Newton Baby Mattress Review: Top 3 Qualities of This Breathable Crib Mattress

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Newton Baby Mattress Review

Unboxers, are you looking for a truly nontoxic baby mattress? We’re not talking organic, but something more amazing that will be safe for your baby? Something that’s completely unlike any baby mattress you’ve ever seen before? Keep reading our Newton Baby Mattress Review  to discover what we mean…

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Newton baby mattress review

First, disclosures. Unbox Mattress was not paid to review the Newton Baby Mattresses but got one for the purpose of doing a review. We’re affiliates of Newton so we earn a commission on any sales.

At first we thought, big deal another baby mattress, but we didn’t yet know how truly unique the Newton baby mattress is. Also, if you have a tough time remembering the name, I think of a newborn that’s new in town. Newton, newborn…get it?

Keep reading for our top 3 reasons to check out a Newton crib mattress.

Newton baby crib mattress box

Newton Baby Crib Mattress

You have 100 nights to test out this mattress at home. If you decide it’s not for you, you’re out nothing. They’ll give you a full refund. Newton also offers a limited lifetime warranty.

 Not sure if it’s right for you? Start your 100 night trial

The Newton baby mattress comes in 2 sizes: ‘mini’ and standard. The mini is for smaller beds like a bassinet and the standard that fits a crib.

The mattress comes with a zip on/off cover and they suggest that you buy an extra cover so you can wash one and have a fresh one to use. We’ll get into the unique features of the cover below but you’ll notice the beautiful cloud design. You don’t need a crib sheet or anything on top of this cover.

The cover comes in some really sweet colors:

Newton Crib Mattress Colors

The Newton Baby Mattress cover comes in white, moonlight grey, sunrise pink and sky blue.

The Newton Baby Mattress has a 100 day trial which means you get 100 days to try it out in your home and if you decide to return it you’ll get a full refund.

Newton Baby Mattress Coupon

Right now you can get $50 OFF any Newton Crib Mattress purchase. Just use the coupon code Save50March2018 for the remainder of March.




Top 3 Things Parents Love About the Newton Baby Mattress

Keep reading to the end to find out the #1 best reason to get this mattress…

#3: Reusable and Recyclable
The Newton baby mattress is made to last through the toddler years and can be handed down to the next child or to a friend. That makes it reusable unlike some baby mattresses which are totally destroyed after one kid.

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This mattress is made to be durable. Plus it’s recyclable so you won’t need to toss it after one or two babies use.

To recycle your Newton Baby Mattress you can either find a recycling facility near you or they will send you return packaging and arrange recycling for you.

The fact that this mattress is reusable and recyclable isn’t the most amazing thing about this mattress…

#2: No Harmful Chemicals

Infants spend 50-60% of their day sleeping (and it seems like a lot of the night awake!) so they spend a lot of time on their mattress.

The Newton crib mattress contains no foam, latex or adhesives. It’s Greenguard Gold certified, which means no off-gassing, toxic chemicals or allergens. We didn’t smell anything at all from the mattress. The cover had a slight smell but it wasn’t bothersome at all.

Here’s why that’s so important. According to research reported in Environmental Science and Technology,

  • New crib mattresses release about four times as many VOCs as old crib mattresses.
  • Body heat increases emissions.
  • Chemical emissions are strongest in the sleeping infant’s immediate breathing zone.

Chemicals in a crib mattress are not typcially disclosed by manufacturers
Infants are considered highly susceptible to the adverse health effects of exposure to indoor air pollutants (source).

There are so many harmful chemicals used in baby mattresses and we’re glad Newton doesn’t use health-harming chemicals. They created a safer mattress that you can feel good about!

We have enough things to worry about as new parents – and a baby mattress shouldn’t be one of them!

So what IS in this mattress made of? Mostly AIR! It’s 90% air and 10% food grade polymer. Seriously, that’s it! The composition of this mattress has another huge benefit we’ll detail in the next section.

The inside looks sort of like ramen noodles.

You’ll appreciate that this mattress is washable. Not just the high quality cover but the bed itself is washable. You can wash the quilted cover in the washer. The mattress itself can go in the bath or shower to clean it. Clean off dust, dead skin cells or whatever else might be inside that mattress.

We have never seen anything like it!

Honestly we thought this was just a higher end baby mattress but it’s so much more than that. We love that it’s safe, but that’s not the best part about this mattress!

#1: Your baby can breath through this bed!

Regular baby mattresses are covered in plastic that has chemicals, can easily tear, and that wear out fast. Plus you can’t easily breathe through the plastic layer.

The Newton is different. It’s breathable. That means if your baby ever ends up face down, the mattress and cover are 100% breathable, greatly reducing the risk of suffocation. This is just brilliant. It gives peace of mind and is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

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The unique cover is also breathable! It’s also really high quality with a high quality zipper you can quickly and easily remove for cleaning.


Unbox Mattress is a big fan of nontoxic mattresses in general, especially those with polymer inside (like the Purple mattress) and now the Newton Baby Mattress.

This baby mattress is remarkably supportive though and won’t collapse. It compresses and comes back up again.


Note: The cover is pretty and well constructed but it’s not soft. It’s a little bit scratchy and may not be the most comfortable against baby’s skin. That’s why we highly recommend that you purchase breathable crib sheets for this bed.


What sheets go best with my Newton Baby Mattress?

Newton sells aden + anais 100% cotton sheets. They are 100% breathable. They come in 3 patterns to fit a standard size crib. For the mini baby mattress they recommend Babyletto mini crib sheets because they are breathable.

Is the Newton baby mattress cover waterproof?

This is an important question. The cover is not waterproof but it is water resistant! Why? If you want a waterproof mattress cover or even mattress protector, it will have a synthetic backing. Adding this eliminates breathability and increases overheating. That creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

What is the size and weight of the Newton Baby Mattress?

28” x 52” x 5.5”. We also offer a Mini Crib Mattress that will fit mini cribs with a mattress dimension of 38” x 24” x 5.5”. It weighs 11 lbs.

How much does a Newton Crib Mattress cost and do they offer financing?

The standard size Newton baby mattress is $299. Yes, Newton offers financing. You can buy now and pay later with Affirm. If you qualify you don’t pay interest for the first 6 months. Payment starts at $27/month.

Is the Newton Baby Mattress flame resistant?

Newton doesn’t use toxic chemical fire retardants. Instead, they say their Wovenaire® technology contains natural phosphates (salt). Interestingly, salt  is a  safe way to meet fire safety requirements and doesn’t contain halogen or heavy metals like other flame resistant materials.

How much does the Newton Baby Mattress Weigh?

Newton is lightweight and easy to move. It weighs 11 lbs., not much more than a newborn baby.

What firmness is the Newton Baby Mattress?

The Newton is a medium firm, though it’s not a solid surface area. It’s enough to be supportive without being hard. One Amazon reviewer, for example, said they much preferred the Newton to the naturepedic, “which is hard as stone”.

Sometimes it’s tough to trust reviews on the company’s website. Check Amazon reviews for the Newton Baby Mattress here.

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