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Mattress Shortages? Why You Should Buy That Mattress Now Not Later

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Thanks to COVID a lot of mattress companies are having a harder time filling orders. Like with many large purchases, wait times can be long. So if you’re thinking of purchasing a new mattress, it’s better to do it sooner, not later.

The factory delays have mostly stemmed from a shortage globally of individually wrapped innersprings because the fabric used to wrap the springs is the same fabric used in PPE for those on the frontlines of the Covid pandemic.

This is especially true for mattresses with individually wrapped coils. The cloth is what is used for PPE (personal protective equipment) which has caused a shortage. The steel that coils are made from are in high demand too. Prices for encased coils are going up as well. So this will affect any coil or hybrid mattresses.

“Leggett & Platt, a major supplier to the bedding industry, responded to those shortages by implementing a 15.5% price increase on all fabric-encased coil systems last month. [June 2020, Furniture Today]”

These shortages and supplies demand are expected to last until next year – 2021. These shortages are impacting everyone from the mattress in a box to the  national brands.

Here are the factors contributing to the issues:

  • Factories are having a tough time staffing in wake of absenteeism.
  • Demand dipped in the spring, so manufacturers cut back – then demand surged dramatically. It’s not easy to ramp back up quickly.
  • Increased demand for mattresses as people are spending more time at home and spending more on home products, like mattresses. One manufacturer says a 200% increase in demand.
  • Trouble with supplies and/or quality of supplies.
  • Shipping partners. The factory delays have mostly stemmed from a shortage globally of individually wrapped innersprings because the fabric used to wrap the springs is the same fabric used in PPE for those on the frontlines of the Covid pandemic.
  • Materials such as steel and cloth that is used for individually wrapped coils are experiencing a shortage.
  • Prices are going up or COVID discounts are lower because demand is higher. One mattress company sent us a notice yesterday, with prices going up as much as $450 for a king size mattress!

Even domestic made mattresses can experience delays or problems.

From BedTimes Magazine:

One supplier said he has never seen volume like this. It’s not pent-up consumer demand only, but a new interest among those who are housebound – and haven’t lost their jobs – in spending discretionary income on comfort and the home environment.

“Once consumers got used to being home all the time, they started shopping online,” one manufacturer said. “We had anticipated a 20% to 30% increase in demand. Instead we saw a 200% increase.”

Recommended Mattresses to Buy Now

If you’re shopping for a hybrid or coil mattress, hurry (take our mattress quiz to find one in your price range and specifications)! We give 3 options – visit the website and chat with a representative to get an idea of shipping times.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Here are options for mattresses that are shipping fast, at the time of this article. I’ll continue to add to this list.

  • Look for no spring mattresses, such as Avocado’s new no-spring latex mattress. It’s a bit firmer (7.5/10 on the firmness scale), 100% organic certified and also 100% biodegradable.
  • Purple mattresses and bed frames are still shipping quickly.
  • SleepEZ
  • SleepOnLatex, which has a factory in Chicago
  • Nolah has so far been shipping as usual, they make all foam mattresses and Nolah’s limited edition mattresses are priced lower during COVID.

And if there are delays, realize it’s not just one company that is affected – it’s a lot. Things are not normal for not just the mattress industry, but for many others. The longer you wait, the more patient you need to be.

Nolah Limited Edition 10” Mattress Review | Lasts Years Longer Than Memory Foam??

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Love memory foam but hate how it starts sagging after just a few years? Nolah mattresses have been shown to last longer. They came out with the Nolah limited edition mattresses to give you the same quality as the original Nolah mattress for less.

Nolah was tested against other even highest quality memory foam to see how it compared as far as durability of the Nolah Air Foam™. It was rigorously tested with the industry standard ASTM Constant Force Pounding Dynamic Test. It’s a test that involves a robotic arm pounding down on the target foam 70 times per minute for a total of 100,000 cycles, which allows you to predict how much support and thickness will be lost over time.

The Nolah mattress foam was tested and found to be most durable when stacked up against even the highest quality memory foam by a LONG SHOT. Over 2600% less loss of thickness!! That translates into less sagging and longer life. Now there’s no way I can test this but they claim something like a Casper or a Leesa mattress will last about 5 or 6 years. But a Nolah, they say, lasts 10.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Nolah Matress Limited Edition 10 Inch

Nolah Limited Edition 10” Mattress Review

We reviewed a queen size 10” LIMITED EDITION Nolah Mattress. It was sent to me to review. I’m going to tell you how by buying the limited edition and something else can save you a total of about $200 on this mattress. That’s pretty significant.

One thing you need to know right off is that the only difference between the 10” limited edition and the 10” original is that the limited edition has a more basic cover and the PRICE. So right off, you save $102 by forgoing the fancier cover. The Limited Edition mattresses are the same exact mattress but instead of the thicker cover that has their brown thicker bottom and white top you get a simple all-white cover. Keep reading to find out how else to save.

Nolah Mattress Layers

This is basically a 3 layer mattress. The cover is basic white and it unzips but the company says to spot treat it only. We recommend that you get a waterproof mattress protector with your mattress. You can get a 12 inch version also. But the 10″ Nolah mattress has:

  • 2” Cooling Nolah AirFoam™. AirFoam™ provides superior pressure relief, keeps you cool and contours perfectly to your body without trapping you “in the mattress” like memory foam.
  • 1” Deep Supportive High-Resilience Foam support layer that is stronger and more durable than latex. It provides a healthy and responsive bounce to keep you sound asleep all night.
  • 7” High-Density Base Foam of the best U.S. made high-density breathable base foam that reinforce the support and contouring of the toper layers. It’s durable and guaranteed to last for years.

The limited edition 10” Nolah mattress is 70 lbs – the same as the original 10”. Again, it’s the same mattress inside. And one way to know about quality is the weight of the mattress. You want to see above 50 lbs on a queen.

So this is right where it should be, based on the competitors in this space that you’ve probably heard of.

This mattress is a bit softer than other mattresses in this price range. It’s what I’d call medium soft while a lot of the others are medium.

You have 120 days to test out the mattress and if not happy, return it for a full refund.

15 years

Nolah Mattress Review Video

Watch the video to see the edge support, motion transfer, and hand test.

Sleeps cooler than most memory foam

Nolah Mattress Price

The Nolah mattress is priced right around where you’d expect for this thickness and type of bed, maybe a little higher but not by much. But if you agree to forgo your sleep trial, in other words, you don’t get to return the mattress, then you save $92 on a queen. Taking a queen down to a very reasonable $672 at the time of writing this review. Find this option listed with the accessories you can add to your order, like a mattress cover (which I think you should always buy) or pillows.

No matter what you choose you’ll get 2 FREE pillows when you buy any Nolah queen or king size mattress. These are promotional shredded foam pillows so they’re not for sale on the site.

Who’s this Mattress Best For?

I would buy this mattress if I was a lighter weight sleeper. If you’re heavier then it might not offer enough support. You’re going to need the 12” or deeper.

