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Gravity Flannel Weighted Blanket Black Friday sale

Gravity Blanket Black Friday 30% Off Everything

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Gravity Blanket Black Friday

Want to know what Gravity Blanket’s Black Friday 2020 deals are? Well, like everything else, it’s not just for Black Friday. From now until Cyber Monday, save 30% off your purchase. Then after Cyber Monday it drops to 20%. Use code HOLIDAY 2020.

It’s more like Black November-December though. Because the Black Friday sale turns into a holiday sale that lasts until December 31st! One of our favorite Christmas gifts for ourselves or family/close friends is a quality blanket. Now’s the best time to get one, during the Black Friday/Holiday sale.

We may earn a commission and you may get deeper, more restful sleep when you shop through our links. That’s because a Gravity weighted blanket can improve your sleep.

In Gravity’s 2019 sleep study, 72% of participants reported deeper, more restful sleep and 76% reported falling asleep faster when using the Gravity Blanket.

Gravity Black Friday

Take 30% Off Everything!

Take 20% off Gravity sleep products including

  • Famous Gravity Weighted Blankets, including the classic, flannel and cotton ones and weighted blankets with ZIPPERS
  • Fun patterned duvet covers to go over your blanket
  • Weighted eye mask and robes – yes, a weighted robe
  • New Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress (read our Gravity Mattress review)
  • Modernist flannel sheet sets, great gift idea for the guy in your life
  • Gravity Bamboo Sheets
  • Gravity Pillow

We think the red plaid flannel weighted blanket is the best Christmas gift!


What I learned from reviewing 2 products made by Gravity for other mattress in a box brands – go with the original. Both were inferior compared to buying directly from Gravity. I LOVE the weighted eye mask and now have two of those because I don’t want to accidentally lose one of them.

Choose from 15, 20 or 25 lb single size weighted blankets or 35 king/queen versions. We recommend getting ones with zippers instead of ties.

Level Up your Weighted Blanket Style with Gravity’s Duvet Covers

Say goodbye to boring duvet covers! Each one has different fabric and properties (no more solid colors only, here!). Vineyard Brush, Sea Shore Stripe, and Midnight Iceberg are all made of a cooling polyester fabric that’s 100% breathable and wicks away moisture from the body during use.

We love that they have zippers on some of their weighted blankets because we know from experience how weight can tear off the corner ties. Gravity’s weighted blankets come with a cover in the same material as the weighted blanket insert. The two pieces are separate making it easy to separate and wash the outer cover. These are additional covers to change up the look or as stand alone blankets.

We think they’re more appropriately named, weighted BLANKET covers. And you can get flannel or cotton covers (gray or white) too. Lastly, if you need more luxury in your life, they’re available in faux fur!


Modernist Style Sleep Products for the Modern Man

Gravity sells their products at Bloomingdales and collaborated with award winning designer Ron Chereskin for their Modernist collection.

Award Winning Artist and Designer Ron Chereskin serves as founding designer at Modernist Studios. His brilliant legacy in fashion, art and design help foster a creative attitude towards patterns, colors and textures that beautify any home. Ron began his career as a freelance illustrator, quickly rising in prominence by producing award winning magazine covers, as well as commissioned paintings and illustrations. Ron dedicated himself to dressing men, drawing limitless amounts of inspiration from his desire to inject energy, style and comfort to the, then, staid, monotonous and overly constructed men’s apparel market. For combining innovative applications of cotton fiber with beautiful textures, patterns and breadth of color – an approach that would become Ron’s trademark – he received both the Coty and Cutty Sark awards for understanding sportswear design.

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress Black Friday Sale

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Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

If you’re a nontoxic, organic type of parent, you’ll love Naturepedic crib mattresses! They’re on sale for Black Friday.

Like Newton Baby, Naturepedic has breathable baby mattresses so even if baby can’t move their neck, they’ll be able to breath through the mattress. Naturepedic baby mattresses are also certified organic, GOLS, Greenguard and GOTS certified. See how Naturepedic compares to other name brand baby mattresses.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and your baby may get better, more healthy sleep.

Naturepedic Black Friday Sale

From now until Nov. 30, 2020, get 20% off + Free Shipping on organic mattresses and accessories with code SLEEP20. This includes baby mattresses.

