Our Top Picks: Heavy Duty Mattress Bag for Moving

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Mattress Protector Bag

Moving a mattress? One thing you have to have is a heavy duty mattress bag.  You don’t want one that will tear if you drop the mattress coming down the stairs or accidentally dragging it on the sidewalk on your way out the door. You  also need one that will keep dust, bugs and moisture away from your bed.

At Unbox Mattress, we’ve tried several mattress bag brands. We use them to store or move mattresses we’ve reviewed or purchased.

After a lot of experiments both out of necessity and from trying to find the best heavy duty mattress bag, here are our picks…you can read more detail below to find out why.

Note: there are affiliate links in this post and we may earn a small commission on any purchases. We have extensive experience choosing mattress bags that we hope will be helpful to you. 

Top 2 Mattress Bags

We’ve tried a lot and these brands perform the best of any we’ve tried. Please note that the commercial grade moving bag is sometimes out of stock. It was our #1 pick until they ran out for a month and we tried IBBM which costs less and is just as good. IBBM is our #1 choice because they have more options and this brand goes out of stock less often. From now on that’s what we plan to use.


IBBM 1 Pack Heavy Duty Mattress Bag - 5-Mil Thick - 94 Inch x 96 Inch King/Queen/Full Size - Resuable Moving and Storage SolutionIBBM Heavy Duty Mattress Bag – 5-Mil Thick – 94 Inch x 104 Inch Twin Mattress Bag For Moving - Heavy Duty Cover Protector 5 Mil Thick - Reusable Storage Bed SolutionTwin Mattress Bag For Moving – Heavy Duty Cover Protector 5 Mil Thick – Reusable 


For every mattress bag you should be able to get a minimum of three uses out of it. You want to keep costs down but most important you need a mattress bag that will protect your mattress (do its job well).

Why you Need a Mattress Bag

To keep your mattress clean and dry (aka, protect your investment).

Most mattresses are white on the top side and maybe even on the sides. If you have a rip or tear in your bag it’s exposed. If you drop the bed while trying to move it and it touches the pavement, your driveway or dirt, you’re going to get it dirty. It’s harder to get off than you think. I’ve tried things like Clorox Wipes and they just smear the dirt. I’ve tried steam cleaners and they don’t work, surprisingly. The best thing I’ve found is spray OxyClean and rubbing the fabric together or removing the entire cover and washing it in a washer (but skip the dryer and let it air dry). Maybe you’re moving your mattress in the rain and you don’t want it to get wet.

Also, if you ruin your mattress you can sometimes purchase a new cover for it from the manufacturer. For boxed brands we’ve called about, they can cost $200 and up to replace for a king. So it’s better to plan ahead and protect your bed.

Things to consider when you buy a mattress bag:

  • Will it fit my mattress?
    King size mattress bags are made to fit California kings, thinner kings and thicker king size mattresses. So if you have any kind of king size mattress, get a king size mattress bag. Just remember the sizing is inconsistent and the bag might be shorter or not wide enough to fit your pillow top mattress. Note the dimensions of the mattress bag and see if it will match the dimensions of your mattress. You need a large plastic bag for mattress.

This is a 13″ hybrid mattress (it’s actually a Purple3 bed) that we’ve successfully moved with a mattress bag. We’ve moved up to 14 inches thick so far and our top picks have all worked well.

mattress bag for thicker mattress - top picks

Newer Purple mattress on a moving blanket – don’t risk getting the blue onto your mattress – use a mattress bag instead!!

WARNING: DO NOT use a moving blanket on your mattress! The colors will bleed if it gets damp or wet, leaving stains on your mattress. Always use a plastic bag, plastic sheeting or a tarp directly touching your mattress, not a colored blanket.

