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Is the Newton Crib Mattress Safe?

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If you’re looking for a safe baby mattress, be sure to consider the Newton Baby Mattress. If your baby is a face sleeper, you really need to check out this mattress.

Parents stress about if their newborn is breathing because they sleep so deeply and quietly, it can be hard to tell for sure. We put our ear up to their mouth just to make sure we can hear their breath. Breath is everything.

Newton Baby mattress gives parents peace of mind. So many parents want to know…

Is the Newton Crib Mattress Safe?

Yes, Newton Baby is safe. In fact, it’s one of the safest crib mattresses for 3 reasons:

  1. Breathable mattress lowers the risk of suffocation. The inside is made of 90% air, so you can breath through the entire mattress – even the waterproof version. I tested this with a fan under the mattress and features on the cover.
  2. Washable inside and out. You can literally put this mattress in the shower. The inside AND the outside of the mattress can be washed. So you can wash out anything harmful or messy that spills on or gets inside the mattress.
  3. Missing harmful chemicals commonly used in baby mattresses. No polyurethane foam (loaded with chemicals), toxic fire-retardant chemicals or vinyl (PVC) that contains phthalates.

Keep reading as we go more in-depth on each point. There is one reason you may not like this mattress, but I’ll tell you why I still think it’s worth it.

If you decide you want a Newton baby mattress, be sure to use our code UNBOX to save $50. Also, I wouldn’t recommend buying the Newton on Amazon for reasons I’ll get into.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and you may sleep better.

Should I Buy a Newton Mattress on Amazon?

Here’s why I wouldn’t buy a Newton mattress on Amazon: you don’t get the 100 day sleep trial. Instead it’s Amazon’s which I believe is 30 days.

Also, I don’t like how you can’t always trust the authenticity of products purchased on Amazon (I bought an unsafe trampoline on Amazon made of such cheap metal that I had to throw it away because it was dangerous for my kid to jump on). It was advertised under a MADE in the USA brand name yet it was a cheap knockoff.

I’ve gotten 2 Newton baby mattresses directly from Newton. There was no smell on either one. I’m HIGHLY sensitive to mattress smells because some off-gassing gives me a headache and runny eyes.

So I mention when there’s a smell whenever I review a mattress. It’s important to know that detail. While other reviewers say they could wash the mattress and the smell was gone, I could be wrong in my small sample size of 2.

If you want to see the tests I did on Newton Baby and what I thought, see my full Newton Baby Mattress Review.

More about Newton Baby Mattress Safety

Keep reading to the end to find out the #1 best reason to get this mattress…

#3: Washable Baby Mattress – Inside and Out! 

Most baby mattresses don’t have a removable cover. So there’s no way to put it in the washing machine if there’s a mess to clean up. But Newton Baby has a cover that zips on and off for easy cleaning.

But that’s not the only thing – you can literally wash inside of the mattress too! Simply remove the cover and spray the mattress core in the shower, bathtub or even outside with a hose. Then you’ll know it’s clean and can control what goes on it.

Clean off dust, dead skin cells or whatever else might be inside that mattress (like that massive blow out you need to clean up after).

We’ve never seen anything like it!

#2: No Harmful Chemicals Usually Found in Crib Mattresses

Infants spend 50-60% of their day sleeping (and it seems like a lot of the night awake!) so they spend a lot of time on their mattress.

The Newton crib mattress contains no foam, latex or adhesives. It’s Greenguard Gold Certified, which means no off-gassing, toxic chemicals or allergens. We didn’t smell anything at all from the mattress. The cover had a slight smell but it wasn’t bothersome at all, not like typical off-gassing smell.

Newton mattresses, covers and pads are all Greenguard Gold Certified.

Here’s why that’s so important. According to research reported in Environmental Science and Technology,

  • New crib mattresses release about four times as many VOCs as old crib mattresses.
  • Body heat increases emissions.
  • Chemical emissions are strongest in the sleeping infant’s immediate breathing zone.

Nontoxic Materials

No toxic fire-retardant chemicals are used. Instead, they use natural phosphates as a fire barrier, most commonly known as salt. Newer models have an extra zippered layer which is an all natural fire barrier made from wood-pulp. It’s a thinner beige material.

No vinyl is used, not even on Newton Baby’s waterproof cover and mattress pad. It may cost more, but it’s worth it to me. Especially when vinyl usually tears and is no longer sanitary or waterproof.

Chemicals in a crib mattress are not typically disclosed by manufacturers. Infants are considered highly susceptible to the adverse health effects of exposure to indoor air pollutants.

There are so many harmful chemicals used in baby mattresses and we’re glad Newton doesn’t use health-harming chemicals. They created a safer mattress that you can feel good about!

We have enough things to worry about as new parents – and a baby mattress shouldn’t be one of them!

So what IS in this mattress made of? Mostly AIR! It’s 90% air and 10% food grade polymer. Seriously, that’s it! The composition of this mattress has another huge benefit we’ll detail in the next section.

#1: Your Baby Can Breath through the Mattress AND Bedding

Regular baby mattresses are covered in plastic that has chemicals, can easily tear, and that wear out fast. Plus you can’t easily breathe through the plastic layer.