It’s also for someone who doesn’t want to sink in as much as traditional memory foam mattresses and who wants a longer lasting foam bed.

new Purple mattress kids

New Purple Mattress for Kids – Best Kid Mattress?

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Purple logoIf your kid sleeps hot or you just want them to have the best kid mattress, check out Purple’s new kid’s collection. It includes a kid mattress, Purple kid pillow, sheets and mattress protector. They come in fun colors.

The Purple kid mattress is a low profile twin mattress which is 7 inches deep. It has a foam perimeter around the comfort grid center (which makes it lighter weight too). Purple kid mattresses comes in twin size only.

Now there are new options for kids, younger fans as well as growing teens or smaller adults to get good sleep. It’s funny how we buy our kids the cheapest mattress. No one thinks about it. But if they had a better mattress, they’d feel and know the difference right away. How do I know? Being a mattress reviewer, I’ve given mattresses to several kids after I’m done reviewing them. And they tell me that it makes such a huge difference from what they used to sleep on.

The new Purple mattress for kids is not just a smaller version of the adult sized mattress. Also, it comes in twin size only, so technically it could be used for a lighter weight (around 115 lbs or less) adult too.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Purple Kid Mattress

With the new Purple Kid’s Collection, there’s new kid sized mattress, sheets, mattress protector and Purple pillows too. The kid size mattress is thinner than the size for an adult. So no more catapulting onto or jumping off the bed. It’s the perfect height for shorter legs.

As with all Purple mattresses, there is absolutely no memory foam inside and it doesn’t sleep hot. Inside is Purple comfort grid and foam (there are no coils in this model).

Here’s what the Purple Kid’s Collection Includes:

  • Kid’s Twin Size Purple Mattress with 2” Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Purple grid
  • Kid Purple Pillow
  • Kid Sheets
  • Kid Mattress Protector

Check Current Prices

Differences Between the Kid’s and Regular Purple Mattress

The kid’s mattress is priced lower, not as thick as the original Purple mattress and has new colors.

Size and Thickness
The kid’s mattress only comes in twin. The size is different though. It’s a shorter twin. Dimensions are 38” x 75” and it’s 7 inches thick. The original is 38” x 75” and 9.25” thick. The shorter profile makes it best for bunk beds or sofa beds.

37 lbs compared to around 70 lbs for the original Purple twin size mattress.

Right now the regular twin is $574 and the kid size twin is $474. Check prices.

Cover is 64% Polyester, 35% Cooling PE, 1% Spandex

Surrounded by 1.8 lb density foam side/head/foot rails, around the perimeter of the mattress (which appears to be a lot more than the original has).


Middle Layer:
2.5” 1.8 lb density soft transition foam

Base Layer:
2.5” 1.8 lb density medium support foam

The new Purple mattress for kids fits on the Purple foundation. Sleep trial is 100 days and there’s a 10 year warranty on all mattresses.

Kid’s Purple Pillow Compared to Original Purple Pillow

The kid version of the Purple pillow is actually a little thicker than the original. It’s 18” x 13” and 3.25” thick. The price is $69 and it weighs 5 lbs. – less than half of the original Purple pillow. Otherwise it’s the same.

The original Purple pillow is 24″ x 16″ and 3″ thick and costs $109. It weighs 11.7 lbs.

Easy to clean and keep clean since there’s no foam that absorbs liquid. Hypoallergenic. You can wash both the inside pillow and the cover.

Comes in gray, blue, pink or white

You get a 100 night sleep trial and a 1 year warranty.

Purple mattress pillow for kids

Check Current Prices

Kid’s Purple Sheets and Mattress Protector

Interestingly, for a 7 inch sheet, the kid’s version is 15″ thick (for a 7″ mattress). Not sure why. Same with the mattress protector which isn’t specifically for kids – it’s the same as for the other Purple mattresses. I love the Purple mattress protector but I would buy a low profile mattress protector like this one that’s for 6-8″ deep mattresses.

The fitted sheet works just fine because the gathers around the edges, it’s the top sheet and pillow cases that are too big.

Same with the sheets, they’re stretchy and move with the mattress. However, with less grid it may not need that feature as much as with the adult size mattress. Here are low profile sheets that fit 6-9″ deep mattresses.

The kid’s sheets are the Purple SoftStretch sheets just with new colors and only in twin size. The packaging says kid’s but you could get any twin size or color and they’ll work.

Made with a seamless design (no seams) and industrial elastic to make sure the sheets stay in place. Buying the pillows, sheets and mattress means that everything matches.

Sheets Material
67% Rayon from Bamboo Viscose
23% Polyester
10% Spandex

Care Instructions
Machine wash cold. Hang to dry or tumble dry low.


Twin size only.

Flat Sheet 98″ x 70″

Fitted Sheet 75″ x 38″ x 15″

Pillowcase 31″ x 20″

Price is $99 at the time of writing.

Warranty is 1 year on the sheets, 10 years on the mattress protector. There is a 30-day trial period on the sheets and protector.

Purple kids sheets

We loved the new Purple mattress for kids. The sheets are ok, but we found it harder to make the bed since the top sheet is too big for the bed. The pillow is best for smaller kids – my 9 year old thought it was too small (but she’s used to a standard size pillow). I liked the look of the mattress on her kid’s size (twin) bed frame.

Our other mattress is so tall that she has a hard time getting into bed. If she fell it’s a lot further to the floor. It’s much easier to get in/out of the bed with the kid’s mattress. And the foam perimeter makes an otherwise very heavy bed more manageable, since the grid is what makes Purple mattresses weigh more. The foam is also softest but the middle with the Purple grid adds no pressure cushioning.

The mattress and pillow seem safer for little ones since they have airflow and they can’t sink into and get stuck in the mattress like you can with memory foam. There have been reports of children not being able to breath because they sunk into a bed so far.

Overall, we love Purple mattress and know it can last through several kids. When she upgrades to a bigger size some day, we know it’ll be a Purple too.

If you have a baby and are looking for a crib mattress, we recommend the breathable Newton Baby Mattress.

Questions You Need to Ask Before You Buy a New Mattress

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The wrong mattress can cause bad sleep and can hurt your health and relationships too. But buying a mattress is not always as easy as you’d like. That’s why we’ve put together these 9 questions to ask to help you choose the perfect mattress for you. And we may earn a commission when you shop through our links. At the end of the article we’ll talk about the limitations of buying a mattress online, along with the upside!

1. How long is the Sleep Trial?
The sleep trial is the window of time you have to test out your new mattress. If in that timeframe, usually 100 days or more, you don’t like it then you can return it for a full refund. Some mattress companies require that you have it for at least 30 days before it qualifies. If you got free accessories you may have to pay for those, but ask. Make sure you know the terms.

