Cushion lab lumbar pillow and seat cushion

Having back discomforts from sitting all day?  I just purchased a Cushion Lab lumbar pillow and seat cushion to help relieve my body pains. I don't know about you, but I spent a ton of time working on the computer and my legs and my back can get tired. So for this article, we'll discuss each cushion's construction, feel, cost, care instructions and more.

Cushion Lab logo

Cushion Lab is more of a bedding company but they also sell pillows and seat cushions.

Cushion Lab Lumbar Pillow and Seat Cushion Review

These ergonomic cushions can be used on any chair and will improve your sitting posture. They came in folded in translucent bags including a brochure which features their other products.

Cushion Lab Lumbar Pillow

I use this on the back of my chair and it REALLY helps my back and posture. I spend a ton of time typing so I'm always trying to protect my back.

  • Perfect for sitting, driving the car, working on a desk or you can even use it on a couch
  • 16″ L x 16″ W x 4″ H
  • Made of 100% elastic earth-friendly recycled polyester outer shell and 100% extra dense Hyperfoam™ , CertiPUR-US certified premium visco elastic memory foam
  • Has an adjustable secure strap that grips tightly to prevent sliding
  • Hits your back just right and it helps to have better posture
  • Available in 13 colors
  • Feels doughy and soft
  • Has a stretchy washable cover with a zipper which is good for sanitation
  • Priced at $65

Cushion Lab Seat Cushion

Overall I like the seat cushion but found it tough to get my body positioned on it correctly every time I sat down. I purchased it for my office chair and no longer use it.

  • Specially designed for car seats
  • 20″ W x 18″ L x 2.5″ H
  • Made of 100% elastic earth-friendly recycled polyester outer shell, breathable earth-friendly recycled polyester mesh inner cover and 100% charcoal infused extra dense Hyperfoam™ , CertiPUR-US certified premium visco elastic memory foam
  • Has a non-slip backing so that it won't slide in your chair
  • Available in 4 colors: grey, black, navy and red
  • Feels softer and has a slower response
  • Has a stretchy perforated cover that is washable
  • Priced at $69
Janet using the Cushion lab lumbar pillow and seat cushion

Will I keep the Cushion Lab lumbar support and cushion?

Yes. At first, I actually was going to return both, but Cushion Lab was so great to work with on the returns that I decided I would give it another chance.

Also, I learned how important proper positioning is. You may need to try different angles to get it right for you.

My problem was I didn't move the cushion forward enough so it was kind of cutting off circulation on my thighs. But now that I moved it to the edge, it's not doing that anymore. And also, just mess around with the placement of both cushions until they feel just right for you. Now, that I've done that, it's a really sweet way to work on my computer all day and I decided I'm going to keep it.

I've now had the back cushion for over a year and it does really help my back! It stays in place and never shifts. Now, if I could only get my cat off my chair when I'm not using it!

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