steel bunkie board

Ditch Your Box Spring – Replace with a Steel Bunkie Board

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  • Most mattresses you buy online don’t come with a box spring
  • Skip the need for a box springs or replace wood slats with this strong and sturdy steel frame
  • At 1.6″ tall, the Bunkie Board won’t add a lot of extra height to your bed
  • Ideal for use with bunk beds, day beds, and recessed “sit-in” platform bed frames only

Need additional support for Spring, Hybrid, and memory foam mattresses that are too heavy for wood slats? Zinus has an economy priced solution for you. This is an alternative to a box spring. It fits inside of platform beds and frames to support the weight of the mattress. Wood slats may not hold up well over time. This provides much better, and more even, support without any sagging.

Ideal for traditional mattresses or newer boxed brands that are heavy, such as the Purple Hybrid Premier (a king size weighs over 200 lbs and then you have to add the weight of each sleeper).

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Box Spring Replacement

Why do you even need a box spring and why do people still buy them? Box springs were created to support your mattress and help absorb shock and movement. Today’s mattresses are so much thicker than they used to be and the mattress itself can serve that function. So today, box springs mostly just raise the profile of your bed. You don’t really need to spend on box springs – sll you need is a solid platform underneath your mattress for support.

That’s where this fits in. It fits inside your bed frame. It completes a minimalist, modern look that many buyers search for.

The steel frame is easy to assemble (20 minutes) and was packed very well. It does not include with any platform or legs. It works great a “Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed” or other frames that comes with wood slats. It fits precisely inside the frame.

Economy priced to be affordable – a king is under $90.

Easy to set up and move – compared to a box spring this won’t take up a lot of space when moving. Instead, it’s compact and

The Zinus 1.6 inch quick lock Bunkie board offers a slim, strong and sturdy foundation for your spring, memory foam, or Hybrid mattress. Made of premium steel and featuring the easy to assemble quick lock construction, the Zinus Bunkie board ideal provides ideal mattress support. Compact packaging allows for tight interior spaces such as stairs and hallways.

Available in twin, full, queen, and King, the Zinus quick lock Bunkie board will ensure long-lasting support and durability for your mattress. Get rid of your box spring set if your  Euro-top mattress and box spring set makes your bed too tall.

King size weighs 33 pounds
Product Dimensions 79 x 75.5 x 1.6 inches

Please note that this product is only available on Amazon, not on Zinus.com

Was the New Softer airweave Mattress Inspired by the Olympics?

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airweaveairweave, the company that sells modular, minimalist mattresses, toppers, and pillows from Japan, has launched the New airweave Mattress. As far as names goes, it’s rather minimalist too! But overall, until now, their mattresses have been quite firm. In general, Americans prefer a softer bed, and now they have that option.

New mattress is now softer and comes in airweave’s signature modular design. It comes to you folded in 3 pieces and is a lower profile mattress at just 7 1/2 inches thick. The cover is 1.9 inches of the total height. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Here are the sizes and weight of the new airweave mattress

  • Twin: 39.4″ X 74.8″ X 7.9”, 44 lbs
  • Twin XL: 39.4″ X 79.9″ X 7.9”, 47 lbs
  • Full: 53.1″ X 74.8″ X 7.9”, 59.5 lbs
  • Queen: 59.8″ X 79.9″ X 7.9”, 71.5 lbs
  • King: 76″ X 79.9″ X 7.9”, 90.5 lbs
  • CAL King: 71.7″ X 83.9″ X 7.9”, 89.5 lbs

The almost 2 inches of pillow top adds plush softness. The outer cover is removable and easy to wash. The rest of the mattress is what they call airfiber®— a highly resilient interwoven resin fiber block – can improve back support and breathability, supporting the brand’s core message that it’s not what you feel when you get into bed, it’s how you feel when you wake up. You’re not going to sleep hot on this bed.

Check Prices


Recyclable Mattress

Continuing the brand’s mission for sustainability, the New airweave mattress will be lighter in weight and thinner in size, making it even easier to ship and carry. The polyethylene resin used to create the airfiber® blocks can also be turned back into raw polyethylene and recycled into plastic items after its use.

