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Nest Alexander Hybrid | Mattress with Different Firmness on Each Side

A lot of people are concerned about mattress firmness and feel. It’s even more of a concern if you sleep with someone who has a different preference than you do. You like a more medium feel, and the other person likes to sink into their mattress (more plush). Or maybe there’s a significant weight difference between you.

Either way, the Nest Alexander Hybrid offers a lot of benefits that other mattresses don’t have. There are 5 solid reasons to consider the Nest Alexander Hybrid. We may earn a commission when you shop through our links, and you may get better sleep.

Nest Alexander Hybrid

Here are 5 reasons to choose an Alexander Signature Hybrid that you may not know about.

1. Euro Top

If you like a pillow top mattress, you’ll love the look and contouring you get from the Alexander mattress. It features a euro pillow top design. The Nest Alexander hybrid mattress is 13″ deep with springs. The top layer is meant to add more softness. But with the Nest, there are additional benefits you may not be aware of.

You can choose between a plush, medium, or firm. And since firmness is the #1 issue people have that makes them return a mattress, Nest offers something unique: split firmness and comfort exchange.

2. Split Firmness

The first point is that you can get a split firmness (for king or cal king size only). So one side is medium, and the other side is firm. I recommend trying to do soft and firm, though. Here’s why. You will feel the edge in the middle because the softer side will sink down much further than the firm side. So there will be a height difference.

The heavier person will also add more pressure onto the mattress where they sleep, which can mean their side can break down sooner than the side with a lighter person. The foam might wear out quicker on the side with more weight.

3. FREE Comfort Layer Exchange

Besides split firmness, Nest offers another benefit. Nest will allow you to exchange the top layer. So you can change out a firm for a medium or just the firm side if you don’t have a split firmness. You can do that one time, anytime within the 100-night trial window.

Start with more firm than erring on going too soft. Remember, you can always make a firm bed softer down the road by adding a mattress topper, but you can’t make a soft bed more firm. Or, it’s harder to.

4. Get More Years out of your Mattress

Nest Alexander Hybrid has a zipper, so you can change/replace/swap the foam comfort layer anytime. So if your mattress does wear out on top (loses support), you may be able to get more time from it by changing out the top layer. Of course, if you’re out of the 100-night window, you will pay for that, but it costs less than a new mattress. And compared to a mattress topper, it’s more stable (won’t shift or move around).

5. Less Waste and Hassle

Mattresses get returned, and some end up in landfills, which take up a lot of space. Nest gives you more options, so you don’t have to return the mattress (which can be a hassle). You can work with them to get the right feel for you. Firmness is subjective, so you need to try it out and sleep on the mattress for a while to know if you like it or not.

What Is Great about Nest’s Warranty

Nest Bedding’s warranty is a lifetime warranty for the original owner of the mattress. One common reason for returning a mattress is because of indents or body impressions. It creates hills and valleys out of your mattress, and that won’t support your body properly. Which can be tough on your neck and back. Nest requires a 1-inch depression for warranties. It can be returned if the impression is deeper than an inch. Most mattresses require 1.5 to 2 inches deep to qualify for a warranty claim.

It’s also impressive that Nest clearly states how to file a warranty claim and promises a return within 7 days. This builds trust because sometimes, dealing with customer service can be very stressful. It’s also helpful that Nest is made in the USA (I’ve met the CEO, and they’re based in Arizona).

Which Firmness Should You Choose?

Select Medium if you…

  • Are a combination sleeper, back, and side sleeper.
  • Want to feel supported by your mattress, with a little give.
  • Are an average weight.
  • Are not sure which feel to choose. Medium is the most popular firmness, which is why many mattresses in a box started with medium firm models.

Select Plush if you…

  • Are a side sleeper.
  • Looking for pressure point relief and gentle support.
  • Are lighter, under 140 lbs.
  • Know plush is what you like because you already know you prefer a soft mattress

Select Lux Firm if you…

  • Mainly sleep on your back or stomach.
  • Are a side or back sleeper who require additional support for your back (back pain/issues).
  • Recommended to by a medical professional.
  • Prefer sleeping on a firmer mattress, with a plush pillow top.

I think the Nest Alexander Hybrid is the perfect choice if you’re agonizing over which mattress to buy because you disagree on firmness or just like the peace of mind of knowing you’re not committed to a certain firmness. Life situations change. Our needs and preferences can be different at different stages of our lives. Rather than spend a lot on a new mattress, you can replace part of the one you have.

Check Current Prices

FREE Shipping and How Long it Will Take

Shipping is free to all Nest Bedding customers within the continental United States. Your Alexander Signature Hybrid is made to order, meaning your bed is built up to a few weeks before or after your order is placed. Expect it to take 8-10 days to be made, then it will be shipped to your door.

0% Financing

You can get your Nest mattress now but pay for it over time with Nest and Affirm. There are no gimmicks like deferred interest or hidden fees. The total you see at checkout is always what you’ll actually pay. You will need your name, email, mobile phone number, birthday and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. That is to protect your identity. They try to approve everyone and you’ll see the terms of the loan clearly stated before you agree.

What is great is that you can pay online, with a debit card, bank transfer or check. I’ve been through the process with Affirm for a bed frame and it was very easy because you can schedule payments online. Mattress companies don’t make money from these loans, it simply enables them to sell more mattresses because they’re more affordable.
To pay with Affirm, you go to your shopping cart and check out. On the second screen it gives you the option to pay with credit card (maybe by default). Use the small down arrow to expand the menu options and select Pay with Affirm.
PayPal, American Express and Other Payment Options
Besides Credit Card or Affirm financing, Nest accepts Paypal, Shop Pay or G Pay.

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