Bed in a Box Mattress News and Trends: Adjustable Pillows

We all know about adjustable beds – but what about adjustable pillows? Bed in a box mattress companies and even traditional mattress/furniture retailers are introducing adjustable pillows.Helix adjustable pillow

Helix is the newest company to market an adjustable pillow. They offer both a regular and a cooling version made of memory foam and down alternative. The cooling version (Helix Cool) has a high-end ultra cool knit polyethylene fabric. This material has a higher heat transfer, which means it is a lot cooler than typical fabrics – that’s why it’s cold to the touch. The Helix pillow has 2 support layers which can be kept inside or removed to adjust the height and feel.

What is an adjustable pillow?

We’ve seen smart pillows and cooling pillows (hot on the market) but we noticed a lot of adjustable pillows at the Las Vegas market.

Adjustable pillows are pillows that can be changed to fit your preference in a number of different configurations.

  • The loft or height of the pillow. You can make a higher or flatter pillow by adding or taking out some of the material (such as shredded memory foam) inside. The pillows unzip and sometimes have a mattress protector as part of the system.
  • The use of a pillow insert to change the feel and/or height of the mattress.

Pillow Price Point

Many of these pillows are within the $80-100 price range and come with a warranty.

Coop Home Goods

Common Features of Boxed Pillows

When it comes to boxed bedding products, the bonus here is that they usually come with a trial period, just like mattress. Pillows are even more personal than mattresses because you usually don’t share one with anyone. Your face is directly on your pillow. People can be very picky about the feel and other features of their pillow.

Here are common features of a pillow from a boxed retailer:

  • Sleep trial of 100 days or more
  • Warranty of 1-3 years, sometimes more
  • Free shipping
  • Often don’t have financing option unless you purchase a mattress too, but do offer Paypal as payment option
  • Comes rolled in a box

For example Purple pillow has a 100 day trial which means you have 100 days to test it out and can return the pillow for a full refund if it doesn’t work for you.

So does the Eden pillow from Coop Home Goods – get 15% off a pillow bundle. Their pillow sounds amazing with all of the adjustable pillow benefits plus you can literally throw it in the wash. The Eden pillow actually has a 5 year warranty!

Best Adjustable Pillows

Our favorites are

  • Brooklyn Bedding shredded memory foam pillow. This won’t get lumpy over time like some shredded memory foam pillows because it has a straight edge cut and fabric to keep the foam together. MyPillow has clumped up under use for us. Watch for our review and comparison of a typical bamboo pillow like MyPillow and Brooklyn Bedding. After many months and tests, this is one of our favorite pillows. It features a thick cover and unzips to add or remove foam.

Learn more

  • Layla Sleep pillow with copper (hypoallergenic). This unique pillow also uses Kapok fill, which is made from the fibers in the seed pods of Kapok trees. Kapok is natural and free from pesticides and other nasty chemicals. It draws a lot of attention from our customers. Everyone seems to be interested in it! Note: the Layla pillow is not adjustable.Layla pillow Check out Layla

Look out for our Layla pillow review coming soon!

Honest DreamCloud Mattress Review

Dreamcloud mattress review

Hello Unboxers! Join us today for an honest DreamCloud mattress review. Dreamcloud is a hybrid mattress which means it has memory foam and springs.

Dreamcloud Review

The main points you need to know about Dreamcloud are:

  • A full 15 inches in height
  • Hybrid luxury mattress that comes in a box (bag actually) and has springs
  • Memory foam with a firmer touch that won’t sink a lot or get too warm
  • Has side handles to help you move your mattress
  • European style tufted mattress with a box top design – each square is like a little cloud
  • Has an incredible 1 year trial period and lifetime warranty

Dreamcloud mattress review


Tufted European Style Hybrid Mattress in a Box

The top is a European pillow top style mattress with high end cashmere cover and tufting we don’t usually see in a boxed mattress. It really comes in a very large, durable bag. They offer a white glove service and will set up your mattress for you in your home.

To be honest, DreamCloud makes other mattresses in a box seem boring by comparison. There’s just a lot more going on with this mattress, so let’s get into the details.

We’re reviewing the queen size DreamCloud, which was given to us for the purpose of this review. We’re affiliates of DreamCloud.