Buying a mattress is an investment and they’re highly subjective. Which is why there’s a sleep trial in the first place. You may be into it $1000 or more. And you want to make sure you want to sleep on it for several years. The mattresses with the longest sleep trials – a full year and a half – is Idle Sleep and Haven.

The big advantage of buying online is that window of time you have to actually sleep on the mattress and see how you like it. I promise you’re not going to get that by laying on several at a store. And most have shorter, more restrictive return policies or fees.

Mattress recycling4. What is the Mattress Made of?

Pay attention to mattress reviews on YouTube. Compare the hand test (where they push into the foam and see how fast it goes back out) and materials for the mattresses you’re considering. Unbox Mattress is adding new mattress review videos here. Just know that mattress reviewers know everyone is different. They’ll avoid taking a side. We don’t want to get sued or have a mattress company hate us. So we try to give you the facts so you can decide.

The #1 reason people return a mattress is that it’s too firm. The second reason is that it’s too soft. So getting that part right is important. The softest mattress we know is the Idle Sleep plush gel memory foam. The most firm is the Awara or Avocado.

2. Should I Get Financing?
Even I buy on credit because I can avoid tying up a big chunk of money and just have auto draft happen so I can pay less per month. It frees up cash and is easier on the budget. We have lots of articles with sample purchases and costs to finance. Mattress companies aren’t looking to make money off financing, they really just want to sell the mattress.

Popular brands like Idle Sleep offer 0% APR financing from as low as $7/month. With easy financing through modern financing partners like Affirm, you can easily see if you qualify for mattress financing without any effect on your credit score.

mattresses on truck3. Will it Last?
You can spend $1,000 on a mattress and have it last a year before it starts to break down. Or spend a lot more and have it last.

Purple, Bed in a Box and Nolah mattresses are brands that are made to last longer. We’ve consistently heard how well they hold up over time.

Another option is to get a mattress that can be flipped over. Idle Sleep sells 2-sided hybrid mattresses that are the same on one end as the other, with springs in the middle. So if you start seeing indentions on one end, flip it over and you’ve got a lot more years on that mattress.

5. Will I Sleep too Hot?
What I’ve learned is that even a person who sleeps cool can bake on the wrong mattress. Being too hot is as bad as being too cold. Now you can get a BedJet bed fan or a smart bed like Eight but those are pricey. In general, memory foam (especially plush versions) sleep warm. We recommend Purple mattress because it has airflow and if you sleep hot, it’ll be cooler. We’ve seen it over and over again.

Or, if you like a firm bed, Airweave is breathable and sleeps cooler than foam mattresses.

6. What is the FIRMNESS?

Given that most mattresses are returned because they’re either too firm (most common) or too soft, firmness is a big issue. It needs to be right. You can add a topper to soften a mattress that’s too firm but you shouldn’t have to when buying a new mattress. Usually softer mattresses are made of memory foam and they will give that hug. You’ll sink in deeper and feel enveloped by the bed more. It’ll be harder to move around.

On more firm beds you’ll feel like you’re lying on top of the bed. It won’t give as much under the weight of your body. Someone who is heavier will need more support and might prefer a more firm bed.

7. Am I Paying too Much?
There is always a sale going on in the mattress mar

ket, so why pay full price? You can find the deals on the website and of course there are holidays like Labor Day mattress sales, 4th of July mattress sales, Memorial Day mattress sales, and Veteran’s Day mattress sales for the best prices.

If you get a good mattress deal combined with 0% APR financing available, you can’t go wrong. Idle Sleep and Haven Bed, you can literally enjoy sleep on award-winning mattresses for as low as $7/month – to see our favorite mattress deal going on right now, click here.

8. Where Can I Get FREE Pillows or Other Add Ons?
Some mattress companies throw in free pillows with your mattress purchase. Idle Sleep and Nolah do. Just note that they’re not going to be the higher quality pillows for sale on the site. If you’re not picky, go for it. But if you are, we love these pillow

s (lighter, fluffier, dreamy), this shredded memory foam pillow that’s heavy but holds up so long, this adjustable shredded memory foam pillow that comes with 1.5 lbs of extra replacement fill or these down alternative pillows from Nolah.

9. What’s the Warranty?

Warranties for mattresses are mainly to catch manufacturing defects. I had a mattress (the company has since gone out of business) give me a mattress to review. A year after sleeping on it, the glue gave out and the side had a large pultrusion. Just on one side. I could fit my entire arm inside the indent. So they sent another one. A year later, same thing happened. I’ve seen very few problems with mattress defect but they can happen and they can happen after a long time.

While you can get warranties to pay against indents – they have to be pretty big to qualify. Most of the time a warranty is just for the big things that go wrong. Mistakes. Not wear over time. So check the warranty – 10 years is probably adequate since you’ll likely want a new mattress by then anyway. If longevity is a big value then choose a high quality latex mattress. They take a bit to get used to but they’re a natural product and will last longer than most other materials.

When you Want a Mattress That Fulfills All your Dreams

Now for the hard truths you don’t want to hear but that you need to know.

Overall, the internet cannot tell you the following key mattress considerations:

  • Soft/Hard
  • Cool/Hot
  • Supportive

Neither can going to a mattress store and lying down on different mattresses. You really need to sleep on it over time. If I’d given up on my Purple mattress after a few weeks I wouldn’t love it for years after.

Hence, mattress sleep trials. Narrow your mattress choice down to your top 3 and then order one. If it doesn’t work, order the next one.

Give it 4 weeks unless you truly hate it

Unless you truly hate it, give your new mattress 3-4 weeks before you decide. Pop some Tylenol PM if you have to, to get through the adjustment. You’re used to your old crappy mattress and so anything new will feel odd and uncomfortable at first. I truly wanted my old mattress back those first few weeks. But it lost support (it had worn out and had divets on each side). We were used to it but it was bad for us.

You can’t have it all if you’re looking for certain combinations

There are some combinations that I find impossible. For example, you want a cooler sleeping mattress that’s soft memory foam. While you might find fabric that sleeps cooler for a while, after your body heat kicks in, it’s going to get warm. Air gets trapped in the crevice your body creates. Memory foam softens when it gets warm, making it sink in more. And that warm air builds up and has nowhere to escape. You could get a feather bed that’s a different kind of softness and it won’t sleep hot.

Reviews can only help so much

Even reading reviews can’t help after a certain point. I know a guy who took months to decide on what he thought was the perfect mattress. He did so much research and was sure he finally found everything he could want in a mattress. But then he got it and he hated it. He could’ve spent that time trying several.

I know it’s a process to go through but it’s worth it when you find a mattress you love long term. Those are terms relative to each person and you cannot rely on relative terms as I can’t say which ice cream flavor you will find delicious or what art work you will find to be thought proving to display in your hallway.

Let me end with some hope. You can find the best mattress for you, if that’s your quest. We want to help you do that.

Bed in a Box foam

Bed in a Box Original Mattress Review (Best Foam Mattress?)