The Newton is different. It’s breathable. That means if your baby ever ends up face down, the mattress and cover are 100% breathable, greatly reducing the risk of suffocation. This is just brilliant. It gives peace of mind and is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Instead of worrying about your baby overheating (which may be a contributing factor to SIDS), you can rest knowing they can breath through and get airflow.

The mattress, cover, waterproof cover and the sheets are breathable. I even put the cover on a vinyl covered mattress and I could breath just fine because the cover has airspace in it. It’s crazy that even the waterproof products don’t block air flow. They’re soft and like a felt material, not vinyl.

How to Wash a Newton Baby Mattress

As I said, your mattress is washable. Here are the care instructions on the label:

I’m a big fan of nontoxic mattresses in general, especially those with polymer inside (like the Purple mattress) and now the Newton Baby Mattress.

This baby mattress is remarkably supportive though and won’t collapse. It compresses and comes back up again.

Note: The cover is pretty and well constructed but it’s not soft. It’s a little bit scratchy and may not be the most comfortable against baby’s skin. That’s why we highly recommend that you purchase breathable crib sheets for this bed.

BONUS REASON: Reusable and Recyclable

The Newton baby mattress is made to last through the toddler years and can be handed down to the next child or to a friend. That makes it reusable unlike some baby mattresses which are totally destroyed after one kid.

This mattress is made to be durable. Plus it’s recyclable so you won’t need to toss it after one or two babies use.

To recycle your Newton Baby Mattress you can either find a recycling facility near you or they will send you return packaging and arrange recycling for you.

The fact that this mattress is reusable and recyclable isn’t the most amazing thing about this mattress…

Avocado crib mattress

Avocado Crib Mattress (Organic Nontoxic and Plastic Free Sleep for Baby)

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Avocado green mattress logoThe Avocado crib mattress is a green baby mattress that perfect for parents or grandparents concerned about toxins or plastic in their baby mattress. We usually buy the cheapest mattress for our kids and babies.

Infants spend 50 to 60 % of their day sleeping, so they spend a lot of time on their mattress at a time. Research published in Environmental Science & Technology talked about emissions from new baby mattresses and how body heat increases those emissions. They found that chemical emissions are strongest around the sleeping infant’s immediate breathing zone.

We requested, and Avocado sent us this mattress to review and we may earn a commission when you shop through our links. Knowing Avocado Green is one of the top choices for moms and dads who care about the environment and quality, we had to give it a try.

Avocado also carries a hybrid crib mattress, which has wrapped coils and uses no glue.

Visit Avocado Website

Organic Crib Mattress

Avocado Crib Mattress Review

Avocado Crib mattress comes shipped flat in a box and is ready to put your baby to bed on, immediately. There is no funky smell at all. It does come wrapped in plastic to protect it, but there’s no plastic inside or outside it.

It had no scent out of the box. The mattresses are hand-made in California (made in the USA) and not just that. Avocado takes additional steps to create a clean mattress (meaning not toxic). They go beyond that in considering the impact their business has on the environment. Not just your baby’s sleep environment, but how it impacts the earth.

Avocado is a carbon negative business. That means we voluntarily offset more than 100% of our emissions, from resource extraction to shipping, by supporting carbon offset projects through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Our offset projects help mitigate climate change and support innovation in addressing greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

The important thing you need to know is that they ensure the manufacturing process is as clean as possible. If you’ve heard of farm to table for food, this is farm to mattress.
While it may cost more than getting your mattress that’s made overseas in a sweatshop, they ensure that their factories have fair wages, comprehensive benefits, and safe working conditions.

Read More Reviews

Avocado Crib Mattress with BabyThis baby fell right asleep on the Avocado mattress. It fit the crib perfectly and was safe and snug. Real Baby (Not a Doll) Asleep on Avocado Crib Mattress

Avocado Crib Mattress Certifications
Here are the certifications Avocado holds (we verified them since some mattress companies aren’t truthful about their claims).

✔️ 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and wool, which means the entire supply chain of each material within the mattress has met the strictest standard for ecological and social responsibility. GOTS also prohibits using the kinds of toxic chemicals commonly used in textile processing that can cause cancer, birth defects, and other serious illnesses. That’s a pretty strong statement.
✔️ 100% GOLS certified organic latex. Each material is responsibly and sustainably harvested in India exclusively for us without pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. This is better for your child, the environment, and our farmers. They get organic certified latex and wool from their own sustainable farms and are processed in their own organic certified facilities.
✔️ MADE SAFE certification. Made safe only allows the use of ingredients that are not known or suspected to harm human health, animals, aquatic life, or ecosystems. The certification prohibits all use of harmful substances, such as flame retardants, everywhere in the crib mattress.
✔️Greenguard GOLD

I’ll sum this part up by saying that they want to protect the environment, their factory team, and your baby. If you’re concerned with quality and want a nontoxic mattress, you’ll want to consider the Avocado.

Organic Baby Mattress Features
✔️ Dual-firmness. So one side is more firm and the other is softer. Your infant needs a firmer surface, and when they get older, you can turn the mattress to the other side, and it’s got a little more sink.
✔️ Thickness 6″
✔️ Weight 28 lbs.
✔️ Two stage mattress for infants on the more firm side and toddlers on the other, softer side.