  • Is it heavy duty enough to handle my mattress?
    You can buy mattress bags at Home Depot or Lowe’s in the moving section but they are cheap and will rip/tear. Plus they cost more than buying them online. Only use them if you have no other option but even then we’d recommend wrapping your mattress in painter’s plastic or a tarp instead. Tarps are great because you can twist the ends to make them like handles – it’s a lot easier to move your mattress that way.Your mattress folded, bagged and strapped – all ready to move! Just don’t store mattresses folded if they have springs. Just fold for moving (make the straps looser for transporting) and then when you’re done, remove the straps so it’s flat.We like the clear plastic because if you resell your mattress, you can see how it looks. It just looks nicer than it does when covered with a tarp. However, if using a truck and if your mattress will be exposed to the weather while moving it, use a mattress bag AND a tarp to make sure it doesn’t blow open and to protect it from the elements.
  • Does it seal at the ends?
    Since we reuse our bags, we don’t need to find one with tape on the top. You can use packing tape to secure but we fold our mattresses in half and secure with tie down straps. Simply overlap the ends of the bag and they’ll stay when you secure with the straps. Watch for our mattress moving tutorial coming soon to see how to best move a mattress so it won’t break your back.
  • What mil is it your mattress carry bag?
    We don’t ever want to go below a 3 mil mattress bag. That number is how thick the plastic is. Cheap ones are barely going to protect your bed – only use one at a last resort. Sometimes a mattress bag is advertised as thicker (6 mil, for example) and it’s not. The novice won’t know the difference but we do!

Note: mattress bag sizes aren’t standard. We like to buy the largest (king) size and use it for whatever size mattress we need to move and just fold it. However, if all you’re moving is a twin or full (and not going to need it to move a larger size), get a smaller bag.

Where to Buy Mattress Bags

We buy our mattress bags from Amazon. They’re tough to find in the store and they often sell out, especially during busy times like the spring or summer. We’ve gone looking for them by appliances (not easy to locate) only to find when we got there, they were out of stock.

I removed the 3rd choice because it was much thinner than the others (more like a 2 or 3mil).

BEST CHOICE FOR THICKER BEDS: Not sure what the brand name is but it’s a commercial grade bag. $14.99. 5 mil. 78″ x 14″ (width) x 104″. Might be worth the extra $3 if moving a thicker mattress. Unfortunately they go out of stock every few months.

Commercial Grade Mattress Bag

BEST VALUE IBBM (stands for: I will be your best memory)
This one is the thickest and cheapest for the price but it’s smaller. This mattress bag is 5 mil. 94″ x 104″ and very thick too. I buy these because they’re not out of stock as often and cost less. $11.89

Shop IBBM Mattress Bags

Another option is this mattress bag with handles for moving. It’s more expensive but it’s thick and reusable. It’s called Britwrap. We have 3 of them and love them but found they’re not quite as thick for mattresses that are more than 13″ deep (like the DreamCloud). It still fits but barely.

Bulk Mattress Bags

If you move a lot of beds you may want something even more affordable. In that case you may want to buy mattress bags by the roll. They come in a tall box and are perforated so you just tear off the one you need.

Elkay mattress bags come in a roll of 25 up to a roll of 100.  Choose from clear or light blue tinted bags in different thicknesses. As an example, each 4 mil king size bag costs $7.67 which is quite a bit less than the other options.

heavy duty mattress bag for moving

MOST EXPENSIVE, LEAST DURABLE: The worst performing mattress bag we found was Lucid. Despite it saying it’s 6 mil, it ripped and isn’t as thick as the other two. $17.99 (the most expensive option). I won’t buy them again and I’m perplexed at the high reviews. It has adhesive at the end but it’s so wimpy compared to the others.

We’re still testing the THETIS Homes mattress bag but at first glance they seem to be heavy duty. We will update this post after trying them. UPDATE: they definitely don’t measure up to the other 2, removed them. They seem more like 2 or 3 mil thick.

There’s nothing worse than getting your mattress dirty when you’re moving it or ruining it in storage. So make sure you choose a top rated mattress bag like the ones we’ve tested! You can expect to spend between $11-15 a bag for king size mattress bags. We also gave you some other options like tarps and rolled plastic.

Any questions about mattress bags or moving a mattress? Please comment below and we’ll try to help!

Casper Mattress Promo Code and Review of this #1 Rated Foam Mattress

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Casper Mattress Review

“The movie star mattress” with a lot of star power…Casper is also much loved and gets the top #1 rating by Consumer Reports for the best foam mattress

Casper Promo Code

Wonder if Casper is right for you? Try it out for less. Use this Casper mattress promo code: UNBOX50 to save $50 off a Casper bed, here.