Learn More About Dreamcloud

Dreamcloud mattress handle
This is the only mattress we’ve reviewed that has handles on the side!

Dreamcloud Review

We know how tough it can be to decide on an online mattress that you’ll love. This customer tried Purple mattress twice! But in the end she found and stuck with Dreamcloud.

Here’s what she said:

Got ours delivered and set up yesterday. So far it’s great! My hubby has back issues and we have gone through every mattress imaginable, from Tempurpedic to Purple. We had bought a Stearns Fosters and liked the firmness and the coils for support but not the huge price tag and the big buttons we could feel through several layers. This is our 11th mattress in the last 2 years….ELEVEN!! The last one we purchased was a Christelli mattress and it started having issues after 6mos but because they only have a 60 day trial period we are now out $2500. Looking forward to seeing how this mattress hold up over this next year.

Here are the mattress brands she tried, listed in order:
1. Tempurpedic
2. Linenspa (Amazon)
3. Tuft and needle
4. Purple
5. Casper
6. Leesa
7. Lull
8. Stearns and Foster hybrid with cooling
9. Purple again
10. Christelli
11. DreamCloud

Why Dreamcloud?

“So far it’s been great. My husband needs a firmer bed and this is firm enough for him but still soft enough for me.”

” My husband is a big guy and that’s the problem we had with all of the others. Some were just too thin of a mattress, 10” is not enough when it’s just foam.”
Jennifer Smith Kiggans

When you hear the word cloud you think soft but the DreamCloud will only be your dream mattress if you like your bed on the firm end. In fact, it’s the most firm bed in a box mattress we’ve tested so far.

Honestly, we thought DreamCloud would be too soft. We usually steer away from a memory foam mattress for that reason. However, it’s actually more firm than expected. The mattress does warm up to your body, but not a lot. So if you sleep warm you can rest easy with this mattress.

dreamcloud tufting
Dreamcloud tufting

The Dreamcloud mattress doesn’t actually come in a box, it comes in a double layer of bags. Yes, that’s right it’s boxless! It arrived in great condition and delivery was fast.

It weighs 94 lbs. The mattress was rolled up in layers of plastic and well protected. Everything about it spoke to its quality.

Dreamcloud offers a lease-to-own finance option if you are unable to pay in full which is helpful.

Size Price
Twin XL SOLD OUT (no price given)
Full $1,399
Queen $1,599
King $1,699
CA King (4" longer and narrower than a king) $1,699
Looking for a Dreamcloud discount code? Get $200 Off DreamCloud Luxury Mattress

You can’t beat the sleep trial or warranty on this mattress! When you think of clouds, think eternity because it will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for as long as you own and use the mattress.

The lifetime warranty – or as long as you own it – works like this:

  • For the first 10 years of ownership, they will replace your mattress with a brand new DreamCloud at absolutely no charge to you if defective in workmanship and materials.
  • In years 10+ they will completely repair and re-cover your DreamCloud, or replace your DreamCloud and all transportation charges will be waived if a manufacturing defect(s) or a materials failure is confirmed to exist.

You get a full year sleep trial on this bed. That means you can get a full refund, no shipping or fees, if you change your mind in the first YEAR. Did you know Mattress Firm gives you 30 days trial on their mattresses and charges you almost $80 for a return? That’s why we love that you get plenty of time to decide what you think. Plus you’re not out anything if you don’t keep it.

Dreamcloud comes with a 20 year guarantee, which is also generous. While you may never need it, the warranty and sleep trial, helps give you peace of mind that you’ll be happy your purchase.

lying on a dreamcloud

Some people mention a terrible smell and odor once it’s open, but it really wasn’t that terrible. There wasn’t a strong offgassing. Mattresses from the same brand may have more or less new bed smell to them depending on the manufacturing process and how long they aired out before being wrapped in plastic. So your bed may be different than someone else’s.

Dreamcloud is CertiPUR-US® approved. These foams are made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They are Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

Dreamcloud sleep review

Dreamcloud has 8 layers which isn’t as many as some other luxury brands but it has higher end detailing and a cashmere cover.

Top Layer – TrueTufted Cashmere Top
This is the dreamiest part of the mattress. Their Cashmere cover provides breathability, adds premium softness and is naturally resistant to bedbugs.

