Sleep Too Hot or Cool? A Guide to Getting the Temperature Just Right

At Unbox Mattress, we’re obsessed with getting the best night sleep. And while there are many, many reasons you’re not getting the best sleep you can,  your bedding is a part of that.

If your room is too hot, your body will struggle to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level. Too cold and you can’t sleep well. The climate or time of the year (hello summer) you live in can be a factor. Night sweats, hormonal changes, and even aging can make throw off your body temperature. 

It’s a challenge to find the right temperature for the best sleep. Here are some ways we’ve found to help.

Note: if you shop through our links we may earn a commission.

Sleep Issue: You Sleep Too Hot

Problem: You get hot and sweaty at night (and it’s not from sex). 

Sleeping too hot is one of the most common sleep issues. According to a survey by Sleeprate, 80% of people said they slept better during cooler months compared to summer months. And this sleep study says sleep is actually disturbed more with too much heat than with by being too cold. 

Solution #1: get a new mattress. If you normally don’t sleep hot, it could be your mattress. Memory foam heats up, softens up, sinks and traps body heat then cooks you all night long.

All foam mattresses with large sheets of foam stacked on each other don’t allow for airflow, which means you sleep hotter. Here’s the mattress we recommend if you sleep hot. This recommendation is based on tests by Consumer Reports on cooling beds as well as our own experience. 

Solution #2: If you sleep hot because you tend to be sweatier or you’re going through hot flashes (menopausal women), it may be more than your mattress. In that case, we recommend a bed fan or cooler. Products like a BedJet or Chilipad can cool you down fast – for a price.

The BedJet is a bed fan that recirculates cooler air on the ground or warms the air. Turn it on and you get cool within seconds.

The Chilipad is not a fan, rather it’s a mattress pad that circulates water through a network of tiny tubes. It has a temperature range between 55°- 110° F which covers just about anyone who sleeps hot. Sleep in a hot climate? Try using a Chilipad to cool down to 55°!

These products work well but they’re also more pricey. The next solution is less expensive (but may take longer to work or not work as well).

Simple&Opulence 100% Stone Washed Linen 4pcs Hollowed-Out Design Solid Sheet Set (Queen, Linen)Simple&Opulence 100% Stone Washed Linen 4pcs Hollowed-Out Design Solid Sheet Set (Queen, Linen)

Solution #3: Cooler blankets and bedding. 

To stay cool, you need a blanket that allows good airflow in and out of your sleep space. Trapped air heats up quickly which raises your body temperature. Look for a blanket with natural or synthetic venting structures.

Blanket materials with good breathability include: Regular cotton, Egyptian cotton, Linen, Satin, Viscose, Rayon Blends (e.g., cotton & linen). We really love linen for the summer or just for cooling. Just be aware that even though it’s not the softest option, it softens up as you wash it.

Another thing that keeps you too hot: sweating. When you have wind to cool you off that’s not a bad thing. When it makes your bedding moist, it is.

A cooling blanket should be made of fabric with good absorption properties or hygroscopy. It will then “wick” or draw moisture from the air instead of trapping it next to you.

Here are some blankets with good absorbency: cotton, hemp, bamboo, flax linen, and microfibers.

We like Sheex brand performance sheets. They are sold with just the bottom sheet or just the top, so if you prefer not to sleep with a top sheet, you can just buy the fitted one. 

SHEEX – Original Performance Fitted Sheet, 1 (One) Fitted Sheet ONLY, Ultra-Soft Fabric Transfers Body Heat and Breathes Better Than Traditional Cotton, Ecru (Queen)SHEEX – Original Performance Fitted Sheet, 1 (One) Fitted Sheet ONLY, Ultra-Soft Fabric Transfers Body Heat and Breathes Better Than Traditional Cotton, Ecru (Queen)


Solution #3: a warm mist humidifier.

It’s easier to warm humid air. A warm mist humidifier can help make your room warmer without turning up the heat for the whole house. We like top fill models and ones with larger tanks so it’s easier to refill and you don’t have to refill it as often.

Venta is our favorite humidifier/air purifier/diffuser. It’s not a warm mist humidifier, it isn’t warm or cool. While this product is an investment but it’s one of those things you can’t live without once you have one. Plus, the Venta has the added benefit of being easy to clean. There are no filters to replace, it uses tap water, is easy to fill and you can add your favorite essential oil (like sleep-promoting lavender) to the water.

Sleep Issue: You Get Too Cold

Problem: you freeze most nights and spend hours trying to warm up so you can relax and fall asleep. Or you wake up freezing cold during the night.

This problem is easier to solve than sleeping hot. The ideal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Most people say 65 degrees. Falling temperatures (like what happens when you go from being warmer to being cooler) help you fall asleep. However, anyone who’s been winter camping, knows if you’re too cold you won’t get great sleep either.

Fact: rooms between 60 and 68 degrees encourage the body to produce melatonin. Melatonin not only promotes sleep, it’s also a powerful anti-aging hormone.

Solution #1: the BedJet or Chilipad. This solution has the added benefit of working in too hot or too cold conditions. It’s more expensive but it works.

Solution #2: a heated mattress pad.

If, like a lot of us, you get cold and someone you sleep in the same bed with gets too warm, a dual control heating mattress pad can help. These go underneath your sheets but that means they can’t be kicked off or fall off the bed.

We have this heated mattress pad (pictured below) and like how quick it heats up. You can set it for 1, 2 or 10 hour auto shut off times. There are no cords running underneath and you don’t have to plug in both sides for it to work.

