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3 of The Best Mattress Sales for Memorial Day 2020

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Here are the best Memorial Day Sales for Bed in a Box Mattress Brands this year! We picked two mattresses and an adjustable base that are the lowest price we’ve seen yet! Don’t wait on these deals, order right away. And each has a financing program so you can get your best sleep now but pay a lower monthly payment.

When you shop through our links, we may earn a commission.


Choose from a 14 inch flippable hybrid that can be medium and medium firm on either side of the bed OR their new all foam mattresses. Either way, they’re all 35% off (which is incredible!). The entire site is! Plus if you need a base to put your new mattress on, you can choose from an adjustable, foundation, or  regular bed base.

Free Adjustable Base + 2 Pillows with purchase of any mattress (up to an $849 value): code MEMDAYADJUST
Free Foundation / Base (non-adjustable) + Sheet Set + Mattress Protector + 2 Pillows (up to a $749 value) with purchase of any mattress: code MEMDAYBUNDLE
Buy One, Get One Free (with an option to donate the free mattress to our COVID-19 heroes: medical workers, etc): code MEMDAYBOGO
35% off entire website (any purchase): code MEMDAY35

Shop the Sale!



Save up to $400 off a Mattress + Sleep Bundle. Choose from the original to the amazing Hybrid Premiere. Each of Purple’s mattresses feature Purple’s hyper elastic comfort grid (made mostly of mineral oil) on the top and no memory foam for a cooler sleep. You can get up to 4″ of comfort grid with the Premier. The sheets and mattress protector are made to compliment the mattress. They’re stretchy so they flex with your movements.

$200 off Purple® Hybrid Premier

$150 off Purple® Hybrid

$100 off The Purple® Mattress*

$200 off 2 Harmony Pillows, Sheets, and Mattress Protector

$175 off 2 Purple Pillows, Sheets, and Mattress Protector

$150 off 2 Plush Pillows, Sheets, and Mattress Protector

Save up to $400!



If you’re looking for an adjustable base to go with your new mattress, check out the sale on adjustable beds at Zinus! For example, this frame is $300!!! Normally $900. That’s a crazy low price.

adjustable bed from Zinus with massage
Get up to 65% OFF Adjustable Bed Frames NO CODE NEEDED. Offer valid from 5/9/20 at 12 am PST to 5/25/20 at 11.59 pm PST

Save $600!

Click below for our FULL list of Memorial Day bed in a box mattress sales:

Mattress Sale Memorial Day 2020 – Best Deals Right Now 🇺🇸

New Pod Pro Smart Bed from Eight Sleep Monitors Your Heart Health

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  • Eight Sleep has launched an upgraded version of The Pod smart bed – called The Pod Pro.
  • Along with sleep data, the Pod Pro tracks your respiratory rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability, to help you dynamically monitor your wellness.
  • It dynamically adapts to the room climate and even uses local weather data to set the right temperature for your best sleep.
  • The Gentle Rise wake up feature, will give you a gentle vibration at chest level to wake up each morning without any sound – you can also gradually cool or warm the bed.
  • Anyone who struggles sleeping too hot will love the cooling this bed (and The Pod).

Quote from Eight Pod fan: “Really big fan of the Sleep Cycle app. It analyzes your sleep patterns through audio and wakes you up within a selected time period. Everytime I wake up it feels natural.”

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Eight Sleep Coupons

  • Receive 20% off all Eight Sleep accessories with your purchase of an Eight Sleep Pod with code ACCESS20.
  • Receive 10% off your purchase of any accessory with code AFF10.

Choose from the following accessories:

The Carbon Air Pillow

The Pod Sheet Set

The Pod Foundation

Gravity Blanket

The Pod Protector

The Sleep Fitness Kit – A 30 day supply of Magnesium CitraMate, Mealton-3 and RecoveryPro. Created in collaboration with Thorne with the highest quality ingredients and backed by their comprehensive testing and scientific research.

Get Better Sleep Now

Differences Between The Pod and The Pod Pro

Let’s go over the differences between the two mattresses so you know what more you get when you buy a Pod Pro.

Base Mattress – The Pod Pro is 12″ deep foam mattress which is an inch more than the Pod. It has an enhanced foam topper. 