Layer 2 – Gel Infused Memory Foam
Contouring support that conforms to your body but won’t leave you stuck and overheating. DreamCloud’s gel infused foam is cooling and supportive.

Layer 3 – Quilted Memory Foam
They say it’s soft but we already covered that!

Layer 4 – Natural Latex
DreamCloud’s hypoallergenic super premium natural latex layer provides a cushioning bounce for extra give and added contouring.

Layer 5 – DreamPlush Supporting Memory Foam
Luxurious high-density memory foam provides deep contouring support and the best of all possible dreamworlds.

Layer 6 – Super Dense Super Soft Memory Foam
DreamCloud’s Super dense foam keeps your back in alignment and cradles your spine no matter what sleep position you prefer.

Layer 7 – Patent-Pending ‘BestRest’ Coils
A five-zoned foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system provides unmatched dream support from head to toe.

Layer 8 – High-Density Super Soft Memory Foam

More details about what’s inside a Dreamcloud:
Medical Grade Visco Elastic Memory Foam
Hi Core 9.2 Grade Foam
High Vegetable Base Super Core 5 lb Support Foam
Patented Spring Coils with 5 zoned encased micro coils

Shop Dreamcloud


You need a platform, adjustable base or metal frame to put your new DreamCloud on. As with the other boxed mattresses it doesn’t come with box springs, only the top mattress.

Want to book your own 365 night stay on DreamCloud? Get started at

When you use our link you help support our small business. Thank you!


New Purple Mattress Review of the Purple 2, Purple 3 and Purple 4

the new Purple mattress 4

Purple has the original Purple mattress (and is keeping it) but recently added 3 new hybrid mattresses the Purple2, Purple3 and Purple4. How are they different and are they any good? Our new Purple mattress review will help you decide! 

New Purple Mattress Review (2018)

Purple mattress has come a long way in 2 years! In 2016 Purple launched with their premiere bed in a box mattress. Then in 2018, they released 3 new Purple mattresses that are more of a showroom mattress.


Note: we are affiliates of Purple and will earn a commission should you make a purchase.

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy! Many people struggle to get to sleep or they find themselves waking up during the night. This is often caused by a poor quality mattress which can cause stress to the body’s pressure points or change the natural alignment of the spine. Or your mattress can make you get too warm at night, keeping you awake.

A bed in a box mattress like Purple can help you in your search for a good night’s sleep. They are technologically advanced mattresses that are delivered directly to your front door.  Purple is a leading manufacturer of bed in a box mattresses. They have developed a cult following with many thousands of happy customers around the world.

In fact, one commenter on our “new Purple mattress review” YouTube video, said this about his Purple mattress:

“I hope they stay in business forever. Because my life has been changed by sleeping on this mattress. I’ve thought about buying 1-2 spare mattresses & storing them just in case they do go out of business.”

The Original Purple Mattress

Compared to the new Purple mattresses, the original seems pretty basic now! This is still a great mattress and value, but it doesn’t really compare to the new Purple mattresses, as you’ll soon see. The original comes compressed and rolled up in a box. The new ones are made upon order and delivered to your bedroom flat.

Here’s what the original Purple mattress looks like:

original Purple mattress

3 New Purple Mattresses

One of Purple’s key to success is their comfort grid technology, which is unlike almost anything on the market. In a world full of all-the-same foam block mattresses, Purple is truly unique. It’s made with an advanced polymer that can transfer the weight of pressure points to other areas on its surface. All Purple mattresses feature this polymer.

The grid is famous for the raw egg test which shows how it collapses around your pressure points but stays supportive everywhere else.

You will see just how much heavier and taller the new Purple mattresses are in the charts below (which also include prices).

We HIGHLY recommend you get a Purple brand mattress protector to go with your bed and put it on before you sleep on it for the first time. This greatly enhances the life of your mattress and keeps it clean. The covers on the new Purple beds aren’t removable so you can’t wash them. Plus, you’ll want a waterproof barrier to prevent sweat and liquids from getting into the interior of the mattress.

Home Delivery

The new Purple mattresses come rolled up (compressed) and in a purple duffle bag but unlike the original, they’re delivered to your door and set up in your room for you.

Note: All of the Purple brand sheets, protectors and bases will fit the new mattresses as well as the original Purple. All are ordered online and come shipped to you in a box but the newer beds are delivered and set up. You will  need a base as they sell the mattress separately. We recommend the Purple Powerbase.