After testing several brands of heated mattress pads, this is by far our favorite:

Newlifeelectronic Heated Mattress Pad, Electric Heating Bed Toppers with EasySet Control and Timer, Fast Heating Technology, Ultra-Fresh Anti-Bacteria Extra Comfort, White (King Size)Newlifeelectronic Heated Mattress Pad, Electric Heating Bed Toppers with EasySet Control and Timer, Fast Heating Technology, Ultra-Fresh Anti-Bacteria Extra Comfort, White (King Size)



Solution #3: an electric blanket.

Most electric blankets are made from polyester because which is naturally more flame-retardant and keeps its shape better after washings. Cotton is softer but less flame resistant. You can also get fleece heated blankets.

What to look for in an electric blanket

Thicker is better for warmth and if a blanket is too thin you risk being able to feel the wires through the blanket, which isn’t very cozy at all.

Your electric blanket or heated mattress pad can get stains and odors. So find one that has detachable controls (like the heated mattress pad pictured above). That way you can wash and dry it to keep it sanitary. Washing your blanket wrong can ruin it so be sure to check the instructions and follow them. Every heated blanket and mattress pad we link to in this article is machine washable. 

Look for an electric blanket that has the cord on the side, not down the middle so you can plug it into the nearest outlet. Is the cord long enough? Also, it’s easier to make the bed without dealing with the cord in the middle.

Your blanket’s controls should also be simple to see and use, even at night. If you sleep with someone else, dual controls are so helpful. Also, some blankets have one setting and others have many temperature settings to choose from. This one has 10. We prefer a digital readout rather than a dial because it’s tough to maneuver dials in your sleep. The one we linked to has a dimmer so as to not keep you awake.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, here are more bed cooling options. 

Does being too hot or cold affect your sleep? If so, how did you solve the problem? Let us know in the comments. 

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Black Friday Mattress Deals 2018 – Best Prices of the Year!

Sweetnight mattress sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are here! If you need a new bed for the guest room or your mattress is past its prime, this is the time of year that you can get a deal on a new mattress.

Black Friday mattress sales

And, if you want to break it down to payments, most of these mattress brands use Affirm and they have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday special offer too. Use the Affirm app you could get 5.3% APR on purchases up to $10,000. Offer good until Nov. 30th. Note that several mattress brands below offer 0%.

Check Black Friday deals on Amazon for the best prices on  bed frames, mattress protectors, mattresses, sheets, pillows and more.

When you buy a new bed, protect your investment. Get a mattress protector to go on it.

Note: Unbox Mattress may earn a commission when you shop through our links. 

Black Friday Mattress Deals 2018

Here’s our list and we’ll update it as we find new deals!


Amore Beds

Starting now and running through November 23rd.

Save $150 instantly, receive up to 2 free pillows ($120 value), 50% copper fabric upgrades (up to $100 value), and 0% financing.

This is a total of $370 in savings!

veterans day sale amore beds

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Avocado Mattress

Plus, verified military save an additional $50!

Offers can not be transferred.
Discount must be applied at time of purchase.
Sale ends Dec. 3, 2018

Avocado Mattress sale

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Bear Mattress

Use code HOL125 for $125 off orders over $500. Or if over $1200, use code HOL225 to save $225. Bear Mattress will also throw in 2 of their Cloud Pillows for FREE.

Bear Mattress Black Friday Sale

Bear mattress black friday

Shop Bear Mattress

Bed In a Box Mattress

Premium, high quality mattresses that come shipped to your door. See our review of Bed in a Box Serenity Mattress on YouTube.

veterans day sale bed in a box mattress Deal

  • $150 off PacBed Original, Azul
  • $200 off Adagio, Silk Symphony, Serenity, & Tranquillium mattresses
  • Free Pillows.

Discount taken off at checkout.

Shop Bed in a Box

Brooklyn Bedding

20% off online mattresses, including all-new Bloom Hybrid & Spartan.
Use promo code NEWBEDS20.

Sale ends 11/20/2018 which is actually before Black Friday. We don’t get it either.
Brooklyn Bedding Presidents day sale

Shop Brooklyn Bedding


Offer:  10% off any order with a mattress. See our Casper mattress review video.

Shop Casper

Dreamcloud Mattress

This is one of the more firm bed in a box mattresses and it’s very well made. Want to learn more? See our Dreamcloud review video on YouTube.

Save $200 on a Dreamcloud mattress for Black Friday – or our video has a code to save $200 year round!

Dreamcloud mattress handle

Shop Dreamcloud

Eco Terra Mattress

Nature’s Secret For Deep Comfortable Sleep! The Eco Terra Mattress has the wonderful feel of luxurious, soothing natural latex, plus the supportive and motion-isolating function of individually wrapped, fabric-encased coils, to provide you with the most comfortable night’s sleep.

$150 off your purchase of an Eco Terra Mattress with Coupon Code: SALE150

Shop Eco Terra Mattress

Eight Sleep

Eight smart mattress

Get $100 off on any Eight Mattress, plus get a$25 Amazon Gift Card. Discount automatically applied at checkout. Deal ends Wednesday, 11/21.

Shop Eight Sleep

IDLE Sleep

Idle mattress

Take $325 off any mattress, you will also receive a $10 Amazon gift card. Use code ‘BLKFRI’ at checkout.

Shop Idle Sleep


Highly customizable hybrid mattresses with many models to choose from.

