Casper Wave hybrid

Casper Mattress Introduces New Hybrid Beds + $200 Coupon

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Just in time for Casper’s 5th birthday, Casper just announced two new beds which are both hybrid (foam and springs): the Wave Hybrid and The Casper Hybrid. If you like a thicker more high end mattress, this is for you.

The Casper Hybrid Collection is a new line of mattresses that features premium foam with resilient springs for luxurious comfort and support. After almost five years of R&D, user testing, and the latest sleep science and technology, the company says, they pair “pressure-relieving, contouring foams with durable-yet-gentle springs…” They are the first Casper mattresses to feature springs.

The Hybrid Collection is available in two models — the Casper Hybrid and the Wave Hybrid. Of the two, The Wave is the ultimate because it has a wool cover and perforated foam for increased airflow. Best of all, they’re still priced lower than other showroom type mattresses.

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Casper Mattress Coupon

Looking for a Casper coupon? We have a good one! Here you go:

Take $200 off a Wave Mattress with code UNBOX

Take $100 off a Casper Mattress with code UNBOX

Valid on Foam and Hybrid collections; not valid on the Essential. Terms apply. Want to get your bed now and pay for it later? You may qualify for a 0% interest financing starting at $65 a month.

Go to Official Website

The Casper Hybrid

Features 4 layers of premium foam and springs:
1.5” Breathable open-cell foam
1.5” Pressure-relieving memory foam
1.5” Zoned SupportTM* layer
7.0” Foundation of durable, pocket coil springs and supportive base foam
Light colored cover
*Zoned SupportTM contours to the hips and shoulders for spinal alignment and pressure relief.

End-to-end springs in the base layer provide edge support.
12” total height (foam and cover)

Casper Mattress Cost

Prices: Twin $850 | Twin XL $915 | Full $1295 | Queen $1495 | King $1895 | California King $1895

See The Casper Hybrid on

Casper Wave hybrid

The Casper Hybrid mattress

The Wave Hybrid

We like that Casper added perforated breathable foam for better airflow. If you’re heavier or sleep too warm most of the time, we recommend The Wave.

5 layers premium foam, gel, and springs:
1.0” Hypersensitive, velvety-soft comfort foam
1.5” Breathable latex foam
1.5” Pressure-relieving memory foam
1.5” High resiliency foam with gel
pods for targeted support
7.0” Foundation of durable, pocket coil springs and supportive base foam
Humidity-fighting, moisture-wicking wool cover sleeps cool.
End-to-end springs with a firm foam perimeter provide enhanced edge support.
13” total height (foam, springs, and wool cover)
Zipper at the top, gray sides

The Wave Hybrid comes with in-home delivery and setup included (Subject to geographic limitations).

Casper Mattress Cost
Twin $1545 | Twin XL $1645 | Full $2245 | Queen $2695 | King $3495 | California King $3495

See The Wave on

Casper hybrid mattress

The Wave Hybrid mattress

Other Casper mattresses include the The Casper, The Casper Wave and The Casper Essential, bringing the total number of mattresses to 5.

Casper Product Line

In addition to the mattresses, Casper carries a long list of products, including:

  • The pillow
  • Nap pillow
  • Cool Supima sheets
  • Weightless cotton sheets
  • Air linen sheets
  • Down duvet
  • Humidity fighting duvet
  • Airy linen quilt
  • Mattress protector
  • Platform bed
  • Headboard
  • Nightstand
  • Adjustable base
  • Adjustable pro
  • Foundation
  • Metal bed frame
  • Dog bed
  • Glow night light


Luma mattress - why we love it

Luma Sleep Bed – The Heavyweight Mattress with 0% Financing

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Luma Sleep makes a bed that we really like. Before we tell you why, here’s some background about Luma. They are a Florida-based mattress manufacturer. It was created with guidance from “The Sleep Doctor,” Michael J. Breus, PhD. They have a lot of options but you should know that it’s a latex based bed and comes in 3 firmness levels. 