Foldable, Easy to Move Mattress

With their lightweight and modular design, airweave is easy to store or move. You can put it in a box or bag and it’s compact and easier to carry compared to most mattresses. Airweave was inspired by the traditional Japanese futon, which is designed to be easily stored when not in use. Ideal for singles, college students, military or anyone who wants a mattress that’s easy to move and store.

airweave Mattress Cost

The New airweave Mattress will start from $1,400 and comes in a range of sizes from Twin to California King. All U.S. orders come with free shipping and a 100 Night Trial. Customers are eligible for a full refund in the form of the original payment within 100 days from when the item was delivered, and you have tried the product for a minimum of 30 days.

Warranty is 10 years.

Visit Official Site

Olympic Bed?

airweave designed cardboard beds for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Athletes Village. And some speculate that once the Olympics were postponed, the beds are now in the retail market, touted as a new design for the public.

More about airweave

airweave was born from a desire to do things differently when, Founder & CEO, Motokuni Takaoka took over his uncle’s fishing line company. A graduate of the Stanford School of Engineering, Takaoka experimented with different applications of the resin fiber used to create fishing line and discovered that the material was perfectly suited for a newer and better purpose: to revolutionize the way we sleep. Since the first mattress topper shipped in 2007, airweave has expanded to a range of lifestyle, travel, and technology sleep products in Japan, and has been adopted by elite athletes and organizations worldwide to help them perform at the highest level.


Nectar Mattress – BIGGEST Sale Ever Right Now

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Nectar Sleep LogoLikely in response to the economic conditions due to coronavirus, mattress companies are holding massive sales right now. However, if you look at a recent survey of both online and physical mattress stores, it’s not as grim as it may seem.

In a recent survey, published in Furniture Today*, 463 retailers were polled and “On the digital side, 76% of respondents said that online traffic was either steady or up. Only 5% said they have taken the drastic step of completely shutting down their stores.”

Still, Nectar Mattress has one of the biggest we’ve ever seen going on right now, in their history! Nectar is a highly rated memory foam mattress. At this time they have two mattresses to choose from: The Nectar Mattress and the Nectar Lush Mattress.

And remember that Nectar has a lifetime warranty and a full year sleep trial.

Get $399 of FREE accessories when you buy a Nectar Mattress.

Note we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Nectar Mattress Sale

Nectar Mattress – Get FREE protector, sheets and pillows!

Nectar Mattress BIGGEST Sale

Right now, you get a free mattress protector, pillows and sheets when you buy a mattress.

$399 Of FREE Accessories With Every Mattress Purchase
FREE Mattress Protector (Worth $99)
FREE Premium Pillows (Worth $150)
FREE Sheets Set (Worth $150)

Sale is going on now through Friday, April 24th

Get $399 Worth of FREE Accessories

*Source https://www.furnituretoday.com/industry-issue/nationwide-marketing-surveys-buying-group-members-on-covid-19-impact/

Nectar Lush Mattress

New Nectar Lush Mattress Made to Sleep Cooler

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Nectar Sleep LogoNectar Sleep recently came out with The Nectar Lush Mattress. It’s the newest addition to the original Nectar mattress. It’s a higher end bed which was made to sleep cooler, while providing pressure point relief.

Like the original, there are no springs (it’s not a hybrid as we’re used to seeing at this price point). Rather, it’s all foam construction. We’re unable to find information on how plush it is. Please note that we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Nectar Lush Mattress Cooling Features

  • Temperature regulating cover
  • CoolFlow Visco with AquaCool: 3″ of 3.5 lb CoolFlow Visco high-density foam to provide superior pressure relief. AquaCool material is added for additional cooling.
  • Energex™: 2″ of 2.5 lb Energex™ that provides quicker foam bounce back and allows for more sleep mobility.
  • 7″ of 1.8 lb Pound Base Foam for additional cushioning that gives the bed a softer feel and more support.
  • Adjustable Base Friendly (Nectar sells an adjustable base).

Save $100

Approximate Mattress Height is 12″.

The Nectar Lush has a higher price point (starts at $1399 for a queen with the $100 off) and is one inch thicker than the original Nectar, which is 11″ deep. Features the same 1 year trial and forever warranty.

What do you think? Would you pay that much more for an inch and if it delivers superior cooling?