Save $50 on Casper


Casper Mattress Review

You might think friendly ghost when you hear the unique name Casper, but I like to call Casper the movie star mattress because of the star power behind it. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Levine are investors. You’ll also find celebrities and famous Instagrammers sleeping on a Casper.

Unbox Mattress requested and was given this queen size Casper Mattress by Casper for the purposes of this review.  We weren’t paid to review Casper but we may earn a small commission should you buy one.

Casper Mattress Review

Overall, we found the regular Casper mattress to be a decent bed but we’re more wowed by the marketing and their testing than the mattress itself. However, if you love memory foam beds and want a medium soft feel, Casper might be right for you. We’ve learned that each person is unique and after getting close to the firmness, features and price you want, the next best step is to do a sleep trial.

Here’s our Casper mattress review video (we hope to review one of their higher end mattresses too):

How Casper Mattress is Made

Take a look inside of a Casper mattress.


Let’s break down some facts about Casper…

Materials and Layers
Casper is made of all foam. There are no springs inside. There isn’t a lot of memory foam. Rather Casper beds consist of at least 79% regular / non-memory foam.

Casper has 4 layers of foam. All foam layers are Certi-Pur certified.

  • 1.5” Open-Cell Foam
  • 1.5” Responsive Memory Foam
  • 1.5” Zoned Support™ layer provides optimal support for the shoulders and hips
  • 5.0” Durable Support Foam

10” total height (foam and cover). We like the touches that distinguish this bed from other foam mattresses with the extra support where you need it. Casper calls it zoned support. They continue to test and make adjustments to their mattress based on customer feedback.

Casper is a medium firm mattress, right near the middle. It offers some sink but not a lot.


One purchaser will say Casper sleeps cool (and as I said I didn’t find complaints about the temperature) but others say it’s average temperature, neutral or even warm. Overheating didn’t seem to be a big issue, likely because there’s not very much memory foam in this bed.

Price of a Casper Mattress

You’re looking at under $1k for a queen and a king is $1195 but prices change so click below to find the current pricing. 

Size Dimensions (width and length) Weight Check Price
Twin Twin XL 39" x 75" 39" x 80" 44 lbs 46 lbs
Full 54" x 75" 60 lbs
Queen 60" x 80" 71 lbs
King California King 76" x 80" 72" x 84" 91 lbs 90 lbs

Casper Mattress Pros

  • Overall, Casper doesn’t sleep hot. The thing about foam, especially memory foam is that it warms up with body heat so even if you sleep cool, a mattress can make you sweat.
  • The cover is modern and clean but not fancy – we love that it zips off from the top instead of under the mattress, which makes for easier cleaning. The zipper is sturdy and it’s sort of fun to see inside.
  • Returns are easy and customer service is responsive.

Cons of Casper Mattress

  • Not as thick as some beds – although the extra material will usually add to the price.
  • It does have offgassing. Not the worst we’ve tested but not the best either.

Facebook Comments on What’s the Best Mattress?

We sort of hate when someone asks for friend’s recommendations for a mattress without giving any criteria. Everyone is different and it’s unlikely you’re going to have the same preferences or budget as your friends.

When we saw a thread about the best mattress, a friend raved about her Casper so we reached out to ask her what she thinks so far. She’s had hers a few years. Her response? She still loves it. Will you love it? There’s only one way to know. Try it out. And be sure to get one of the Casper mattress protectors to go with it. Nobody wants to think of what gets into your mattress without one!

Really though, that’s the beauty of a boxed mattress. You can sleep on it and that’s the best way to know once you’ve narrowed down your choices. Studies show that you’re just as likely to like a traditional mattress as a boxed one – it’s about 80% across the board.

Is Casper too Firm or Too Soft?

The biggest concerns people have with a mattress are usually the feel and the durability. The feel is subjective. The number one complaint we hear is it’s too hard or it’s too soft. As far as durability – Consumer Reports tests say they test a mattress to simulate 20 years of sleeping and Casper was at the top.

You’ll like Casper if you already know you want some memory foam and softness but you like a medium firm feel. Love the sleep system – you save by buying  sheets, pillows and mattress as a bundle.