The Luma Mattress is a hybrid bed and comes in 3 models, all feature:

  • Mattress and Topper lines are made with 100% natural latex along with foam and pocketed coils
  • Free shipping
  • 100 day free trial
  • 15 year warranty
  • Made in the US
  • High quality mattress
  • A selection of adjustable bed bases

Luma Sleep Bed

3 Reasons to Love the Luma Sleep Bed

1. 0% Financing

This is a premium bed and it’s reasonable but a little higher priced than some other bed in a box brands but with the quality it’s a great value. If you are looking for an affordable monthly payment you can get 0% financing if you pay within 6 months.

Plus, you can get a Luma Mattress discount. Just use code LUMA10 for an additional 10% off (or give your email address on the website for 10% off).

2. Comes in 3 Firmness Levels that Can be Exchanged For Up to a Year!

What you’re going to love is that this bed give you choices. You can choose ‘Plush’ (3.5), ‘Medium Firm’ (6), and ‘Firm’ (7.5). You have up to a year to exchange the top layer to fit your preference too!

We’ve found that addresses the #1 reason people return a mattress – it’s too firm or too soft. Luma addresses this and gives you plenty of time to be sure you have the firmness you sleep best on. And with the exchange you can find the firmness level that fits your preference.

The basic Luma mattress comes is an exception – it just comes in 2 firmness levels. The mattress can be exchanged for the other firmness level for up to a year after purchase.

The Latex Hybrid Slumber System has a 3″ topper can be exchanged for a different firmness level for up to a year after a purchase.

The All-Latex Slumber System includes …a 3″ Talalay latex topper in your choice of 3 firmness levels. The system comes with 2 queen size Talalay latex pillows, a mattress protector and free white glove delivery. The topper can also be exchanged for a different firmness level for a year after a purchase.

3. Luma is a Heavyweight!

You may think of a heavy bed as a negative but it’s actually a plus! It might be harder to move this mattress but here’s why that’s a good thing: weight is a sign of quality. Cheaper beds use light weight foams that aren’t going to last as long.

It might be easier to move a lighter bed but you’ll have to replace it more often. This mattress should last twice as long as most of the top brands you’ve heard of.

Here are some weight and prices to show you what we mean:

Queen Luma mattress weighs 100 lbs. and is $995

Queen Natural Latex Hybrid weighs 135 lbs. and is $1,295

If you just need a top layer:

3″ Talalay Latex Comfort Layer From $375
2″ Talalay Latex Mattress Topper from $300

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, like natural latex and want to buy from a solid company that is transparent, recommended and makes their beds in the US, Luma is a great choice. Combine that with the firmness level exchange, 0% financing and quality, Luma will make even the pickiest sleepers happy.

Eight Pod

New Eight Sleep Mattress Adjusts to Your Body Temperature

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Eight Mattress is already the most high tech mattress we know. Today they announced a new mattress that will automatically adjust to your body temperature. It’s called the Eight Sleep Pod. It’s not a nap pod or something that encloses over you. This high tech mattress uses liquid embedded into the layers to regulate the temperature.

We haven’t seen anything like it!

The company says they used 43 million hours of sleep data, insights from over 30,000 sleepers and says they collaborated with 5 leading sleep researchers to come up with the Pod.

Unbox Mattress may earn a commission on your purchase of a Pod.

Visit Official Website

Eight Sleep Pod

Pod tracks your sleep and learns the right temperature for you. Features personalized temperature regulation on each side of the bed. Temperatures can range between 55° and 115°F so it’s ideal for any climate.

The Pod is the only bed that dynamically adjusts its temperature to be perfect for you all night long. It monitors your sleep patterns, learns your temperature preferences and cools and heats to keep you comfortable.

There are sensors in the 4 layers of foam and it’s a liquid based thermoelectric system.

During the night the bed keeps you at thermoneutral or to your settings. Best of all, if you sleep with someone, both the dynamic temperature and biometric tracking work independently for each side of the bed. That means one side can be cooled (for example, if she has menopausal symptoms such as night sweats) and the other side could be neutral (so he doesn’t freeze while she tries to stay comfortable).