Canadian customers: Please visit naturepedic.ca and use code SLEEPCANADA20 to receive this promotion. ($500 min)

Take 20% Off!

Which Naturepedic Crib Mattress to Buy

Naturepedic also carries bassinet and round baby mattresses.

Naturepedic nontoxic baby mattressAll Naturepedic crib mattresses are free from harmful chemicals including flame retardants, vinyl/PVC, polyurethane foam, phthalates, biocides, perfluorinated compounds (PFAS) and other questionable materials. And they’re made in the USA.

They’re also waterproof and easy-to-clean to help keep things hygienic and ensure your baby won’t be breathing mold, bacteria or other microbial growth. Even the waterproof mattress protector is breathable.

Finally, they’re 100% certified organic while avoiding the use of allergenic materials such as latex and wool. With Naturepedic, you won’t have to compromise on health, safety or convenience!

Sleep Trial

30-day money back guarantee – you can try Naturepedic products risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund. 

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Bedinabox Veterans Day Sale

Bed in a Box® Veterans Day Sale is Live NOW Save up to 30%

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Bed in a Box® has 6 mattresses. We previously reviewed the Original Bed in a Box Mattress (11″ gel memory foam mattress, medium firm) and the Bed in a Box Eco-Lux Mattress (11″ thick, medium firm, and made with renewable materials). They’re all on sale for Veteran’s Day, which is Wednesday, November 11. However, you don’t have to wait to get the mattress savings.

Bed in a Box also has a hybrid if you prefer springs and foam for extra support and longevity. All Bed in a Box mattresses are made in the USA.

Veterans Day Mattress Sale

Starting today, until November 15, all Bed in a Box Mattresses are 15% off. If you buy them in a bundle, you can take 30% off. Plus, get FREE  pillows with your new BedInABox®.

Bundles are a little different than we’re used to. They include a mattress, and an adjustable base in certain models and sizes, not a mattress protector or sheets.

Take 15% Off!

Mattress Bundles Include

  • 1 BedInABox® mattress in twin xl, queen or split king. Choose from the Azul or Tranquillium models.
  • 1 MotionInABox™ Adjustable Base.

Sale ends November 15, 2020.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

120-Night Trial comes with each mattress. This means if you return it within 120 days of purchase, you’re eligible for a full refund.

20-Year Warranty

Though lesser known than some other mattress brands, it’s a family-owned business that makes an honest, fair mattress. It’s better quality than most and should last longer also. The company manufacturers the mattresses and even supplies them for other brands (who may be more apt to cut corners to keep prices lower).

If you’re looking for the lowest cost, the 9″ thick Essential is $749 for a queen, plus the additional 15 or 30% off. If you get the mattress, that means a savings of $112. Your cost would be $636.65 during the sale. The bestseller is the Original and it’s a very solid pick, a great value for the price/quality.

You can get your mattress shipped free right away with Bed in a Box mattress financing. They use Affirm which means you get an answer right away and can set up auto payments online. More details in the article.

Idle Mattress Sale

Idle Mattress Sale | 50% Off Memory Foam Mattresses

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We’ve never seen an Idle Mattress sale like this before! Not for Memorial Day, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day or any other sale this year so far. In fact, we’ve never seen this good of a deal from Idle (or any mattress company). So do not wait if you want to get the best price on a mattress.

Why Idle?

Idle Sleep mattresses have an 18 month trial, forever warranty and the best financing terms we’ve seen. Almost all their mattresses are 14 inches deep (most are 10). And you get 2 FREE pillows with your mattress.

Idle Mattress Sale

Idle Sleep Mattress has an incredible Idle mattress sale going on right now! Choose a foam or a hybrid mattress. You’ll save the most if you buy a foam mattress. Prices are good until November 11, 2020.  If you love a soft mattress, they have a plush or a medium gel memory foam option.

For the Idle Sleep Mattress sale, you can choose between a hybrid (it has coils and foam or latex) or memory foam mattress:

Visit the website or scroll down to the bottom of the page for complete sizes and prices.

Save 50%!