New ambient sensors measure room temperature, humidity, and local weather to set your bed to the ideal sleep or waking temperature. 

Report includes the analysis of Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability, all key indicators of your physical wellness.

Gentle vibration at chest level to wake up each individual without any sound, while gradually cooling or warming the bed minutes before the set wake-up time.
The Pod Pro works by connecting to “The Hub,” a small tower that houses hydro-engines and uses water to regulate temperature.

The company also updated the Gentle Rise wake up feature, now including a gentle vibration at chest level to wake up each morning without any sound. This feature also gradually cools or warms the bed minutes before the set wake-up time, and it can be set to go off for the entire mattress, or for individual left/right zones.

New Heart Rate Variability metric that lets users track the impact of sleep on their heart health. With this metric, you can track and understand why you might feel more fatigued throughout the day. The Pod Pro also tracks Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time.

Price for a queen size Pod Pro is $2895 – we highly recommend a waterproof mattress protector to prolong and protect the life of this mattress.

Buy a Pod Pro

Both The Pod and The Pod Pro Include

Cool and heat each side of the bed directly from the Eight Sleep app. Set your temperature preference and schedule on and off times.

Dynamic heating and cooling between 55 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit on each side of the bed.

Split sides of the bed so each person can make it to their preference.

Temperature is controlled directly with the connected Eight Sleep app for iOS and Android. The app breaks down your sleep habits with stats like average time asleep, time it takes you to fall asleep, the time at night you tend to get into bed, and more. These metrics all feed into a “sleep coaching” feature that attempts to give you pointers on how to optimize your nighttime routine.

To us, the heart rate monitoring along with the temperature regulation are the most exciting of the new features.
Other than the extra inch of height, the two smart beds look the same with a black sides and top.

Idle new memory foam mattresses

Idle Sleep New Memory Foam Mattresses Come with 2 FREE Pillows

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Until now, Idle Sleep mattresses were all hybrids (a combination of foam and springs) but as of today, they have two new foam mattresses. 

These mattresses are thicker than typically seen from other online brands, which are usually 10″ deep.

Plus they come with a full 18 month sleep trial and 2 FREE queen size pillows.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Get 20% off + 2 FREE Queen Pillows

Idle Sleep Plush Mattress

As mentioned this softer, memory foam mattress is 14″ in height. It also features a 100% natural 500GSM IceCool™ cotton cover and gel for cooling.

They claim that this memory foam mattress sleeps cooler and doesn’t sink in as much as much as foam other memory foam mattresses.

Sleep Trial

18-Month Trial which is one of the longest in the industry.


The Warranty That Never Ends™: lasts a lifetime and even covers body impressions.

2.4 lb Memory Foam

Idle uses a 2.4lb base foam compared the industry standard of 1.8lb.


The Idle Sleep gel plush mattress is a 4.5-5.5 on a scale from 1-10 with 1 being the softest.

20% OFF + 2 FREE pillows on any Idle mattress

Idle Gel Foam Mattress

Idle memory foam mattress

The Idle Gel mattress is 12″ deep, again, a full 2 inches more than the standard thickness of most bed in a box brands.

So the main differences between the new mattresses is the firmness and the thickness.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Sleep trial and warranty are the same

Mattress Firmness

5.5-7, so medium firm.

The Plush is $1249 for a queen and the Foam is $749.

Get 20% off + 2 FREE Queen Pillows

Just a note that the other mattresses that Idle carries are hybrids. They’re built so each layer is the same from the springs up. So you can flip the mattress and that can extend the life/durability. You can also choose to make one side medium and the other side firm (or make each side the same).

Read our Idle hybrid reviewIdle hybrid review here. We tested the Dunlop latex model.

Idle Sleep Review of the Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress

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Idle Sleep logoIf you like buying a mattress online but don’t want an all foam mattress, Idle is the brand for you. You get the innerspring and a full 14″ like a showroom mattress. However, you get more than if you bought in a store, because you can try it out at home for up to 18 months. If during that time you choose to return the mattress, you’d get a full refund. Although not paid for this review, we may receive a commission when you shop through our links.



