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Dreamcloud Mattress Softens Up and Changes Mattress Cover

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DreamCloud mattress is unique in the top has tufting that forms small clouds or squares. However, that recently changed.

The new version of DreamCloud doesn’t have tufting. Instead it’s a quilted euro top style. It looks a lot like the Nectar cover, but it has the same color and pattern as before. While it looks more formal and elegant, some people didn’t like the tufting design because their arms or legs went to the seams of the pillow top.

The left side is before – you can see how high the pillows are. The right side shows the more quilted, flatter design. The color is the same (the photos are taken in different light).

Dreamcloud cover before and after

The next change is in the firmness. Overall, Dreamcloud was more firm than the name suggests. Instead of being on the firmer side of medium, you’ll now sink in more. This change puts Dreamcloud in the medium range.

You can read more about the exact changes with the construction below. But first, here are 9 quick facts about DreamCloud…as usual there are affiliate links in this post and we may earn a commission if you shop through our links.

DreamCloud Mattress 2.0 Changes

Removing latex, changing the cover to eliminate tufting and how the trial period works are notable changes. Photos to be forthcoming.

  • Less layers – going from an 8 layer bed to 6 layers.
  • No longer offer a twin size (only a twin xl).
  • No more tufting, instead the cover will be quilted but the Euro top is still 1.5″ thick.
  • Took cashmere out of the cover.
  • No longer has latex.
  • The only memory foam is on the third layer – 1.5″.
  • 365-Night Trial is now a risk free trial that officially begins 30 days after the date of the delivery (rather than immediately). Studies show that it takes 30-60 days to adjust to a new mattress.
  • Prices start at $999 for a queen. Financing is available so you have a low monthly payment. You’ll know if you qualify for 0% interest within minutes when you apply through their website. Check current prices here.

As always, to avoid voiding your warranty do not cause physical damage to your mattress. Tears, burns, stains, cuts or liquid damages will void your warranty so be sure to get a mattress protector. You buy cases for your phone, as a rule if it costs more than you could easily pay to replace it, it’s

9 Facts about the DreamCloud Mattress

Here’s a quick look at the DreamCloud bed

  1. The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress made with memory foam, polyfoam and springs.
  2. Features a luxurious 15 inches depth.
  3. Has a 1.5″ Euro top – similar to a pillow top but stitched right in to the top layer of the mattress so it’s flush with the edge. Read more about how this helps you sleep here.
  4. DreamCloud changed to be of a true medium, rather than a medium firm. You’ll sink in a bit more.
  5. Offers White Glove Service. That means, for an additional $149, your new bed is delivered, set up and you have the option to have your existing bed removed.
  6. Has handles on the sides for easier moving/shifting of bed.
  7. A king size DreamCloud weighs 123 lbs.
  8. Comes with a super long 365-night sleep trial. So that means you can return it within a year for just about any reason and get a 100% refund (see their restrictions).
  9. Offers financing through Affirm so you can get your bed now but pay as you go.
  10. Has a lifetime warranty.

Save $200 on a DreamCloud

As always, you can pay extra for white glove delivery service where they’ll set up your new mattress (no lifting for you).

best to pay the extra money to protect your investment. It will prolong the life and performance of your purchase.

herobed with gray cover

HeroBed Mattress Review: A Mattress with a Cause + Save $400!

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Over 230 lbs or Pregnant? Or if you just like a more firm feel, check out HeroBed. It’s a new mattress that will not only solve your sleep issues, but it has a good cause too.

Be sure to keep reading because we have an incredible HeroBed discount code for you.

HeroBed Mattress Review

Before we get into the details, know that most of the reviews (pre Sept 2019) are for a different mattress by the same name that has since gone out of business. So if you see other HeroBed reviews, just know that the only one you can buy now is the one that looks like this:

HeroBed Mattress ReviewMattress provided for purposes of this review and we may earn a commission if you shop through our links.

It comes in a duffle bag like this which is much easier to move compared to a box. It has handles on each side and unzips at the top.