Purple 2 Mattress

Purple mattress 2
click the image to see more reviews

11 inches tall.

Size/Dimensions Weight Price
Twin XL 38”x80” 77 lbs $1,299
Queen 60”x80” 122 lbs $1,599
King 76”x80” 149 lbs $1,899
CA King 72”x84” 148 lbs $1,899

Purple 3 Mattress

Purple 3
Click the image to see more reviews

12 inches tall.

Dimensions Weight Price
Twin XL 38”x80” 91 lbs $1,899
Queen 60”x80” 145 lbs $2,199
King 76”x80” 176 lbs $2,699
CA King 72”x84” 175 lbs $2,699

Purple 4

the new Purple mattress 4
Click the image to see more reviews

13 inches tall.

Size/Dimensions Weight Price
Twin XL 38”x80” 105 lbs $2,499
Queen 60”x80” 168 lbs $2,799
King 76”x80” 204 lbs $3,499
CA King 72”x84” 202 lbs $3,499

Can you finance a Purple Mattress? 
Yes, you can qualify for a payment plan for all the new Purple mattresses. Get it through Purple’s website. You can get approved within seconds, see all of the terms and schedule automatic payments. You may also get interest free payments – a queen Purple 3 starts at around $100 a month.

Layers of a Purple Mattress

Each of the new Purple mattresses are the same except for how much comfort grid they have. They’re constructed from 5 components (from top to bottom):

Comfort stretch cover
A synthetic cover (98% polyester / 2% spandex) that is stretchy, breathable, and comfortable. This is thicker than the original cover and is made to stretch and move with the comfort grid system. It also has the word PURPLE embroidered on it in purple thread.

Purple® Smart Comfort Grid™
Made from the Purple’s® Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ technology, this section is designed to transfer weight from your pressure points (shoulders and hips) and support the rest of your body. It is soft to touch but firm enough to support your entire weight.

Specialized Comfort Foam
This is a layer of ultra-durable polyurethane foam that acts as a transition layer between the Smart Comfort Grid™ and the supporting layers. It is certified by CertiPUR-US.

Responsive Support Coils
The next layer is Purple® Smart Comfort Grid™, a layer of individual cells that provide pressure relief and support. They are individually fabric-encased steel coils (which the original Purple mattress did not include). This adds structure to the mattress. These are also designed to be quiet (not make noise).

This is an inside look at a Purple 2:

new Purple mattress layers

Edge Support

Purple has Plexus side panels around the perimeter of the bed. The side panels hold it all together. This is new. In the original Purple the comfort grid extends to the edges. Now there’s a layer that provides more support so you can sleep on the edge without feeling like you might roll off. It doesn’t collapse on the end or sides.

Sleep Cooler

They are made from a strong, breathable material that helps to keep your mattress cool. If you’re one of 51% of people who sleep warm, you’ll love this bed. While no mattress truly cools, you’re not going to get sweaty like you do with most foam beds. The grid system as well as the breathable cover lets air flow between the layers as well as between you and the bed.

Don’t take our word for it though. Purple was rated one of the coolest mattresses to sleep on by Consumer Reports.

Purple 4 mattress

New Purple mattress Sizes and Dimensions

All new Purple mattresses are available in these sizes. See dimensions in the tables above.

The only difference between the three new models is how thick the purple stuff is (the super stretchy polymer as they call it). The Purple2 has a 2-inch thick layer, the Purple3 has a 3-inch top layer, and (you guessed it) the Purple4 has a 4-inch top layer.

The new Purple beds are also much thicker than the original which is a shortie at 9.5″ deep. Purple 2 is 11 inches tall, Purple 3 is 12 inches, and Purple 4 is 13 inches.

What Makes Purple So Different?

The main feature that sets Purple mattresses apart from products made by other manufacturers is the Purple Smart Comfort Grid. This is a patented material that does a wonderful job at transferring weight from pressure points on the mattress.

The Specialized Comfort Foam is superior to the foam used by most bed in a box manufacturers. The breathable Plexus Side Panels and hypoallergenic cover help to keep you cool while you sleep.

What is sleeping on Purple really like?