In addition to helping you sleep by getting the temperature just right, the Pod can act as a thermo alarm to wake you up gradually and naturally, without the sound of an alarm. It gradually cools the bed in the morning and can adjust the temperature to help you fall asleep at night.

All smart mattresses Eight sells come with an app to track:

– Sleep Stages
– Heart Rate
– Respiration

Eight uses the data to give you tips to help improve your sleep.

Connects to your smart home through Amazon Echo, Google Home, Nest, and Philips Hue.


Medium firm foam mattress

Sleep Trial

100 days


10 years


Prices start at $1,995. Pre Order only. Reserve with $95 deposit. Shipping begins April 2019. Fast, easy financing is available, including at 0% interest (should you qualify).

Reserve Yours

Ghostbed pillow top mattress

GhostBed Goes High End with New Flex Hybrid Mattress

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GhostBed has a new mattress in their line of memory foam beds. The GhostBed Flex hybrid mattress is a luxurious 13-inch deep mattress with 7 layers, including memory foam, foam and coils. Flex is GhostBed’s third mattress and joins the original GhostBed and GhostBed Luxe.

The GhostBed Flex features a pillow top, is softer than the other two options and is the only bed they sell that has coils. Both the Flex and Luxe are 13-inches deep.

It’s difficult to keep the two models straight, because you’d think the softer, higher end model would be called Luxe, but it’s the Flex.


The Flex is the most plush mattress GhostBed offers and comes in between a 4-5 on a 1-10 scale (with 1 being a marshmallow and 10 being cement).


At the time of writing, a queen Flex Hybrid is $1485, which is $210 above the Luxe.

Read the Amazon Reviews


GhostBed Flex has 7 layers, including 8 1/2” tall individual coils for support.

1. Cooling Topper – GhostBed Flex’s top layer with advanced cooling technology.

2. 1” of Cooling Fiber – A layer of cooling comfort is woven into topper to aid airflow.

3. 1” of Gel Memory Foam

4. 1″ of another type of Gel Memory Foam

5. 1″ of Transition Foam

6. Individually Wrapped & Reinforced 8 1/2” Support Coils

7. 1″ High-Density Support Foam

GhostBed, GhostBed Luxe, and GhostBed Flex are made without ozone depleters; formaldehyde; PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants; mercury, lead, and other heavy metals; and phthalates. GhostBed products are low VOC emissions for indoor air quality.

Sleep Trial

GhostBed features a 101-night sleep trial. If not completely satisfied, GhostBed will arrange for the return and give a full refund.


20 years

Labor Day Mattress Sales Online 2018

BIG List of Buy Now Pay Later Bed and Mattress

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Can you make payments on mattresses? Yes!

Need a new mattress now but want to pay for it monthly? You can buy online and pay as you go with most brands. They give you a quick answer and many times you won’t be charged interest. Scroll down to see our complete list of buy now pay later beds.

We finance our mobile phone, cars and more, why not our mattress? Sleep is so important to our well-being and health that it makes sense.

Did you know that mattress companies don’t typically make money from financing? It’s simply a way to facilitate a bed purchase.

Be sure to choose accessories such as: adjustable bed or base, pillows, sheets, mattress protector and/or base or anything you need to go with your mattress.

Many boxed mattresses use Affirm for financing. Wonder how Affirm works? We walk you through step by step with screenshots so you can see the process before you commit.

Buy Mattress Lowest Monthly Payments

If you’re simply looking for the lowest monthly payment and you don’t have credit, have low credit, or don’t want your credit report pulled AND want your bed immediately, Helix or Nest is your best option. They make buying a bed within reach for anyone.

Buy Now Pay Later Mattresses

The mattress companies that let you buy now and pay later with online financing options (like Affirm). Here’s our giant list of mattresses and what financing options are available.

We may earn a commission at no cost to you should you shop through our links.

5 Little Monkeys – this is a child’s bed. Can use PayPal to pay which can be connected to your checking account or you can use a credit card.