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Have you heard of BedinaBox®? They’re a family owned mattress company (one of few in the industry), who make their own mattresses in the USA, and are experts in foam. In fact, they supply foam to other mattress companies. While you may not have heard of them, they’re the original bed in a box company. They even own the trademark for “BedinaBox”.

The first thing that sets Bed in a Box apart from the other mattresses out there, is the foam…

Bed in a Box Original Mattress Box

Check Sale Price

Best Foam Mattress?

Trying to compare mattresses to decide which one to buy can be a long, frustrating experience for a lot of people. There are so many choices and it’s tough to know what criteria to use to figure out which mattress will be the best for you.

We spent over an hour talking to the Chris, who is the vice president of Bed in a Box, about what makes a high quality mattress. If you want the best foam mattress, you need to look at how much the mattress weighs. Cheap foam doesn’t weigh a lot and that’s the kind that will compress and develop indents or sagging on the top, in the areas where you sleep.

Bed in a Box specializes in foam mattresses and even supply foam to other manufacturers. Overall, the reason Bed in a Box is an excellent choice for an all foam mattress is that they’ve struck an excellent balance between the cost of the mattress and the quality. They have all of their own foam manufactured to be the right balance.

Best Bed in a Box mattress

Visit Website


Weight is a factor in foam quality. If a mattress is heavier then it’s usually better quality. Foam is based on density. The standard core weight is 1.8lbs, theirs is 2.0. So if you buy a bed that’s a queen that weighs 50 lbs, you know it’s not great quality no matter how low the price may be. You probably won’t get more than a year or so out of it.

Of course these beds are rolled up and shipped in a box, so there’s a balance between the weight and cost. Plus ease of use. Some beds are so heavy that moving them is very difficult. So you need something that is heavier to indicate quality, but not so heavy that the cost is too high and it’s difficult to move.

Let’s take a closer look at Bed in a Box and their popular Original mattress.

Bed in a Box Original MattressBed in a Box gave us an Original queen size mattress to review. And we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Bed in a Box® Original Mattress Review

Bed in a Box Original is their classic all foam mattress, it may not compete on sleep trial or warranty, but it’s a similar price to other boxed brands like it. Except that it’s 11 inches deep. And, unlike some that are made in China, Bed in a Box is made in the USA. Price is right where you’d expect but the quality is higher than other foam mattresses in its price range.

Watch our video review or read on for more details about this high value mattress…this is where you can see the edge support, motion transfer and see the layers up close.


As someone who is sensitive and has a reaction to that new mattress smell, I paid attention to the smell when I unboxed this mattress. I’m happy to report there is not a strong or chemically smell at all. So you’re not going to need to air it out at all. And it was ready to sleep on immediately, right out of the box.


Here’s me unboxing the Bed in a Box Original, it’s really fast and ready to sleep on immediately.



First, let’s start with the cover. It zips off and can be removed but they don’t recommend washing it. Instead they say you should spot treat it. It’s made of a soft knit and has cooling properties inside the fabric.

As always we recommend that you use a mattress protector before you even sleep on your new bed. Bed in a Box has a 5-sided waterproof mattress protector at a reasonable cost. Having it keeps your bed cleaner and prolongs the life of your mattress – including the sides. They also have a cooling mattress protector.


Bed in a Box is very transparent about the foam they use. There are 2 layers on this bed and they give the density of the foam for each layer. First, the Original is 11” deep, so a bit above the standard of 10” we usually see.

11″ BedInABox® Original
3″ – 3 lb CoolRest® Gel Memory Foam
8″ – 2 lb SureAlign® High Density Support Foam

The original has a medium feel.  If you want a softer feel, they have a bit higher end version called the Azul. They also have a medium and a firm option.

A queen is $764 which is about what you’d expect but it has an additional inch of height.

They offer financing through Affirm if you want your mattress now but pay for it with a low monthly payment.

You do need a base to support the mattress and your weight. Bed in a Box has a basic foundation, metal frames and an adjustable base that will raise or lower your head or feet (no massage).

A generous 20 years.

Sleep Trial
You get 120 days to decide to keep your new mattress and get a full refund if it’s not for you. However, they ask you to give it a full 60 days first. Bed in a Box has a low return rate, most often you’re going to see double or triple what this mattress has. So you can be confident that you’re making a good choice. However, there’s a subjective part of every mattress that you can’t know until you actually sleep on it.

Will you like the Bed in a Box Original? It really comes down to the feel, which is subjective, but you have ample time and no cost to try it out.

Start my Sleep Trial


Bedinabox Original Mattress Review

So I hope this helps you decide if the Bed in a Box original mattress is right for you. Bed in a Box has quality foam mattresses for the price.

Leave a comment with any questions, requests, or simply to share your experience with this mattress.

urine stained mattress

How to Clean Urine from a Mattress – Works on Pillows Too!

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How to Clean a Mattress with Urine

Do you have urine stains on your mattress? Maybe your dog peed on it. Or your kid. An elderly parent. Perhaps you even had one of those dreams where you thought you were on the toilet but then you woke up to a problem. But now you have pee on your mattress and it looks awful. It smells awful. There’s no shame in it, it happens a lot. And a mattress is a big investment so you don’t want to get a new mattress unless you’ve tried everything to save it.

So now you really need to clean that urine out of your bed!

urine on a mattress

But how??

If you’ve ever wondered how to clean urine from a mattress, this is a tested way that really works. If you read the comments they confirm that hundreds of mattresses have been saved. So take heart if you have this problem–yours can be saved too!

even worked on the comforter


best way to clean urine off mattress

This method uses inexpensive items that you probably have around the house already like baking soda. So here’s the way to do it…and as always, when you shop through our links we may earn a commission.

How to Get Urine out of a Mattress

If your mattress has a cover that zips off, remove it first. This can be a bit of a job depending on how heavy the mattress is. This works on most mattresses, including memory foam mattresses.

Then wash the cover according to instructions on the tag. If it says not to machine wash or if you don’t have a washing machine or want to chance it, then use this recipe. You can also treat the foam this way. Just do not oversaturate the mattress and start with it totally dry. Then treat it.

Remember, a memory foam or all foam mattress is like a giant sponge. It will soak up liquids. And if it doesn’t dry properly before you put the bedding back on, it can develop mold inside.

Here’s the step by step method to getting pee stains and smell out of mattress. And it only has 3 simple ingredients that are cheap and easy to find. You might already have them in your house.

BTW, this works on pillows and other bedding too!

Supplies Needed

  1. 3% hydrogen peroxide
  2. Baking soda
  3. Dishwashing liquid, such as Dawn

You’ll also need a measuring cup, tablespoon and a spray bottle. We also recommend that you wear gloves.

This method uses a vacuum – if you don’t have one, don’t worry. We’ll give you some alternatives. To help the mattress dry, you can use a hair dryer, a big fan (we use an industrial fan like this) or put it outside (in the sun, for example).

Be aware that the peroxide may bleach the fabric out where it’s treated.