  • Idle Sleep has the longest sleep trial of any mattress we’ve tested – an ultra-long 18-months so you have plenty of time to really test it out at home
  • Choose the firmness level you want on each side of the bed – to medium or firm
  • Idle Mattress is flippable – extending the life of your mattress – a feature that’s harder and harder to find
  • Everlasting warranty means you’re covered against any defects – the company really stands behind the quality
  • 14 inches deep, gives it a luxury look

Idle sent us a beautiful dunlop latex hybrid mattress for review and we got to test it for several weeks. If you’re considering buying the Idle latex hybrid bed, we hope this will help you make the best choice for you.

Take 20% Off + Get 2 FREE Pillows

Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress Review

We were provided the Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid model in queen size along with the two pillows you get free with purchase. The pillows are standard size shredded memory foam that has a zipper so you can remove the cover for easy cleaning.

Here’s our video review:

Construction of the Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress

As far as composition, the main difference is that the Idle Hybrid has foam and the organic version has dunlop latex. The natural version also has organic cotton and tufting to avoid glues. 

Most mattresses you buy online can be rotated, but they can’t be flipped. Why would you want to flip your bed? To help prolong the life of your mattress and fight sagging. Idle is built so it can be flipped. So it’s the same on each side with springs in the middle.

Manufacturers save money by putting less expensive materials on the bottom of the mattress. Idle has the same high quality materials on both sides and throughout the mattress.

This bed stands out in that i has a full 6” of natural dunlop latex.

Want to know the secret to the quality of this mattress – it has quality material. How many natural beds have this much latex? Not many because dunlop is a natural product that is more expensive to produce.

All foams inside an Idle Sleep mattress are certipur-US certified. That means they’re made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants. 

No mercury, lead or other heavy metals are used. There is no formaldehyde or phthalates. In addition the beds are classified as low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

And instead of glues to hold the layers together, Idle uses tufting. This is why you can’t remove the cover and wash it. You’d literally have to cut out the tufts. Worth it in our opinion.

Each Side can be a Different Firmness

In addition, when you buy a bed online, you get to pick one firmness for the entire mattress. If you sleep with someone who needs a more firm bed but you like a softer feel, you have to compromise. But Idle lets you choose a different firmness for each side so you’ll both be happy.

Comes in either medium or luxury firm. Or you can split down the middle so one side is medium and the other is firm. We opted to have both sides medium but if you sleep with someone who prefers a firm bed, this is the perfect option.

Super Long Sleep Trial – a Year and a Half

Idle is one of the few beds that have longer than a year sleep trial. You can sleep on your Idle for up to 18 months and if you’re not happy with it, return it for a full refund. Plus you have an amazing lifetime warranty.

Start my Sleep Trial

Idle Mattress Layers

One of the most important things to look for when purchasing a new mattress is what it’s made from. Why is it important? Because the different materials define how comfortable and long-lasting it is.

The Idle 14″ Latex Hybrid Mattress is comprised of mostly latex and coils. Let’s get into more detail, including how this mattress doesn’t have glue to hold the layers together.

Cover: 100% Organic Cotton and Natural Wool

The eco-friendly cover is made from all-natural, organic, soft cotton and wool. The fabric is embedded with the word, “organic”. It’s sewn together with double button tufting, known as the Yarn Rosettes. 

These rosettes hold the mattress layers together and are a natural alternative to glue. There is often formaldehyde in glues between foam layers of mattresses. Unfortunately, that has health implications as breathing formaldehyde off gassing has been linked to asthma, allergies, and lung, nose, and throat cancers. 

Durable natural wool is quilted into the mattress cover to further enhance the comfort and velvety feel. Furthermore, the wool also acts as a natural fire barrier. There is a 1” wool layer sewn into each side of the cover. 

Cushioning: 6” of 100% Pure Dunlop Latex

The thickest layer, besides the coils, is the 3” of Dunlop latex on each side of the coils, for a total of 6”. This is the heavier, most durable latex available.

Dunlop latex doesn’t sink in but unlike most people think, it’s not really “bouncy.” Because dunlop is less processed than Talalay, it’s less expensive.

This is important and where the quality is. It’s much cheaper to use foam than it is to use dunlop latex. 

Natural latex is a natural product that comes from a tree. It’s heavier and more expensive to ship. This is where most mattress manufacturers cut corners.