Agility Beds – no financing program.

Amore Beds (select “other financing” and get 0% interest). Sells hybrid beds.

Avocado Green Mattress 25 year warranty natural beds. Uses Affirm. 0% APR may be available.

Avocado Green Mattress

Awara natural mattress – finance the mattress through Affirm for as low as 0% APR.

Bear Mattress Pay with Affirm and pay back over 6, 12 or 18 months at 0-30%* APR.

Brooklyn Bedding –  Pay over 3, 6 or 12 months with financing rates between 0%-30% APR. Uses Affirm.

Brentwood Home – Uses Affirm. Pay over 3, 6, 12 month with rates as low as 0% APR. Or lower your payment with a 18, 24, or 36 month plan with rates starting at 10% APR. 

Casper (use code UNBOX50 to save $50). Uses Affirm for payments as low as $61/month at 0% APR.*

DreamCloud Uses Affirm and they break it down by monthly payment/bed size upon purchase.

Dreamfoam – Financing through Affirm.

Eco Terra Bed natural latex mattress with dynamic coils – uses Klarna, starts as low as $49/month.

Eight Sleep – smart mattress, financing starts at $39/month with Affirm.

Habitat Furnishings digital air bed (think Sleep Number) – no financing options shown.

Helix Mattress – many options to choose from, including split firmness. Financing through Klarna 0% APR if paid in full within 6 to 12 months. Or Zibby alternative financing for people with low or no FICO scores. No credit required, can be approved for up to $3,500 without looking at your FICO score.

Idle Sleep – luxury 2-sided mattress, 6-12 month financing through Klarna

Hyphen Mattress Financing available via Paypal Credit. No Payments + No Interest for 6 months.

Keetsa Mattress – Uses Affirm. Monthly payments at 0% APR for a term of 3, 6, or 12 months. Pay your monthly bill using a check, debit card, or bank transfer.

Kutson – uses Klarna.

Latex for Less Financing through Klarna for as low as $80/month.

Layla copper infused mattress that’s flippable. 0% financing through Affirm is available if you qualify. Typical rates range from 0-30%.

Linenspa – affordable memory foam mattresses. Comes in full sizes. No financing options listed.

Live and Sleep Mattress uses Klarna. Starts at 0% APR if paid in full within 6 or 12 months*

Loom & Leaf – high end luxury mattress with financing through Klarna.

Luma Sleep – latex mattresses. No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more.

Luxi – PayPal Credit – 0% APR if paid within 6 months.

Nectar – as low as 0% APR financing for up to 24 months on your purchase. For example, instead of $1,500 up front, pay only $63 a month at 0% APR over 24 months. A down payment may be required.

Nest Bedding – uses both Affirm and Zibby (Zibby offers alternative financing for people with low or no FICO scores).

Newton Baby – Baby mattress that uses Bread financing. Rates range from 5.99% to 29.99% APR.

Nolah – they also use Klarna, starts at 0% APR, pay over 6, 12 or 24 months.

Novosbed – Starts at $88/month with Affirm.

Nuvanna – starts at $49/month for a year.

MettaBed – uses Bread. Pay for your natural bedding products in up to 6 months at 0% APR or up to 3 years at competitive rates.

Molecule Sleep – high end athletic recovery mattress, starts at $61/month with Klarna.

Muse Sleep – comes in soft, medium and firm.  DOES NOT offer financing at this time.

Mvmnt Mattress – high end, ulta luxury recovery mattress with interchangeable layers and high quality materials sourced worldwide. See video of mvmnt mattress delivery. Comes in extra large king size, called the Titan. Call in for financing options.

Pangea Bed Copper-Infused 100% Pure Talalay Latex bed – uses PayPal credit, starts with 0% interest.

PlushBeds natural latex and other beds. Uses Klarna. 0% APR if paid in full within 6 mths on orders $499 to $799.
0% APR if paid in full within 12 mths on orders $799 and higher.