18 Month Sleep Trial and Forever Warranty

Plus as always you get a full 18 months sleep trial. So that means that you have 1 1/2 years to test it out and if it’s not for you, return it within that timeframe for a full refund. There’s also a lifetime warranty on your mattress. Incredible!

And Idle Sleep has some of the best terms for financing too, so you can get your mattress now but pay as you go. As low as 0%. That means you could get a new mattress for as little as $4.50 per month. That’s less than you spend on a cup of cofee!!

Which Idle Mattress Should you Get?

All Foam options

If you want a lower priced, all foam, choose from the

  • Plush Gel Memory foam (14″ deep) and soft
  • Idle Gel Memory Foam (12″ deep) and medium

Hybrid Mattresses

For a longer lasting mattress, or if you don’t like to sink into your mattress as much, we recommend the hybrid. It’s 14″ deep and has coils. You can choose from latex or memory foam (we recommend the memory foam). Check below for exact sizes and prices for each model.

If you go to the website and choose a mattress and size, they will state you how much each mattress will cost per month depending on which you select. They do the math for you. Just remember, with the sale, you need to cut that number in half or 25%.

Idle Mattress Sale Prices

How much will your Idle mattress cost? Here are the prices for each Idle Sleep Mattress, by size and type. If you want the least expensive option, it’s the Idle Mattress with gel memory foam.

For an additional fee of $125 they will remove your old mattress. Not all mattress companies offer this service. It can be worth it depending on if you have a truck or vehicle, can lift your mattress and the dump fees.

Idle Gel Foam Mattress Prices

This is a medium firm mattress with gel memory foam. Made to fit most people’s sleep preference, with the addition of gel for cooling. 12 inches thick.

These are 50% off + 2 FREE pillows.

Size Regular Price Sale Price
Twin $649 $324.50
Twin XL $699 $349.50
Full $849 $424.50
Queen $949 $474.50
King $1099 $549.50
Cal King $1099 $549.50

Idle PLUSH Gel Foam Mattress Prices

This is the softest mattress, you will sink in and get warm and cozy. If you like the feel of soft gushy memory foam, this mattress is for you! 14 inches thick. We think it’s the best mattress for side sleepers but there are options for all sleepers.

Idle Mattress sale price is 50% off + 2 FREE pillows.

Size Regular Price Sale Price
Twin $899 $444.50
Twin XL $949 $474.50
Full $1199 $599.50
Queen $1349 $674.50
King $1599 $799.50
Cal King $1599 $799.50

Idle Hybrid Mattress Prices

Comes in medium and luxury firm. These are 25% off + 2 FREE pillows. 14 inches thick.

Size Regular Price Sale Price
Twin $1,041 $780
Twin XL $1,105 $828.75
Full $1,320 $990
Queen $1,420 $1,065
King $1,690 $1,267.50
Split King $1,999 $1,499.25

Idle Latex Mattress Prices
Made with dunlop latex, in medium and luxury firm. 14 inches thick. This hybrid mattress has wool and cotton and is a more eco-friendly choice.

Size Regular Price Sale Price
Twin $1,212 $909
Twin XL $1,284 $963
Full $1,998 $1,498.50
Queen $2,141 $1605.75
King or Cal King $2,427 $1,820.25
Split King $2,498 $1,873.50

Want more details? Check out our Idle Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress review or our Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review.

Nectar Mattress – BIGGEST Sale Ever Right Now

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Nectar Sleep LogoLikely in response to the economic conditions due to coronavirus, mattress companies are holding massive sales right now. However, if you look at a recent survey of both online and physical mattress stores, it’s not as grim as it may seem.

In a recent survey, published in Furniture Today*, 463 retailers were polled and “On the digital side, 76% of respondents said that online traffic was either steady or up. Only 5% said they have taken the drastic step of completely shutting down their stores.”

Still, Nectar Mattress has one of the biggest we’ve ever seen going on right now, in their history! Nectar is a highly rated memory foam mattress. At this time they have two mattresses to choose from: The Nectar Mattress and the Nectar Lush Mattress.

And remember that Nectar has a lifetime warranty and a full year sleep trial.

Get $399 of FREE accessories when you buy a Nectar Mattress.

Note we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Nectar Mattress Sale

Nectar Mattress – Get FREE protector, sheets and pillows!

