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Used Purple Mattress: Where to Find One Near You

Do you want to learn where to find a used Purple mattress? Here’s our quick guide to finding one for a great price. Even though they may be in like new condition, they’re like cars. They lose value as soon as they’re out of the box. That means you can score a deal if you can find used Purple mattresses for sale locally and nationally. Which Purple mattress should you get?

You can often find the original Purple and the newer Purple hybrid models (with springs) listed for as much as 40% off!

used Purple bed

You can get a great deal on a used or pre-owned Purple mattress if you know where to look. Most of the time, they’re in really good (like new) condition.

People don’t want to jeopardize their refund, and it’s a lot of money, so for the most part, they will keep their Purple mattress like new. I sold my original Purple mattress to upgrade to one of the hybrid mattresses. It had a Purple mattress protector on it the whole time. After 3 years, it still looked new, with no stains, tears, or visible wear. But most of the used Purple mattresses are within the sleep trial, less than 100 days old.

Where to Find a Used Purple Mattress

Avoid shipping and do local pickup or classifieds sites such as eBay and Craigslist. You’ll always find used Purple mattresses there. Just search for your state and city. It’s not hard to find a 2nd hand purple mattress.

Purple Mattress eBay

You may want to start by looking for a used Purple mattress on eBay. Why? because of the rating system. You can look for local sellers, or some will ship your second-hand (greatly discounted) Purple mattress. Search for a Used Purple Mattress on eBay

Find a Used Purple Mattress on Online Classifieds

You can score an even better deal on a used bed on local classifieds sites in your state. Check out Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, Let Go, and classifieds sites on Facebook. Always ask to see the bed before you pay. Ask if it’s a factory second. Look for any deformities in the polymer (any divots, dips, etc.). Ask how long they’ve had it.

To me, Craiglist is the worst place to look because it seems to attract the creepiest people.

DO NOT fall for any scam where they will send a driver to pick up the bed and pay with a cashier’s check. Many scammers call from other states, ask a few basic questions, and then they say they want to buy it. Don’t waste your time.

Tip: Use a Mattress Protector

Always use a mattress protector to keep your mattress clean. You can zip off and clean the cover and put it in the wash. We recommend that you do this after you purchase a used Purple mattress.

Still, you want another washable barrier between the bed and the sheets to protect and prolong your investment. Once any liquids or spills get into the mattress itself, you run the risk of bacteria building up that can damage the foam inside. So we highly recommend purchasing a new Purple mattress protector directly from Purple. It’s stretchy to allow the comfort grid to move and be flexible.

used Purple 3 mattress

Where Can I Try a Purple Mattress in Person?

If you want to buy a new Purple mattress online, check out our review here. You may want to test a Purple mattress first, in person, before you buy either a secondhand or one in the box. Make sure you’re familiar with their return policy, as buying online is usually more generous, with no return fees.

  • Purple headquarters in Alpine, Utah. All Purple products are on display, and you can try them out. Open every day except Sunday. Call or look online for hours.
  • Select Mattress Firm Stores.
  • Denver Mattress.
  • Sleep Sherpa showroom in Minnesota and Chicago.

One caveat, though. When you buy a second-hand Purple mattress, the warranty is void, and you won’t get a sleep trial (can’t return it). Want to buy a new Purple Mattress Instead? Choose your Free Purple Product with Mattress Purchase

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  1. Peter Faipeas says:

    Are there any dealers of used purple mattresses near Stockton, Ca.?

  2. P.E. Godfrey says:

    please let me know if you know of any “slightly used” purple queen-sized beds in the San Diego, CA area (or any other area that could be shipped to San Diego).
    Due to problems of spinal fusion from T10 thru S1, after trying many other beds, always have had problems with pressure points.
    I believe this bed will offer significant pain relief, due to design which eliminates pressure along “hot spots”.
    As a disabled senior on very fixed income, unfortunately, finding a slightly used one is my only option…hopefully someone will be ready to part with their’s.

  3. Do you know of any used Purple 3 or 4 mattresses in the St Lucie County, Indian River County, or Martin County area of Florida. (mid east coast of Florida) Between Stuart to Sebastian, Fl.

  4. Zach Feagin says:

    I would like to sell a purple 2.0 mattress. It is in great condition and I’ve had it for about a year. Where can I sell it if possible?

    1. unboxsleep says:

      Facebook Marketplace for sure.

      1. Sammie Carter says:

        Where are you? And how much?

    2. What is 2.0? What size is mattress?

    3. Hi. My daughter has disability and wants purple hybrid. I cannot afford it

  5. Where can I find a pre-owned Purple Hybrid in the Austin Texas area? Thank you

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