Cleaning Urine out of Mattress – Recipe

Here’s the exact recipe you need to use.

8 ounces hydrogen peroxide

3 Tablespoons baking soda

A few squirts of dishwashing liquid like Dawn


Measure 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide into your measure cup. Add 3 Tablespoons of baking soda. Add a drop or two of liquid dishwashing soap like Dawn.

Stir it up well in the cup and then add the solution to the spray bottle. If you don’t mix it well first, it will clog.

Spray on the urine stain. If the urine is still wet, blot with a dry towel first and get up all that you can get. Push down on the stain  so you can get as much out of the mattress insides as possible.

Let the mattress dry completely, then vacuum off the residue. If you don’t have a vacuum, that’s ok. Just use a broom or a towel to brush it off.

That’s it!! It really works! If you have a mattress that has urine on it that you want to get out, try it, you will be amazed!

How long does it take to dry?

You should do this in the morning if you want to sleep on your mattress that same day. If it’s a smaller area it can be dry with a fan in a few hours. But it can take several hours (8-10) if it’s a large area.

BEFORE, lots of pee (this is taken from a side view).

urine stained mattress

Copyrighted image

AFTER: the lighter area was the area treated (it’s actually the fire sock).

Watch the Video

If you want to see how to do this, watch this video, as it goes through the steps to get pee stains off a mattress. This solution is magical!

Get a Waterproof Mattress Protector

Now that your mattress is clean, you need to protect it so you don’t have to go through all this work again. You need a “mattress pee protector”! Otherwise you’ll have to clean it again and again. After it’s all clean, be sure to use a protector like this high quality bestselling waterproof mattress protector

If your child (or anyone who has issues with bedwetting, even your pet) has frequent issues then you might also consider an incontinence pad which is also from Coop Home Goods. It’s noiseless and will hold many cups of liquid without leaking. It even works to help period blood off your mattress.

The advantage of using a pad is that you can put it on top of the sheets and just wash and reuse it instead of taking apart the whole bed.

If you try this, please comment and let us know how it went for you!

Pin for later:

ReST smart bed with Purple mattress

Purple Mattress Meets Sleep Number with New ReST Bed

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ReST is the first time that we know of (besides Purple) that has licensed Purple mattress to create an entirely new bed. Though we haven’t yet reviewed one, we wanted to introduce you to ReST. You can save $1,000 on a pre-order (ends July 21, 2020).

The ReST Bed with the Purple Grid combines ReST’s patented smart fabric, which senses pressure changes and automatically makes real-time adjustments to 5-zones, and Purple’s proprietary technology, which instantly adapts to your body yet never sinks or forms an impression.

It’s truly one of a kind and addresses many common sleep issues. It’s like a Purple mattress meets a Sleep Number bed. See the comparisons between ReST with Purple Grid and Sleep Number here.

The ReST Bed with Purple Grid is now available in limited quantities at https://restperformance.com/.

Pre-Order a ReST Bed with Purple Grid

So basically you get an air bed, like a Sleep Number, but with more options to personalize the feel. This solves a problem a lot of people have when buying a mattress.

Two of the top problems people have is: finding the right firmness and the finding a firmness that two people who sleep together can agree on. More often than not, one person prefers a more soft or firm feel than the other. Or, they must have a firmer or softer bed because of health issues (like a hurt back). Because each side can be adjusted independently, this is a great option for couples who disagree.

ReST is a smart bed that you can adjust to get the feel just right. And, if you’re a fan of Purple mattress like we are, this opens a whole new range of possibilities. In our research we found that most people who returned a Purple mattress, based on feel, found it to be too firm for them.

Top 6 Features of the ReST Bed with Purple Grid Tech

  1. Targeted adjustments with 5 different comfort zones
  2. Total customization with 3 modes of operation: manual, automatic, position
  3. Automatically adjusts to meet your needs
  4. Collects and reports on sleep data – Sleep Quality Monitoring
  5. No compromise – independent control on each side
  6. 10 year full warranty on all components

ReST smart bed with Purple mattress

The bed has 4 layers and like the Purple Hybrid Premier, has 4 inches of hyper elastic polymer (Purple grid) on the top layer and is 13″ thick.

  • Machine washable, anti-microbial, removable sleep skin
  • Patented fabric sensor layer
  • 9” medical grade polyurethane air chambers
  • 23 total patents
  • Modular design
  • Operated by the ReST Bed App with is available on any iOS or Android device


Twin XL, Queen, Queen split top, king, king split top, California king and split king. These would be perfect with an adjustable base because the flexibility of the entire mattress will conform best to the base as it moves up or down.

Differences Between ReST and Sleep Number

This video explains the difference between ReST and Sleep Number Beds very well with a side-by-side comparison. Note that this video compares the regular ReST, not the one with Purple Grid. But the concept remains the same. Since ReST doesn’t have a base we suggest the Purple Powerbase. Or, you can read our Purple adjustable base review here.

ReST Bed Financing

ReST beds are higher end and cost more (but worth it if it’s perfectly fit to your preferences). However, they cost less than Sleep Number and you have the flexible grid on top that cushions your pressure points.

Did you know you can get a ReST Smart Bed now but pay monthly with their financing? Just choose the Splitit buy-now-pay-later option. There’s no credit check, no application, and no interest payments. Buying with Splitit puts you in control of your cash flow.

By selecting Splitit’s payment option at checkout, you can split your purchase into interest-free monthly payment using their existing Visa or Mastercard for up to 36 months. You can get instant approval, and there’s no need to apply for a new line of credit, fill out an application, or face a credit check.

Pre-Order a ReST Bed with Purple Grid

family on Purple mattress

We’ve Been Sleeping on a Purple Mattress for Over 4 Years — Here’s What we Think

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2015 was when Purple mattress launched. We got an original Purple mattress then.  Later, we got the hybrid or Purple 4, what’s now called a Purple Hybrid Premier. Our daughter still has her original Purple mattress. It looks as new as the day we got it. This year our guest bedroom got an update with a Purple 3 (also called the Purple Hybrid Premier).

All along I thought we’d find a mattress we liked more…because I’ve tested much pricer mattresses. But, here’s my story, starting out with why you can’t find another mattress like Purple…as with any mattress we’ve reviewed we may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

What Makes Purple Different From Any Other Mattress?

First, I need to cover this because it’s so important to making a decision about what mattress to buy. That is, what’s inside the mattress, or what it’s made of — the materials and layers of the mattress. Almost all mattresses are similar in that they have foam, memory foam and/or springs.

Purple has something other mattresses don’t have. What makes Purple mattress totally unique is what they call hyper elastic polymer. Instead of the top layer being memory foam or foam, like most mattresses, the top layer of every Purple mattress has at least 2 inches of this purple stuff.

