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weighted blanket without beads

Weighted Blanket Without Beads (New Bedsure Weighted Blanket with Thermoplastic Elastomer)

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A lot of weighted blankets use glass beads but Bedsure’s new weighted blanket without beads. Instead of beads, Bedsure uses TPE. That stands for thermoplastic elastomer. It’s like a mesh piece that evenly distributes weight. Glass beads can shift around the weight where the beads are concentrated.

You can use the code provided at the end of this article to save 20%. We’re not sure how long that offer will be available (no expiration date given).

Another advantage of TPE is that it’s more breathable than glass beads. So you can get the same comfort and stress reduction many feel from using a weighted blanket without some of the drawbacks.

TPE, referred to thermoplastic elastomers, are made out of recycled plastic. Comes in one size, 60×80. A queen size mattress is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. So this blanket will fit the top dimensions. Most queen size blankets are 90×90 but that’s because you normally have extra fabric that on the sides and bottom that can tuck in. A weighted blanket is not meant to be tucked in the bottom or sides, but to sit on top of your other bedding.

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New Bedsure Weighted Blanket Without Beds

Bedsure has a new weighted blanket that’s different than other weighted blankets we’ve seen.

Here are the top features:

  • No possibility of glass beads leakage or clumping to one side of each square of a weighted blanket.
  • Quiet, because beads aren’t shifting around when you move.
  • More even pressure and weight.
  • Perfect for relaxation, a great hug, and a sound sleep.
  • Features ties on each corner so that you can attach the weighted blanket to a duvet cover. That way you can change the look and it’s easier to keep clean.
  • Available in queen size, 15 lbs weight. It’s recommended that your weighted blanket is 7%-12% of the weight of your body, so 15 pound weighted blanket queen size is ideal for most adults.
  • Made of soft and fuzzy fleece.
  • Claims to be warm without overheating.
  • Spot-clean only. Do not tumble dry. 
  • Comes in navy or grey.
  • Price of $59.99, with 5% off right now, making it $56.99. However, you can save 20% with code SOUNDSLEEP1.

Illustration of thermoplastic elastomer

black friday weighted blanket sale

Black Friday Weighted Blanket Sale List of the Best Sales!

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Black Friday Weighted Blanket Sale

Is someone on your list (or even you) looking for a weighted blanket this holiday season? Weighted blankets are the perfect gift for stressed out moms, dads, in-laws and anyone who could use some natural calming in their life.

Black Friday sales started early this year, thanks to shipping delays and supply issues. Rather than a day, it’s like November is Black Friday MONTH. So don’t wait, order ASAP so your gifts arrive in time!

Here are some of the top Black Friday Weighted Blanket Sales for 2020, starting now!

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links and you may get better sleep.

Bearaby Black Friday Sale

Bearaby has so much style! Like their luxuriously soft and rich velvet chunky knit weighted blanket made from upcycled, earth-friendly Eco-velvet. Comes in 5 colors inspired by nature’s most beautiful gemstones for opulent style, healing vibes, and deep, restorative rest.

If you love colors and lean towards eco-friendly materials, Bearaby weighted blankets are your best choice!

♻️ made from recycled marine plastic, which is spun and brushed into their super-soft signature fabric.
? Each Velvet Napper keeps 900 plastic bottles from polluting our oceans.
?  Choose from cotton or a plant-based cooling weighted blanket made from silky-soft natural eucalyptus fibers.
? Bearaby Nappling, the only weighted blanket made esp for children at just 8lbs!
We haven’t yet seen Bearaby’s Black Friday Sale.

Balloo Living Black Friday Sale

If white and natural is more your hue, Ballo Living is your aesthetic. Balloo Living makes eco-friendly, luxury weighted blanket made with lead-free glass microbeads and materials certified to be free of harmful chemicals. Clean, safe, and made with soft, premium cotton that’s cool and breathable for year-round use.

Besides weighted blankets Balloo carries weighted throws and comforters.

So far we haven’t seen Balloo’s Black Friday sale but will update this list when we do. In the meantime, check here.