Helix Mattress Labor Day

$100 off when you spend $600 or more with code HOLIDAY100
$150 off when you spend $1,250 or more with code HOLIDAY150
$200 off when you spend $1,750 or more with code HOLIDAY200.

Today through Black Friday, 11/23.

Shop Helix Sleep

Latex for Less

Latex For Less Mattress is made with the finest quality 100% natural latex, organic cotton and pure natural wool. Certified by GOTS, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Eco-Institut. Reversible with 2 firmnesses in 1 mattress, for comfort.

BLACK FRIDAY (11/22 to 11/25); CYBER MONDAY (11/26) and CYBER WEEK (11/27 to 12/7).

Save $150 on all Latex For Less Mattresses with Coupon Code: SAVE150

latex mattress sale

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Layla is a memory foam bed that’s soft on one side and more firm on the other   – plus it’s copper infused for its antimicrobial properties.


+ SITEWIDE DEALS Like $30 off the amazing Layla pillow (seriously it’s so comfy, squishy, heavenly). $40 off a topper and more. 

Layla mattress

Shop Layla Sleep


Dates: through the end of November 2018

  • $300 the Luxi 3-1 Queen and King Size mattress – use code SLEEP300
  • Or take 20% off ANY PRODUCT with discount code LUXIDEAL
    luxi mattress veterans day sale

Shop Luxi Sleep

Nectar Mattress

They say it’s the season for napping and Nectar is a great memory foam mattress for that!

Take $125 off any mattress purchase PLUS get two free Nectar pillows ($275 value).

Nectar Mattress Unbox Mattress

Shop Nectar Mattress

Newton Baby Mattress

The most unique safe, breathable baby mattress. See our Newton Baby Mattress Review.

25% Off Orders
Promo code: No code required
11/23 – 11/27

Newton Baby Mattress Sale

Shop Newton Baby


This is Nolah’s BEST Black Friday offers EVER and there are a lot of them.

Nolah mattress sale

Offers are valid from Thursday 11/15/2018 to Monday 12/03/2018.


· Choose between $140 to $320 off or 2x Free Pillows


· Get $20 off any 2-Pack Pillows


· Get $50 off any size Organic Cotton Sheets


· Get $20 off any size Mattress Protector


· Get $100 off any size Adjustable Base

Shop Nolah Sleep


Black Friday Sale – $100 Off a Novosbed Mattress. Promo code SAVE100 will be automatically applied.

Novosbed sale

Shop Muse Sleep

Muse Sleep

BOGO sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday! They are offering buy one, get one pillows with code FOODCOMA.

Muse mattress Black Friday Sale

Valid 11/22 – 11/27

Shop Muse Sleep

PangeaBed Copper Mattress



pangeabed sale
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plushbed black friday sale

BLACK FRIDAY (11/23 to 11/25); CYBER MONDAY (11/26); and CYBER WEEK (11/27 TO 12/7) SALES:

$1200 off all Organic and Natural Latex Mattresses plus FREE: 2 Organic Latex Pillows, Organic Sheet Set and Organic Mattress Protector

$600 off all Memory Foam and Cool Gel Mattresses plus FREE: 2 Organic Latex Pillows, Organic Sheet Set and Cool Gel Pad

Up to 60% off all Adjustable Beds plus FREE: 10 Year Extended Warranty

Shop Plushbeds

Purple Mattress

The flexible, comfortable no memory foam bed. Read our Purple mattress review. They recently came out with a cozy blanket (that’s not purple).

Get up to $100 off* + a FREE Purple™ Blanket (up to $199 total value).

*Original mattress only (there’s a backorder on the Purple 2, 3 or 4)

Purple mattress Black Friday sale

Shop Purple Mattress

Mattress Firm

Cyber Monday Deal: $499 tulo Mattresses With Free Delivery and Setup

Nest Bedding

See list of Black Friday deals for Nest Bedding.

PETNEST for 5% OFF Nest Bedding® dog beds expires 12-31-18

HOLINEST coupon too for 5% off any purchase expires 1-7-19

Shop Nest Bedding


If you want a latex bed at a great price, SleepEZ is a true factory direct with 41 years of experience.

latex mattress sale

20% Off Best Selling Latex Mattresses! Must Use Promo Code: BLK20

70% off Shredded Latex Pillows (Limited Time Price Special)

The SleepEZ Black Friday Sale runs from Monday, November 19, 2018 at 7am PST, to Friday, November 23, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST.

Shop SleepEZ

Sweet Night Mattress

58% OFF Black Friday Best Mattress Deal on various mattresses. Queen Mattress – $448.5 (Orig. $1022) or King Mattress – $523.5 (Orig. $1256)



Amazon Price: $598 – $698
With Discount: NOW $448.5 ~$523.5
Amazon product link:

Sweetnight mattress sale
Copyright 2018 – Unbox Mattress original photo

Shop SleepEZ

Sweet Zzzs Mattress

Dates: November 23 – 25, 2018

Promo Code#1: Friday250 to take $250 off any mattress size.
Promo Code#2: Friday100+2pillows to take $100 of any mattress size and get 2 free natural Talalay latex pillows.

Sweet Zzz mattress Black Friday sale

Shop Sweet Zzz


Luxury hybrid mattress that comes in 3 firmness levels (to us the plush is a medium and what we have/love).

Use “THANKS150” at Checkout to take $150 off a Voila.