Hyper Elastic Polymer – Made of 90% Mineral Oil

No other mattress has this top layer – the purple grid. Purple hybrid mattresses have the option of 2, 4, or 4 inches of Purple’s patented the Purple Grid or Hyper Elastic Polymer. It’s quite stretchy and a little bouncy. It flexes in all directions so it moves with you. And if you (like me) sleep with someone who moves around a lot, it acts like a giant shock absorber. You won’t feel them like you do on other beds.

Here’s what the top layer looks like (this is the 2 inch top but you can get their top model which has a full 4 inches of this stuff):

And since it’s not a solid block (or sponge, like memory foam) it has air flow through the small squares. That means not sleeping hot, which memory foam is known for. I still don’t get the part about it being mostly mineral oil but I think that’s what makes a Purple a bit heavier than other mattresses I’ve hefted.

So when you read comparisons of Purple mattress with brands like Tempurpedic, Nectar, Casper or many other bed in a box brands, they’re not even close to being the same thing. Why? Because there’s not a bit of memory foam inside of a Purple mattress or in any Purple products. And these brands all have memory foam.

Learn More

The Problem with Memory Foam

And as Purple likes to point out, the problem with memory foam is it softens as it gets warm. Your body heat makes it softer so you slowly sink in more, creating a crevice in which your body heat builds up in. And it makes it hard to move around because you’re sort of stuck in a warm cocoon.

Almost as soon as Purple launched the hybrid mattresses, I was sent a king size Purple Hybrid Mattress to try out. To be honest, the shipment kept getting delayed so long that I lost patience and ordered one.

Today that’s called the Purple Hybrid Premier. It has a full 4 inches of purple stuff – which is the most you can get. Honestly, I’d be happy with the 3 too but I definitely think it’s worth getting one of the thicker, better made hybrid models. And I don’t think 2 inches of polymer is enough.

But before we got ours, I couldn’t wait so I went to Purple headquarters to check out the new designs. They weren’t available to the public when we did this interview. This mattress shown in the beginning is the one that I have. It used to be called the 4. It’s the same mattress but it has a different name.

What We Love about Our Purple Mattress:

  • It’s insanely comfortable. There’s sort of a suspended feel like you’re floating a little. We miss it when we’re at hotels, even really nice hotels. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate other mattresses – I’ve just never switched – despite trying many, many mattresses over the past 4 years. Even more expensive beds.
  • Hygiene. Basically mattresses are large sponges – and you know how germy a sponge is. A bacteria hotbed actually. That’s why I’m all about waterproof mattress protectors. Sweat, skin cells and whatever you ate or spilled while you were in bed soaks right in. But not with Purple. You could, if you wanted to, remove the cover and wipe down the top.
  • The cover is thicker and high quality. They say it’s not machine washable but don’t tell them, I’ve washed ours more than once and it holds up perfectly. Another selling point for this clean freak.
  • There is little movement transfer. My husband is a bigger guy and every time he shifted in his sleep, I got woke up. With Purple, I don’t feel it. Which means I get a lot better sleep. So many people lose sleep because of their partner or a pet. You may not even realize how many microseconds you wake up because of movement or temperature and quickly fall back asleep. But that takes a toll. To me it’s not worth losing sleep if I can help it because sleep is so important to my health and mood.
  • I expect my Purple mattress to last for a LONG time. So far it is going strong, over 2 years in. The polymer they use is also used in wheelchair cushions that people sit on all day. And it takes many years to compress.
  • Non toxicity. This is a big deal. You breathe in whatever fumes your mattress releases and that’s bad news for most mattresses. However, when I visited the factory where Purple is made there was an amazing lack of odor. Same with when we opened our mattress.
  • No peaks and valleys. Our other mattress we paid considerably more money on (more than double the price) developed divets after just 5 years.
  • Best mattress for back pain. There are a ton of factors that cause back pain and I’m not an expert on the topic. I have suffered aches and back pain when I’ve slept on a bad mattress. I’ve never had that problem with Purple.
  • Purple will come and pick up your mattress and donate to charity if you are not happy with your mattress. I would caution though not to act too soon. For many people, including me, there’s an adjustment time. It’s not like any other mattress like I explained above. It took me more than 2 weeks to adjust. But I’m so glad that I did!!! Take some Tylenol PM if you need to, but be patient. I promise it’s worth it. My husband had zero adjustment time. Everyone is different. That’s why you have the long 100 day trial.
  • The polymer cushions your pressure points like your shoulders, elbows and hips. So if you have achy body parts, Purple is gentle on them.
family on Purple mattress

Our family resting on a Purple mattress


This is VERY IMPORTANT to note when you buy a new mattress – how firm is it? The number 1 reason people return a Purple, or most beds for that matter, is that it’s too firm. The second reason? It’s too soft.

Basically, the 4 is the softest, the 3 a little less soft and the 2 is the most firm. Each model has an additional inch of height, so the 4 is 13″, the 3 is 12, and the 2 is 11 inches deep. Still I’d put them all at about a medium feel.

If you want to add more softness I encourage you to get a feather bed type 4 inch memory foam topper (I like this one because it has a barrier which makes it sleep cooler).

Purple Mattress Sleeps Cool

Again, I think it’s from the airflow but Purple doesn’t get hot. In fact, I always have a heated mattress pad under me until summer. If you’re the type who sleeps hot, this bed doesn’t retain heat like a lot of other beds do. For me, I can feel my hips sink in over the night and it feels like there’s a weight on me. In the middle of the night I’m too warm to be comfortable (even though I sleep cool).

The temperature of your room and your mattress, even only by a few degrees, has a big impact on the quality of your sleep. Since Purple isn’t a solid surface and has airflow built in, it sleeps cooler than any other bed I’ve tested. I didn’t appreciate this until I tested a mattress that made me so uncomfortably hot that I couldn’t sleep. That’s a new problem for me to have! But it taught me that even people who don’t sleep warm can become too warm with the wrong mattress.

Hope this helps you. I didn’t even go into back pain – but everyone I’ve recommended a Purple mattress to that has back pain has told me that it helped significantly. Now, there are so many causes of back pain and I’m not a doctor, so I’m not going into it more than that. Let’s just say you shouldn’t wake up WORSE than when you went to bed and your mattress can be a factor in that.

Sleep is so vitally important to your health (physical, mental, emotional) that I’m not the same person without quality sleep in my life. Therefore, in my 40s I decided it was worth investing in quality shoes and bedding. Both give me pain if they’re not comfortable. So I hope this was helpful for you. Purple isn’t for everyone, but it’s a wonderful mattress that I and a lot of other people credit for giving them the best sleep, compared to other mattresses.

Purple mattress offers financing if you want a lower monthly payment. Visit Purple’s website here.

how to move a mattress

How to Move a Mattress The Best Way to Protect and Transport a Bed

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Do you need to move a mattress? This guide will help you through the process of packaging, securing and moving a mattress. I’ve done this hundreds of times and it’s the best way I know to successfully move a mattress. It doesn’t matter if you just need to move your mattress up stairs, into a moving truck (because you’re moving into a new house), or just moving it to the garage.