Casper Mattress Files for IPO – Dreams of Future Sleep Economy

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Casper logoOn January 10, 2020, Casper Sleep filed to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. Founded in 2014, that would mean they’d join bed in a box companies Purple and Leesa, which are both publicly traded after being bought out by larger companies.

Here are some facts from the filing that Unbox Mattress found interesting…

Casper sleep economyNote there is an affiliate link in this post.

  • Retail stores help boost online sales. Casper says on average they get about 2x the sales online in markets where there’s also a retail store. Casper is sold at Target stores and is in more than 2,000 stores, according to their website.
  • They’re not profitable and losses are steep – reports say that last year they were at $92 million.
  • Returns are a costly issue, costing about 20 cents for every dollar in sales and represents a key factor in their ability to be profitable. From the figures we read it looks like Casper has a 15-20% return rate, which is quite high.
  • What Casper does well is marketing and spending money on marketing. According to Fortune, “the company has spent $423 million in marketing since 2016.” And they report that for every $1 it spent on marketing, they bring in $3 in revenue. However, “more than 73% of its gross profit last year went to sales and marketing costs.”That’s gross, not net profit. In fact, when we reviewed Casper we were more taken by their marketing than the mattress. It’s not that it’s a bad mattress, it’s just it’s tough not to be in awe of their marketing. They are certainly creative and know how to leverage (and/or pay) influencers for placement. They’re almost more a marketing agency than a mattress/sleep company.
  • Casper bills themselves as a more than a mattress company but part of the global sleep economy. They’ve barely begun that journey. Right now though people usually buy a mattress and nothing else, but they have a long way to go in that category. The numbers, once again, don’t look promising at this point. According to Fortune, “only 16% of Casper’s customers who have bought a product through the company’s website or stores have returned to purchase another product.”
  • The IPO paperwork hints at future products and is far-reaching. This includes bedroom furniture, sounds (maybe they should acquire this bed company that seems to have never actually launched), scents, temperature and even sprays, pills or vitamins. Still, when you look at their website, it’s mostly mattresses and bedding. And new products have mostly been more pricey mattress models, like a hybrid. If the past predicts the future, it looks like we’ll see baby mattresses and cribs next.Casper products and services…are increasingly focused on non-traditional categories, including products that promote the ideal ambience for sleep, such as lighting, sound, scents, temperature, and humidity; sleep technology, such as tracking devices, medical machines, bedside clocks, and connected devices; sleep supplements, such as sprays, pills, and vitamins; and sleep services, such as digital apps, meditation, sleep programming, and counseling. Beyond the daily sleep needs of adults, we aim to meet a range of use cases with unique product and service needs, such as for travel, children and babies, and pets.

    As far as lighting, there’s the glow. It left us wondering, would you buy sleep supplements from Casper? And otherwise we don’t see a lot of tech. So far, Eight Sleep seems to be the leader in sleep tech, if not Reverie. So Casper has a long way to go (and needs a lot of cash to get there).

  • Casper “employs over 40 dedicated researchers, designers, engineers, and support staff…” focused on “the continuous improvement of existing offerings.” Honestly, we’d like to hear more about that than marketing.

The IPO sounds like a vision list of expensive dreams the mattress company has.

Our favorite part? A chart that highlights their wildly profitable beginnings: how Casper cofounder Neil Parikh delivered their first mattress by bike. They tweeted about it in 2014:

Casper bicycle delivery

Casper is a forerunner in the mattress industry and we wish them well in their IPO and future plans.

20% Off Buffy Comforters, Sheets & Pillows For Black Friday

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Running now (11/27) through December 3rd, new customers save 20% Off all products with code SOFLUFFY. Use on Buffy comforters, sheets, duvet cover and pillows. Their products are earth-friendly, skin-friendly, cruelty-free, and super soft! White bedding is made with no bleach. Colors are created with natural plant dyes.

Buffy’s sheets are made with eucalyptus.

Note: we prefer The lighterweight Breeze comforter over the Cloud and we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Offer ends on December 3, 2019!

Take 20% on Everything!

Casper hybrid mattress

Rare Casper Mattress Coupon Takes Up to $200 off + 2 Free Pillows

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Casper mattress just launched a new sale. We don’t see many sales on Casper so don’t wait if you’re thinking of getting one.