What Avocado Baby Mattress is Made Of

They’re very transparent about what and how this mattress is made. Many mattress companies don’t give you the details about the materials inside.

✔️ Organic coconut husk & latex core. The certified organic latex is Dunlop latex specifically.
All new material consisting of: Latex Coir 57%, Latex foam rubber pad 36%, wool fiber 7%. Cover: ORGANIC COTTON 100%
What is Latex Coir? Coir is natural coconut fiber extracted from the outer husk of a coconut. The infant side of this mattress uses a firm coconut core infused with GOLS organic certified latex.

The coconut husk is the infant side and the latex side with wool padding is the toddler side.

what's inside avocado crib mattressThe cover is a creamy color with dark green cording and embroidered detail.

But the best thing about Avocado crib mattress is not the things it has, but rather what IT DOES NOT have:
✔️ No polyurethane or foams (including no memory foam).
✔️ No chemical adhesives.
✔️ No chemical flame retardants.
✔️ No vinyl.

Avocado Green Crib Mattress DOES HAVE
✔️ Beautiful style with this cording around the outside and the gender neutral off white creamy color.
✔️ Breathable and doesn’t sleep hot (in my tests it’s better than average but not completely breathable. The coconut husk allows for more airflow than the latex.

avocado infant mattress sideFirmness

Firm on the infant side and slightly less firm on the toddler side. This is safer for baby and young children who can sink into and get stuck or overly hot in a mattress with synthetic materials that get softer with body heat.

Sleep Trial
It has a 30-NIGHT TRIAL. You should know within a week or less if there’s any reason to return it, and if you do return it within 30 days, you get a full refund. Return mattresses are donated mattresses to charities.

Start My Sleep Trial


You get a 25-YEAR WARRANTY. The 25-year warranty means it’s going to make it through a lot of babies. This can be used for every baby in your family and then donated or sold when you’re done. It will last!



❌ No waterproof cover. This is expected because waterproofing materials used aren’t natural. You can’t do that without vinyl or plastic and synthetics.
However, this organic fabric does stain easily, so you’re going to want to protect it. The Avocado crib mattress protector is also made with a gentle GOTS organic certified cotton ticking and an absorbent cotton fiber fill. It has elastic straps to hold it on top of the mattress. And it’s simple to swap out and clean. I’ve never seen this mattress protector but their adult size one is gorgeous.

However, the cover only protects the top of the mattress. Avocado has a waterproof baby mattress protector too, which is organic. It has a thin waterproof film sandwiched between two layers of organic cotton. It looks like it will wash up easier too. It covers the sides of the mattress as well as the top. I prefer the waterproof version because I’d be nervous if a bottle of milk tipped and spilled over the sides or baby had a blowout. To me it’s more sanitary since you can’t clean inside of the mattress.

❌ The cover isn’t removable, so you can’t take it off and wash it. So again, protect it. Even water will make a stain. I’m super protective of any mattress until I get a cover on it, but knowing this is an organic cotton, I’m especially careful.

The Avocado Green Crib Mattress typically sells for about $279. You can get financing through Affirm, which I’ve used before to get a low monthly payment. If you qualify and pay it off in the specified timeframe you won’t pay interest. You can pay and schedule payments online. It’s very easy.

There’s so much to Feel Good About with the Avocado Crib Mattress. You can feel good about the company, their business practices and impact on the environment.

Worth It?
Is the Avocado Green Crib Mattress worth $279? For what it offers, yes. I mean, if you’re in the market for an organic mattress of this quality, you’ll pay about this much. I had a $300 baby mattress from another company that we gifted to some new parents when our toddler switched to a larger bed. It held up beautifully.

Overall, I would get the Avocado Green Crib Mattress, protect it, and plan to keep it for a long time. It’s more like something you own and pass down. It’s beautiful, and you can be assured that your baby will not be breathing in toxins or plastic.

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress Black Friday Sale

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Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

If you’re a nontoxic, organic type of parent, you’ll love Naturepedic crib mattresses! They’re on sale for Black Friday.

Like Newton Baby, Naturepedic has breathable baby mattresses so even if baby can’t move their neck, they’ll be able to breath through the mattress. Naturepedic baby mattresses are also certified organic, GOLS, Greenguard and GOTS certified. See how Naturepedic compares to other name brand baby mattresses.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and your baby may get better, more healthy sleep.

Naturepedic Black Friday Sale

From now until Nov. 30, 2020, get 20% off + Free Shipping on organic mattresses and accessories with code SLEEP20. This includes baby mattresses.

Canadian customers: Please visit naturepedic.ca and use code SLEEPCANADA20 to receive this promotion. ($500 min)

Take 20% Off!

Which Naturepedic Crib Mattress to Buy

Naturepedic also carries bassinet and round baby mattresses.

Naturepedic nontoxic baby mattressAll Naturepedic crib mattresses are free from harmful chemicals including flame retardants, vinyl/PVC, polyurethane foam, phthalates, biocides, perfluorinated compounds (PFAS) and other questionable materials. And they’re made in the USA.