HeroBed Mattress Commercial

HeroBed has a really funny commercial where they test their bed against other popular online mattresses in a box brands. They have a line of real pregnant people and dads who just look like they are. But after sleeping on it I get it. It’s really quite supportive and something you need if you don’t want back pain when you’re pregnant.

At first I was totally confused why HeroBed started out their ad with pregnant women. But after sleeping on it, I get it. This mattress is more supportive than average. Really anyone who’s heavier will appreciate that extra support.

HeroBed Layers

Here’s Pablo describing what a HeroBed is made of:

2 inches of HeroFoam

1 inch of Talalay Latex

Pocketed coils

A base foam layer for support

The bed is a total of 12 inches deep.

HeSo with 3 layers of foam between you and the pocketed coils, you have cushioning but feel the more firm coils.

Mattress Mattress Vending Machine

I got to go to the factory in Utah where the HeroBed is made. While there, I got to meet Pablo, one of the owners. He started a retail mattress store in Utah that’s been very successful and has multiple locations. Then he saw the “bed in the box” trend and wanted to focus on that market.

Best mattress for heavy back sleepers?

Fact: The #1 reason people return a bed is that it’s too firm

Fact: firmness is subjective. For example, I think HeroBed is medium firm while someone else thinks might think it’s firm. Even two people from the same family can disagree! On this mattress, I found it more firm than most bed in a box brands.

Firmness comes down to the level of sinkage. You might love the feel of sinking into your bed, but find it too hot and almost impossible to move around once it warms up.

HeroBed is ideal for people who like or need a more firm bed. It has that lying on the mattress feel. So if you weigh 230 lbs or more AND you sleep on your stomach or back this mattress is great.

Heavier sleepers need additional support. With softer beds, you’ll sink through the softer layers more than someone who is lighter. Memory foam is known for being difficult to move around on and it gets warm with body heat. These issues are more pronounced in heavier sleepers.

This mattress is the best fit for back sleepers or combination (people who move around a lot).

gray herobed

HeroBed Cost and Coupon Code for $400 Off

If you’re interested in a HeroBed, we have the best deal for you! Use code UNBOX at www.herobed.com and they’ll take $400 off! That’s a crazy discount – the best we’ve seen so far. However, Pablo said it’s just for the first 10 people to buy. After that, we’re not sure how much your discount will be (but you’ll still get one).

The price for a queen before the discount is $1299. But Herobed use our code UNBOX and it’s just $1,119.

I Want to Save $400


HeroBed Mattress Trial and Warranty

HeroBed lets you try their mattress for 180 nights and if it’s not for you, return it for a full refund. It has a 15 year warranty.

The Cause: Why It’s Called The HeroBed

Now why is this called a HeroBed? It’s because when you buy a hero, you help everyday heros get a bed. For every 2 beds sold they donate 1 bed to charity.

But this is more than a marketing gimmick. It’s a commitment to help our own heroes. Your cheap mattress from China isn’t helping people who need a bed is it??

HeroBed covers come in 3 different colors. The bottom part is either gray, blue or pink. It may be the world’s first pink mattress! I think I’d buy one just for that reason. But each color represents a type of charity who gets the donation.

Pink – goes to support cancer research
Blue – for military and veterans
Gray – children’s care

HeroBed charities

I Wanna Be a Hero!

HeroBed carries Malouf mattress protectors. It’s a good idea to get one. Anytime you buy a new bed, buy a mattress protector too. It’ll extend your bed’s life and it’s a lot easier than washing a mattress. Plus it helps extend the life of your mattress. If liquid, food or other substances get inside the foam it can create bacteria and degrade the foam faster.

Is it Better to Buy 2 Twin XLs Mattresses than One King?

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Why Get 2 Twin XL Mattresses Instead of a King

If you sleep with someone else, it’s much better to buy 2 twin XLs as we’ve explained below. If you’ve tried it this way, you will never go back to a king mattress again. And you’ll wish hotels had this option!