The critical part is that your mattress doesn’t get damaged or dirty. And since a mattress is usually heavy, it’s easy to drop it if you don’t move it correctly. Once a white cover hits the mud or dirt, it’s not easy to clean it. Believe me, I’ve done it. So take the time to move it right!

How to Move a Mattress

This method works on all foam mattresses and mattresses even spring mattresses you buy online that come in rolled in a box. DO NOT attempt it on thicker traditional mattresses that come flat and that have springs or pillow tops – it’s likely to ruin your bed. Some manufacturers warn against folding. However, I’ve successfully folded many different brands.

The video below shows the steps you need to take to wrap your mattress so it won’t get dirty or wet, how to secure it and how to move it so you won’t kill your back.

Supplies Needed

I have links below but I want to explain what to look for.

Mattress bag or painter’s plastic
A mattress bag should be made of at least 3.5 mil thick plastic. Some mattress bags say they’re this thick but are actually flimsy. I don’t recommend the kind you buy at a moving place like UHaul. They’re very thin and will rip easily. If you have a mattress thicker than 12″ then it might be tough to fit into a mattress bag so we recommend using the plastic method.

Racket Tie Down Straps or Rope
This can be nylon tie down straps with rackets or rope. I prefer racket straps because you can tighten them and they stay. If the mattress is secure in half, it will be easiest to move. It won’t flop open. It’s much easier to carry a heavy mattress if you use straps. Carrying a heavy mattress with rope to hold onto isn’t easy on your hands!

Packing Tape
I like the Scotch brand. This is to seal the end of the mattress bag, cover any tears or to tape the ends if you’re using painter’s plastic.

Here are links to the supplies (we may earn a commission when you shop through our links)

➡️ Heavy Duty Mattress bag these are the exact ones I’ve bought and used many times. Or these are 4 mil for heavier mattresses https://amzn.to/2Jq3U5r
➡️ Painter’s Plastic: https://amzn.to/2Om3mwh
➡️ Rope (paracord):
➡️ Racket tie down straps:
➡️ Packing tape with tape gun:

Optional: a dolly (I used a folding dolly that fits in the back of my car. You can put the straps over the handle so the mattress is securely attached).

There are two ways to package your mattress. This gives it a waterproof barrier and keeps dirt from getting onto your mattress. Rain is the enemy because you can get mold if your mattress gets and stays wet. So tape it well if you’re taking your mattress outside and it could get rained on. Water damage looks a lot like pee stains which aren’t something you want on a mattress.

Both of these methods are shown in the video above. It’s helpful to see them.

Mattress Bag Method

Step 1: Bag the mattress.

Leave the mattress flat. I always like to put the mattress bag on first and then fold it. It just helps you keep it so you can fit it in the back of the car and you can put it in a van. You can do this by yourself, but it’s easier with two people.

Step 2: Fold the mattress in half.

Step 3: Secure the mattress with tie down straps or rope. Make sure the racket on straps is near the top so it won’t damage the floor if you slide the mattress.

Painters Plastic Method

Get 1.5 mil or thicker painter’s plastic (see link above or you can buy locally at a hardware type store). Don’t want to go for 0.7 mil or 0.5 mil or just it won’t hold up. Again, you’re into this mattress a few hundred, minimum. Make sure you protect it while you move it.

Step 1: Cut your plastic

  • 7 feet long for twin or twin XL
  • 8 feet long for a full or queen size mattress
  • 9 feet long for a king.

So you can get two Queens and a King out of a 25 foot roll without any waste.

Step 2: Fold the mattress

Step 3: Wrap the mattress

Step 4: Secure the mattress

If by chance you do not have plastic bags or painters plastic, there’s a third option you can use that works pretty well. And that’s a tarp. You can use a tarp with the same method that we just taught you with the plastic won’t tape as easily. You might have to use duct tape or heavier duty tape, but it will work in a pinch. Make sure the tarp is clean though. If it’s dirty, it can transfer that dirt right onto your mattress.

How to Fit your Mattress into your SUV, Truck or Car

Now that your mattress is folded, you can put it into the back of a car, truck or SUV with the seats down in the back and the front passenger side pulled all the way forward. I can fit a king size mattress in the back of my Honda CR-V. It’s a little tight but it works. This is my car with a king size mattress inside:

how to fit a mattress in a car

Will it fit into your car or vehicle? It depends on how wide the trunk space is. If you have to, you can strap the mattress (folded or not) onto the top. You thread the tie down straps over the mattress and connect the ends inside the car. You have to have the window open for the straps to connect. This isn’t optimal because if it’s raining or cold, you have to have the windows down. But it works in a pinch.

Alternatively you can rent a trailer or UHaul because you can fit a folded king size mattress in the smaller enclosed trailer (you need to have a trailer hitch of course).

Now maybe the mattress you want to move is simply up the stairs! In this video I’ll show you how to do that, the easiest way I’ve found.

Do you have any questions about how to move a mattress? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to help! Also, if you liked this article, be sure to share it with anyone you know who is moving. Moving a mattress is hard work! And since they’re not cheap, you want to protect your bed the best that you can.

And if you do need a new mattress because you’re expanding your family or moving into a new home, here’s a list of Mattresses with Sleep Trials. This helps you at a glance see the key information to pick the right mattress for you.

Sometimes it’s not worth moving a mattress because it’s so worn out! Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of awful mattresses in the back of a truck and I feel sorry for the poor soul who has to sleep on it. Investing in your sleep pays back again and again. Remember, if your mattress has flowers on it, it’s probably too old. You may be used to it, but think of how much better you could sleep if it had more support.

4th of July mattress sales

July 4th Mattress Sales 2020 ?? BIG List of All the Sales! ??

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What does July 4th have to do with mattresses? Any time there’s a holiday with time off from work or extra time, it’s for people to shop for a mattress. Because more people are looking for a mattress, and to encourage them to buy, many mattresses are put on sale.

Shopping for a mattress online is great because it comes right to your house (contactless) and you can use the sleep trial to actually sleep on it in your own home for 100 nights or longer! There are no return fees and most have 0% financing plans available that you can pay monthly, online. It’s really easy!

Many mattresses are still discounted for the 4th of July – including Nolah, Purple, Layla, Nectar and Sweet Night Mattress! And it’s not just on mattresses either. Save on adjustable bases, pillows, sheets and more. Check out all the best deals below.

July 4th Mattress Sales

Here’s our list of mattress sales for Independence Day. And, because we’re celebrating the birthday of America, we’ll note which mattresses are made in the USA with a flag by the mattress name.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Amerisleep ??

Sale now to July 12
Offer: 30% off mattresses
Coupon Code: AS30

Up to $1500 off adjustable bed sets. Just add an adjustable bed and a mattress plus any accessories.
Discount automatically applied at checkout.

Bear ??