We’re not hip enough to review this mattress.

Casper and the star power behind it is the biggest story because no one else in the boxed bed industry has done what they’ve done.

From nap pods in music stores to having Uber drivers deliver mattresses in New York City, they’re definitely chic. We’ve had a Google alert on their name to follow them for over a year and we’re just waiting for their nap pods to roll into our town so we can see them in person!

Casper officially launched on April 22, 2014, and they sold $1 million worth of product in the first 28 days. They’ve recently had product placed in some American Airline flights in first class. The big problem with that? People are stealing the bedding!

Casper is an award winning mattress

Casper mattress awards

● Consumer Reports’ highest rated memory foam mattress under $1,000
● TIME ‘Invention of the Year’
● Fast Company’s ‘Innovation by Design’ winner
● Industrial Designers Society of America award winner
● Good Housekeeping 2018 Lab Pick
● #1 out of 27 top foam mattresses rated by Consumer Reports, beating out other brands such as Ghostbed, Lull, Tuft & Needle and more.

Casper consumer reports

2017 Consumer Reports ranked Casper above Ghostbed and Purple but in a 2019 issue it rose to #1.

If we could pass out award for mattresses we review, we’d give Casper awards for…

The most personality packed in a mattress

Casper is one of the original bed in a box mattress companies that we credit with infusing fun into the otherwise snoozy mattress industry.

Casper is incredible at marketing and they have fun! During the eclipse of 2017 they took over part of Casper Wyoming (their namesake city). We think they should sponsor it like sponsored a city in Oregon for a year in 2000. They could give the city a bunch of beds in exchange!

Casper created a glamping moon gazing party that people could attend to watch the eclipse on a Casper, in Casper Wyoming! We don’t know if there were any celebrities in attendance or if they had a DJ but it looked like fun!

The stars really aligned for them too because Casper, Wyoming just happened to be one of the best places in the nation to view the eclipse. Casper Wyoming was in the Line of Totality. Talk about lucky!

If you call customer service you’ll want to be placed on hold so you can listen to the lullaby music play. We tested it out and it’s true. They supposedly also have bedtime stories if you press a certain number but we haven’t confirmed that. You can try it out by calling 1 888.498.0003.

When they launched, Casper packed actual books into the mattress box. You know how cereal boxes or cracker Jack have toys inside? Well Casper had books. Because people love to read before nodding off. Today the box comes with care interactions but we thought they should include a comic book or something.

The most engineers on staff

While they’re advertising is fun, Casper is serious about their mattress. They’ve got a testing lab where they monitor and test products, and have 30 engineers on staff. They even worked with a renowned polymer chemist to make our base foam more durable.

Today Casper has the Original Casper mattress which they continue to innovate on. It’s been re-engineered to add more support in places you need it like your hips and shoulders.

Don’t forget to always use a mattress protector with your mattress. Casper does carry a highly rated mattress protector to go with your bed. As we say never let your bed go naked. You don’t want moisture getting into the mattress and breaking it down. You want your mattress to last and be sanitary so be sure to protect it.

Go to Official Website

That wraps up our Casper mattress review. What do you think of this movie star mattress? Let me know in the comments and check the video description for a link to buy along with our Casper promo code UNBOX50 to save $50 if you decide to try one out.

Finding the right boxed mattress for you is a bit like dating – you have to be willing to date different kinds until you find the right one. Except you get a full refund and the bed goes to charity after every breakup!

Casper Questions and Answers

Can I use a box spring with a Casper?
When you order a Casper mattress you only get the top mattress. You’ll need a surface to put it on. You can use a box springs but there’s no need to but they’re outdated and were used when mattresses were thinner and weighed less. Today’s mattresses are heavier and are made mostly of foam. You need a surface to get your mattress off the ground and help distribute your weight evenly.

Instead of box springs, it’s preferable to use a platform, bed base, adjustable base, or even put your mattress on the floor.


Bedinabox Mattress Review – Top 5 Features of the Serenity Mattress

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BedInABox Mattress Review

Read More Reviews

As always, the advantages to buying a mattress online – is that the prices are often lower and most have great/easy exchange policies. Every person is unique and so is their mattress preference. You can research for months unable to make a decision when the best way to know what you like is to narrow down your selection to the materials you like, the height you like, and the price range you are comfortable with. Then start trying your top pick until you find a mattress you love.