They’re also waterproof and easy-to-clean to help keep things hygienic and ensure your baby won’t be breathing mold, bacteria or other microbial growth. Even the waterproof mattress protector is breathable.

Finally, they’re 100% certified organic while avoiding the use of allergenic materials such as latex and wool. With Naturepedic, you won’t have to compromise on health, safety or convenience!

Sleep Trial

30-day money back guarantee – you can try Naturepedic products risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund. 

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

organic waterproof crib mattress protector

New Organic Crib Mattress Protector from Brentwood Home

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New from Brentwood Home: organic waterproof crib mattress protector

Brentwood Home has a new 100% GOTS certified organic waterproof crib mattress protector. This is the perfect addition to Brentwood Home’s safe nontoxic crib mattresses. Now you can ensure they last longer with a waterproof mattress protector.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

organic waterproof crib mattress protector

Waterproof Organic Crib Mattress Protector

The protector has two layers of totally natural, 100% GOTS organic certified cotton that sandwiches a thin, waterproof film. It’s safe, easy-to-clean, and adds dependable protection against accidents.

Brentwood’s Organic Waterproof Crib Protector Pad does not use vinyl, PVC, or phthalates — just a thin layer of polyurethane film. That means it sleeps cool while being safe, nontoxic, and comfortable — and not dense, rubbery, or crinkly. The waterproof barrier is impenetrable to bed bugs, dust mites, liquids, and other allergens.

One size. Fits standard crib mattress: 28″ x 52″ up to 8 inches deep.

  • Safe: GOTS organic certified cotton
  • Effective: Thin, waterproof polyurethane film prevents leaking
  • Breathable: Not dense, noisy, or crinkly
  • Non-toxic: No vinyl, PVC, or phthalates
  • 5% waterproof polyurethane film
  • Made in the USA

Sleep Trial and Warranty

The best part that we don’t see very often is the crib mattress protector is backed with a 1-Year Warranty AND a 100-Night Sleep Trial. If during the 100 nights you change your mind, you can return it free of charge.

Cleaning is an issue when it comes to kids and so you can rest easy knowing the protector can wash by spot cleaning or machine wash (no bleach). Tumble dry on low or air dry.

organic waterproof crib mattress protector packaging

All of Brentwood Home’s nontoxic baby mattresses already come with a waterproof cover. However, you can either double up so you never have to remove the bedding, for easier washing. Or, use this crib mattress protector on any crib mattress.

New Avocado Green Organic Crib Mattress Flips Over to Turn it from a Baby to a Toddler Bed

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Avocado green mattress logoAvocado Green Mattress has a new addition to add to their line of nontoxic mattresses and accessories – a baby mattress! And they may be the only online mattress company that has a children’s book. Fitting with their brand, all profits from the book, which has an environmental theme, will be donated to 1% for the Planet.

Thanks for shopping through our links as it helps support our small business.

Avocado Organic Crib Mattress

Like the rest of Avocado’s mattresses, the Avocado organic crib mattress is gorgeous. It’s also created to go from baby to toddler bed. One side is more firm, for infants who need that extra support. Flip it to the other side for a tad softer feel – ideal for toddlers who can move their heads and bodies around more. As with all Avocado mattresses, it’s handmade in Los Angeles.

Avocado Toddler Mattress

Crib Mattress Size

Fits standard cribs and is 6 inches deep and 28 inches across. The bundle of joy is 52 inches long and weighs 36 lbs. Mom and baby are doing great!

What it’s Made of

In addition to 170 cotton-wrapped pocketed innersprings which are encased in unbleached cotton, there’s organic certified wool, organic certified flax pads; organic certified coco-fiber perimeters infused with organic latex for strong edge support; resilient organic certified natural dunlop latex foam; and organic certified cotton ticking. Cotton is GOTS organic certified.

How much is the Avocado Organic Baby Mattress?

The Avocado Organic Baby Mattress costs $1,249 and has an option to finance with Affirm. If you quality you can get the mattress now and get 0% APR and payments as low as $76/month.

Take me to their Website

A Farm to Bedroom Mattress

Avocado has taken the concept of farm to table that’s popular in the food niche and applied it to making mattresses. Most mattress brands don’t make their own products, rather they’re made by a different manufacturer (or several). Avocado mades their own, from farm to bed in their GOTS organic certified factories in Los Angeles. They co-own the factory in India where the GOLS Dunlop latex is processed and control more than 4,000 acres of family-run latex plantations. In addition they ethically raise more than 150,000 native Gaddi sheep on 40,000+ hectares of organic certified pastures in the Himalayas.

No Polyurethane Foams, Glue, Flame Retardant or Chemicals

There are no petroleum-based polyurethane foams, chemical adhesives, vinyl waterproofing, polyurethane, polyethylene or flame retardant chemicals in this Organic Crib Mattress. Instead, they use 100% organic wool as a natural fire retardant and interior needle tufting. Keeping with the theme of no plastic or polyurethane, the baby mattress protector is made of certified organic cotton too. That means more washing and the company recommends you buy 3 so that you can change them out as needed.

If you’re unsure about your purchase at all, you may want to get a waterproof incontinence pad to put under where baby is sleeping.