Use code JULY20 for 20% off Bear’s entire site
– 2 FREE Cloud Pillows included with purchase of any mattress or bundle
– This sale is ONLY available on www.bearmattress.com
– Offer is valid now through July 6

All Bear mattresses are made in the USA!

Bed in a Box ??

Family owned business with several all foam and hybrid mattresses to choose from. High quality foam and construction for the price!

Celebrate the red, white & snooze. Sale until July 12
15% off ALL Mattresses. Up to $849 In Savings!

Brentwood Home

Go to the Brentwood Home sale

For a limited time, save $175 off our handcrafted, non-toxic & dual-sided Crystal Cove hybrid mattress or the best-selling luxurious Oceano hybrid mattress.

Offers cannot be combined. Ends July 6.

Mattress sale crystal cove mattress
For a limited time, save $200 off our handcrafted, our natural and organic Cedar Natural Luxe hybrid mattress.

Offers cannot be combined. Ends July 6.

Mattress sale cedar natural mattress
Save 10% off on our Cypress Affordable Memory Foam Mattress made with our cooling charcoal-infused, CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam with BioFoam®

Offers cannot be combined. Ends July 6.

Cypress Affordable Memory Foam Mattress sale
Save $100 off on our new hybrid latex mattress. Made entirely from alternative, natural, & recycled materials. No code needed!

Offers cannot be combined. Ends July 6.

Mattress sale hybrid latex mattress
Enjoy 20% off our best selling Crystal Cove Yoga Collection pillows plus get free shipping & free returns.

Offers cannot be combined. Excludes Crystal Cove Yoga Bundle and Square + Oval pillow bundle. Ends July 6.

crystal cove yoga collection sale
Their best selling Runyon and Griffith pet beds are on sale for 20% off while supplies last. Plus, enjoy free shipping & free returns.

While supplies last. Offers can’t be combined.

Casper Mattress 4th of July Sale

Now through July 2. Casper is offering 10% off your entire order with promo code: KEEPCOOL! Terms Apply.



$200 Off Dreamcloud Mattresses Plus FREE Combo: Luxury Duvet, 2 Pillows & 2 Towels (Coupon JULY4 will automatically apply)
Monday, June 22nd, 11:59PM EST – Sunday, July 12th, 11:59PM EST

365-Night Home Trial
Forever Warranty
Financing available with Affirm – As low as 0% APR

Eight Sleep





Essentia is having a Fourth of July Sale in the US and Canada Day Sale in Canada.

Both have up to 25% off all mattress categories! That also includes 20% off the top-rated foam mattress, the Stratami, as featured by Consumer Reports.

Essentia also has a limited-time financing deal for the duration of the sale – 12 months 0% APR for qualifying customers via Affirm in the US and Paybright in Canada.


Idle Sleep 

Idle features thicker mattresses including 14″ hybrids that are flippable and you can even split firmness on each side of the bed. They have 2 all foam mattresses – a plush and a medium. And if you want to finance your purchase, they have amazing terms like 0% interest if qualified.

Sale starts now through July 12, 2020

FREE Adjustable Base with purchase of any mattress (up to an $649 value): code 4JULYADJUST
30% off entire website (any purchase): code 4JULY30



Up to $200 off mattresses + 2 FREE memory foam pillows sale goes until July 13!

Layla mattress 4th of July sale

Nectar 4th of July Sale

Now through Sunday, July 14th

$399 Of FREE Accessories With Every Mattress
FREE Mattress Protector (Worth $99)
FREE Premium Pillows (Worth $150)
FREE Sheets Set (Worth $150)


Nest Bedding ??


Bring on the fireworks! This 4th of July you can save 20% OFF your entire purchase when you spend $150 or more.



Newton Baby Mattress

Unique, breathable baby mattress (we’ve tested it and even face down, a baby can breath through the mattress and the cover).

Get 20% OFF all mattresses until July 6, 2020. Offers cannot be combined.

Shop the Sale


Nolah ??

Offered extended through July 15th. Every mattress purchase comes with 2 FREE high quality ($80 retail each) pillows.

Nolah is a high value brand already, with a great mattress for the price, but even better with this sale.

– 25% Off Limited Edition Mattresses

– 20% Off 12″ Signature Mattress

– 15% Off 10″ Original Mattress

– 20% Off Adjustable Bases

– 40% Off Bedding (Protectors, Sheets and 2-Pack Pillows)

Click here to see all Nolah Sales


Puffy Mattress

$300 off a mattress + a FREE pillow

Puffy Mattress 4th of July sale

Purple Mattress 4th of July Sale ??

Up to $350 Off Mattress + Sleep Bundle until July 14

Take me to the Purple Mattress 4th of July Sale

$150 OFF the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress, as low as $88/mo.
$125 OFF the Purple Hybrid mattress, as low as $79/mo.
UP TO $100 OFF the Purple Mattress as low as $55/mo.
Up to $200 Off Sleep Bundle 2 Pillows + Sheets + Mattress Protector

The Purple Seat Cushion The comfiest science you can sit on Sit Comfortable & Cool Get 10% Off Select Cushion Bundles

Sweet Night

From now until July 15. Sweet Night 4th of July Sale

20% or up to $217 on mattress & pillows, mattress topper combos
20% or up to $164 on mattress & pillows combos
15% on mattresses (code: mattress15)
20% on toppers (code: topper20)
40% on pillows (code: pillow40)

Tempur pedic 4th of July Sale ??

Tempur-Pedic 4th of July Sale is running now through Tuesday, July 14th.

Save $500 on all TEMPUR-Breeze mattresses!
40% off toppers
25% off pillows & bedding with mattress set purchase
Save up to $149 with pillow bundles


Wayfair AllModern and Mattress Clearance Sale

Until July 5

AllModern July 4th Sale! Extra 15% Off Sale Items w/ Code GOFORIT!!

Wayfair July 4th Clearance! Mattress Clearance From $199!!


Now to July 12
Offer: $150 Off any mattress
Coupon Code: WIN150

Offer: 30% off adjustable beds
Just add an adjustable bed and a mattress plus any accessories. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

Sleep Products Sales

It’s not just mattresses that are on sale. Save with these offers from other sleep products!


Chilipad (Bed Pad that cools or heats) – 20% Off with code savingsnooze


BedJet (bed fan that goes between the sheets to cool or warm you) 20% off.

Save an EXTRA $50 on Dual Zone Bundles for Couples:
Just use promocode STAYCOOL50 at checkout.


Pacific Coast Pillows

Take 25% Off
4th of July Sale! Take 25% Off Sitewide PLUS Free Shipping!


Pillow Cube

15% off from now until July 6th.

Pillow Cube saleSHOP THE SALE

Slumber Cloud comforters and bedding
Celebrate the 4th of July with savings! Save up to 30% OFF during the Slumber Cloud 4th of July Sale plus unlock a FREE GIFT when you spend $250 or more!

Sale ends 7.7.20. Savings not valid with any other offer.


4th of July Mattress Sales