Voila Mattress discount

Shop Voila


There are a lot of sales at Yogabed for Cyber Week, not just on mattresses but on sound machines too!

11/21-11/28- Cyber Week Sale: Save $300 on Yogabed mattresses (King, Queen, CalKing) and $200 on Full, Twin, and TwinXL.

11/28-12/31- SURPRISE Cyber Week Extended Sale: Save $300 on Yogabed mattresses (King, Queen, CalKing) and $200 on Full, Twin, and TwinXL.

11/21-12/3- Cyber Week Sound Sale: Save 20% on all sound machines using the code SLEEPWELL at checkout.

11/29- Flash Sound Sale: Amazon Deal of the Day. For one-day only use the code DONTSNOOZE to get 30% off all sound machines. 

Yogabed mattress sale

Shop Yogabed

Value priced already, Zinus is taking up to 30% off products on their entire site, not just mattresses but bed frames, couches and more.

A queen 10″ hybrid is only $177.80. If you go to 8 inch it’s $138. They also have a 6 inch bed (great for bunk beds).

No promo code needed. Until Nov. 28th.

Zinus Black Friday sale

Shop Zinus

Bedding and Accessories on Sale


BedJet cooling and warming bed fan is coming out with a newer sleeker model next month, see our new BedJet preview.

Sale runs November 19th and run through the end of December.

BedJet units will be on sale for $299, and most Cloud Sheets will be discounted as well. Up to 40% OFF Black Friday Sale Now Active – No Promo Code Needed.

Shop BedJet

Cooling mattress pad that heats or cools your bed to your desired temperature.

Dates: through Black Friday – November 23
Offer: Save up to $300 (25% off) your Chilipad. No payments for 60 days with Bread financing. Use code chiligift25

Shop Chilipad
chilipad veterans day sale

Shop Chilipad
Coop Home Goods

If you want an amazing new pillow or a specialty pillow, Coop is your online store!

CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL. On November 26, take 20% off sitewide. Otherwise, use this link to take 15% off until December 17th.

Coop Home Goods

Pacific Coast Bedding and Pillows

Classic brand with real feather pillows. Make a beautiful gift. 30% off select bedding items. See Pacific Coast website for details.

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Black Friday Mattress Sales 2018

Is a sleep product on your Black Friday list? Let us know what you’re pining for in the comments.

Used Purple Mattress: Where to Find One Near You

Purple mattress Black Friday sale

Do you want to learn where to find a used Purple mattress? Here’s our quick guide to finding one for a great price. Even though they may be in like new condition, they’re sort of like a car. They lose value as soon as they’re out of the box.

used Purple bed

Note: we may earn a small commission if you shop through our links.

You can get a great deal on a used Purple mattress if you know where to look. 

Where to Find a Used Purple Mattress

Avoid shipping and do local pickup or classifieds sites such as eBay and Craigslist. You’ll always find used Purple mattresses there. Just search for your state and city.

We prefer eBay because of the rating system.
Search for a Used Purple Mattress on eBay

Shop for a Used Purple Mattress on eBay

Find your city and state on Craiglist and search in the section for beds. Always ask to see the bed before you buy on Craigslist. Ask if it’s a factory second. Look for any deformities in the polymer (any divots, dips, etc). Ask how long they’ve had it.

You can always message us to see if we know of any used Purple mattresses in your area.

Adopt a Bed is a Utah charity that sometimes gets Purple mattresses. Call them at 801-266-1288  to see. They’re located at 583 W Billinis Rd #1, South Salt Lake, UT 84115. They also accept returns from Purple and other online brands so you can get a refund. See how Utah mattress donations work.

KSL Classifieds

You can score an even better deal on a used bed if you are willing to do a little work and wash the cover that may have some spots or be less than clean. Purple mattresses are easy to clean.

Did you know that all Purple mattresses have a removable cover? You can unzip the cover on all Purple beds. Just wash the cover in a regular washing machine (we recommend using a gently cycle and air drying). Use regular detergent and some Borax. Spray any stains or spots with OxyClean white.

Always use a mattress protector. We highly recommend purchasing a new Purple mattress protector directly from Purple. You may be able to find one on the sites listed below for less (worth a try).

used Purple 3 mattress

Where Can I Test a Purple Mattress?

Where you can test a Purple mattress before you buy:

  • Alpine, Utah at Purple headquarters. All Purple products are on display and you can try them out. Open every day except Sunday.
  • Adopt a Bed in Salt Lake City, Utah (see above for details)
  • Select Mattress Firm Stores
  • Denver Mattress
  • Sleep Sherpa showroom in Minnesota

Best Veterans Day Mattress Sales Online – 2018 Edition

veterans day mattress sales 2018

November 11 is Veterans Day and mattresses, bedding and accessories to help you get the best sleep are on sale for the holiday. Thanks to our veterans for your service to our country. Unbox Mattress salutes you and your family.

Veteran’s Day sales are different than Black Friday. Some are better actually (some not as good). So if you don’t see something you want on this list, wait a few weeks and check out our Black Friday mattress sale list.

BEST DEALS: Our top picks are

  • Brooklyn Bedding is giving 30% off sitewide to veterans and is one of our top Veterans Day deals this year.
  • Our second choice is Nest Bedding with $200 off and a free sheet set.

Unbox Mattress may earn a commission when you shop through our links. 

Best Veterans Day Mattress Sales 2018

Need a new bed? Here are the best Veterans Day sales.