Sleeping on a Purple mattress is very different to sleeping on a traditional spring coil mattress. It will take some time for your body to adapt to changes, so patience is required when trying one for the first time. Most people are used to the mattress after a couple of weeks. The most noticeable benefits obtained from using a Purple mattress include:

Better spine alignment
The softness and support provided by the Purple mattress helps to keep your spine naturally curved as you sleep. It works well for both back sleepers and side sleepers.

Suffer from back pain? A mattress can really help and Purple especially. Pair with the Purple adjustable base for even more relief. Just put in zero gravity and it’s like you’re sleeping on a Lazy Boy but you actually have room to move around (and there’s room for your dog, spouse, etc).

Extremely comfortable
The breathable top layer, Purple Smart Comfort Grid™ and supporting layers make it very soft and comfortable to sleep on. The unique thing about Purple mattresses is that they are both soft and firm simultaneously, thanks to the way that the smart comfort grid distributes weight.

Motion isolation
This is another feature that many people love. The Smart Comfort Grid helps to isolate you from other people who are moving in the bed. That means you are less likely to wake up if your partner gets out of bed or your dog jumps onto the bed. It has very low motion transfer – the flexible comfort grid seems to absorb movement.

Won’t sleep hot
The breathable materials used in the Purple mattress make it easier for heat to dissipate. This gives you much more control over your temperature as you simple add or remove blankets to get the temperature “just right”.

Memory foam is known to get soft as it warms with your body heat. Purple has no memory foam in it – ZERO. In addition, the grid is not a solid surface and is covered by a breathable cover. That means there is air flow next to your body. Purple is temperature neutral and you’ll never feel that stuck feeling like you can get with other mattresses.

Sleep Trial of the New Purple Mattress

Purple mattresses all come with a 100 night trial (you can return the mattress in the first 100 nights and get a refund so you’re out nothing, not even shipping) – this is the same as the original Purple mattress.


Just like the original Purple, the Purple2, Purple3 and Purple4 all come with a 10 year warranty.

 Not sure if it’s right for you? Start Your 100 Night Trial  

How To Return Purple Mattress

What happens if you decide you want to return your Purple mattress within the 100 sleep trial? It’s easy and quick. Just call customer service and they’ll ask you how you want to return it. Since it’s impossible to get it put back into the bag you won’t be asked to ship it. Options include, donate it to charity, or schedule an in-home pick up.

The Downside of Buying the New Purple Mattress

The downsides include:

The new Purple® mattress is more expensive than many other bed in a box mattresses but it’s a steal when compared to other showroom mattresses. Of course, you get what you pay for! Cheaper mattresses tend to use low quality materials and do not have the same technologically advanced features as a Purple® mattress.

Heavier people may need a thicker mattress
People who weight more than 280 pounds may need to purchase the more expensive Purple2, Purple3 or Purple4 to obtain the same level of comfort.

Base selection
Purple says that you should not use this mattress on a box spring base. They recommend using the floor, a platform bed, an adjustable or foundation base. Whatever base you get, it must be able to support a lot of weight – you, your mattress and anyone sleeping on your bed. This mattress base supports up to 1,600 lbs or you can get the one from Purple. Purple also has an adjustable bed called the Purple Powerbase.

Our verdict
The new Purple mattress is a remarkable product. The incredible technology used by this bed makes it one of the best beds on the market. And it’s one of the few truly unique beds because of the comfort grid. Of course, the cost is higher than some other bed in a box mattresses, but you really do get what you pay for with this bed.

This is the bed we sleep on (a king Purple4) and it’s our top pick. We give it our highest recommendation. We’ve had one since Purple was founded and it’s held up perfectly with no indentations or issues. We continue to get a great night’s sleep on a Purple mattress!


Who sells Purple mattresses?
Most people buy their Purple mattress from their website. However, you can also purchase an original Purple mattress from selected retailers like Amazon. The new Purple mattresses are also at select Mattress Firm locations.

What is the new Purple mattress made of?
Stretchy, Breathable Cover: Top: 98% polyester / 2% spandex
Plexus Side Panels: 99% polyester / 1% spandex
Smart Comfort Grid™ is Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ with non-toxic polyethylene copolymer non-stick coating
Responsive Support Coils: Individually fabric-encased steel coils.
Transition layer: Polyurethane Foam

How much do Purple mattresses weigh?
The new Purple mattress are heavier than the original, with the Purple3 King size mattresses weighing over 200 lbs.