Puffy  – they actually use Klarna who has even better terms than Affirm and it’s a truly plush all foam bed.

Purple 0% APR and payments as low as $85 a month through Affirm.

Saatva – Uses Klarna

Sleep EZ – Uses Affirm. Get a real-time credit decision to split your purchase into monthly payments. Rates from 0% to 30% APR with loans of 3, 6, or 12 month terms. All natural latex beds.

Solay Mattress  starts at $39 a month with (according to website) but when we went to the buy page it had PayPal or Amazon Pay. 

Sweetzzz Mattress – they use Klarna and offer the longest no interest financing we’ve seen, based on total amount spent. Offers several firmness level.

Tulo Mattress – Choose from soft, medium or firm. Can try in store at any Mattress Firm so you can try in person and buy online. They use SetPay that has 0% APR. Queens start at $500 which would be roughly $41.67/month if you choose 12 months or $20.84/month if you choose 24 months.

The Futon Shop – organic futon mattress. Lists monthly cost with each mattress so you can easily see the payment amount. Uses Affirm.

WinkBeds – firmer beds offered, starts at $200/month with Bread financing.

Yassa – Pay over 6, 12 or 18 months. $84.34/mo. based on a purchase price of $1,299.00 at 20% APR for 18 months. Rates from 0–30% APR. Hybrid bed with soft or firm option.

Zinus – economy mattresses and bed frames. Approval is based on a soft credit check and available through Affirm.

Zotto Bed – can pay with PayPal, no financing listed.

Is the Purple Mattress Really That Good? We Break it Down

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A lot of people ask us about the Purple mattress and want to know – Is the Purple mattress really that good? Is it worth all the hype? To us, YES, it really is that good! But we must qualify our review. Keep reading for the must-know facts about Purple beds to help you decide if it’s best for you.

Is the Purple mattress really that good

We analyzed Purple Mattress Reviews on Amazon – Here are our findings 

Of the 1 star reviews, several were hearsay “My cousin said this…”,”I read a report that said …”.  Several mentioned the ‘white powder’ that has been claimed to be bad for you – even though the material used on purple mattresses has been used in hospital grade beds for the past 20 years and the material is food grade. There is bias on both sides.
Back Sleepers 50% reported relief of back pain 1 reported the mattress not being firm enough
Stomach Sleepers 100% positive reviews
Side Sleeper 44% reported pain relief 1 review reported the mattress being too firm
Overall 92% positive reviews


Everyone has a unique sleeping style and preference. We’ve learned that one person’s firm is another person’s too soft. Generally speaking, Purple is in the middle, maybe towards the firm side.


The best question to ask is, do you want your mattress to sink in and feel enveloped by it some? If you love that classic memory foam feel for your bed, Purple won’t be the best fit for you. It has no memory foam. You don’t sink in very much at all.


All Purple mattresses have the comfort grid that you can sort of feel it through the cover (but you’ll stop noticing after a few nights). Overall though the mattress collapses around your shoulders and hips but not everywhere else. Hence, the famous egg test. With a Purple mattress, you can press an egg down onto the mattress and it will be absorbed inside rather than break. Other beds have a solid top layer and the egg pressed onto it would break.

Because your movement is more isolated rather than all of your body sinking in, you can feel a little bit like you’re suspended on the mattress – floating almost.


Purple truly does sleep cool because the grid and design allow for airflow. It’s not a solid surface. All those notches and designs mattress manufacturers use don’t compare to simply having open cells where air can easily pass through. Consumer Reports agrees and named Purple a top pick in their tests. It won’t sleep warm.


We think Purple has exceptional properties for couples who keep each other awake because they shift around and move at night (or get in/out of bed). You’re not going to feel it as much with Purple because the flexible comfort grid is like a shock absorber that prevents movement from travelling through the bed. This is a favorite feature of people who love this bed or pet owners who don’t being woken up at night when their beloved pet moves around.


Purple is a fairly new company still and it’s tough to know. However, we have no body impressions at all after 3 years. This is with 2 people sleeping on Purple, one being over 230 lbs and 6 feet 4 inches tall. The other is around 150 lbs. and 5 feet 8 inches tall.