This latex is certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). GLOS certified products have more than 95% raw material which is not only pure but also certified. Furthermore, GLOS limits all types of harmful agents for a safe, healthy and top-quality product.

Moreover, the latex is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial which further elaborates on the measures of safety the company has taken while producing this particular mattress.

Support: Quantum 6” Pocketed Coils

There isn’t a lot of detail about this layer, but it’s thin and goes before and after the coil layer. It provides tension management. The pocketed coils help minimize motion transfer and provides additional support to the bed. There are 1,000 coils in a queen size vs the typical 300 springs.

The edge to edge support means you’re supported even if you sit, sleep or live on the edge.

Idle Mattress Firmness 

Now, that we have covered all the composition of the mattress, the next most important thing is the firmness. This is subjective, however, you have just two choices: medium or luxury firm. The medium falls around a 6 or 7/10 while the Luxury firm is at a 9 to 9.5/10 level.

White Glove Delivery Service

Although it may slow down the delivery, Idle Sleep has a White Glove Delivery & Removal service. That means someone will come to your home, unbox and set up your bed and remove your old mattress for you. 

This service is an additional $149.00 but considering that a queen size is very heavy, so it might be worth it to save your back. Or, make sure you get help unboxing it. 

Sleep Temperature

The Idle mattress says this mattress sleeps cool. Research shows that around 12% of mattress owners report that their hybrid mattress retains heat. So not a huge number. 

Most mattress reviews are not entirely honest about this but we found that the Idle latex bed slept warmer than other beds we tested. Other reviewers claim it sleeps cool so we gave it a long time to confirm that it indeed sleeps warm. 

So if heat is an issue for you, we recommend the IDLE Hybrid. It’s still made with high quality. low chemical construction but uses foam instead of latex. 

Idle Mattress Sizes and Prices

The Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress is available in the following sizes: Single (or usually called a Twin), Twin-XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.



Single 39” x 75” x14”
Twin XL  39” x 80” x 14”
Full 54” x 75” x 14”
Queen 60” x 80” x 14”
King  76” x 80” x 14”
California King 72” x 84” x 14”

We don’t normally publish prices because they change and become outdated. So just click here to check the Idle Sleep website for current prices. If your budget is tight or you would rather just finance your Idle mattress so you can get it now but pay for it monthly, we have an entire article about how Idle mattress financing works.

4 Reinforced Leather Handles for Easier Moving

For easier handling, Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress has two sturdy leather handles on each side to help you maneuver or flip it on the bed. 

Pros and Cons of Idle Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress

No mattress is perfect for everyone. The following are some of the benefits you will get if you buy an Idle mattress and some of the drawbacks too.


  • Eco-friendly – made from organic cotton and all-natural materials such as dunlop latex. Tufted so there aren’t any glues to hold layers together.
  • Super long lifetime warranty and 18 month sleep trial.
  • One side can be medium and the other firm to please two different preferences.
  • Can be flipped to prolong life even further, this mattress should last 1 or 2 decades. 
  • Excellent edge support.


  • Because of its weight it is shipped via UPS Freight because of its weight.
  • Sleeps warm.
  • No soft/plush option available (you never want a firm on one side and a soft on the other or you’ll feel the ridge as one side sinks in far more than the other).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Idle Latex Hybrid Mattress come in a split king?

Yes, the mattress does come in split king size, which is two twin XLs that together make the size of a standard king.  

Q: What bases can you put the mattress on?

You can put it on the floor, wood base or any sleeping surface. Idle does carry a simple foundation and an adjustable base. The adjustable base features an independent foot and head incline, dual USB charging stations on both sides of bed bases, wireless remote and programmable memory option.

You can buy the Adjustable Base from here.

Q: How much does the IDLE mattress weigh?

130 lbs for a queen and more for the natural version (we didn’t get a response from them yet on the exact weight.


If you’re looking for a thicker hybrid mattress and you like the feel of latex (as opposed to sinking in with memory foam), this is a quality pick. Given it has a full 6” of natural dunlop latex, it is a durable product made with quality components. Add the way it was made to be flippable so that you can extend the life of your mattress, this is a great value. This is reinforced by a generous sleep trial and warranty – some of the longest we’ve ever seen. 