How long is the warranty on Purple mattresses?
The warranty is 10 years and you have a 100 night trial period.

Has the Purple mattress cover changed?
The new cover is  slightly thicker than the last one and instead of being quilted like the original, it’s one piece, and stretchy. You can pull up on it and lift the whole top of the mattress cover up and it will bounce back into shape. That allows for the flexibility that’s key to this mattress so it can shift and move with your body weight while not waking up the person next to you. It’s truly unique in that way!

The new mattress cover is removable. It unzips at the bottom and it’s one piece (not two like the original). Purple says not to wash the cover but to spot clean it. The issue is that you might have bleeding from the grey part onto the white. The custom stitching may not make it through the wash either. So be sure to get one of their mattress protectors.

new Purple mattress cover

How much do the new Purple mattresses cost?
Prices start at $1,299 for the Twin XL Purple2 and go up to $3,499 for the Purple4 Cal King.

Can you get a Purple mattress discount code?
Check their website for free upgrades such as a free Purple pillow or sheets with a purchase of a mattress. No code needed, it will automatically be added to your order.

What did Consumer Reports say about Purple mattress?

Consumer Reports hasn’t yet reviewed the new Purple mattresses but they’re ranked in the top 10. Read Consumer Reports Purple Mattress.

Which new Purple mattress should I get?
The choice is individual but the more grid the more bounce and submersive experience. We think the Purple 3 is a good selection for most people because we found the original didn’t have enough of the purple grid thickness as we’d like.

The Purple 4 is ideal if you want to sink in more and/or are heaviest. This one is best for those who are very heavy who would otherwise hit the foam layer and not get as many benefits of the grid for cushioning your pressure points.

Do any of the new Purple mattresses come in a full size?

Yes, they all now come in a full.

We hope you enjoyed reading New Purple Mattress Review (2018)! Do you have any questions about any of the new mattresses? Post a comment and we’ll help you out.

Presidents Day Mattress Sale 2018 for Online Brands

Hey unboxers! You know how much we love getting good sleep and President’s Day mattress sales are one of the best time of the year to buy a mattress – at the Presidents Day Mattress Sale 2018. New this year some bed in a box brands have Valentine’s Day sales in place of Presidents day sales.

Many of our favorite online beds have big discounts or throw in some freebies for this holiday to honor our nation’s founders. You can find some great deals on online mattress brands and bedding right now.

When is President’s Day?

Presidents Day is Monday, February 19, 2018. Mattress sales normally last the whole week up until Presidents Day.

Presidents Day Mattress Sale 2018

Here’s our annual list of Presidents Day mattress sales, starting with Purple because they came out with new beds a week ago. After that brands will be listed in alphabetical order. Almost all have financing options so you can pay monthly.

Purple Mattress Presidents Day Sale

Purple is a foam and/or hybrid bed with or without springs. There are 4 models. The top grid is made from a stretchy polymer that cushions joints and is temperature neutral. Purple has never been known to discount but usually add in a freebie with a mattress purchase.

Learn more about their beds on our new Purple mattress video. Note: Purple doesn’t discount or offer coupons for their mattresses. Instead you’ll get free add-ons.

SALE: a FREE pillow with Purple mattress purchase. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Agility Bed Presidents Day Sale

$200 Off any Mattress no coupon needed at until Feb. 19th

Bear Mattress Presidents Day Sale

  • Use the code PD100 for $100 off any size Bear Mattress OR Bear Mattress Bundle
  • Use the code PD200 for $200 off any size Hybrid Mattress OR Hybrid Mattress Bundle
  • Sale ends 2/20

Bear mattress presidents day sale

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Sale (updated for 2018)

  • $150 off Brooklyn Signature
  • $300 off Brooklyn Aurora
  • $50 off Brooklyn Bowery
  • Free pillows and sheets set with mattress purchase

Shop Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding Presidents day sale


Highly rated bed in a box mattress by Consumer Reports.

Save up to $200 with code PREZ200. Ends 2/20.

Casper Labor Day sale

Eight Mattress Presidents Day Sale

Eight makes memory foam and smart mattresses that track your sleep and help you optimize it. Integrates with Amazon Alexa.