Again, that’s tough to predict but you’ll spend a lot less on a Purple mattress than comparable brands so you can afford to replace it more often as needed.

Previously the company made the gel used in their mattresses for other applications (in shoes, golf bags, backpacks, etc) and it held up extremely well. So we have reason to believe that a Purple bed will hold up too. Eventually everything breaks down but we hope to get 10 or more years from ours.


Purple (this is for the original) was rated in the top 10 of foam beds. Honestly, we would rate it much higher.

Top bed in a box mattresses


Just like the commercial says, if you don’t want to sink in and overheat while you sleep, you’ll probably like Purple. If you have back pain and other issues like that, Purple is extremely comfortable. If you wake up your partner or if your pet wakes you up at night, you’ll like Purple. The cover zips off and you can wash it (though we highly recommend a mattress protector).

Purple has the original mattress that’s 9.5 inches high and the newer models that vary by which you choose. The newer ones have springs but the original ones don’t.

If you try a Purple you have 100 days to decide what you think. Unless you’re in pain, give it at least a month. It’s a unique feel and it may take some time adjusting to it. If you’re anything like us, you will adjust and end up loving it. If not, they’ll have someone pick it up or you can donate it to charity for a full refund.

mattress dimensions off

Is it Normal For Mattress Sizes To Be Off By a Few Inches?

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Over the past year we’ve seen a few instances of discrepancies in mattress sizes. There are published sizes that the industry goes by, however they do not always conform exactly.

This isn’t only for boxed or newer brands either. Traditional brands can vary by several inches too. It’s considered normal if it’s under 2 inches. If it’s more than that you can request a discount or return the mattress.

Note: there is also some variation in brands and how/where to measure from.

Here’s an example of mattresses that were short (from real life)
60”x80” is the normal size for a queen mattress

Queen bed in a box mattress. Off by 3 inches in length.
60″ x 77 ”

This one was 2 inches off on the width and 3 inches off on the length.
58″ x 77″

Often customers will say, it didn’t fit my frame which is essentially the same thing as saying it’s not the correct size. Some will actually measure the bed.

Also, most frames are made to account for variations. I know this because we have a twin xl mattress on a twin bed frame. The twin xl is 2 inches longer than a standard twin. However, it fits just fine and we can’t tell.

If you buy a platform bed you won’t be able to notice but you can more easily switch between king/cal king, twin/twin xl, etc. or deal with the dimensions being somewhat off.

We reached out to an expert on this topic to ask why this happens and here’s the answer we got:

These are reasons mattress dimensions might not quite matching up to company specs. It can be the result of a number of situations.

  1. The size originally planned for and listed on wasn’t feasible once the prototype was finished. As in they wanted it smaller but found it couldn’t
    be compressed that much.
  2. Manufactures must stay with restrictions imposed by Fed-Ex and or UPS and some try to squeak by but get caught shipping larger.
  3. The box manufacturer doesn’t hit the size exactly but the specs aren’t changed on the sites.
  4. Manufacturers want to make their boxes seem smaller so they incorrectly list the sizes.

From our perspective it’s usually not intentional nor is it consistent. Mattresses from the same brand undergo manufacturing changes (not large enough to tell you). Many times we notice variations – it’s not a standard across the board shorting of width or length of a bed.

When we reached out to a specific brand and they said:

Some fluctuation on the measurements is pretty normal. Depending on how much exactly, and which dimensions are affected it could be considered a warranty issue.

Have you noticed a size discrepancy with your new bed? If so, what did you do about it. Let us know in the comments.

Which Mattresses Sleep The Coolest? Top 4 Consumer Reports Picks

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Consumer Reports recently answered a question that we’ve had for years – what’s the best mattress to sleep cool?

So far we’ve seen a lot of promises but not a lot of performance when it comes to cooling products. Except the Bed Jet which blows cooler air into your bed, we don’t find many cooling products that work.