Nectar Mattress BIGGEST Sale

Right now, you get a free mattress protector, pillows and sheets when you buy a mattress.

$399 Of FREE Accessories With Every Mattress Purchase
FREE Mattress Protector (Worth $99)
FREE Premium Pillows (Worth $150)
FREE Sheets Set (Worth $150)

Sale is going on now through Friday, April 24th

Get $399 Worth of FREE Accessories

*Source https://www.furnituretoday.com/industry-issue/nationwide-marketing-surveys-buying-group-members-on-covid-19-impact/

Missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday Mattress Sales? These are Still on Sale

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Maybe you couldn’t decide. Or your mattress was fine and now suddenly you need a new or another bed (and you wish it was before the sales were over. Perhaps you were too busy with relatives and activities or you were focused on getting other items on your shopping list.

Whatever the reason you didn’t get a mattress during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. And you wish you did. Now what? Well, you’re in luck. Lots of mattresses are still on sale! Some are surprise extensions. These won’r last for long though, so act fast if there’s a mattress or bedding you want. P.S. We think giving a pillow for Christmas makes an incredible gift. You’d be surprised how many kids request one.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links, thank you.

Mattresses, Bedding and Adjustable Bases Still on Sale

We kept this list super simple so you can browse it easily. Listed in alphabetical order.

Avocado Green MattressSAVE $200 on ALL Avocado mattresses. Deal includes the new organic crib mattress, vegan mattress, pillow top and more! Expires Dec 9, 2019.

Bear Mattress – 25% off Site Wide + 2 Free Cloud Pillows with mattress or mattress bundle. Sale includes adjustable base, bed frame and foundation.

Brooklyn Bedding – SALE: 25% OFF THE ENTIRE WEBSITE, all mattresses, pillows and bedding. They have the best shredded memory foam pillows! Great Christmas gifts for the parents or in-laws! Expires Dec 8, 2019.

Casper – Take 10% off any order with a mattress with code MONDAYS. Expires Dec 9, 2019.

Coop Home Goods – Take 10% Off Sitewide at Coop Home Goods, for pillows, mattress protectors, incontinence pads, sheets and more! Use code ‘COOPMAS’ at Checkout. Expires Dec 16, 2019.

Latex For Less – $175 Off EVERY Latex For Less Mattress with coupon code: CYBER2019. Expires Dec 12, 2019.

Layla Sleep – Mattress: $150 OFF/ + 2 Free premium pillow + Free Mattress Protector. Kapok Pillow: Buy One Get One 1/2 OFF. Foundation: $50 OFF. Topper: $50 OFF. Sheets: $50 OFF. Weighted Blanket: $30 OFF.

Luma Sleep Mattress – 25% off Mattresses. 15% Off entire store. Financing terms of 18 months with 0% APR (see site for details). Luma makes natural talalay latex bed and mattress toppers. You exchange the top layer if the firmness isn’t right for you, up to a year after purchase.

Molecule Mattress – 25% off site wide WITH CODE: CYBER25. Expires Sunday, Dec 8, 2019. 40% off sheets, pillows & original mattress toppers. Expires Dec 16, 2019.
No additional code needed.

Nest Mattress – Save $300 on your purchase for $1299 or more. No Code Necessary. Expires Dec 8, 2019.

Nolah Mattress – $300 off the Nolah 12′ Signature mattress + 2 free pillows ($158 value) – $458 DEAL! $125 off the Nolah 10″ Original mattress + 2 free pillows ($158 value) – $283 DEAL! $70 off any size organic cotton sheet set. $30 off any mattress protector (bamboo or organic cotton). $20 off any 2-pack pillows, $150 off any adjustable base – with or without built-in massage. Expires Monday Dec 9, 2019.

Pacific Coast Bedding – Free Ground Shipping On All Orders Over $99, 25% off Hotel Products, $100 off White Goose Down Comforters, 20% off Feather Beds. Expires Dec 31, 2019.

PlushBeds – $1200 off all Organic and Natural Latex Mattresses plus FREE: 2 Organic Latex Pillows, Organic Sheet Set and Organic Mattress Protector. $600 off all Memory Foam and Cool Gel Mattresses plus FREE: 2 Organic Latex Pillows, Organic Sheet Set and Cool Gel Pad. Up to 60% off all Adjustable Beds plus FREE: 10 Year Extended Warranty. Expires Dec 7, 2019.

