Purple Mattress Takes $104 Off a Bed for May the Fourth

The galaxy’s most comfortable bed just went on sale to celebrate May the Fourth (Star Wars Day). Today only, May 4, 2019, you can take up to $104 off a Purple mattress. This is very rare! You need to act fast because they rarely discount a Purple bed.

For the twin or twin XL, they’ll take off $54. The discount is automatically added at checkout.

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Read our review of the Purple mattress (newer models). In a nutshell, the original doesn’t have springs and is not as thick, plus doesn’t have edge support along with a different cover.

Each of the newer models that have a number that represents the inches of the purple polymer top layer. So, for example, the 4 has 4 inches or polymer grid, the 3 has 3 inches, etc.

This is the mattress I sleep on. It has some movement to it that is completely unique. Some people describe it as a waterbed type of feel (but for me, the movement is greatly diminished when my spouse gets up or moves around at night – it’s like a shock absorber). It also sleeps cool because no memory foam and air channels are built into the top grid.

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