Take $100 off Casper or $200 off Wave plus get two FREE Original Casper Pillows with promo code FREEPILLOWS

Offer is only valid from October 22-28, 2019.

Here’s a quick recap about Casper mattress:

  • Free standard delivery and free White Glove delivery with The Wave and Wave Hybrid
  • 100-night risk-free trial
  • 10 year warranty
  • 10 inches deep (original)
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

The original Casper mattress is made up of polyfoam top and bottom laters. The middle memory foam layer is in the middle.

Shop the Sale!

new Buffy sheets

Buffy Sheets Now in 4 Natural Plant Based Dyed Colors

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Buffy, known for their Buffy Comforters, now carries bed sheets in colors. Previously their sheets were only available in white.

The Buffy sheets are made from eucalyptus fabric which has advantages over cotton and bamboo. First, it’s known for being environmentally friendly. The eucalyptus used for Buffy sheets is grown in Austria and uses 10x less water than cotton.

Note: there are affiliate links in this post and we may earn a small commission should you shop through our links.

The eucalyptus sheets also say it’s more breathable and softer than cotton that get softer with each wash. There is no bleach and Buffy uses natural dyes. This is what we love about Buffy!

Buffy white sheets

Buffy Sheets Have no Bleach or Artificial Dyes

Eucalyptus Sheets

Most of Buffy’s products are white but that is changing! Today they announced 4 colors. The best part is none of their sheets use bleach or artificial colors. The dyes are all plant based!

  • Light Gray Sheets – dyed with pomegranate, eucalyptus, and tea
  • Dark Gray Sheets – same as with light gray
  • Blush Color Sheets – a peachy pink, dyed with gardenia, walnut, and turmeric
  • White Sheets (not really a color) – no bleach or harmful dyes

See the new Sheets!

Buffy naturally dyed pink sheets

Buffy Blush Sheets are dyed with gardenia, walnut, and turmeric

Each sheet set includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, and 2 pillowcases. Right now some sizes have limited stock but eventually will come in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. Will fit most mattresses, up to at least 15″ deep. Free shipping and free returns.
Read more about Buffy’s other bedding products: the Buffy Cloud Comforter made out of recycled water bottles and eucalyptus, Buffy Breeze Comforter (made from eucalyptus and sleeps cooler than the Cloud) and the Buffy Cloud Pillow.
Bedjet bed fan

BedJet Valentine’s Day Sale Helps Couples Get Better Sleep for Less

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BedJet bed fan is one of the best ways you can get better sleep if you sleep with someone who prefers a different temperature than you do. If you get too hot or cold at night to the point that both of you are miserable, the BedJet may be the answer.

bedjet v2 saleIt works fast and best of all you can customize each side of the bed with the Dual Zone Cloud Sheet. Essentially it has pockets in the duvet-like sheet. The BedJet fills the pocket with cooler or warmer air (or no air) that is blown into the sheet. Each side of the bed can have a BedJet running or just one side.

While you may not think of a BedJet bed fan as romantic, many husbands buy one for their wife so they can both sleep better. Night sweats and hot flashes can interfere with sleep. So an investment in a BedJet means each person can have the bed set to the temperature they prefer.

Note: we may earn a commission should you shop through our links.

BedJet Valentine’s Day Deal

Get a great deal on BedJet this Valentine’s Day. Get a FREE Cloud Sheet with purchase of any Dual Zone bundle for couples.

Add the additional sheet to cart & use one of these promocodes at checkout:
For Queen Dual Zone: VDAYQUEEN

For King Dual Zone: ​VDAYKING

For Split King (Qty 2 Twin XL sheets): VDAYSPLITKING

Expires Feb. 15, 2019.


60 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial
100% Money Back – No Restocking Fees

Go to Official Site

BedJet Video Review

Bedinabox Mattress Review – Top 5 Features of the Serenity Mattress

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BedInABox Mattress Review

Here’s my video review of the BedinaBox brand mattress:

Read More Reviews

As always, the advantages to buying a mattress online – is that the prices are often lower and most have great/easy exchange policies. Every person is unique and so is their mattress preference. You can research for months unable to make a decision when the best way to know what you like is to narrow down your selection to the materials you like, the height you like, and the price range you are comfortable with. Then start trying your top pick until you find a mattress you love.