Here’s how: get a mattress topper to go over both of your twin mattresses. You won’t even notice the center seam down the middle. It will feel like one bed. Except for the fact that your mattress won’t get the sag and your partner’s movements during the night will not be nearly as annoying (keeping you awake). Plus when they get out of bed to go to the bathroom, you will sleep right through it.

But you’ll still be sleeping in the same room (ok, we can’t stop snoring, except suggest an adjustable bed).

Plus when you move, turn and flip on your bed, it’s much easier with 2 twins. This will save you from getting a hernia trying to rotate and\or flip a king. There are affiliate links in this post – thanks for shopping through our links.

Split King Sheets

Get twin XL fitted sheets and a king size sheet for the top and use king size blankets to feel more like you’re sharing one bed. Or don’t because you don’t want to share the covers! But do get a king size duvet so that the bed looks well made. Or, save the hassle and your cash and get these highly rated split king sheets in bamboo or microfiber fabric.

Bestselling Twin XL Mattresses

Two twin XL mattresses make up a regular king size mattress. You can buy one king size frame and put the mattresses side by side. That helps it feel like one bed but doesn’t have the drawbacks.

Best Price Mattress OLC-FMS-1000TXL 10Best Price Mattress 10″Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, Twin XL 12Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, Twin XL 12″Layla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam Twin XL MattressLayla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam Twin XL MattressMattress by tulo, Pick your Comfort Level, Medium Twin XL Size 10 Inch Bed in a Box, Great for Sleep and Balance Between Soft and FirmMattress by tulo, Pick your Comfort Level, Medium Twin XL Size 10 Inch Bed in a Box, Great for Sleep and Balance Between Soft and FirmLeesa Luxury Hybrid 11Leesa Luxury Hybrid 11Lull - Memory Foam Mattress | 3 Layers of Premium Memory Foam, Therapeutic Support, Breathable for Ideal Temperature, 100 Night Trial, and 10-Year WarrantyLull – Memory Foam Mattress | 3 Layers of Premium Memory Foam, Therapeutic Support, Breathable for Ideal Temperature, 100 Night Trial, and 10-Year WarrantyNectar TwinXL Mattress + 2 Pillows Included - Gel Memory Foam - CertiPUR-US Certified Foams - 180 Night Home Trial - Forever WarrantyNectar TwinXL Mattress + 2 Pillows Included – Gel Memory Foam – CertiPUR-US Certified Foams – 180 Night Home Trial – Forever WarrantyWELLSVILLE 14WELLSVILLE 14″TwinXLMattressPurple Queen Mattress | Hyper-Elastic Polymer Bed Supports Your Back Like A Firm Mattress and Cradles Your Hips and Shoulders Like A Soft Mattress - Cooler and More Supportive Than Memory FoamPurple Queen Mattress | Hyper-Elastic Polymer Bed – Cooler and More Supportive Than Memory Foam


3 Mattresses Advertised as Medium that are Actually Firm

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The #1 reason a mattress you buy online is returned is because of comfort. Either your mattress is too soft or it’s too firm. And most people say the mattress is too firm. Also note that pain is a top reason – however, that’s so broad that it’s tough to know just what caused the pain or what kind of pain.

#1 Reason People Return a Mattress

This chart from Sleep Like the Dead shows that too firm is the most common complaint.  It’s far more common for people to think that a bed is too firm than too soft. Our experience talking to customers backs this up.

Remember that online, people can return a bed for almost any reason. People might say they’re returning it because it’s too firm but really they had some unexpected bills and want their money back. Or, they don’t really want to say why. There’s no fee or penalty so you don’t have to justify your reason.

study why mattresses get returnedI’ve slept on many beds and am the first to acknowledge that firmness is subjective. Even reading through Consumer Reports ratings it seems like firmness on beds I know well doesn’t match up. I’m certain Purple mattress isn’t a 4/10 (with 10 being the most soft). It’s more of a 5 or 6. To make things more confusing, a company might advertise a comfort level that doesn’t match the actual feel. So a model called firm might actually be quite soft and vice versa.