Amore Beds

Dates: Now through Veterans Day

Deal: $320 Veteran’s Day Savings Event! 0% financing available, and free shipping!

  • Get a huge $150 discount
  • 50% off copper-ion fabric ($50 value)
  • 2 free pillows ($120 value)

veterans day sale amore beds

Shop Amore Beds
Avocado Mattress

Dates: through November 12, 2018
Offer: Verified military can save $225 on any mattress. Avocado beds are made with natural and organic materials. Discount for all active, reservist, discharged and retired US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel. To apply for verification, visit or request a form using their website chat function. Discount is valid on mattresses only and cannot be combined with other offers.

Non-military? Use code 150GREEN for $150 off any mattress. Cannot be combined with other offers; valid through November 18, 2018.

Avocado Mattress sale

Shop Avocado Mattress
Bear Mattress

15% off for Military Members. Click here.

bear mattress veterans day sale

Shop Bear Mattress
Bed In a Box Mattress

veterans day sale bed in a box mattress$100 OFF + FREE BLANKET ($75 value)

Shop Bed in a Box
Brooklyn Bedding

Dates: November 9-12, 2018
Offer: 20% off every product. Veterans get 30% off.  Yes, that means their amazing shredded memory foam pillow is on sale! Adjustable beds, everything. What an incredible offer!

Brooklyn Bedding Presidents day sale

Shop Brooklyn Bedding

Date: Ongoing
Offer:  10% military discount off any order with a mattress for Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses, and Military Family Members.

Shop Casper
Latex for Less

Dates: Until Nov 15, 2018.
Offer: $100 Off All Mattresses – Use Code 

latex mattress sale

Shop Latex for Less
Dates: through the end of November 2018
Offer: $300 the Luxi 3-1 Queen and King Size mattress – use code SLEEP300. Or take 20% off ANY PRODUCT with discount code LUXIDEAL.

luxi mattress veterans day sale

Shop Luxi Sleep
PangeaBed Copper Mattress


pangeabed sale
Shop Sweet Zzz
Mattress Firm

20% Off for all Veterans, First Responders & their Families. Shop Now!

Nest Bedding

$200 off the Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid and other models and a FREE sheet set (see site for details).

Nest is based in California and employees and family are being affected by the devastating wildfires. Our hearts also go out to them (those who’ve lost homes and loved ones) this Veterans Day.

Shop Nest Bedding
Sweet Zzzs mattress

Dates: November 10 – 16, 2018
Offer: Click here and use coupon code Veterans225 and save $225 off every mattress.

Sweet Zzz mattress Veterans day sale

Shop Sweet Zzz

Offer: $150 off luxury hybrid mattress. Available in plush, medium firm or firm. In our opinion the plush is medium, it’s not a super soft mattress. Normally we like medium firm but have a Voila in plush and it’s just right.
Use code “Vet150” at checkout.

Voila Mattress discount

Shop Sweet Zzz
Dates: November 9-12
Offer: Take $200 Off Yogabed Mattress and Free Shipping! 0% Financing for as Low as $100 Per Month.

Yogabed mattress sale

Shop Yogabed

Bedding and Accessories

Chilipad Cooling mattress pad that heats or cools your bed to your desired temperature.

Dates: November 9-11
Offer: SAVE 20% or up to $240

chilipad veterans day sale

Shop Chilipad
We’ll keep adding the best mattress deals for Veterans day as we find them, so be sure to save this article. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or find any great deals!

Amazon Cheap Beds Undercut Bed in a Box Prices

October 2018 Mattress Industry News Roundup

Mattress Firm Bankruptcy

Mattress Firm, the largest seller of mattresses in the US filed for bankruptcy protection (Oct. 5). The company has 3,400 locations nationwide. They plan to close “as many as 700 by year’s end”.

Note: Unbox Mattress may earn a small commission if you shop through our links.

Cheap Amazon Mattresses Undercut Other Brands

Amazon came out with their own mattress and it’s really cheap. They have two brands: AmazonBasics brand and Rivet.

The AmazonBasics memory foam bed comes in 8″, 10″ and 12″. The 8″ king is $239.99 and is included in Amazon Prime (shipping is free). It has a 1 year warranty.

Rivet is their other brand. Only the Rivet brand offers a 100-day free trial. The rest are standard 30 days. 

Just a quick comparison. Walmart also has their own brand called Allswell. Cost is $585 for a Queen and $745 for a Supreme Queen and comes in soft or medium firm.

DreamCloud Adds Affordable Adjustable Base

DreamCloud has added adjustable frames which is a reasonable $1199 for a king. See the frame here. They also added a plain metal frame, a stylish contemporary frame with headboard and a foundation. Next up? Sheets.

Dreamcloud adjustable base

Brooklyn Bedding Goes Green with Eco-Friendly Mattress

Bed-in-a-box company Brooklyn Bedding came out with a new natural bed called the Bloom Hybrid.

The 12″ tall bed has responsibly sourced latex foam, individually wrapped coils, and a cotton/wool cover. The coils are made from recycled material.

Best of all the Bloom Hybrid comes in 3 firmness levels. Yes, they offer a firm, which is more difficult to find in boxed brands.

Price for a king is $2,199.

Amore Beds also came out with a new hybrid luxury mattress in a box.

Casper Takes 10% Off for Members of the Military

Casper now offers a 10% military discount off any order with a mattress for Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses, and Military Family Members. Want to see who else offers military discounts? See our list of Veterans Day 2018 mattress sales.