It’s not like marriage where getting out of it is painful and costly! You can keep dating until you find the best fit for you and be out nothing until you find the perfect match. Too bad real dating isn’t like that!

First, disclosures: we were given this queen size Serenity Mattress by BedInABox for the purposes of this review. We’re affiliates of BedInABox and your purchase helps us do more reviews.

Affordable Luxury Beds Under $2,000
When we unboxed the Serenity the first thing we thought that it was more luxurious than we expected it to be. We thought it would be an economy mattress. But it’s not.

Bedinabox is based in Tennessee. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have been in business since 2007 (over a decade). So although this brand might be new to you, they’ve been in the business for a while.

We all say “Bed-in-a-box,” (sort of like we call tissues Kleenex), but what you probably don’t know is that this company owns the trademark to the term “Bed in a Box”.

They’re a small, family owned business who sells affordable luxury beds that  made in the USA, not just ‘assembled in America’. Since they’ve been around longer they have a wider selection of products from mattresses, to mattress toppers, sheets and adjustable bases.

They have 7 models in various price ranges, starting at $699 for a queen. It comes in more sizes than you’d expect. We never see split queens or split California king sizes!

Here’s the full list:

  • Twin xl
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California king
  • Short queen
  • Split king
  • Split queen
  • Split California king

Like most boxed brands you’re paying for the top layer and need a mattress frame, box springs or platform to place it on.

We highly recommend that you use a mattress protector before you sleep on any new mattress. Bedinabox carries their own brand of mattress protector in several styles. Using a mattress protector will help prolong the longevity of your mattress and prevent spills from damaging your mattress.


The Serenity queen is just under $2,000 which is right where you’ll see similar featured mattresses. There is financing that gets your payment at around $60 a month.

Visit Official Site

Mattress Layers
The Serenity has 5 layers of foam, including memory foam. They do tell you the density of foam that they use, which we appreciate, because most mattress companies don’t give you a lot of detail about that.

Let’s get into a little detail about what how this bed is constructed. This is their high end mattress and it’s like a pillow top which you usually don’t see in boxed brands as often.

The Pillow Top Cover
The cover is quilted and is quite attractive – it has CoolRest® Adaptive foam which is based on technology originally developed to use for space suits. It helps balance temperature between the sleeper and the mattress to help keep the sleeper comfortable throughout the night. There’s 2” of super-soft, gel-infused quilting foam on top.

In addition, there’s 4” of 1.8 lb density, high-quality soy-based transitional foam, progressing from contouring to supporting. Then you have 4” of high-density foam to support body weight and align the spine. This includes a 2.2 lb density core.

Top 5 features of the Serenity Bed in a Box Mattress

Feature #5: The Serenity is 14 inches thick.
This bed has a thicker profile that gives it a higher end feel. If you like a bed that’s higher up, you’ll love this mattress.

Feature #4: The Serenity is reversible.
There’s a softer side and a firmer side. If you prefer to sink into your mattress a bit, choose the soft side. If you prefer to feel like you are sleeping on top of the mattress, choose the firm side.

The quilted cover on top is the soft side but if you decide you really want a firmer feel, you can flip the mattress. While it doesn’t have the plush pillowtop on other side, it still has an elegant quilted cover with a little give. On the soft side, the sleeper sinks into the mattress a bit and is cradled. On the firm side, the sleeper sleeps more on top of the mattress, but still with the comfort and look of a quilted cover.

Feature #3: A bed with handles!
Since this mattress can be reversed it’s nice that they give you these handles to help you turn it. I wouldn’t lift it by the handles alone but they can help you turn or flip the mattress. It weighs 100 lbs.

Feature #2: The Serenity has a 20 year warranty 
This is a longer warranty than the typical 10 years and a slightly longer trial period. It has free shipping too.

Feature #1: Made in the USA and has almost no smell/offgassing
I’m very sensitive to offgassing and this mattress had almost no smell.

We really like these family-owned mattress companies like Bedinabox and our recent RV mattress review of the Tochta. Your mattress gets shipped faster and the quality tends to be higher too.

What do you think? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer every one.