Balloo Living Weighted Blanket
Luxome Black Friday Sale

We love the removable cover weighted blanket that’s lined with super soft minky blanket material. They’re also one of the few weighted blankets we’ve seen that feature patterns (perfect for the master bedroom, at the end of the bed).

Save up to 40% off Luxome weighted blankets this Black Friday.

Luzome Black Friday weighted blanket sale

Save up to 40%!

Gravity Blankets Black Friday Sale

One of the most well-loved weighted blanket brands, some feature 2 layers (so you can wash the outside layer or use them separately). Choose the weight you want. Or check out their Modernist X Gravity Cotton Blankets that go up to 35 lbs! These come in more masculine colors.

Gravity goes beyond weighted blankets to other weighted products. They have the best weighted eye masks and even a weighted bathrobe.

Gravity’s entire website is 20% off for Black Friday, so grab a couple! Just BE SURE to get an eye mask to go with it.

Gravity Black Friday weighted blanket sale 20% Off Everything!

Layla Sleep Weighted Black Friday Sale

Comes in twin, queen or king size and has a 5 year warranty. Weighted blanket in one color, made of plush, soft, mink-like fur. The other side is 300 thread-count 100% cotton that provides a clean, soft, and easily washable surface. Features Layla’s stunning signature hexagon pocket stitching design.

Layla Black Friday Weighted Blanket sale is $30 OFF Weighted Blanket

$30 off a Weighted Blanket!

Yaasa Black Friday Sale
Chunky knit statement weighted blankets are what you’ll find at Yaasa. They make excellent Christmas gifts and you get a FREE Yaasa sleep mask with your order!

Choose from 15 or 20lb. Comes in 4 colors from Ivory to Sand. 1 year warranty.

$10 off a weighted blanket + FREE weighted eye mask.

chunky knit weighted blanket Save $10 + Get a FREE eye mask!


YogaSleep Black Friday Sale

YogaSleep offers three blanket sizes (one color with minky inside):

• 12lbs, 48” x 72” For an individual 110-140 lbs.

• 15lbs, 60” x 80” For an individual 140-190 lbs.

• 20lbs, 60” x 80” For an individual 190-240 lbs.

Plus a reversible weighted eye mask.

YogaSleep Black Friday weighted blanket sale – get 20% OFF SITEWIDE use code BLACKFRIDAY20 at checkout.

Save 20%!

Big list of Weighted Blankets

List of Bed In a Box Weighted Blankets

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The newest trend in bed in a box mattress brands is the weighted blanket. Popular for years, it seems like almost every bed in a box mattress brand either has one or is coming out with one. We wanted to list all of your options in one place to help you make an informed decision. Most weighted blankets are filled with glass beads.

Today’s weighted blankets are as much a lifestyle item as they are a blanket. You can find something for all ages and tastes. Check out our chart below to help you find the best weighted blanket for you!

Top 3 Weighted Blanket Benefits

Helps Alleviate Anxiety & Stress
The weight feels like a big hug, to help you relax, calm, and minimize anxiety. Some claim that it can increase the feel good and calming hormones – serotonin and melatonin.
Promotes Restful Sleep
When a weighted blanket reduces stress it has the effect of helping you get a better quality sleep. Sleep more deeply and peacefully.
Reduce Sensory Processing Disorder
Many children or adults with autism or other processing issues love how it can help them focus and reduce anxiety.

How Much Should Your Blanket Weight?

When looking for a weighted blanket for comfort, think about the weight that you need. The recommendations are based on how much you weight. Here’s a general rule:

Kids: 10% of body weight plus 1-2lbs.

Adults: 10% of body weight.