Here are 3 brands that seem like they’d be soft, but are actually quite firm. If you like a firm bed, we highly recommend them. They’re all excellent mattresses. Just don’t buy them if you’re expecting to sink into your bed. You won’t very much. However, these mattresses provide a lot of support. And, you won’t get stuck in your mattress and overheat during the night!

These are hybrids, which means they have a combination of foam and springs.

Top 3 Firm Beds

These are unexpectedly firm. In other words, you think they’re going to be softer than they are. Note that we use affiliate links below and could earn a commission when you shop through our links. 

Awara (firmest of all)

If you like the idea of a more green or natural mattress, Awara fits. It features natural and organic latex along with coils. However, you also need to like a firm bed because it doesn’t have a lot of give. I give it an 8/10.

Price for a King: $1,199

Visit Website


DreamCloud mattress has tufting and pillowy clouds on the top layer. There are handles on the sides to help you maneuver the mattress on your frame. However, your thoughts of sleeping on a cloud are not really accurate.

This bed is quite firm. I give it a 7/10.

Price for a King: $1,199

Visit Website


At first you think the new HeroBed is going to be soft, but sleep on it very long and you’ll discover it’s more firm. You can choose the charity your mattress supports and get the corresponding color. Covers are either gray, dark blue or pink. It’s about a 7/10 for firmness.

Price for a King:  $1599 – but you can take $400 off with code UNBOX, making it $1,199.

Visit Website

Amazingly enough, they are all the same price!

Which one should you choose? Narrow it down by features and budget. Then do a sleep test. That’s a huge advantage of buying online. You have several months to test to see what you think. If it doesn’t work, return it for a full refund and try the next one on your list.

Have you returned a mattress? What was the reason? Also comment below if you’ve slept on one of these 3 mattresses – did you find them quite firm too?

Nectar Mattress Gains 468% in Sales for 2018, Online Sales Grow Faster Than Traditional

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Nectar Sleep LogoNectar Sleep had a good year last year.

While Nectar was not the #1 fastest growing online mattress retailer in 2018, the company’s growth was higher than the other top 4 brands. By a long shot. According to Furniture Today, “Nectar posted a stunning 468% sales gain in 2018, to $250 million.” Can you imagine? What an incredible growth rate! They’ve got to be celebrating that victory.

Interestingly enough, Nectar has just one model of mattress. All foam. No lux version, no hybrid, just the original Nectar. Instead, they have completely different brands to address other market segments (i.e., DreamCloud and Awara).

How does the overall growth in boxed brand sales compare to traditional mattress retailers? “In 2016 the Top 15 bedding e-tailers were up almost 103%. In 2017 that group had a growth rate of 66%. And now we know the Top 15 had a 41% growth rate in 2018.” While traditional retailers grew growth for the Top 25 traditional bedding retailers was just 2.1% in 2018.

Note there are affiliate links in this post and Unbox Mattress may earn a commission should you shop through our links.

Nectar Mattress is a 10 inch deep memory foam and foam mattress with a quilted memory foam cover. It is medium firm and has the longest trial period of 1 year, plus a forever warranty. That incredible trial and warranty no doubt had an impact on sales.

Nectar offers 0% financing with Affirm so you can sleep on a Nectar now and pay for it in low monthly payments. Always protect your mattress before you sleep on it and to ensure your warranty or possible return is not voided. Nectar makes a quilted mattress protector.

Other mattress retailers by percentage growth include, Amazon, with a 50% increase. Casper, which was up 31%, and Purple which was up 52% last year. Maybe you haven’t considered Amazon or Wayfair as top contenders, but Wayfair sales tied Amazon, at 50% growth.

Bestselling Mattresses on Amazon

What should traditional retailers do when faced with such stiff competition from etailers? Do what Mattress Firm does and come out with your own online bed in a box brand – in their case, tulo. Like the foam mattress brands mentioned above the target market is a younger, value-oriented customer.