Babies sleep more than adults, which means that they spend more time near mattresses that can emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals). Studies show these emissions are linked to neurodevelopmental issues, childhood obesity, asthma, and other conditions. That’s why our organic crib mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low emissions. It’s been tested in environmental chambers to meet the world’s most rigorous emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants. Few crib mattresses qualify for this gold standard.

100% GOTS Organic Certified Wool

Carbon Neutral Production & Shipping


100 DAY SLEEP TRIAL – but the company states that the crib mattress must be sanitary and undamaged to be eligible.

As of this writing Avocado does not sell the crib, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that was the next addition to the Avocado Green mattress family.

Newton Baby Black Friday Sale

Newton Baby Mattress is 20% Off for Black Friday

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Newton Baby Black Friday Sale

Newton Baby is a unique safe, breathable crib mattress that gives parents peace of mind. And right now they’re on sale. Here’s what’s on the Newton Baby Black Friday Sale 2020.

If you want a Newton Baby Mattress, get it now, because this year is a wild card. Black Friday sales are starting earlier and more people are shopping online than ever. As we get closer we get to the holidays there will be higher chances of shipping delays.

Newton baby mattress has a 100-night risk free trial with Free Shipping & Returns.

Take 20% Off a Baby Mattress this Black Friday.

Get 20% Off!

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and you’ll get more peace of mind knowing your baby is sleeping safer.

Which Newton Baby Mattress Should You Get?

There are a few options for you to choose from during the Newton Baby Black Friday sale. Which mattress should you get? There are a few options that we’ll explain so you know which one you need.

The Newton Baby Mattress comes in two sizes – standard and mini. Select mini if you’re buying it for a bassinet. Select the standard size for a crib.

The standard and mini crib mattress comes in darling colors including gray, white, pink and blue.

STANDARD CRIB MATTRESS – $ 299.99 Dimensions are 52″ X 28″ and 5.5″ thick.
MINI CRIB MATTRESS – $ 249.99 Dimensions are 38″ X 24″ and 5.5″ thick.

Choose from the regular or waterproof version.

The Essential Baby Mattress is 4 inches thick, costs $50 less, but doesn’t come with the waterproof cover option.

The waterproof means that the mattress cover itself is waterproof (it’s not a separate mattress pad/protector). The waterproof cover can be unzipped but covers the entire mattress.

The mattress pad/protector is gathered on the bottom and comes on/off like a fitted sheet. You don’t need both but obviously the mattress pad is easier to change than the waterproof cover. It took me so long to figure out the difference!


Which Newton Baby Mattress Should I Buy?

What to Buy on the Newton Baby Black Friday Sale

If you want a Newton Baby mattress, the Newton Baby Black Friday sale is the time to get one. Along with the Newton Baby Black Friday sale you may want to get sheets and a waterproof mattress cover to protect your mattress. Or choose the waterproof version of the standard or mini size mattress.

The sheets, cover and waterproof mattress pads are breathable, just like the mattress.

What we’ve seen is you can donate, give or sell your mattress after you’re done with it, if you have a waterproof mattress cover or pad, because they last and hold up so well. I don’t know if you’ve seen the sad condition of most baby mattresses after a few kids, but it’s not cute! I gave my last baby mattress to a new mom who very much appreciated it – and it still looked brand new.

Why Choose a Newton Baby Mattress?

If you’re not familiar with the top features of a Newton Baby mattress yet, here’s why parents love it so much:

Breathable/Lower Risk of Suffocation

Parents will appreciate that Newton is breathable. So even if baby is face down she’ll be able to breathe through the mattress. This gives a lot of peace of mind that your baby or child can breath, even when face down on the mattress. It’s made mostly of air!

The cotton muslim sheets are also breathable. This Newton Baby Black Friday sale is a good time to get sheets, while they’re on sale, because they don’t go on sale often.

Firm Enough to be Safe for Baby

When it comes to a crib mattress you need something firmer, especially for babies. They can’t lift and move their heads to adjust for breathing. And memory foam mattresses or softer mattresses aren’t recommended. Even older children have sunk into a softer mattress too much.

“According to the AAP, your baby’s mattress should be firm and comfortable. The firm surface reduces the risk of suffocation…The mattress doesn’t have to be so hard that it’s uncomfortable and difficult for your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep; it just needs to be firm.”

Read more tips for choosing the right baby mattress and why firm is better here.


Newton mattresses are also washable. Yes, those blowouts and spit up stains can be washed out completely – both the cover and the inside of the bed. You can literally put it in the bathtub.

Watch this video with us cleaning the Newton Baby Mattress in the bathtub and it includes a demo of just how breathable the Newton crib mattress is.

No foam, glue or latex

There is no foam, glue, latex or springs inside a Newton Baby Mattress and they’re 100% recyclable.

Why You Need a Newton Baby Mattress Protector to Go with your Mattress

We recommend that you buy a Newton baby mattress protector to make cleaning even easier. Even if you don’t have the Newton mattress.

We’ve tested Newton Baby’s waterproof, breathable mattress protector for a baby mattress and it’s amazing! It truly is breathable. I’d get it for any baby mattress, it’s that good. Not cheap, but have you seen how they mostly fall apart?