Even special fabrics or cooling gels haven’t given us great results (but a higher price tag). That goes for pillows, sheets, mattress protectors and mattresses. So rather than a cooling mattress or cooling mattress cover you should focus on finding one that doesn’t sleep hot! In other words, on that’s temperature neutral.

Foam, especially memory foam, softens when it gets warm. Then you sink in, it traps your body heat and the temperature rises. Generally speaking, the softer or more plush or the more memory foam you have, the hotter you’ll sleep. Even people who normally sleep cold will find themselves getting sweaty.

Best Mattress to Sleep Cool?

We know this isn’t a comprehensive test but Consumer Reports came out with a list of the mattresses that trapped the least body heat. One of them is an Unbox Mattress top pick – Purple!

  1. Sleep Number c2 Adjustable Air Mattress
  2. Purple Mattress (the original was tested – the new Purple mattresses should be just as cool or more as they have springs and the breathable polymer layer – read our review.)
  3. Duxiana Dux 1001 Innerspring Mattress
  4. My Green Mattress Natural Escape

As Purple states on their website: Most mattresses don’t breathe. Memory foam, latex, even foam with “cooling” gel beads are hot because there is no place for air to flow.

These materials are either completely solid or have very small airways that allow for little ventilation.

How The Beds Were Tested 

Consumer Reports put a copper plate on a mattress in a temperature-controlled room. “The plate is insulated on all sides except the one that comes in contact with the mattress. Then we run an electrical current through the plate”. Then they measured how much energy the copper plate uses to maintain a temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (close to people’s average body temperature).

“If a mattress dissipates heat well, more energy is needed to maintain that temperature, but if the mattress retains heat, less energy is used,” – Consumer Reports 

The 10 hour test looked at how much energy was used.

Beds that Sleep Warmest

Consumer Reports also looked at the worst performers – the mattresses that slept the warmest. Stay away from them if you want to sleep cool! It’s interesting that Sleep Number beds made both lists! That just goes to show that materials used makes a big difference! Also note that no boxed brands made the list (even though boxed brands are usually all foam).

  1. Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed Adjustable Air Mattress
  2. Sleep on Latex Pure Green Firm Foam Mattress
  3. Sleep Innovations’ Marley Foam Mattress
  4. Charles P. Rogers St. Regis Pillowtop Innerspring Mattress

What materials should you avoid if you want to sleep cool? Foam.

“You’re more likely to sleep warm on a foam mattress, compared with a hybrid innerspring, which we define as several inches of foam layers over metal springs. Despite having a layer of cooling gel foam, a larger percentage of foam models still retain warmth.”

Is your mattress too hot? It might be time to switch. Let us know if you’ve ever found a cooling mattress that works!

Purple Mattress Memorial Day Sale 2019 – Best Deal of the Year!

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This year’s Purple mattress Memorial Day sale Purple’s biggest sale of the year
for the Comfiest. Mattress. Ever.

Memorial day is the best time to buy a new mattress

You should be excited to go to bed and you should definitely feel awesome when you wake up. If you don’t, it’s time to upgrade your mattress. Celebrate Memorial Day with Purple’s sale! Get $100 off your Purple Mattress AND a set of FREE luxury super stretchy Purple Sheets. discount code

There is no coupon necessary and FREE product will be applied at checkout when purchasing a New or Original Purple Mattress.

Active military, veterans, military spouses and registered dependents save an additional 10% off the sale.

Purple memorial day saleWe’ve been a fan of Purple mattress for longer than any other brand. We try not to be biased because everyone has their own unique and beautiful differences – but we think it’s the best unboxed mattress on the market. Really. It’s what we sleep on and recommend most often to our readers.

Purple has the original and the new Purple mattresses, the Purple2, Purple3 and Purple4. The Purple4 has the most dramatic difference and is the thickest of the four styles. They’re all made in the USA. Want to learn more? Check out our Purple4 mattress review.

 Not sure which mattress to get? Compare Purple mattresses.  