Mattress Firm also has enough locations that if you do want to test it out in person you can yet it comes in a box. The way it works is when you click this link Try tulo In-Store at Any Mattress Firm Location it shows locations near you. Then you can go try a tulo and get it in a box if you like it.

Doze low profile firm mattress

Cheap Low Profile Firm All Foam Mattress Under 12 Inches Thick

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Someone asked a question recently. She was looking for a firm mattress less than a foot thick. And she wanted it to be all foam, not a hybrid. Most brands sold online that come in firm are 12 inches thick or more. In addition, she’s on a budget and didn’t want to spend over $300. So we went looking for a lower profile mattress that fit her request and boy did we find one!

Note that there are affiliate links in this post.

7 Inches Deep Firm Mattress

This isn’t a brand we’re very familiar with but it’s called Dreamfoam Bedding, which is owned by Brooklyn Bedding (which we’ve heard of). The model is called Doze. It comes in a 7 inch, 9 inch or 11 inch. However, only the 7 inch is firm. The 9 inch is medium and the 11 inch is medium soft. So they get more plush as you add inches to the height of the bed.

You can use these shorter mattresses on bunk beds, trundle beds and more.

Price of Doze 7 Inch Mattress

Doze comes with a 120 day trial and a 10 year warranty. Best of all you can’t beat the price! And it’s not from China either – it’s made in the USA. It’s not a luxury bed but ideal for kids, RVs, guest rooms and more. A queen 7 inch mattress is just $174! And financing starts at a low $15/month. Amazingly enough shipping is free.

Doze Sizes

Unlike most mattresses, Doze doesn’t come in a king or cal king. Rather, it comes in the following sizes:

  • twin
  • twin XL
  • full
  • full xl
  • queen
  • short queen

Doze Prices

A twin size Doze mattress starts at a very affordable $109.

This chart breaks down prices and sizes for you:

Doze Comes in an Unusual Size!

This is the first time we’ve seen a full xl. What’s the difference between a full and a full xl? The full xl is an additional 5 inches longer than a regular full! So a full XL is the width of a full and the length of a queen. The dimension are 54″ x 80″.

Full XL Bed Frame

In case you decide on the full xl, Dreamfoam doesn’t carry that size in a bed frame. Here is a basic frame that comes in full xl that we found on Amazon:
full xl bed frame

Also see our top 3 firm mattresses picks.

Purple Mattress Financing With Affirm – How it Works

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How Purple Mattress Financing Works

Purple Mattress Financing allows consumers to purchase a brand new Purple mattress, get it today and pay it off via affordable monthly payments. So it basically means you can get better sleep faster. Interest rates are as low as 0% APR for qualified customers and there are no additional fees.

Contrary to what many think, mattress companies don’t make money on financing, they make money because it means more people buy a bed because they can afford it.

Financing is a fantastic way to obtain an award winning Purple mattress without paying the total purchase price upfront. You can purchase a mattress for as little as $58/month which is less than the price of a Coke each day. A small price to pay for a great night’s sleep!  In this guide, I’ll explain how to purchase a Purple mattress on finance.

How Do You Finance A Purple Mattress?

Purchasing a Purple mattress on finance is simple. There are only three steps:

1. Choose the Purple™ mattress you want to buy on finance
The first step is to choose the mattress that you wish to purchase. Head on over to the Purple website to decide on which mattress you want.

There are 3 options:

  • The Purple Mattress
    Starting at $649 for a Twin and going up to $1,399 for a King. It features a Dual-layer Polyurethane Foam base, 2” Smart Comfort Grid Level (Hyper-Elastic Polymer), and is medium-firm. This mattress is 9.5 inches deep.
  • The Purple Hybrid Mattress
    Starting at $1,299 for a Twin XL and going up to $1,899 for a King. This mattress features a Polyurethane Foam and Responsive Coil base, 3” Smart Comfort Grid Level, and is medium-firm. It has springs. White glove delivery with in-home setup and old mattress removal available in all 48 contiguous states. This mattress is 11 inches deep.
  • The Purple Hybrid Premier.
    Starting at $1899 for a Twin XL and going up to $2699 for a King for the 3″ version. It features a Polyurethane Foam and Responsive Coil base. You can choose from a 3” or 4″ thick Smart Comfort Grid Level. The most soft being the 4″. White glove delivery with in-home setup and old mattress removal available in all 48 contiguous states. The 3″ is 12 inches deep. The 4″ is the thickest Purple at 13″ deep.