Purple Mattress  – Up To $500 Off a Mattress & Premium Sleep Bundle + save 10% on select bedding, including pillows. Bundles come with sheets, mattress protector, and pillows.

Sleepiphany Mattress – get a customizable Sleepiphany King size mattress for the price of a Queen size with coupon code: AFCALKINGCYBER – a savings of $211! Also, get a Queen for the price of a Full with coupon code: AFKINGCYBER, a Full for the price of a Twin XL with coupon code: AFFULLCYBER, or Twin XL for the price of a twin with coupon code: AFTXLCYBER. Expires Dec 9, 2019.

YogaBed – 20% off Dohm, Rohm, Hushh, Go, and Weighted Blanket. Up to $150 off Yogabed Mattresses. 30% off 2 Yogasleep Pillows, Use Coupon Code: JOYFULREST. Additional 10% off the Dohm Classic, Use Coupon Code: JOLLYSOUND. Take an extra $50 off already marked down full, queen, king Yogabeds (takes discount to up to $200 off). Use Coupon Code: FESTIVESLEEP. Expires Dec. 19, 2019.

Chilipad or Ooler – 20% off the Chilipad or Ooler. Heat or cool your bed with this sleep tech which features a mat that you sleep on that has small tubes filled with heated or cooled liquid from when it passes through the Chilipad unit. It’s constantly moving through the blanket to change or maintain the temperature. Ooler is more advanced and you can set a sleep schedule so that it keeps your bed at the temperature you set. Holiday financing options available.  Save up to $300!

chilipad ooler saleHappy mattress shopping!

Newton Baby Black Friday Sale

Newton Baby Mattress is 20% Off for Black Friday

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Newton Baby Black Friday Sale

Newton Baby is a unique safe, breathable crib mattress that gives parents peace of mind. And right now they’re on sale. Here’s what’s on the Newton Baby Black Friday Sale 2020.

If you want a Newton Baby Mattress, get it now, because this year is a wild card. Black Friday sales are starting earlier and more people are shopping online than ever. As we get closer we get to the holidays there will be higher chances of shipping delays.

Newton baby mattress has a 100-night risk free trial with Free Shipping & Returns.

Take 20% Off a Baby Mattress this Black Friday.

Get 20% Off!

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and you’ll get more peace of mind knowing your baby is sleeping safer.

Which Newton Baby Mattress Should You Get?

There are a few options for you to choose from during the Newton Baby Black Friday sale. Which mattress should you get? There are a few options that we’ll explain so you know which one you need.

The Newton Baby Mattress comes in two sizes – standard and mini. Select mini if you’re buying it for a bassinet. Select the standard size for a crib.

The standard and mini crib mattress comes in darling colors including gray, white, pink and blue.

STANDARD CRIB MATTRESS – $ 299.99 Dimensions are 52″ X 28″ and 5.5″ thick.
MINI CRIB MATTRESS – $ 249.99 Dimensions are 38″ X 24″ and 5.5″ thick.

Choose from the regular or waterproof version.

The Essential Baby Mattress is 4 inches thick, costs $50 less, but doesn’t come with the waterproof cover option.

The waterproof means that the mattress cover itself is waterproof (it’s not a separate mattress pad/protector). The waterproof cover can be unzipped but covers the entire mattress.

The mattress pad/protector is gathered on the bottom and comes on/off like a fitted sheet. You don’t need both but obviously the mattress pad is easier to change than the waterproof cover. It took me so long to figure out the difference!


Which Newton Baby Mattress Should I Buy?

What to Buy on the Newton Baby Black Friday Sale

If you want a Newton Baby mattress, the Newton Baby Black Friday sale is the time to get one. Along with the Newton Baby Black Friday sale you may want to get sheets and a waterproof mattress cover to protect your mattress. Or choose the waterproof version of the standard or mini size mattress.

The sheets, cover and waterproof mattress pads are breathable, just like the mattress.