Weighted Blanket Comparison Chart

If you like more pressure then buy a heavier blanket. Here’s a chart that shows how to figure out the right amount of weight for you. Note, we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Name Brand Fabric/Weight(s) Sizes/Colors Sleep Trial/Warranty Price Buy
Bear Mattress Microfiber/15 lbs 1 size/3 neutral colors 100 days/1 year $120 Buy Now
Brooklyn Bedding Cotton and minky 15/20 1 size/gray 30 days/1 year $139 for 15lbs $149 for 20 lbs Buy Now
Casper Weighted Blanket Cotton/ 10, 15 or 20 1 size/navy 100 days/1 year $169, $179, $189 Buy Now
Chilipad Cotton/20 lbs 1 size/color 90 days/2 years $299 - add heating/cooling $499 Buy Now
Eight Microfiber 72” x 48”/15 lb 1 size/light gray 30 days $300 Buy Now
Helix Soft Fleece & Sheared Fabric/ 10, 15, 20 2 sizes/gray 100 days/1 year $99, $105, $119 Buy Now
Layla Mink-like fur+cotton/15, 20, 25 twin, queen, king/gray 120 days/5 year $99, $129, $149 Buy Now
Nest Bedding Fleece/cotton/15, 20, 25 twin/king/queen, light grey - $300 Buy Now
Nectar (made by BlanQuil™) Cotton blanket + cover/ 15, 20 1 size/gray or blue 5 years $159/$169 Buy Now
Purple Minky/unclear All bed sizes /4 colors 30 day trial $89, $102, $116 Buy Now
Saatva Organic cotton velvet/15, 25 2 sizes/graphite or taupe 45 days/1 year $295 single/$395 king or queen Buy Now
Sweet Zzz Organic bamboo & cotton/10, 15, 20 2 sizes/blue or gray 50 days/5 years $97/$118 Buy Now
Yaasa hand-knitted/15, 20 Cream or grey - $249 (15 lb), $269 (20 lb) Buy Now
Yogasleep microfiber/ 12, 15, 20 Gray 101 nights $99, $109, $119 Buy Now

bed in a box weighted blanket

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Weighted Blanket

We look at the following factors:

  1. Fabric type (so you have an idea of the feel and if it can be washed) – some weighted blankets have a removable cover too
  2. Sizes, some are more like a throw and others are made in sizes like twin, full, queen and king
  3. Weight
  4. Colors
  5. Price, including financing

Also look at the sleep trial and warranty.

Big List of Buy Now Pay Later Weighted Blankets

Best Weighted Blankets For…

Best weighted blanket to cover your entire bed: Get a Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket. Comes in king or queen.

Best Price Weighted Blanket: Get a Helix weighted blanket.

Best heating or cooling weighted blanket: Get a Chilipad and use code chiliblanket10 for $10 off.

Heaviest weighted blanket: Get a 25 lb Layla weighted blanket or this one from Nest

Most unique: The Yaasa hand knit weighted blanket

Best for anyone who is organic: Saavta’s GOTS certified 100% cotton weighted blanket

Best if you have money to spare and then some (are really hard core on your sleep and health numbers/data): Eight sleep weighted blanket

Do you have a weighted blanket? What’s your favorite brand? Leave a comment and let us know below.


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Weighted Blanket

Bear Mattress Newest Bed in a Box to Come Out with a Weighted Blanket

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Today Bear Mattress announced their newest product – a weighted blanket. It comes in one size and weight – 15 lbs. It’s one piece with a soft microfiber cover. Choose from three beautiful neutral colors: light gray, charcoal or cream. We love the cream.

Bear Weighted Blanket

Take 20% Off

What to Look for in a Weighted Blanket

These are the things we look at when looking at which weighted blanket to buy.

Consider the cover – what’s is the fabric? The Bear is a soft microfiber material.

Is it two pieces or one? One piece (no separate duvet type cover).

Is it washable? Yes, but only by hand or dry clean.


Does the weighted blanket come in more than one size? Bear offers this more as a one-size throw option.

Weight and Beads

Does the weighed blanket come in more than one weight? The weight that you should choose depends on your height and weight. Bear’s blanket is available in one weight that is generally good for anyone (except children over the age of 3).

Color Options

It’s both stylish and modern and comes in three colors. Weighted blankets like this are a home decor item and are as much for the couch as for bed. So ask yourself if this blanket would look nice in your living room or on your favorite chair.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Some brands don’t offer a sleep trial on blankets – likely because they’re heavy to ship for the price of the product. Bear has a generous 100 day sleep trial and a 1 year warranty.