2 free pillows with mattress purchase

Eight mattress presidents day sale

(The) Futon Shop

65% OFF Sofa Bed Replacement Mattresses

65% OFF Spring Futon Mattresses

65% OFF Wool Futon Mattresses

25% OFF Platform Bed Frames

50% OFF Memory Foam Futon Mattresses

Mattress Toppers

Helix Mattress Sale

This mattress lets you customize each side’s firmness to find the perfect fit.

Helix : $150 off any mattress + any other product with code PDW18 or $100 off a mattress with code SNOOZE100

until 02/20/2018


Over 10,000 5★ reviews. The Leesa Mattress is about a 6 out of 10 in regards to firmness and the Sapira Mattress by Leesa is a 7 out of 10.

Leesa Mattress Presidents Day Sale – Save $125 off a mattress + a Free Leesa Pillow ($75 value)

leesa mattress presidents day sale


Two-layer Slumber Systems you can customize before and AFTER purchase.

Save 10% on 2″ and 3″ Thick Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers until March 8

hybrid luxury mattresses

PlushBeds Presidents Day Sale

PlushBeds makes a natural latex mattresses in a wide variety of thicknesses and features. A latex mattress will last as long as 3 – 4x longer than the average foam mattress.

Prices good until Monday, February 12, 2018.

SALE: Save to $1,100 on All Natural Organic Latex mattresses.

Use coupon code PLUSH2018 to get 2 organic latex pillows, luxury sheets and a mattress protector with your order.

plushbed presidents day sale

Nectar Mattress

Nectar is a memory foam mattress with a medium firm feel that is top rated. It will not provide a lot of hug or sink compared to other memory foam beds nor sleep as warm.

Presidents Day Mattress Sale from Nectar! $125 off your purchase + Two Premium Pillows Free ($275 Value).

Nectar mattress presidents day sale

Nest Bedding


Zotto Sleep

Affordable high-quality memory foam bed. There are many other companies out there that offer a very similar product, but without all of the big advertising costs. Compare to competitors Leesa, Casper, & Tuft and Needle. Copper cooling technology is built into its mattress. So comfortable!


Both good until February 16, 2018

Zotto mattress

Are you buying a mattress at the Presidents Day mattress sale this year? Let us know in the comments!

presidents day mattress sale


Are Mattresses Shipped in a Box As High Quality as Other Mattresses?

Bed in a box mattress delivery

While at the Vegas Furniture Market Unbox Mattress had a conversation with a mattress retailer who doesn’t have an affiliate program or an appreciate for online mattress retailers. It got a bit heated. Her claim was that mattresses shipped in a box are lower quality than the brands retailers sell.

Not so.

Consumer Reports recently addressed the question – are the mattress shipped in a box as good as traditional mattress brands? The answer? YES!

Bed in a box mattress delivery

Mattress Myth: Online Brands Not As High Quality as Mattress Store Brands

One of the arguments we hear from mattress retailers is that only brands aren’t as durable or as good as their brand names. The technology isn’t as good as say, Tempur-Pedics of the world.

Here’s what Consumer Reports had to say about that: “We’ve seen several bed-in-a-box mattresses come through the lab that perform consistently, at a level of Good to Excellent, for sleepers of every body size and sleeping style…In fact, the top-rated foam beds-in-a-box score Very Good or Excellent in our support tests for petite, average, and large and/or tall sleepers. Source

mattress shipped in a box

Return Rates for Boxed Mattresses vs Mattress Stores

Another indication of quality is return rates. Online brands make returns as pain-free as possible and usually have 100+ day return policies.

It’s not bad, considering you cannot try out most boxed mattresses before you buy it (though you usually get a full refund, including shipping if you change your mind within the generous return window .

  • 7% of bed-in-a-box that are purchased are returned (according to 1010data, a data analytics company).
  • 2.2% of mattresses sold are returned at Mattress Firm which highly discourages returns with a fee of $79.99 (source). Most consumers are probably deterred by the high fee. Also according to Consumer Reports most people know if they like a bed they lie on within the first 20 minutes so they may get it correct the first time.

How Much Market Share Do Online Mattress Companies Have?