What we’ve seen is you can donate, give or sell your mattress after you’re done with it, if you have a waterproof mattress cover or pad, because they last and hold up so well. I don’t know if you’ve seen the sad condition of most baby mattresses after a few kids, but it’s not cute! I gave my last baby mattress to a new mom who very much appreciated it – and it still looked brand new.

Why Choose a Newton Baby Mattress?

If you’re not familiar with the top features of a Newton Baby mattress yet, here’s why parents love it so much:

Breathable/Lower Risk of Suffocation

Parents will appreciate that Newton is breathable. So even if baby is face down she’ll be able to breathe through the mattress. This gives a lot of peace of mind that your baby or child can breath, even when face down on the mattress. It’s made mostly of air!

The cotton muslim sheets are also breathable. This Newton Baby Black Friday sale is a good time to get sheets, while they’re on sale, because they don’t go on sale often.

Firm Enough to be Safe for Baby

When it comes to a crib mattress you need something firmer, especially for babies. They can’t lift and move their heads to adjust for breathing. And memory foam mattresses or softer mattresses aren’t recommended. Even older children have sunk into a softer mattress too much.

“According to the AAP, your baby’s mattress should be firm and comfortable. The firm surface reduces the risk of suffocation…The mattress doesn’t have to be so hard that it’s uncomfortable and difficult for your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep; it just needs to be firm.”

Read more tips for choosing the right baby mattress and why firm is better here.


Newton mattresses are also washable. Yes, those blowouts and spit up stains can be washed out completely – both the cover and the inside of the bed. You can literally put it in the bathtub.

Watch this video with us cleaning the Newton Baby Mattress in the bathtub and it includes a demo of just how breathable the Newton crib mattress is.

No foam, glue or latex

There is no foam, glue, latex or springs inside a Newton Baby Mattress and they’re 100% recyclable.

Why You Need a Newton Baby Mattress Protector to Go with your Mattress

We recommend that you buy a Newton baby mattress protector to make cleaning even easier. Even if you don’t have the Newton mattress.

We’ve tested Newton Baby’s waterproof, breathable mattress protector for a baby mattress and it’s amazing! It truly is breathable. I’d get it for any baby mattress, it’s that good. Not cheap, but have you seen how they mostly fall apart?

We’ve tested and LOVE the quiet, breathable and truly waterproof Newton mattress protector. It’s amazing. It’s pricey but worth it. Just note that Newton Baby calls it a mattress pad.

Watch the Video

In the video after we show cleaning a typical baby mattress, we show more about the Newton. How it’s so sanitary and we do the fan test so you can see what we mean by safe and breathable.

Then I show you the Newton waterproof mattress pad and I breathe right through it. Even on the bed you can breath through it. Plus it is high quality and will last. If you can, I’d get two so you have a back up to change out for those middle of the night blow outs.

To get the deal just click the button below and it will prompt you to sign up for their email list.

Hope that helps you take full advantage of the Newton Baby Black Friday Sale. Want to learn more about this crib mattress? See our Newton Baby Mattress Review.

Need a mattress for the rest of the family? More Black Friday mattress sales here.

Molecule 2 Mattress

Molecule Mattress Black Friday Sale: 25% Off Everything and 40% Off Pillows and Sheets

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Molecule Mattress

Molecule Mattress has an incredible Black Friday deal that just started today! Starting November 27th, save 25% off site wide (yes, on everything) + 40% off on pillows and sheets!

You can choose from one of 2 models. Both are 12″ thick. The Molecule 2 is made to sleep cooler.

25% off sitewide at MOLECULE WITH CODE: BLACKFRI25
Offer Valid: Nov 27-Dec 1

Besides mattresses, Molecule has a topper, sheets, comforter, duvet cover, pillows (standard or king size), pillow cases and a pet bed for your athletic dog. Sleep accessories come in many sizes and options. Mattresses are made in the USA and have a 100 day sleep trial.

Save 25% on Everything

Molecule Mattress 1

Molecule Mattress 1


Molecule 2 Mattress

Molecule 2 Mattress

Offer Valid: Nov 27-Dec 16
No additional code needed.

Save 40%

Molecule mattress is tested and trusted by elite athletes, including Russell Wilson, Alex Morgan, and Nastia Liukin.


Purple bed black friday sale

Purple Mattress Black Friday Sale – Save up to $400!