Eight Sleep’s New Premium Hybrid Smart Bed

Eight has the new Venus+ smart mattress with a premium hybrid design and construction. Comes with luxury materials like a Latex topper. See it here.


New Keetsa Minimo Bed Frame

Called the Minimo, the minimalist bed frame has a modern industrial look and is 12″ high. 

“Simply Beautiful and Durable. Keetsa bed frames offers the superior strength of steel for maximum stability and provides robust support for a mattress without the need for additional box spring or foundation. ”

Minimo is available in 2 colours: Snow White and Gun Metal


New Mattress Charity in Utah

Need to return and get your refund for a bed-in-a-box mattress? If you live near Salt Lake City, a new charity will pick them up for you or you can drop off your bed. They also donate a bed when you buy one.

Donate Mattress Utah – New Pickup and Drop Off Location in Salt Lake

Wayfair Debuts New Membership Site MyWay

Wayfair has a new loyalty program called MyWay. It’s a subscription-based membership program ($29.99/year) and members get:
1. Free Shipping on Everything (even orders under $49)
2. 25% off In-Home Services, such as assembly and installation, and upgraded delivery services like “Room of Choice” and “Full Service Delivery”
3. Exclusive Perks, including access to insider sales
4. Free 1-day Shipping on Thousands of Items

Their other brands Joss & Main, Birch Lane, and AllModern also offer the service.

According to the company, bestsellers in Bed/Bedding that can use MyWay  include:
Matheney Panel Bed
Lyster Platform Bed
Fairbury Microfiber Sheet Set
Eldon Reversible Quilt Set
Wayfair Basics 1800 Series 6 Piece Sheet Set

Bed Bath & Beyond also has a new membership program (to compete with Amazon Prime). It’s called Beyond+ and costs $29 a year. You know how you’re always searching for one of their coupons? Well Beyond+ members get free standard shipping on all online orders and 20% off their entire purchases made online or in a store. A fantastic deal for regular shoppers.

Donate Mattress Utah – New Nonprofit for Bed Pick Ups Or Drop Offs

donate mattress utah

Donate Mattress Utah

Mattress donation UtahEver tried to donate a mattress in Utah? Good luck! Most charities (like Goodwill, DI and Salvation Army) won’t accept a used mattress. Some are on a case by case basis.

If you have a mattress return from a boxed brand, you know it’s like new. You’d like to see it go to a good cause. After all, it’s usually only 100 days old or less. To get a full refund on most boxed mattresses you need to select how it will be returned.

One option is to donate your mattress to a charity. To do that you need to find one that will accept them and provide a charity receipt. They accept most brands, including Purple mattress, mattresses purchased on Amazon, Nectar, Dreamcloud, Casper, Ghostbed, etc.

Case in point. The International Rescue Committee lists items refugees need in Utah. In their list of items not accepted? Mattresses.

donate mattress in Utah

Adopt a Bed is a new Utah charity that accepts mattress returns. You can drop them off at their location in Salt Lake City OR call to arrange a pickup and they’ll come and get your mattress for you. They will give you a receipt to get your refund as they are a 501 3(c).

Bed pick ups are by appointment. To schedule you can call them at
385-333-6692 or email them at they should have a form or online scheduling soon.

The nonprofit donates mattresses to homeless shelter, domestic violence centers and more. They partner with mattress companies to place beds at Ronald McDonald house, to individuals, organizations and more.

We interviewed Emma Peterson, founder of Adopt a Bed about how she got started and who they help with mattress donations.

BIG List of Buy Now Pay Later Bed and Mattress

Labor Day Mattress Sales Online 2018

Need a new mattress now but want to pay for it monthly? You can buy online and pay as you go with most brands. They give you a quick answer and many times you won’t be charged interest.

We finance a phone, our car, why not our mattress? Sleep is so important to our well-being and health it makes sense.

Mattress companies don’t typically make money from financing, it’s simply a way to facilitate a bed purchase. Be sure to choose accessories such as: pillows, sheets, mattress protector and/or base or anything you need to go with your mattress.

Many boxed mattresses use Affirm. Wonder how Affirm works? We walk you through step by step with screenshots so you can see the process before you commit.

Buy Mattress Lowest Monthly Payments

If you’re simply looking for the lowest monthly payment and you don’t have credit, have low credit, or don’t want your credit report pulled AND want your bed immediately, Helix is your best option. They make buying a bed within reach for anyone.

Buy Now Pay Later Mattresses

The mattress companies that let you buy now and pay later with online financing options (like Affirm). Here’s our giant list of mattresses and what financing options are available.

We may earn a commission at no cost to you should you shop through our links.

Agility Beds – no financing program
Amore Beds (select “other financing” and get 0% interest)
Avocado Green Mattress
Bear Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding –  Pay over 3, 6 or 12 months with financing rates between 0%-30% APR. Uses Affirm.
Casper (use code UNBOX50 to save $50).
DreamCloud (they break it down by monthly payment/bed size)

Dreamfoam – Financing through Affirm
Eco Terra Bed natural latex mattress with dynamic coils – uses Klarna, starts as low as $49/month
Eight Sleep – smart mattress, financing starts at $39/month with Affirm
Happi Bed
Happsy organic mattresses
Helix Mattress – many options to choose from, including split firmness. Financing through Klarna 0% APR if paid in full within 6 to 12 months. Or Zibby alternative financing for people with low or no FICO scores. No credit required, can be approved for up to $3,500 without looking at your FICO score.