Online brands are still relatively new. Many are startups who’re new to the industry (former online marketers). According to Trade publication Furniture Today, bed in a box mattresses make up  12% of the market in 2017, which is double what it was in 2014 (it took 3 years to double in size).

mattress store

Blending of Online and Offline Models

Over time both models – offline and online – are starting to blend. For example,  Purple mattress tested their new mattress models in Mattress Firm stores which you could argue is an antithesis of what they stand for. You can try a Leesa at West Elm stores. Casper brings beds to you and has products at Target stores.

Casper is ranked #4 and #5 for the top rated foam bed in a box mattresses. Use code UNBOX50 to save $50 on Casper.

Retailers are hiring ecommerce managers and coming out with boxed bed of their own with creative names that are part of the culture: Sealy has Cocoon. Sleep Number has it Bed. However, it seems less likely they’ll create an affiliate program or work with mattress reviewers as aggressively as online-first brands.

Top Bed in a Box Brands

In tests, here’s some of the top performers:

Top bed in a box mattresses

Purple vs Ghostbed

and for innerspring or hybrid mattresses:

voila mattress

Click here to read more about Voila mattress and how you can save 10%.

Have you heard of any of the top mattresses shipped in a box? Have you purchased one?


Top 10 Best of Las Vegas Furniture Show Awards

Las Vegas Market Awards - Mattress Category

AUnbox Mattress was recently in Las Vegas for the Furniture Show at the World Market. It was our first year attending and we wanted to point out the amazing things we saw.

If you haven’t been, it’s a little like a mall with only furniture type stores but better because there’s food and drink in a lot of them!

All awards created by Unbox Mattress and are entirely biased and unscientific.

mattress ads on sidewalk
Mattress ads on the sidewalk

Las Vegas Market Awards – Mattress/Bedding Category

Here are our nominees and winners of the 2018 Las Vegas Furniture Awards in the bedding category.

1. Cutest Kid Bed
5 Little Monkeys (comes with an organic bed, stuffed monkey, and kid pillow all in a cute bag, boxed.

2. Funnest Wall Display
Pillow Wall at Protect-a-Bed that had the booth staff’s photo and title on them. Runner up, best food.

3. Best Affiliate Program
Brooklyn Bedding.  They’ll share content from their partners. Note: easy win, not a lot of competition.

4. Best Futuristic Mind Reading Bed
Reverie. The built in speakers are killer too. You can hear the sound while you’re underneath them but move just an inch out of range and nothing. If our phone hadn’t died we’d have video.

5. A Mattress So Organic a Vegan Would Eat it Raw 

COCO-MAT. Made of coconut,  seaweed and cactus fiber. Can be made into a refreshing smoothie. They won two other awards too…

Best Wood Bicycle that Looks Fake but is Real and They Let you Ride
COCO-MAT (photos lost).

Most chill, hip & instagrammable
6. Most Exclusive/Elusive
Bedgear. Nothing to report here. We and others were banned from the showroom.
7. Best Non Fake Tech

Magniflex temperature controlled room with smart bed that truly delivers on promises. Displayed in a temperature controlled room optimized for sleep. Heart rate, temperature, sound decimals and more data collected.

Guys stop hiding your treasurer at the back of the showroom. Take everyone through! We want your bed most!

 Honorable mention: best memory foam
8. Best Spiffs 
Malouf’s lavender -infused travel pillow.
9. Most Comfortable Massage Chair that Rocks you Better than your Mama Did When you were a Baby
10. Best in-Suite Dining

Malouf. They brought their team of chefs from Utah with them and built out a kitchen! The gourmet spread included raw honeycomb,  artisan cheeses, and  test tube asparagus soup. They even baked their own bread. Never miss a chance to eat with them!

Here’s a preview:


We couldn’t stick to only 10. So here are a few more awards…
Most Friendly
Tie between COCO-MAT and Reverie (thanks for the phone and moral support guys).
Most Disparaging to Online Only Mattress Companies
Preferred not to be named: 2 way tie.
Best Basic Platform
Hollywood Bedframe, upholstered.
Best New Sleep Service
Reverie sleep coaches. Move over white glove delivery, hello sleep concierge.

Best New Word
Casperopolis – a combination of Sleepopolis and Casper, referring to the changes which happened after Casper acquired the Sleepopolis (indirectly).  The company rep who said it shall remain anonymous.

Who We Didn’t Get to Visit but Wanted To

Classic brands