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Purple logoPurple Black Friday sale is up to $400 on Mattresses and Sleep Bundles!

We recommend a Purple Hybrid 3, the Purple Harmony Pillow and Purple SoftStretch sheets. You can pay with PayPal, Amazon pay, credit card or on finance with 0% interest if you qualify so you pay as you go (monthly) but get your new bed right away. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Sleep bundles are where you get a deal when you buy Purple products such as Purple sheets, 2 Purple pillows and of course, a Purple mattress (we love the Purple hybrid mattresses).

Purple is the flexible, comfort grid top, comfortable, no memory foam bed. Want to learn more? Read our Purple mattress review. We also reviewed the Purple SoftStretch sheets which are stretchy and go best with your Purple mattress.

Black Friday’s HERE! Up to $400 off a mattress + sleep bundle.

Pick Your Dream Mattress
$200 off Hybrid Premier Mattress

$150 off Hybrid Mattress

$100 off Purple Mattress*

$25 off Kid Mattress

*$50 off Twin XL and $25 off the Twin.

PLUS Save Even More When You Add a Bundle!
$200 off 2 Harmony Pillows, 1 Set of Purple Sheets + a Mattress Protector

$175 off 2 Purple Pillows, 1 Set of Purple Sheets + a Mattress Protector

$150 off 1 Harmony Pillow, 1 Set of Purple Sheets + a Mattress Protector

$150 off 2 Plush Pillows, 1 Set of Purple Sheets + a Mattress Protector

Upgrade your Purple Sheets to the luxurious SoftStretch Sheets and pay only the difference! (+$50 for Queen/Split King, +$30 for Full, +$10 for Twin/Twin XL)

Up to $400 off a mattress + sleep bundle.

Purple Mattress Black Friday Deals

tuft and needle queen sale

Amazon Prime Day Mattress Deals 2020

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Best Amazon Prime Day Mattress Deals

Amazon Prime Day mattress sales

Sheets or duvets make great wedding gifts or just to have an extra set on hand. You can pick up an air bed for cheap to have on hand for house guests.

Amazon Prime Days 2020

Of course, not all of the best Prime Day 2020 deals will be on Amazon. The Prime Day sales event starts on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 and ends Wednesday, October 14th.

This year you get 2 days of non-stop deals and discounts. Some deals are time sensitive with a limited number of sales. So act fast, and be sure to keep checking back so you don’t miss out.

Many national brands including Nectar, Idle, Purple and many more will also run competing deals you’ll probably want to know about. So be sure to save this page for the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Mattresses and Bedding.

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (if you make a purchase after clicking a link we may earn a small commission at no cost to you).

You need to be a Prime member to take advantage of these deals. Not a member yet? Get a free 30-day trial so you can get these deals, if it’s only temporary and you cancel after Prime Day! Simply click this link to get started.

Bonus tip: Anyone with a valid .edu email address can sign up for a 6-month free trial for Amazon Prime Student here. There are some deals that are just for Prime Student members.

Amazon Deals

Be sure that you check each size and mattress thickness, because it can change the price DRAMATICALLY. Some won’t be on sale in one size, but be a steep discount in another.

To browse Amazon Prime Day deals that are always up-to-date, click here for mattress deals, mattress toppers, mattress protector, pillow deals, comforters, blankets, sheets, dog bed, and bed frames. Also, adjustable bed frame sales.

The best deal we’ve found so far on a mattress is a queen size 12 inch memory foam mattress from AmazonBasics for under $200!

Quick Links, which are being continually updated. Sometimes discount amounts will vary by size (some have bigger discounts) so be sure to check sizes:






Mattress Toppers

Mattress Protectors

Be sure to get a mattress protector when you buy your new mattress to prolong the life and keep it clean. Some of the best prices are:

Bed Frames




Blankets are a wonderful housewarming or Christmas gift for in-laws, parents and hard-to-shop-for people in your life.

Air Beds

Baby Mattress

Prime Day Sales From Other Websites

Amazon isn’t the only place to get Prime Day deals. Other companies are holding their own sales.

Yaasaget 25% OFF all mattress with the code YAPD25. Offer valid from 10/13 – 10/14

Check Walmart for their sales. Just type the product type you’re looking for in the search on this page.