What Mattress Should I Buy with My Stimulus Check?

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Recently the government provided up to $1,200 per person and $500 per child as a stimulus check to people who meet certain income thresholds. Many have already gotten their stimulus check or it’s on its way now. How should you spend it? If you’re thinking in investing in your sleep, keep reading.

A lot of people are experiencing stress and anxiety as a result of changes brought on by the coronavirus. For many of us, this pressure adds up to a lot of losing sleep. And you might also realize that you’re way overdue for a new mattress. The side effect of cumulative sleep loss can be so hard on your body. It can weaken your immune system, cause weight gain and more.

According to the Institute of Stress (yes, there is such a thing):

Depression, weight gain and high blood pressure are just a few of the health issues that can be related to insufficient sleep and the connection between poor sleep and stress can be a cyclical one.

Too much stress can cause you to have a bad sleep, leading to mental and physical health issues which can, in turn, cause stress in daily life, leading to poor sleep at night.

In this simple guide, we’ll recommend a few of our favorite mattresses and why we recommend them. Note that we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Best Budget Mattress – Sweetnight Mattress

If you’re looking for a great price on a memory foam mattress, look at Sweetnight. They’re better constructed than some of the other budget brands which means it’ll last longer.

Check out our Sweetnight Mattress video review if you want to know what we mean:

Check Prices

Best Soft Mattress – Puffy Mattress

The Puffy bed is the most gushy, soft, comfortable mattress for anyone who loves memory foam. It’s got the classic memory foam feel to it which mean you’ll sink into your bed and be warm and cozy. We find it to be above average quality for a bed you buy online. Spring for the Lux or Royale if you can, they’re a little more but they’re the softest and most high quality.

The original Puffy is 10 inches thick. The Puffy Lux is 12 inches. The cover is full of puffy white clouds which is how you’ll feel in this more plush feel bed.

Plush bed in a box Puffy

Best Thicker Hybrid Mattress – Idle Sleep

First you can’t beat their save 30% and get 2 FREE pillows offer. That’s what really drew me in. But after sleeping on an Idle, I can see why they’re so popular. It cradled my body all over for the most deep sleep. It’s sooo comfortable. Plus it’s a full 14 inches thick which is thicker than any other mattress on this list. It has a luxury look and feels higher end.

They also have a full 18 months trial period!! That means you have a year and a half to test it out and you can get a refund if it doesn’t work out for you. The warranty is amazing (lifetime) too.

Take a look how it looks coming out of the box. Comes in medium, firm or luxury firm and you can have one side of the bed a different firmness than the other, just in case you and your partner differ on whether to get a medium or a firm bed.

Check Prices

Best Overall Mattress – Purple Hybrid Premier

I don’t know how to describe this mattress other than it’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever slept on in my entire life. It’s what I sleep on since they came out with the Premier model in early 2018. It’s pricer than their original but it’s worth it!

Sleeping on this bed is like you’re weightless. It has over 30 patents on it and it’s unlike any other mattress we’ve reviewed or slept on. The top layer is a sort of flexible material that is actually purple in color (well, lavender). It just holds your body. It doesn’t sink in too far and get hot. It’s actually temperature neutral because the polymer grid has airflow and it won’t retain heat, like foam will.

They use the grid on seat cushions, including for wheelchairs. It doesn’t break down easily or fast so you’re not going to get dips or sags on the bed where you sleep. Ok, eventually almost all mattresses would but you should be good for the 10 year warranty and beyond.

So you just sleep so much better. I’d call this a medium as far as firmness. Here’s our Purple Hybrid review if you want to learn more.

Check Prices

Best Minimalist Mattress – airweave

airweave is inspired by Japanese futons. They come FOLDED (not rolled) in a box. They’re essentially like a mat that is in 3 pieces that you spread onto your bed frame. Lighter and more portable, this mattress is ideal for anyone who moves frequently or likes a minimalist look/style. Read our full airweave mattress review.

Airweave Mattress

Check Prices

Best All Around Memory Foam Mattress – Nolah

To us Nolah is the unsung hero of the mattress world. They’re a small company you may not have heard of but everyone I’ve talked to who has slept on one is surprised by just how much they love it.