Idle Sleep – luxury 2-sided mattress, 6-12 month financing through Klarna

Hyphen Mattress Financing available via Paypal Credit. No Payments + No Interest for 6 months.

Kaya Mattress – no details given.


Kutson – uses Klarna
Latex for Less Financing through Klarna for as low as $80/month
Layla copper infused mattress
Linenspa – affordable memory foam mattresses. Comes in full sizes. No financing options listed.
Live and Sleep Mattress uses Klarna. Starts at 0% APR if paid in full within 6 or 12 months*

Loom & Leaf – high end luxury mattress with financing through Klarna.
Luma Sleep – latex mattresses. No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more.
Nest Bedding – uses both Affirm and Zibby (Zibby offers alternative financing for people with low or no FICO scores).
Newton Baby – Baby mattress
Nolah – they also use Klarna, starts at 0% APR, pay over 6, 12 or 24 months
Novosbed – Starts at $88/month with Affirm
Nuvanna – starts at $49/month for a year

Molecule Sleep – high end athletic recovery mattress, starts at $61/month with Klarna.

Muse Sleep – comes in soft, medium and firm.  DOES NOT offer financing at this time.

Mvmnt Mattress – high end, ulta luxury recovery mattress with interchangeable layers and high quality materials sourced worldwide. See video of mvmnt mattress delivery. Comes in extra large king size, called the Titan. Must call for financing options.

Pangea Bed Copper-Infused 100% Pure Talalay Latex bed – uses PayPal credit, starts with 0% interest.
PlushBeds natural latex and other beds
Puffy  – they actually use Klarna who has even better terms than Affirm

Saatva – Uses Klarna
Solay Mattress  starts at $39 a month with (according to website) but when we went to the buy page it had PayPal or Amazon Pay. 

Sweetzzz Mattress – they use Klarna and offer the longest no interest financing we’ve seen, based on total amount spent. Offers several firmness level.
The Futon Shop – organic futon mattress. Lists monthly cost with each mattress so you can easily see the payment amount. Uses Affirm.
Tochta – Rv or custom made mattress.

Voila hybrid mattress that comes in plush, medium and firm

WinkBeds – firmer beds offered, starts at $200/month with Bread financing.

Zinus – economy mattresses and bed frames

Zotto Bed – can pay with PayPal, no financing listed.

Amore Bed Debuts New Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Today Amore Beds launches a new luxury hybrid bed made with foam and coils. With the new model they offer more personalization. You can get more firmness options or dual-firmness. Before this new model, Amore had a flippable all foam bed and a hybrid coil bed.

Amore Beds founder Todd Summerville said they wanted the gold standard. “No expense was spared in sourcing the highest-grade materials and we put our hybrid technologies through extensive testing as we finalized the configuration of the mattress.”

Comes in medium and medium firm. Note, there are commissioned links in this article which may result in payment. Thanks for supporting Unbox Mattress.

Visit Official Website

Amore Mattress Layers and Materials

Here’s a breakdown of the new bed:

Mattress Cover

Choose from two options: a copper infused cover (for an additional charge) or a hypoallergenic organic cotton cover.

2” of 100% Natural Talalay Latex

Sourced from what they say is the world’s finest rubber plant, Amore Beds’ Talalay latex is breathable, ultra comfortable and is made without any adhesives, glues or synthetics. Latex is renowned for responding instantly to changes in movement and equalizes body weight, therefore it offers superior  pressure point relief.

2” of FusionFlex™ Propriety Comfort Foam

Optimised for enhanced comfort, FusionFlex™ foam helps draw moisture away from the body and allows body heat to disperse quickly, enabling you to sleep cool and comfortable through the year. FusionFlex™ also offers greater surface resilience than other foams, ensuring your spine is adequately supported across a range of sleeping positions.

6” Wrapped Coils with Dual-Density Zoned Parimeter

A full grid of individually wrapped coils support every square inch of the body, aligning the spine and reducing aches and pains. The coil grid also allows for air to pass through the mattress for cooling. The zoned parimeter of dual-density coils along the edges of the mattress provides good edge support.

In addition, the Luxury Hybrid mattress utilizes GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton with a blend of GOTS wool for a more natural flame resistance. The bed is made with breathable open-cell transition foam and a high-density foam base.

It’s engineered to conform well to an adjustable base which Amore also sells.


The mattress is a full 12.5 inches and made with CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex certified materials.


Amore Beds has an introductory offer that includes a free pillow. As an example, a queen costs $925.

Check Current Price
Comes with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial, free delivery*, a 10 – 20-year warranty and financing options. For complete information on the new Luxury Hybrid mattress, visit Amore Beds’ newly redesigned website at

BedJet 3 Bed Fan Launches on Kickstarter

BedJet 3 cooling bed fan

Bedjet v3 is coming! The popular bed fan is coming out with their newest model that’s completely redesigned and upgraded with cutting-edge technology.

This post contains affiliate links which means we may earn a commission on any sales.

It’s now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, shipping in December 2018.  Typically this is the cheapest price you’ll find on the product. We ordered one and can’t wait to review it.

See on Kickstarter
The company’s prior Kickstarter in 2015 they hit the $1 million dollar mark in only 28 days and is one of the Top 25 Tech Kickstarter campaigns of all time.

BedJet became the number one customer ranked product in the entire mattress category on Amazon, and the top selling cooling and heating product in America for beds.