We’ve tested and LOVE the quiet, breathable and truly waterproof Newton mattress protector. It’s amazing. It’s pricey but worth it. Just note that Newton Baby calls it a mattress pad.

Watch the Video

In the video after we show cleaning a typical baby mattress, we show more about the Newton. How it’s so sanitary and we do the fan test so you can see what we mean by safe and breathable.

Then I show you the Newton waterproof mattress pad and I breathe right through it. Even on the bed you can breath through it. Plus it is high quality and will last. If you can, I’d get two so you have a back up to change out for those middle of the night blow outs.

To get the deal just click the button below and it will prompt you to sign up for their email list.

Hope that helps you take full advantage of the Newton Baby Black Friday Sale. Want to learn more about this crib mattress? See our Newton Baby Mattress Review.

Need a mattress for the rest of the family? More Black Friday mattress sales here.

New Mattress Protectors from Eight Sleep and Newton Baby

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This is the week of new mattress protectors! Both Eight mattress and Newton baby mattress came out with new mattress protectors. We always recommend that you use a mattress protector with your bed. Don’t sleep on your mattress until you do.

Spills, stains, tears and other damage is inevitable, affecting things like allergies, resell value (should you decide to resell your mattress) and longevity of your mattress. Your mattress starts wearing down as soon as skin cells or sweat reaches the inside. After that bacteria starts to break down the foam or material. Newton has no foam and is the least likely to break down (plus it’s entirely washable), but a waterproof cover means less laundry for parents.

Note: Unbox Mattress has affiliate relationships and may earn a small commission on any sales and allows us to continue to publish bedding industry news and reviews.

The Newton Baby Crib Mattress Pad

After a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign which raised $27,11 this April, the company that introduced the unique, breathable Newton crib mattress debuted a new crib mattress pad. Like the mattress, the mattress pad is also breathable.

Size: 28” x 52” and 3/8″ thickness.

  • Waterproof.
  • Made from 100% polyester for easy cleaning with a soft waterproof TPU liner, or thermoplastic polyurethane layer, a waterproof layer that uses a heat bonded lamination process to a plush fabric material that is used most often in cloth diapering. Non toxic.
  • The crib mattress cover goes right over the quilted mattress cover. The sides are stretchy.
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. That means if it’s damaged in the course of ordinary use, they will provide a new one at no cost to you.

“With a half an inch of air circulation on the surface of the mattress, the baby will sleep safer, cleaner, and more comfortably. Hypoallergenic and proven in independent testing to reduce the risk of suffocation.”

The company’s aim is to provide safer, healthier sleep for babies.

Price: $69.99

I Want One

Eight Mattress Protector

Eight also introduced a new mattress protector made to go under the Smart Cover to make your mattress last longer. It’s already a hit and has almost sold out in its first few days.

This is Eight’s first ever mattress protector.

Eight mattress protector

  • 3-sided mattress protector that covers the top of the bed and the sides (not the bottom).
  • Shields from liquids, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, and mold.
  • Made with 100% Tencel
  • Made with hypoallergenic Construction for cool sleep to make your bed last longer.
  • Quiet – the material almost feels like a sturdy thick t-shirt.
  • Fits any mattress.
  • Free shipping and returns.
  • Waterproof.

Price: $95.00 for a queen.

I Need One

Newton Baby Black Friday Sale

Newton Baby Mattress Review | How to Save $50 Off Yours

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Newton Baby Mattress Review

Are you looking for a safe, breathable, cleanable, nontoxic baby mattress? The Newton Baby Mattress is so unique and we had a lot to say about it. Keep reading our Newton Baby Mattress Review to discover what we mean…

 Also, Newton Baby Mattress gave us an exclusive discount to save $50. Simply use our link and the code UNBOX50 to save on any mattress purchase! 

We reviewed the Newton Original Crib Mattress with a white cover. The cover on the Original is water resistant but not waterproof. Newton also sells a waterproof Newton Baby Mattress. Or, you can buy a waterproof mattress pad.

Newton Baby Mattress Review

Newton Baby Mattress Review Video

Here’s our Newton Baby Mattress review video. In it I perform a series of tests to show you how Newton is different from other baby mattresses. I  tested the breathability and other claims of the mattress. I think it’s pretty informative to see how it did. I had an old vinyl crib mattress to compare it to, so you could see the differences.

Unbox Mattress was not paid to review the Newton Baby Mattresses but got one for the purpose of doing a review. However, we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Newton Baby Crib Mattress Sleep Trial and Warranty

You have 100 nights to test out the Newton Baby mattress at home. If you decide it’s not for you, you’re out nothing. They’ll give you a full refund.

Newton also offers a limited lifetime warranty. You need to register your mattress on their website and purchase from them directly to get that warranty.

 Not sure if it’s right for you? Start your 100 night trial. Use code UNBOX to save $50 

Now let’s go over the layers. There are 3. The mattress cover. An all natural fire barrier, and the inner core. They’re totally different than you might expect…

Your Newton Baby Mattress Arrives in a Box 

Here’s what it looked like on my porch:

Newton Breathable Baby Mattress Cover

Newton mattress has a zip on/off cover that you can wash in a washing machine. They suggest that you buy an extra cover so you can wash one and have a fresh one to use. You don’t need a crib sheet or anything on top of this cover. It’s totally breathable. I tested that in the video.

