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New Weighted Reversible Eye Mask from Yogasleep

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Reversible Weighted Eye Mask

Today Yogasleep announced a NEW product – a reversible Weighted Eye Mask. There’s weighted blankets for laps and bodies and weighted eye masks for eyes. They’re perfect for naps, meditation, and spa days at home!

Strap on the mask and feel stress dissipate as the weight gently fills the contour of your face. Of course it’s ideal for sleep too since it effectively blocks out all light. It’s a must-have for travel or even to have in your desk drawer to pull out for quick relaxation. Bring your Weighted Eye Mask with you wherever you go to alleviate stress, get deep sleep, and help relieve tension!

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Take me to the Weighted Eye Mask!

  • Filled with 10 oz of hypallergenic glass beads, determined by their engineering team who did consumer testing to find the ideal weight to suit all comfort preferences.
  • Extra-wide bands reduce pressure on sensitive areas of the face while staying in place, even while sitting and side sleeping.
  • Unique, reversible double-sided mask – cooling black polyester on one side and plush grey velour on the other.

One of the biggest problems with an eye mask is for it to stay in place. It’s not relaxing to continually adjust a mask. The hook and loop band stays in place while tossing and turning, traveling in an airplane, car, or napping in your favorite chair. And you can adjust it to fit your head.

Blocks Light: Conforms to your face to block out all light that may disrupt your sleep; great for travel and for use on a plane, train, or while commuting.

Stress-Reliever: Provides gentle and evenly distributed pressure on eyes using pressure point therapy to ease stress and may help alleviate headaches.

Price: a reasonable $19.99 and we hear at that price with these features, it’s been a customer favorite from the start!

Cooling pajamas

Slumber Cloud’s New STAY COOL Sleepwear Come with a 60 Day Sleep Trial

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  • Slumber Cloud just introduced new cooling pajamas which releases water vapor 60% better than cotton
  • Made with newly developed Nattcool™ technology which is softer than silk, cooler than linen, and better moisture management than cotton 
  • Designed to be paired with Slumber Cloud bedding which is engineered to be temperature regulating
  • Created to help you stop worrying about overheating or night sweats (even during warmer summer nights)

Slumber CloudNew Slumber Cloud Cooling Pajamas

Slumber Cloud, the company that has space age comforters and bedding that’s designed to regulate body temperature, recently introduced a new line of pajamas for men and women. The company partnered with Dagsmejan, the sleepwear start-up from Switzerland, to launch the new STAY COOL Sleepwear product line with Slumber Cloud.

Cooling pajama tops

The new featherlight summer pajamas keep you cool with newly developed Nattcool™ technology which has natural eucalyptus fibers. Extremely soft and luxurious to the touch, Nattcool also helps you to cool you down through gradual moisture evaporation and keeps you dry through exceptional moisture transport.

The high tech material is 8x more breathable than cotton.

Ideal for travel too because the sleepwear line dries in 1/3 of the time of cotton. Tagless design with flat, ergonomically placed seams. Machine washable.

Available in women’s and men’s sizes – from size small to XL. Right now women’s sizes come in sky blue color and men’s are available in navy blue.

Women’s tops are v neck style and the men’s has a rounded neck. Although the women’s top is shown in one photo as sleeveless, it does have a sleeve.

You can purchase each piece separately. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

I’m Tired of Sleeping Sweaty!!

Slumber Cloud logo along with image of bed made with Stratus Sheets, Stratus Duvet Cover and Cirrus Pillow while legs rest against the bed.

60 Day Sleep Trial

Unlike most pajamas (but just like Slumber Cloud’s other cooling sleep products), you can try out the new Slumber Cloud pajamas in your home for up to 60 days. Yes, these pajamas come with a 60 day sleep trial! That means if you’re not pleased with your purchase you have 60 days to return them for a full refund.

Start my 60 Day Trial

New Casper Glow Night Light Uses Tech to Help you Sleep

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We know Casper for their #1 Consumer Reports rated mattress but they have a bigger dream in mind than just selling beds. They are coming up with new tech to help you sleep and Casper Glow nightlight is their first sleep tech product.

Sleep research and marketing has always been at the front of what Casper does, but unlike Eight or other high tech solutions, Casper keeps their tech simple. They use the data they gather from customer research to develop elegant products that do a few things very well.

The company Airbnb’d a big Victorian house in San Francisco to conduct sleep experiments to see how technology could help improve sleep. Just like the sun gradually gets dim or lighter when it’s time to sleep or wake up, we’re affected by light. This is a process that triggers reactions like the release of melatonin to signal it’s time to fall asleep.

This video shows you how Glow works.


Casper Glow Nightlight

The new Casper Glow does more than just glow, yet it also draws a line at not being fussy or complex. Glow won’t track your sleep, record your snoring or give you any data. It doesn’t connect to your Alexa or anything really. Rather it aims to help you fall asleep and wake up.

Put simply, the Glow gradually dims at night to help you fall asleep, and then gradually gets brighter when it’s time to wake up. It has sensors that react to the light in the room.

Light is key to sleep and Glow helps you set the light in your room. I already have a Phillips Hue light in my room that I can dim or brighten without having to wire anything. I like that you can set and forget it or use the manual controls.

Glow is small and cordless. It’s a little like a lantern that you can take with you when you get up to go to the bathroom or check on the kids (something you can’t do with your lamp).

Who Will Love Glow?

For me, I’d set the light to fade up until bedtime as a signal that it’s time to turn everything off, stop talking and go to sleep. In the morning, the sun usually wakes me up but during the darker winter months it could gently wake you.

Set Glow between 15 minutes and 1.5 hours through the app, or use the simple actions to operate it without the app.  In fact, you touch or rotate Glow to dim or brighten the light or use the app to turn it on/off.

I’d use the Glow on vacations because it’s lightweight, easy to carry and doesn’t take up a lot of space. At just over 5 inches tall it fits in your hand but a handle to make bringing it places easier. I’d take Glow camping and yes, put one on my nightstand for its minimalistic design and the quality of the light.

For kids, the selling point is how you don’t have to read anything, press any buttons or do anything confusing. Operate it with touch – simple! It could make an effective gentle alarm clock if your kids wake up with light.

Older adults who have trouble reading at night or operating buttons or grasping something small could operate the Glow intuitively.

If space is limited or you like an uncluttered bedroom, it will fit on a small nightstand.

Casper Glow Cost

The Casper Glow costs $129 for a single light, $229 for a pair. The price actually went up by quite a bit from launch, but it doesn’t seem to deter customers.

Order a Glow

Glow Trial and Warranty

You have up to 30 days to try Glow and it has a 6-month limited warranty.


  • Wireless (battery operated) with the option of plugging it into a wall or into the wireless charging station
  • Portable and lightweight – weighs under 1 lb
  • Minimalist design – 5.25 inches tall with a base
  • LED lighting with a 36x warm white LED array and 12x accent LEDs in amber
  • Apple and Android app for scheduling
  • Ability to group Glows or operate them independently
  • Touch control via app or shake, rotate or otherwise operate it
  • Battery life, said to be several days on a charge or 7 continuous hours

What’s next?
At the Vegas furniture show a few years ago, I was wowed by Reverie’s display that had speakers built into the headboard that can only be heard by you. Casper is working on something with music/sound. Besides light, temperature is another big factor in sleep.

Casper is said to be working on concepts such as…

  • Weighted pillows that you can warm up
  • A diffuser to give the right scents to relax and help you fall asleep
  • A heated foot pad

What do you think of Casper Glow?