sleep

First you can’t beat their save 30% and get 2 FREE pillows offer. That’s what really drew me in. But after sleeping on an Idle, I can see why they’re so popular. It cradled my body all over for the most deep sleep. It’s sooo comfortable. Plus it’s a full 14 inches thick which is thicker than any other mattress on this list. It has a luxury look and feels higher end.

They also have a full 18 months trial period!! That means you have a year and a half to test it out and you can get a refund if it doesn’t work out for you. The warranty is amazing (lifetime) too.

Take a look how it looks coming out of the box. Comes in medium, firm or luxury firm and you can have one side of the bed a different firmness than the other, just in case you and your partner differ on whether to get a medium or a firm bed.

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Best Overall Mattress – Purple Hybrid Premier

I don’t know how to describe this mattress other than it’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept on in my entire life. It’s what I sleep on since they came out with the Premier model in early 2018. It’s pricer than their original but it’s worth it!

Sleeping on this bed is like you’re weightless. It has over 30 patents on it and it’s unlike any other mattress we’ve reviewed or slept on. The top layer is a sort of flexible material that is actually purple in color (well, lavender). It just holds your body. It doesn’t sink in too far and get hot. It’s actually temperature neutral because the polymer grid has airflow and it won’t retain heat, like foam will.

They use the grid on seat cushions, including for wheelchairs. It doesn’t break down easily or fast so you’re not going to get dips or sags on the bed where you sleep. Ok, eventually almost all mattresses would but you should be good for the 10 year warranty and beyond.

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So you just sleep so much better. I’d call this a medium as far as firmness. Here’s our Purple Hybrid review if you want to learn more.

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Best Minimalist Mattress – airweave

airweave is inspired by Japanese futons. They come FOLDED (not rolled) in a box. They’re essentially like a mat that is in 3 pieces that you spread onto your bed frame. Lighter and more portable, this mattress is ideal for anyone who moves frequently or likes a minimalist look/style. Read our full airweave mattress review.

Airweave Mattress

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Best All Around Memory Foam Mattress – Nolah

To us Nolah is the unsung hero of the mattress world. They’re a small company you may not have heard of but everyone I’ve talked to who has slept on one is surprised by just how much they love it.

One difference between Nolah and other foam mattresses, is that Nolah is made entirely without memory foam. That means it sleeps cooler. You’re not going to get super hot and sweaty at night. When that happens you wake up to throw off the covers. Even if you don’t realize you woke up, your sleep quality is affected. Nolah is more durable and provide amazing pressure relief on your hips and shoulders. The excellent pressure relief is perfect for side- and back sleepers needing relief on hips and shoulders.

The firmness is right in the middle at medium – a solid 5/10 with 10 being like sleeping on cement.

Nolah mattress sale

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We hope you enjoyed our quick preview of the top mattresses you can buy online. Be sure not to touch your face after handling the box and wash your hands after unpacking your new mattress. Here at Unbox Mattress we hope you and yours sleep well despite this crazy time we’re in. We all need all the deep, restorative sleep we can get!