In fact, when I put the Newton mattress cover on another mattress that wasn’t breathable, it became breathable! I couldn’t believe it. There’s just enough spaces in the fabric that you can breath through it. Its a three-dimensional spacer material. I’ve never tested anything like it before.

The 3D cloud cover is made of 100% polyester which is how its able to be water resistant and breathable. But even the waterproof covers are breathable. And they’re all quiet and have no vinyl.

You can find crib mattresses with an organic cotton cover, but the problem is you can’t usually remove and wash the cover. And if it’s not waterproof, those messes seep inside of the mattress (you can’t clean inside or put the entire mattress in the washing machine).

Natural Fire Barrier

Under the cover is a removable fire barrier (instead of using chemical barriers) made of all natural wood-pulp. The first version I got had didn’t have this cover and the company told me that older versions of the mattress had the fire barrier included in the core.

Mattress Cover Colors

The cover comes in some really sweet colors: white, moonlight grey, sunrise pink and sky blue. I previously got a pink and now a white cover. I like the moonlight grey because it’s gender neutral and it won’t show dirt. When I moved my mattress with a white cover, after it was unpacked, I got some dirt on it. So that’s why I know.

Newton Crib Mattress Colors

You can buy extra covers in case one is in the wash – you know, to avoid having to wash one in a middle of the night diaper change or for a nap.

While we haven’t tested them yet, Newton sells breathable baby mattress sheets too.

What’s a Newton Baby Mattress Made Of?

Mostly air! 90% air in fact. Because none of the mattress core is solid. Think of the texture of ramen noodles, that’s similar to the texture of the mattress itself. There’s no cotton, foam or latex inside. No springs either.

It’s almost made exclusively of what Newton calls WovenAire®. It looks like this:

The inside looks sort of like ramen noodles.

From their website:

This is a patented cushioning material that replaces foam, latex, and springs and is the core of all our mattresses. It’s made of 100% recyclable food-grade polymer, an LDPE grade 4 plastic. It’s the same material as a yogurt container!

Wovenaire is 90% air by volume – which makes it incredibly light and, well, airy. It’s Greenguard Gold Certified, which means it is tested and certified to have the lowest chemical emissions possible.

In addition, Wovenaire is hypoallergenic, and doesn’t off-gas or leach toxic chemicals in the way foam and latex can. All this makes Wovenaire a perfect choice for your baby.


While there is some slight give, Newton is firmer, as recommended. Infants need a firm, flat, even surface to sleep and move on. It provides the resistance needed as they begin to push up, turn and eventually stand in the crib.

Also, a soft mattress can sink in. Young children and babies can get trapped in the mattress and not be able to breath. Also with less give, the mattress will not collapse around the edges and corners where little heads, fingers, legs and arms can get stuck.

Washable Baby Mattress  

We know the cover is washable, but what about the mattress itself? Yes!

Most baby mattresses don’t have a removable cover so you couldn’t get to the inside of the mattress. And there’s no way to put it in the washing machine if there’s a mess to clean up. But Newton Baby has a cover that zips on and off for easy cleaning and you can take it completely off. It’s washable.

But you can also literally wash the mattress!

Simply remove the cover and spray the mattress core in the shower, bathtub or even outside with a hose. Then you’ll know it’s totally clean. I put some grape juice, ketchup and mustard onto the mattress in the video and then just sprayed it off.

Clean off dust, dead skin cells or whatever else might be inside that mattress. You may even want to wash the bed before your baby sleeps on it.

We’ve never seen anything like it!

Newton baby mattress review

Safest Baby Mattress?

This is a big claim. Is the Newton baby mattress safe? While that may mean different things to different people, this is the safest baby mattress to me. Why?

Because its breathability reduces the risk of suffocation. Even if baby sleeps face down. See in the video where I put my face against the mattress and try to breath through it. Then I try on a vinyl mattress. I also tried it on an organic mattress. None were breathable like Newton is.

Airflow stops babies from sweating and getting overheated from the mattress. Memory foam or other foams get softer and warmer with heat from your body or the air temperature. Newton stays the same firmness (baby can’t sink in and get stuck) and doesn’t make baby hotter. Overheating may be a contributing factor to SIDS.

Nontoxic. While  not organic, like many higher end organic crib mattresses, Newton is Greenguard Gold certified. Many mattresses are Greenguard certified, but only the best have the gold behind the label.

The GREENGUARD Gold Certification Standard includes health-based criteria for additional chemicals and also requires lower total volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions levels to ensure that products are acceptable for use in environments such as schools and health care facilities. In addition to limiting emissions of more than 360 VOCs and total chemical emissions, GREENGUARD Gold Certified products must also comply with requirements of the state of California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions from Indoor Sources Using Environmental Chambers,(also known as California Section 01350). Office furniture products that are GREENGUARD Gold Certified are also compliant with the BIFMA X7.1 standard.

Unbox Mattress is a big fan of nontoxic mattresses in general, especially those with polymer inside (like the Purple mattress) and now the Newton Baby Mattress.

