weighted blanket without beads

Weighted Blanket Without Beads (New Bedsure Weighted Blanket with Thermoplastic Elastomer)

A lot of weighted blankets use glass beads but Bedsure’s new weighted blanket without beads. Instead of beads, Bedsure uses TPE. That stands for thermoplastic elastomer. It’s like a mesh piece that evenly distributes weight. Glass beads can shift around the weight where the beads are concentrated, but TPE doesn’t.

Another advantage of TPE is that it’s more breathable than glass beads. So you can get the same comfort and stress reduction many feel from using a weighted blanket without some drawbacks.

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TPE, referred to as thermoplastic elastomers, are made out of recycled plastic. This highly rated weighted blanket comes in one size, 60×80. A queen-size mattress is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. So this blanket will fit the top dimensions.

Most queen-size blankets are 90×90, but that’s because you normally have extra fabric on the sides and bottom that can tuck in. A weighted blanket is not meant to be tucked in the bottom or sides but to sit on top of your other bedding.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our link, and you may get better sleep.

New Bedsure Weighted Blanket Without Beds

Bedsure has a new weighted blanket different from others we’ve seen.

Here are the top features:

  • No possibility of glass beads leakage or clumping to one side of each square of a weighted blanket.
  • Quiet, because beads aren’t shifting around when you move.
  • More even pressure and weight.
  • Perfect for relaxation, a great hug, and sound sleep.
  • Features ties on each corner so that you can attach the weighted blanket to a duvet cover. That way, you can change the look, and it’s easier to keep clean.
  • Available in queen size, 15 lbs weight. It’s recommended that your weighted blanket is 7%-12% of the weight of your body, so a 15-pound weighted blanket queen size is ideal for most adults.
  • Made of soft and fuzzy fleece.
  • Claims to be warm without overheating.
  • Spot-clean only. Do not tumble dry. 
  • Comes in navy blue or grey color.
  • Price of $59.99, with 10% off right now, making it $53.99.
Illustration of thermoplastic elastomer

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  1. Louise Grant says:

    Can these be delivered to the uk?

  2. My husband gifted me one two years ago. It took months to realize that the glass was coming through the fabric in crystals. I continued to use the blanket because it was so expensive. I tried various duvet covers but nothing could contain the crystals.
    I spent half my time cleaning out the bed.
    Will definitely buy one here.

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