Purple Mattress Memorial Day Sale

For 2019 here’s what you get when you buy a Purple mattress this weekend…

FREE Purple Sheets

Best sheets for Purple mattress? Purple sheets! Stretch Armstrong is only slightly stretchier and these sheets are a lot softer!!

You can’t get the full benefit of the flexible comfort grid on top of every Purple mattress (that cushion your pressure points) without sheets that are flexible too. Otherwise you get the drum effect when cotton non-stretchy sheets are stretched across your bed. Drums don’t belong in the bedroom!

Purple bed sheets

Purple bed sheets come in white, slate, sand and yes, PURPLE! Retail varies by size but a king is $129. Fits the new Purple mattress and the original.

Remember that the Purple mattress is the top mattress only. You do need something to put it on – they don’t recommend box springs. Suggested: the Purple base or if you’re really fancy, the Purple Powerbase.

Why Choose a Low Profile Mattress? Best Thin Mattresses For Bunk Beds, Camping and More

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Low Profile Mattress

Right now thicker beds are in style but there’s still high demand for lower profile beds. The industry standard is 7 inches but today that would be considered a thin mattress. Mattresses have gotten a lot deeper in the last decade or so. Some mattresses are 24 inches deep, not including the box spring!

Instead of a box spring mattress retailers are selling things like a Bunkie Board which add very little height to a bed. It’s only 1.5 inches thick.

One reason mattresses are so much higher than they were 20 years ago is people are more selective and things like a pillow top or extra foam layers add to the height. Also, the style is a larger, thicker mattress. For some that extra height spells luxury.

Another reason is the rise in popularity of platform beds, which have a strong enough foundation to support a mattress without box springs. So you need a thicker mattress. If you have a box spring and mattress together, they’re much higher than a standard bed.

Typically a low profile mattress is under 6 inches deep.

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Best Thin Mattress Brands

Our favorite brands for reasonably priced thinner mattresses are Linenspa, Zinus and Tochta. These are all highly rated and not expensive for the quality.

Bunk Bed with custom mattresses in Camping Trailer

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Low Height Mattress

Here’s why you might want a lower height mattress:

  1. It costs less to ship a thinner mattress because they’re not as heavy.
  2. A thinner mattress is easier to pack and move. You can fold them up.
  3. Your short and don’t want to have to use a ladder to get into your bed.
  4. Your health makes it difficult to get up onto a thick mattress. Lower profile mattresses can be ideal for the elderly or those who cannot get in/out of bed easily.
  5. For safety reasons. A child can’t easily get on/off the bed and may fall if they roll off the bed in their sleep on a mattress and frame that are near the ground.
  6. Ideal for an RV or similar tight space.
  7. Budget – thinner mattresses are usually less expensive. 
  8. To use on bunk beds and get more clearance space (and don’t hit your head on the bed above you or the ceiling).
  9. For adjustable beds. If your mattress is too thick they won’t move with the head of the bed and look funny sticking up straight above the top of the frame.
  10. For sofa sleeper beds – a thicker mattress won’t fit when you make it back into a couch.
  11. For camping, in a tent or the back of a truck (you need to pack something light).

    Mattresses for camping

Low Profile Mattress

Want a thin mattress for floor?

If you’re looking for a camping or RV mattress that can be custom built for your exact space/size or shape, check out Totcha ** here’s our Tochta RV mattress review ** They give you instant price quotes online and come in a variety of thicknesses. Despite being made for RVs, they are very reasonably priced and can be used anywhere like the back of your truck, SUV or even just for your everyday mattress.

Low Profile Box Springs

Looking for box spring & mattress for very low bed? You can also lower a mattress profile by adding a low profile box spring, base or platform.

Low Profile Bed Sheets

Standard sheets will be too deep for a thinner mattress, so you’ll need low profile sheets and a low profile mattress protector. This one from Amazon Basics is a great price that can’t be beat. Now your sheets and protector won’t be loose and come off the bed. Who wants to wake up to a wad of sheets?

Did you buy a low profile mattress? Let us know what one and how it’s going in the comments!