Price and Financing

This blanket is on par with the cost of most weighted blankets.

Bear Weighted Blanket Details

Here are some specs so you can learn more about this weighted blanket:

  • 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • Glass Beads
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 100 night sleep trial
  • Hand wash or dry clean
  • Queen size 60″ x 80″ x 14″
  • With code, $120 (financing for as low as $10/month)

Want to try it? Right now you can take 20% off.

Comfort During a Stressful Time

With the level of stress a lot of us in this country feel right now with coronavirus, kids out of school for weeks if not months and the uncertainty, it’s a good time to curl up under a weighted blanket. They feel like someone is giving you a big hug – and right now a lot of us can’t get closer than 6 feet apart.


Yaasa weighted blanket on couch

Yassa’s New Weighted Blanket Features Trendy Chunky Knit Style

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yassa logo

  • The Yaasa Weighted Blanket combines the popularity of a weighted blanket with the style of a chunky knit throw – it looks amazing on a bed or furniture!
  • Instead of beads to add weight, which can shift and move around, theirs uses polypropylene fibers.
  • Cover made of 100% natural cotton – in two colors: cream or grey.
  • Choose from 15 or 20 lb weight.

The Yaasa Weighted Blanket

Many boxed brand mattresses have or are coming out with weighted blankets. Yaasa’s take on the trend is unique in that the blanket isn’t for comfort alone—it’s very stylish too. In fact, you can’t tell that it’s a weighted blanket until you put it around you and feel the calming effect it has on your frayed nerves. That means it looks great on your couch but also helps with stress.

The weight of the blanket provides a warm, gentle pressure that mimics the feeling of being held. This comforting pressure immediately induces calm and contentment.cream weighted blanket on living room chair

What we love is that The Yaasa Weighted Blanket offers the benefits of a weighted blanket, without the heat, as the knitted cotton adds breathability. Unboxers will love the natural cotton, however, it will need to be dry cleaned.

You can choose between the 15 or 20 lb version. The 20 lb option is also an additional 5 inches wide.

chunky knit cotton weighted blanket15 lbs

Length 72″ x Width 40″


Length 72″ x Width 45″


The Yaasa Weighted Blanket comes with a 1-year warranty.


The Yaasa Weighted Blankets ship from Santa Barbara, California using FedEX ground and is free.

Yaasa Weighted Blanket Cost

This is a higher end product. The 15 lb version is $249 and the 20 lb is $269. Interest free financing is available which would make payments to just over $60 a month with no credit score check.

Go to Website


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Yaasa Chunky Knit Weighted Blanket

chilipad weighted blanket

Chilipad’s New Weighted Blanket Has Heat and Cooling Tech

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chili logoThere’s no doubt that weighted blankets are trendy. They Time magazine called one brand of weighted blanket (the Gravity blanket), “One of Time‘s best inventions of 2018.” And we’re sure there are differences between weighted blankets, besides just the weight, but also that they’re subtle differences. Top mattress brands such as Purple, Nectar, Layla, Helix, and Casper all have weighted blankets now.

The goal: more relaxed and deeper sleep. However, we also see potential health benefits for people who suffer from muscle aches and uses a heating pad to treat pain. Think: cramps, osteoporosis, lower back pain or injuries. Best of all, with the weight. it’s more likely to stay in place. However, a lot of people want the soothing qualities of a weighted blanket but they get uncomfortably hot.

This week chiliPAD announced their own weighted blanket.

chiliBLANKET temperature controlled weighted blanket

Chilipad has something truly unique in weighted blankets. It’s called the ChiliBlanket. Wait, make that ChiliBLANKET. They put their heated and cooled water technology inside a weighted blanket. What does that mean? You get the stress and anxiety relief without the heat (or with it). Hot sleepers of the world rejoice! You can now get the benefits of a weighted blanket without the sweaty, heavy heat of one!