One difference between Nolah and other foam mattresses, is that Nolah is made entirely without memory foam. That means it sleeps cooler. You’re not going to get super hot and sweaty at night. When that happens you wake up to throw off the covers. Even if you don’t realize you woke up, your sleep quality is affected. Nolah is more durable and provide amazing pressure relief on your hips and shoulders. The excellent pressure relief is perfect for side- and back sleepers needing relief on hips and shoulders.

The firmness is right in the middle at medium – a solid 5/10 with 10 being like sleeping on cement.

Nolah mattress sale

Check Nolah

We hope you enjoyed our quick preview of the top mattresses you can buy online. Be sure not to touch your face after handling the box and wash your hands after unpacking your new mattress. Here at Unbox Mattress we hope you and yours sleep well despite this crazy time we’re in. We all need all the deep, restorative sleep we can get!

Nolah’s New Mattresses are Cheaper than Ever, Portion of Sales Go to Fight COVID-19

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Nolah has two NEW Limited Edition mattresses which they say are selling like crazy — likely because they have the lowest prices EVER. They also have a good cause – with each purchase of these new mattresses, Nolah will make a $10 donation to help fight COVID-19 in the USA. Proceeds will go to front-line healthcare workers and hospitals.

Everything on the two Limited Edition mattresses is identical to their two existing Nolah mattresses (Original and Signature). The only difference is the new snow-white Tencel™ cover. Everything else – the AirFoam™ layers, construction, comfort, firmness, weight, etc., are identical to Nolah’s existing mattresses.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

New Limited Edition Mattresses Are the Lowest Prices Yet

Nolah recognizes that a lot of people have lost their jobs or had hours cut but need a good night’s sleep more than ever. Stress can interfere with sleep and weaken your immune system. We’re big fans of Nolah mattress – it’s one of our top picks on a memory foam mattress.

Here are the limited edition mattresses:

10″ Limited Edition Mattress

12″ Limited Edition Mattress


$640 Deal – Up to $442 Off + 2 Free Pillows ($198 Value) –

25% Off Limited Edition 12″ Mattress – Up To $601 Off + 2 Free Pillows

25% Off Limited Edition 10″ Mattress – Up To $380 Off + 2 Free Pillows

Interesting enough, you can save even more if you choose to forgo the trial period.

A queen size 10″ Nolah is $764 (regular retail price is $1019 – you save $255) and if you choose, “Remove Trial Period” you will save an additional $92. Nolah offers financing too, so you can get that queen for as low as $127 a month, yet get your mattress right away. Otherwise you get a 120 day trial and the mattresses have a 15 year warranty.

Take me to the Deals!

Adjustable Base and Bedding Deals Too

Besides the mattresses, Nolah has big sales on adjustable bases and bedding. So be sure to get a mattress protector and extend the life of your mattress even further.

cheap nolah mattresses

Nolah was named an essential business during the caronavirus pandemic in March.

Idle Mattress Coupon

Idle Mattress Unboxing Video + Save 30% and Get 2 FREE Pillows

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Idle Sleep logoIdle Mattress has caught our attention with their high quality mattresses, great pricing, financing and the unique features that make it ideal for couples.

First, they have the longest 18 month sleep trial and lifetime warranty and it’s hard to resist. Oh, and they have a 20 year warranty, which is also longer. And then they offer a mattress that’s softer on one side than the other. So if you sleep with someone who likes a firmer bed than you do, you can sleep on the softer side! It’s divided down the middle.

Plus, Idle has financing so you can get your mattress now, but pay as you go. You can get your mattress for as low as 0% APR if paid in full within 6 or 12 months. See our article on how Idle Sleep financing works.

This mattress really goes the distance!!

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Idle Mattress Hybrid Mattresses to Choose From

Here are the current Idle Sleep mattresses, which are 14″ deep and have foam and/or latex + springs.

All Idle Mattresses have the option to have one side more firm than the other. Choose from luxury firm or medium. OR, have one half of the mattress luxury firm and the other side medium. That way, if you sleep with someone else, both of you can be happy!

Plus they’re a luxurious 14 inches deep. Here are the 3 options and our top pick:

  • Idle Hybrid
  • The Dunlop Latex Hybrid
  • The Idle Talalay Latex Hybrid

SAVE 30% and get 2 Pillows FREE


Idle Mattress Unboxing Video

Want to experience what it’s like to buy an Idle mattress? Check out our Idle unboxing video. No talking, just watch it unfold from box to bed!