It’s not like marriage where getting out of it is painful and costly! You can keep dating until you find the best fit for you and be out nothing until you find the perfect match. Too bad real dating isn’t like that!

First, disclosures: we were given this queen size Serenity Mattress by BedInABox for the purposes of this review. We’re affiliates of BedInABox and your purchase helps us do more reviews.

Affordable Luxury Beds Under $2,000
When we unboxed the Serenity the first thing we thought that it was more luxurious than we expected it to be. We thought it would be an economy mattress. But it’s not.

Bedinabox is based in Tennessee. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have been in business since 2007 (over a decade). So although this brand might be new to you, they’ve been in the business for a while.

We all say “Bed-in-a-box,” (sort of like we call tissues Kleenex), but what you probably don’t know is that this company owns the trademark to the term “Bed in a Box”.

They’re a small, family owned business who sells affordable luxury beds that  made in the USA, not just ‘assembled in America’. Since they’ve been around longer they have a wider selection of products from mattresses, to mattress toppers, sheets and adjustable bases.

They have 7 models in various price ranges, starting at $699 for a queen. It comes in more sizes than you’d expect. We never see split queens or split California king sizes!

Here’s the full list:

  • Twin xl
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California king
  • Short queen
  • Split king
  • Split queen
  • Split California king

Like most boxed brands you’re paying for the top layer and need a mattress frame, box springs or platform to place it on.

We highly recommend that you use a mattress protector before you sleep on any new mattress. Bedinabox carries their own brand of mattress protector in several styles. Using a mattress protector will help prolong the longevity of your mattress and prevent spills from damaging your mattress.


The Serenity queen is just under $2,000 which is right where you’ll see similar featured mattresses. There is financing that gets your payment at around $60 a month.

Visit Official Site

Mattress Layers
The Serenity has 5 layers of foam, including memory foam. They do tell you the density of foam that they use, which we appreciate, because most mattress companies don’t give you a lot of detail about that.

Let’s get into a little detail about what how this bed is constructed. This is their high end mattress and it’s like a pillow top which you usually don’t see in boxed brands as often.

The Pillow Top Cover
The cover is quilted and is quite attractive – it has CoolRest® Adaptive foam which is based on technology originally developed to use for space suits. It helps balance temperature between the sleeper and the mattress to help keep the sleeper comfortable throughout the night. There’s 2” of super-soft, gel-infused quilting foam on top.

In addition, there’s 4” of 1.8 lb density, high-quality soy-based transitional foam, progressing from contouring to supporting. Then you have 4” of high-density foam to support body weight and align the spine. This includes a 2.2 lb density core.

Top 5 features of the Serenity Bed in a Box Mattress

Feature #5: The Serenity is 14 inches thick.
This bed has a thicker profile that gives it a higher end feel. If you like a bed that’s higher up, you’ll love this mattress.

Feature #4: The Serenity is reversible.
There’s a softer side and a firmer side. If you prefer to sink into your mattress a bit, choose the soft side. If you prefer to feel like you are sleeping on top of the mattress, choose the firm side.

The quilted cover on top is the soft side but if you decide you really want a firmer feel, you can flip the mattress. While it doesn’t have the plush pillowtop on other side, it still has an elegant quilted cover with a little give. On the soft side, the sleeper sinks into the mattress a bit and is cradled. On the firm side, the sleeper sleeps more on top of the mattress, but still with the comfort and look of a quilted cover.

Feature #3: A bed with handles!
Since this mattress can be reversed it’s nice that they give you these handles to help you turn it. I wouldn’t lift it by the handles alone but they can help you turn or flip the mattress. It weighs 100 lbs.

Feature #2: The Serenity has a 20 year warranty 
This is a longer warranty than the typical 10 years and a slightly longer trial period. It has free shipping too.

Feature #1: Made in the USA and has almost no smell/offgassing
I’m very sensitive to offgassing and this mattress had almost no smell.

We really like these family-owned mattress companies like Bedinabox and our recent RV mattress review of the Tochta. Your mattress gets shipped faster and the quality tends to be higher too.