There are many cooling weighted blankets but that usually just means they’re made with a lightweight, cooler fabric. None that we’ve seen actually change the temperature of the blanket though. chiliBLANKET has tubing that connects to the control unit. You can set the temperature and heated or cooled water will coarse through the tubes and subtly warm or it cool down. It has a remote for easier control.

Temperature control means you can sleep deeper because you’re not too hot or cold. Or if you live in Arizona or Florida you can use your heated blanket year round!

You get the anxiety and stress relief from the feeling of calm that a heavier, substantial blanket provides. You can get the weight without the temperature. While the chiliPAD or Ooler go underneath you, the chiliBLANKET goes over you. And you can use it without the plug (features) too – as a regular weighted blanket.

chiliBLANKET comes stand alone or with the chiliPAD cube

chiliBLANKET has two options: it works with your existing chiliPAD or Ooler system or just the chiliPAD box. Here are some of the benefits, according to their website:

  • Hydro-powered, temperature-controlled weighted blanket leads to more restful, restorative sleep
  • Water circulates through a system of tubes inside the blanket for a luxurious sleep experience
  • The hydro-powered design also means the chiliBLANKET is EMF-free
  • The temperature can be adjusted to between 55° and 115°F (13–46°C) to promote deep sleep
  • Glass beads fill the blanket, which provides even weight distribution
  • Removable and machine-washable outer cover
  • Quality fabric offers strength and durability through repeated use and washing

Comes in one color.

chiliBLANKET cost

You will pay for the tech but if it means your health or sleep, it’s worth it for a lot of people. Available stand alone or with the chiliPAD cube – this is what you should buy if you already have a chiliPAD or Ooler system. The cost: $299 or $13.80/month.

chiliBLANKET with chiliPAD system

Or the system which contains both chiliBLANKET and chiliPAD control unit. The price for that is $499 or $23.03/month.

chiliBLANKET with chiliPAD system


Comes in one size: Throw Blanket Size of 79.5in (202cm) long x 45.5in (116cm) wide

Sleep trial and warranty

ChiliBLANKET comes with a 90 day sleep trial and a 2 year warranty.

newton weighted blanket

Newton Baby Debuts New Twin Size Mattress Protector and Weighted Blanket

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Newton Baby (link goes to our Newton baby mattress review) recently came out with two new products: a Twin Mattress Pad and Weighted Blanket. Up until now the company only carried products for babies and kids. Now, with the the new weighted blanket, they have a product for adults too.

Free shipping and returns on both of these items.

Newton Baby Weighted Blankets – Not for Babies

The weighted blanket requires a minimum weight of 60lbs so it’s designed for adults and older kids. It has a quilted outer cover that is permanently embedded with copper threads. This may be the first weighted blanket we’ve seen with copper. There are wellness benefits of copper and it naturally helps eliminate odor causing bacteria.

Because being a parent can be stressful, the weighted blanket helps calm your nerves and help you fall asleep faster and deeper. The interested part is that Newton Baby addresses not just the calming affects of a weighted blanket but the heat factor. Because they’re heavy, they are usually hot to sleep under.

True to their brand, these weighted blankets are breathable. Made of cotton and embedded with copper since copper is a natural conductor of heat. That helps transfers heat away from the body for a more comfortable temperature.

Comes in an off-white color to match any decor. Free shipping and a 100 night trial means Newton stands behind their products. 2 year limited warranty.

The weighted blanket comes in two sizes:
48 x 72 inches (for twin or full size beds)
60 x 80 inches (for queen and king size beds)

Choose from one of 4 weighs. How do you know what weight to get? It’s based on your weight. Weighted blankets should typically be 7-10% of your body weight to receive the optimal benefits. 

15 LBS
20 LBS
25 LBS


Visit Website

Newton’s Breathable and Waterproof Twin Mattress Pad

The new twin mattress pad is waterproof and will easily fit any twin mattress. The top layer has 3/8″ of air circulation that makes it breathable and won’t overheat. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

newton baby breathable twin mattress pad


Visit Website

As of now, Newton Baby doesn’t sell a twin size mattress, but we’re going to guess that there may be one coming in the future. That’s good news because Newton is so unique and we hope it’s not just for babies for long!