On first look, it’s smaller and has no more medical-device look. Instead it has a slimmer, lower-profile design (30% smaller than previous models). It’s beautiful. It will look great in a room.

The BedJet is a cooling and warming fan that works in seconds to cool or heat your bed. It’s ideal for couples who have different temperature preferences.

Along with the new BedJet 3 there’s a new video created by the Harmon Brothers who also did the egg test mattress video for Purple mattress).

It’s a real hoot!

You can buy just the fan to go under your sheets or you can get the comforter that has special air pockets to contain the air.

We much prefer the comforter, not only for keeping the air more concentrated, but because you can cool/warm each side of the bed to your preference. Please note that you’d need to get 2 BedJets to have different fans/temperature on each side.

BedJet is ideal for menopausal women and their partners – where she cannot get cool enough and he’s an ice cube. We noticed many men buy this because they’re freezing to keep their wife comfortable so she can sleep well at night.

This is one of the few split preference products that we fully endorse. Mattresses with split firmness don’t work very well because a difference in softness creates a difference in elevation in your mattress so you feel separated from or there’s a ridge between you and your partner.

BedJet version 3

New BedJet v3 features include:

  • Amazon Alexa and Smart Home connectivity. Control your sleep comfort by voice and integrate with all sorts of cool platforms enabled by the new wifi chip in BedJet 3.
  • Color screen remote control for a bedding/sleep tech product. For folks who don’t like bringing their phones to bed to use our App to control the BedJets most advanced features. Now everything (including the biorhythm sleep cycles) can be programmed via the new remote.
    BedJet remote
  • New and improved BedJet app.

new Bedjet app

What do you think – excited for the new BedJet?

Is the Purple Mattress Really That Good? We Break it Down

A lot of people ask us about the Purple mattress and want to know – Is the Purple mattress really that good? Is it worth all the hype? To us, YES, it really is that good! But we must qualify our review. Keep reading for the must-know facts about Purple beds to help you decide if it’s best for you.

Is the Purple mattress really that good

We analyzed Purple Mattress Reviews on Amazon – Here are our findings 

Of the 1 star reviews, several were hearsay “My cousin said this…”,”I read a report that said …”.  Several mentioned the ‘white powder’ that has been claimed to be bad for you – even though the material used on purple mattresses has been used in hospital grade beds for the past 20 years and the material is food grade. There is bias on both sides.
Back Sleepers 50% reported relief of back pain 1 reported the mattress not being firm enough
Stomach Sleepers 100% positive reviews
Side Sleeper 44% reported pain relief 1 review reported the mattress being too firm
Overall 92% positive reviews


Everyone has a unique sleeping style and preference. We’ve learned that one person’s firm is another person’s too soft. Generally speaking, Purple is in the middle, maybe towards the firm side.


The best question to ask is, do you want your mattress to sink in and feel enveloped by it some? If you love that classic memory foam feel for your bed, Purple won’t be the best fit for you. It has no memory foam. You don’t sink in very much at all.


All Purple mattresses have the comfort grid that you can sort of feel it through the cover (but you’ll stop noticing after a few nights). Overall though the mattress collapses around your shoulders and hips but not everywhere else. Hence, the famous egg test. With a Purple mattress, you can press an egg down onto the mattress and it will be absorbed inside rather than break. Other beds have a solid top layer and the egg pressed onto it would break.

Because your movement is more isolated rather than all of your body sinking in, you can feel a little bit like you’re suspended on the mattress – floating almost.


Purple truly does sleep cool because the grid and design allow for airflow. It’s not a solid surface. All those notches and designs mattress manufacturers use don’t compare to simply having open cells where air can easily pass through. Consumer Reports agrees and named Purple a top pick in their tests. It won’t sleep warm.


We think Purple has exceptional properties for couples who keep each other awake because they shift around and move at night (or get in/out of bed). You’re not going to feel it as much with Purple because the flexible comfort grid is like a shock absorber that prevents movement from travelling through the bed. This is a favorite feature of people who love this bed or pet owners who don’t being woken up at night when their beloved pet moves around.


Purple is a fairly new company still and it’s tough to know. However, we have no body impressions at all after 3 years. This is with 2 people sleeping on Purple, one being over 230 lbs and 6 feet 4 inches tall. The other is around 150 lbs. and 5 feet 8 inches tall.


Again, that’s tough to predict but you’ll spend a lot less on a Purple mattress than comparable brands so you can afford to replace it more often as needed.

Previously the company made the gel used in their mattresses for other applications (in shoes, golf bags, backpacks, etc) and it held up extremely well. So we have reason to believe that a Purple bed will hold up too. Eventually everything breaks down but we hope to get 10 or more years from ours.


Purple (this is for the original) was rated in the top 10 of foam beds. Honestly, we would rate it much higher.

Top bed in a box mattresses


Just like the commercial says, if you don’t want to sink in and overheat while you sleep, you’ll probably like Purple. If you have back pain and other issues like that, Purple is extremely comfortable. If you wake up your partner or if your pet wakes you up at night, you’ll like Purple. The cover zips off and you can wash it (though we highly recommend a mattress protector).

Purple has the original mattress that’s 9.5 inches high and the newer models that vary by which you choose. The newer ones have springs but the original ones don’t.

If you try a Purple you have 100 days to decide what you think. Unless you’re in pain, give it at least a month. It’s a unique feel and it may take some time adjusting to it. If you’re anything like us, you will adjust and end up loving it. If not, they’ll have someone pick it up or you can donate it to charity for a full refund.