Pin for Later:

Idle Mattres unboxing

Nolah Mattress Deemed Essential Business During Lockdowns

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You don’t usually think of an online mattress retailer as an essential business. Since they don’t have physical locations that can be shut down or that people may not feel comfortable visiting a mattress store during the coronavirus.

Well, the issue is more on the production side. Today Nolah announced that, “today, we are happy to announce that all our manufacturing partners and warehouses have been deemed essential businesses that are not at risk of being shut down during lockdowns!

That means they can continue to ship and supply as usual and without disruptions. Considering many mattress companies are made in China or partly made in China or another country, it may be slower to get mattresses made right now.

Made in the USA

But Nolah is 100% made in the USA. In Elkhart, Indiana to be exact. Here’s a screenshot of a conversation I had with them:

Nolah mattress made in the USA

Nolah Mattress Sale

In addition to being open and shipping, Nolah is offer historically low prices right now.

Get $458 off your Nolah mattress!

It’s up to $300 off mattresses + 2x FREE AirFiber™ pillows ($158 value for free) 😄

🏠 – Try the mattress risk-free for 120 nights

  • 20% off mattresses
  • 20% off adjustable bases
  • 40% off bedding

Prices good through April 30th, 2020.

Save up to 40%!

We think Nolah is an excellent choice and one of the most underrated mattresses on the market They offer a great value on a quality mattress.

Compare Nolah Mattresses

Nolah has two models – a 10″ and a 12″. If you want a soft or a firm mattress, get the 12″ – it’s flippable so you can choose which side of the mattress to sleep on (top or bottom). It has an impressive lifetime warranty too. And an organic cotton cover. Each has a 120 night trial, which is a little above standard for the industry.

The differences are listed below:

Compare Nolah mattresses

Big list of Weighted Blankets

List of Bed In a Box Weighted Blankets

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The newest trend in bed in a box mattress brands is the weighted blanket. Popular for years, it seems like almost every bed in a box mattress brand either has one or is coming out with one. We wanted to list all of your options in one place to help you make an informed decision. Most weighted blankets are filled with glass beads.

Today’s weighted blankets are as much a lifestyle item as they are a blanket. You can find something for all ages and tastes. Check out our chart below to help you find the best weighted blanket for you!

Top 3 Weighted Blanket Benefits

Helps Alleviate Anxiety & Stress
The weight feels like a big hug, to help you relax, calm, and minimize anxiety. Some claim that it can increase the feel good and calming hormones – serotonin and melatonin.
Promotes Restful Sleep
When a weighted blanket reduces stress it has the effect of helping you get a better quality sleep. Sleep more deeply and peacefully.
Reduce Sensory Processing Disorder
Many children or adults with autism or other processing issues love how it can help them focus and reduce anxiety.

How Much Should Your Blanket Weight?

When looking for a weighted blanket for comfort, think about the weight that you need. The recommendations are based on how much you weight. Here’s a general rule:

Kids: 10% of body weight plus 1-2lbs.

Adults: 10% of body weight.