What do you think? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer every one. 

Is the New Purple Mattress Softer?

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I wrote this post while lying on my Purple mattress. I can’t sleep and wanted to take down some notes.  1,000 or so words later….this is what happens to you when you think about mattresses a lot. You have a lot of opinions. You’re a bit long winded.

One of the most common questions about the new Purple mattresses is:

Is the new Purple mattress softer?

My short answer is no, not really. If you thought the original Purple mattress was too firm you probably won’t be happier with the new Purple mattress (read or new Purple mattress review). But if you do decide, go for the Purple4 since it will have the softest feel.

is the new Purple mattress softer

At Purple headquarters, the word employees use is that the new beds are more immersive than the original Purple mattress, whatever that means.

Let’s start with that you don’t sink into a Purple mattress very much. There’s not any memory foam in it and the Smart Comfort Grid (formerly called the super stretchy polymer) has very little give. So if you want to feel any hug you’re not going to get it, but it’s not cold and unresponsive (like your ex husband or wife). But it’s definitely supportive (unlike them).

If you’re heavier, as in over 350 lbs, you’re going to want to spring for the Purple3 or 4. If you’re lighter go for the Purple2, unless you just like the look of a higher profile bed.

Still not sure which one to get?

Compare Purple Mattresses.

With other mattresses my biggest complaint is that my hips sink in so my spine isn’t aligned. It’s kind of in an uneven V shape. That’s the stuff of bad backs. With all the mattresses I review, my back needs to be pampered. If I could have anything I wanted, I’d wish for a mattress butler who followed me around and moved mattresses for me.

The Biggest Reason People Return a Purple Mattress? Too Firm

I have a hobby of asking people why they return their mattress. The most common answer is it’s too firm. Note that I also hear it’s too soft. For the same brand.

That’s the reason a sleep trial is so important, these are very personal and subjective terms. One person’s plush is another person’s too hard.

The new Purple beds don’t feel softer. Adding more comfort grid and springs doesn’t change the feel significantly. Even though I’m sleeping on the Purple4, the one with a full 4 inches of polymer (the most of any model they offer), it can’t be called soft. In other words, buy it for the height or support, not for more give.

As long as the top layer is polymer it never will be soft. Although Purple was anti springs when they were a startup and not a publicly traded company, that did something they swore they’d never do, they added springs. If you told the original Purple they’d grow up and be sold in Mattress Firm they’d never have believed you. However, I don’t see Purple adding anything above the polymer layer. It’s too integral to the brand.

And that’s not bad. Mattress Underground, the most long winded review site online, says a firmer mattress is more durable, writing that:

Firmer materials will tend to compress less and last longer than softer versions of the same material so if you are choosing between two mattresses that are both a suitable choice in terms of comfort, firmness, and PPP and one of them is slightly firmer than the other and there are no other significant differences between them that would affect durability then I would choose the one that is slightly firmer.”

Note that PPP = Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences

You want soft? Get a Loom and Leaf or other memory foam bed. I spoke with a woman who says after waiting to adjust to the new Purple and just wanting something softer she settled on a Loom and Leaf and has been happy.

There are fewer soft options than firm in the online mattress world than medium firm. If you want a true what I call marshmallow bed, try Linenspa mattresses. You’ll sink and hopefully not drown!

How do you know if your mattress is too firm?

If your mattress is too firm, it will push on your pressure points like your shoulders, hips and butt. This will take you out of alignment and you’ll start to feel aches and pains. 

If you feel pain as soon as you lay on your bed, it’s probably not your mattress. The telltale signal that it’s your mattress not you is you feel worse after spending hours in bed.

When a mattress is too soft and you sink into it too much causing the heavier parts of you to sink in further than the rest of you. So your spine isn’t in neutral. causing back pain.

Too Firm for Older Adults?

My parents, who are both in their 80s (and in denial about it), added a $40 mattress pad to their Purple mattress and have been happy ever since. But Purple wouldn’t ever suggest that, because well, they’re selling you on the properties of sleeping directly on the responsive layer. It’s like their prized granddaughter and all they want to do is show it off.

At least you could replace the topper (here are the bestselling mattress toppers on Amazon). when it develops an imprint which you can’t do when that softer foam is built into your bed.