This baby mattress is remarkably supportive though and won’t collapse. It compresses a little and comes back up again.

Reusable and Recyclable

The Newton baby mattress is made to last through the toddler years and can be handed down to the next child or to a friend. That makes it reusable unlike some baby mattresses which are totally destroyed after one kid.

The reason I got two Newton Baby Mattresses is because I gave the last one to a friend. And she didn’t want to give it back for me to review it on a video. She LOVES her Newton so much I couldn’t pry it from her. So I requested another one.

This mattress is made to be durable with a lifetime warranty. Plus it’s recyclable so you won’t need to toss it after one or two babies use.

To recycle your Newton Baby Mattress you can either find a recycling facility near you or they will send you return packaging and arrange recycling for you.

Newton Baby Mattress Sizes and Prices

The Newton Baby Mattress comes in standard or mini (for a bassinet). You can get a 4 or 5.5 inch deep mattress. I was sent the Essential. The standard fit in my crib perfectly without gaping around the edges or corners.

Here are the differences in dimensions and prices:


Newton Baby Mattress Comparison Chart4″ deep. 52″ x 28″ x 4″. Weighs 11 lbs. $249.

52″ x 28″ x 5.5″
Weighs: 14 lbs. $349.99

38″ x 24″ x 5.5″
Mini Weight: 9 lbs. $249

MINI – 5.5 inches thick. 

5.5 inches thick. $349.99

I HIGHLY recommend you either get the waterproof or buy the waterproof pad. It’s so amazing. I tested the waterproofness in a video and poured water onto it. No leaking. I was amazed that the water just pooled at the bottom. I could literally dump it out. However, that’s more water than a baby would pee.

Plus the fabric is soft, not plastic like most waterproof covers are. I only wish they made it a twin size for bigger kids.

Newton Baby Mattress Coupon

You can use Newton Baby Mattress Coupon Code UNBOX to save $50 on your mattress. We highly recommend that you get the Waterproof version. It’s still breathable but it will survive blowouts, spills and more. The fabric is like felt underneath and doesn’t make noise like old style crib mattresses. It will protect your mattress.



Is Newton Baby Mattress Organic?

Here’s the point where some parents wonder if this is a good fit for them. Newton Baby isn’t organic. It’s made of a food grade plastic. That isn’t very natural, but air is. And it’s 10% plastic and 90% air. Newton mattresses are made of WovenAir and provides a more safe, firm sleeping surface (baby can’t sink in and get stuck in the mattress). There is airflow through it.

If you insist on an organic and/or cotton and latex mattress, this may not be the mattress for you. It has synthetic materials, but I think the safety tradeoff is worth it. I like that it’s recyclable and can last through several babies and toddlers. But most of all I want a breathable baby mattress. And so far, no other baby mattress I’ve reviewed is breathable like Newton.

Sure, I can breath through other breathable baby mattresses some, if I really try, but I probably wouldn’t get enough air if I were face down on it. Babies can’t freely move their faces and bodies, so breathability is important. It’s what a lot of doctors and parents want when they buy a Newton.

When I was a new mom I couldn’t afford this kind of crib for my first baby. Then I bought an Intellibed crib mattress which was breathable (but not the cover, that I remember). It was super heavy but amazing. It was also washable inside. They’re no longer making and selling it. I’m so happy Newton made this mattress and it’s what I’d buy for my baby.


What sheets go best with my Newton Baby Mattress? Are the sheets breathable too?

Newton sells aden + anais 100% cotton sheets. They are 100% breathable. They come in 3 patterns to fit a standard size crib. For the mini baby mattress they recommend Babyletto mini crib sheets because they are breathable.

Is the Newton baby mattress cover waterproof?

This is an important question. The cover is not waterproof but it is water resistant! Why? If you want a waterproof mattress cover or even mattress protector, it will have a synthetic backing. Adding this eliminates breathability and increases overheating. That creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

What is the size and weight of the Newton Baby Mattress?

52″ x 28″ x 4″
Standard Weight: 11 lbs.

52″ x 28″ x 5.5″
Standard Weight: 14 lbs.

Mini Dimensions: 38″ x 24″ x 5.5″
Mini Weight: 9 lbs.

How much does a Newton Crib Mattress cost and do they offer financing?

The standard size Newton baby mattress is $299. Yes, Newton offers financing. You can buy now and pay later with Affirm. If you qualify you don’t pay interest for the first 6 months. Payment starts at $27/month.

Is the Newton Baby Mattress flame resistant?

Newton doesn’t use toxic chemical fire retardants. Instead, they say their Wovenaire® technology contains natural phosphates (salt). Interestingly, salt  is a  safe way to meet fire safety requirements and doesn’t contain halogen or heavy metals like other flame resistant materials.

How much does the Newton Baby Mattress Weigh?

Newton is lightweight and easy to move. It weighs 11 lbs., for the Essential. Not much more than a newborn baby. The original weighs just 14 lbs.

What firmness is the Newton Baby Mattress?

The Newton is a medium firm, though it’s not a solid surface area. It’s enough to be supportive without being hard. There’s no foam in this mattress so it won’t sink in, but it has some give.