Weighted Blanket Comparison Chart

If you like more pressure then buy a heavier blanket. Here’s a chart that shows how to figure out the right amount of weight for you. Note, we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Name Brand Fabric/Weight(s) Sizes/Colors Sleep Trial/Warranty Price Buy
Bear Mattress Microfiber/15 lbs 1 size/3 neutral colors 100 days/1 year $120 Buy Now
Brooklyn Bedding Cotton and minky 15/20 1 size/gray 30 days/1 year $139 for 15lbs $149 for 20 lbs Buy Now
Casper Weighted Blanket Cotton/ 10, 15 or 20 1 size/navy 100 days/1 year $169, $179, $189 Buy Now
Chilipad Cotton/20 lbs 1 size/color 90 days/2 years $299 - add heating/cooling $499 Buy Now
Eight Microfiber 72” x 48”/15 lb 1 size/light gray 30 days $300 Buy Now
Helix Soft Fleece & Sheared Fabric/ 10, 15, 20 2 sizes/gray 100 days/1 year $99, $105, $119 Buy Now
Layla Mink-like fur+cotton/15, 20, 25 twin, queen, king/gray 120 days/5 year $99, $129, $149 Buy Now
Nest Bedding Fleece/cotton/15, 20, 25 twin/king/queen, light grey - $300 Buy Now
Nectar (made by BlanQuil™) Cotton blanket + cover/ 15, 20 1 size/gray or blue 5 years $159/$169 Buy Now
Purple Minky/unclear All bed sizes /4 colors 30 day trial $89, $102, $116 Buy Now
Saatva Organic cotton velvet/15, 25 2 sizes/graphite or taupe 45 days/1 year $295 single/$395 king or queen Buy Now
Sweet Zzz Organic bamboo & cotton/10, 15, 20 2 sizes/blue or gray 50 days/5 years $97/$118 Buy Now
Yaasa hand-knitted/15, 20 Cream or grey - $249 (15 lb), $269 (20 lb) Buy Now
Yogasleep microfiber/ 12, 15, 20 Gray 101 nights $99, $109, $119 Buy Now

bed in a box weighted blanket

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Weighted Blanket

We look at the following factors:

  1. Fabric type (so you have an idea of the feel and if it can be washed) – some weighted blankets have a removable cover too
  2. Sizes, some are more like a throw and others are made in sizes like twin, full, queen and king
  3. Weight
  4. Colors
  5. Price, including financing

Also look at the sleep trial and warranty.

Big List of Buy Now Pay Later Weighted Blankets

Best Weighted Blankets For…

Best weighted blanket to cover your entire bed: Get a Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket. Comes in king or queen.

Best Price Weighted Blanket: Get a Helix weighted blanket.

Best heating or cooling weighted blanket: Get a Chilipad and use code chiliblanket10 for $10 off.

Heaviest weighted blanket: Get a 25 lb Layla weighted blanket or this one from Nest

Most unique: The Yaasa hand knit weighted blanket

Best for anyone who is organic: Saavta’s GOTS certified 100% cotton weighted blanket

Best if you have money to spare and then some (are really hard core on your sleep and health numbers/data): Eight sleep weighted blanket

Do you have a weighted blanket? What’s your favorite brand? Leave a comment and let us know below.


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Bear Mattress Newest Bed in a Box to Come Out with a Weighted Blanket

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Today Bear Mattress announced their newest product – a weighted blanket. It comes in one size and weight – 15 lbs. It’s one piece with a soft microfiber cover. Choose from three beautiful neutral colors: light gray, charcoal or cream. We love the cream.

Bear Weighted Blanket

Take 20% Off

What to Look for in a Weighted Blanket

These are the things we look at when looking at which weighted blanket to buy.

Consider the cover – what’s is the fabric? The Bear is a soft microfiber material.

Is it two pieces or one? One piece (no separate duvet type cover).

Is it washable? Yes, but only by hand or dry clean.


Does the weighted blanket come in more than one size? Bear offers this more as a one-size throw option.

Weight and Beads

Does the weighed blanket come in more than one weight? The weight that you should choose depends on your height and weight. Bear’s blanket is available in one weight that is generally good for anyone (except children over the age of 3).

Color Options

It’s both stylish and modern and comes in three colors. Weighted blankets like this are a home decor item and are as much for the couch as for bed. So ask yourself if this blanket would look nice in your living room or on your favorite chair.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Some brands don’t offer a sleep trial on blankets – likely because they’re heavy to ship for the price of the product. Bear has a generous 100 day sleep trial and a 1 year warranty.

Price and Financing

This blanket is on par with the cost of most weighted blankets.

Bear Weighted Blanket Details

Here are some specs so you can learn more about this weighted blanket:

  • 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • Glass Beads
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 100 night sleep trial
  • Hand wash or dry clean
  • Queen size 60″ x 80″ x 14″
  • With code, $120 (financing for as low as $10/month)

Want to try it? Right now you can take 20% off.

Comfort During a Stressful Time

With the level of stress a lot of us in this country feel right now with coronavirus, kids out of school for weeks if not months and the uncertainty, it’s a good time to curl up under a weighted blanket. They feel like someone is giving you a big hug – and right now a lot of us can’t get closer than 6 feet apart.