Is the New Purple Worth It?

Purple really does sleep temperature neural. It actually does cushion your pressure points and has the best motion isolation of any bed I’ve ever slept on. Those are it’s biggest selling points. Is the new Purple worth the price tag? I think it is. Purple truly offers something unique in the boxed mattress industry. All these comparison videos between Purple beds and other brands make me roll my eyes.

Purple is nothing like a typical foam block mattress in which one is so much like another, they’re really hard to choose between. It’s like deciding which arm you like better.

I have a friend who bought a Purple who has read so many conflicting reviews that she hasn’t opened it yet. She’s afraid to and now she’s blown through her 100 day trial and can’t return it. I’m tempted to buy it from her because our mattress in a box that’s only a year old has developed something that looks like a tumor on the side. Since it was a review sample I can’t make a warranty claim, but that’s a first! I’m tempted to put another Purple on that bed.

But don’t expect Purple to feel like other beds and don’t expect it to be soft. Remember how you used to go camping and sleep on the hard ground and be just fine? Those days are over. They thing that’s soft is your middle age tolerance for a bad night’s sleep.

Bed in a box mattress delivery

Are Mattresses Shipped in a Box As High Quality as Other Mattresses?

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While at the Vegas Furniture Market Unbox Mattress had a conversation with a mattress retailer who doesn’t have an affiliate program or an appreciate for online mattress retailers. It got a bit heated. Her claim was that mattresses shipped in a box are lower quality than the brands retailers sell.

Not so.

Consumer Reports recently addressed the question – are the mattress shipped in a box as good as traditional mattress brands? The answer? YES!

Bed in a box mattress delivery

Mattress Myth: Online Brands Not As High Quality as Mattress Store Brands

One of the arguments we hear from mattress retailers is that only brands aren’t as durable or as good as their brand names. The technology isn’t as good as say, Tempur-Pedics of the world.

Here’s what Consumer Reports had to say about that: “We’ve seen several bed-in-a-box mattresses come through the lab that perform consistently, at a level of Good to Excellent, for sleepers of every body size and sleeping style…In fact, the top-rated foam beds-in-a-box score Very Good or Excellent in our support tests for petite, average, and large and/or tall sleepers. Source

mattress shipped in a box

Return Rates for Boxed Mattresses vs Mattress Stores

Another indication of quality is return rates. Online brands make returns as pain-free as possible and usually have 100+ day return policies.

It’s not bad, considering you cannot try out most boxed mattresses before you buy it (though you usually get a full refund, including shipping if you change your mind within the generous return window .

  • 7% of bed-in-a-box that are purchased are returned (according to 1010data, a data analytics company).
  • 2.2% of mattresses sold are returned at Mattress Firm which highly discourages returns with a fee of $79.99 (source). Most consumers are probably deterred by the high fee. Also according to Consumer Reports most people know if they like a bed they lie on within the first 20 minutes so they may get it correct the first time.

How Much Market Share Do Online Mattress Companies Have?

Online brands are still relatively new. Many are startups who’re new to the industry (former online marketers). According to Trade publication Furniture Today, bed in a box mattresses make up  12% of the market in 2017, which is double what it was in 2014 (it took 3 years to double in size).

mattress store

Blending of Online and Offline Models

Over time both models – offline and online – are starting to blend. For example,  Purple mattress tested their new mattress models in Mattress Firm stores which you could argue is an antithesis of what they stand for. You can try a Leesa at West Elm stores. Casper brings beds to you and has products at Target stores.

Casper is ranked #4 and #5 for the top rated foam bed in a box mattresses. Use code UNBOX50 to save $50 on Casper.

Retailers are hiring ecommerce managers and coming out with boxed bed of their own with creative names that are part of the culture: Sealy has Cocoon. Sleep Number has it Bed. However, it seems less likely they’ll create an affiliate program or work with mattress reviewers as aggressively as online-first brands.

Top Bed in a Box Brands

In tests, here’s some of the top performers:

Top bed in a box mattresses

Purple vs Ghostbed

and for innerspring or hybrid mattresses:

voila mattress

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Have you heard of any of the top mattresses shipped in a box? Have you purchased one?