After you choose your mattress and any other products, the website will automatically show you the total price. For the configuration we  chose, the price is either a one-off payment of $2,099 or a monthly repayment of as little as $98 per month. You pay more for your cell phone!

Mattress protectors help you ensure that your mattress stays in great shape and is an essential addition for your new mattress. It’s a good idea to protect your bed because in some cases it could void your return or warranty if the mattress has stains, rips, extreme smell, infestation, lots of pet fur, etc. Plus it will prolong the life of your bed.

Purple often offers a free product when you purchase a new mattress, so we are going to add a free Mattress Protector. Purple mattress protectors are extremely water-resistant, quiet, and provide protection on all 5 sides of the mattress. Any deals like that will be stated on their website.

2. Apply for finance
To checkout using finance, click on the View Details link local beneath the monthly repayment total. A pop-up will appear with more details of the finance terms, including an estimate of what you will pay each month (based on a 10% APR).

In our case, payments will be $97.03 per month based on a 10% annual interest rate for 24 months. After two years we will have repaid a grand total of $2328.72, which means we will have paid $229.72 in interest or about $9.50 interest per month.

Purple partner with Affirm to offer mattress financing. Affirm is one of the country’s leading providers of small consumer loans.

To continue, click on the See if you quality button. You will have to either create a new account with Affirm or log into your existing account. If you are creating an account, you will need to enter several details including your legal name, email address, birth date, and the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Once you have completed the form, click Create account. Affirm will then check your credit report and decide if you are eligible for finance. It may take a couple of minutes to receive a response from Affirm, but most decisions are made instantly.

3. Review the details of the financial agreement
If you have qualified for finance, the website will show you the full details of the loan agreement. The interest rate charged will depend on the quality of your credit report. The size of the loan determines if you will be given a 6, 12, or 24 month loan.

You will be shown exactly how much interest you will pay, if any, and how much you will be expected to pay each month. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the financing agreement before you accept it.

If you are happy with the details of the financial agreement accept it and finalize the checkout process. Purple has beds partially assembled but they aren’t completed until an order is received. In most cases, your new Purple should be at your door within 2 to 3 weeks!

What Purple Mattress is Right for You?

We recommend the Purple Hybrid – 2″ or the Hybrid Premier 3″. This bed is heavy. Unpacking and moving it can be challenging. If you can afford it, save your back. The hybrid models offer delivery service so you won’t have to lift a finger. 

Choose the Purple Hybrid Premier if you like a softer feel. The 4″ is the most soft, however, some people will prefer not to have that much polymer grid on top. Knees will sink into the polymer. That’s why a 3″ might be a better choice. If you truly like to sink far into and feel hugged by your mattress or prefer a really soft bed, the Puffy Lux is comparable in quality but has that classic memory foam feel. 

Or, you can try one out a Purple Mattress in person at most Mattress Firm stores, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Macy’s. You can try one out at their headquarters in Alpine, Utah which is about 30 minutes from Salt Lake City. Before you go to a store, call to check that they have Purple mattresses on display.

Just note that stores have their own return policies and may not have the same financing or freebies as buying online. You may be charged a return fee if you decide not to keep your mattress. They may not accept any returns on freebies (which means you keep and pay for them should you return the bed).

Other Purple Products We Recommend

Besides the stretchy Purple mattress protector, we think it’s worth considering the Purple sheets. They’re made to stretch with your movement and the comfort grid. Since Purple has such a unique feel, you need sheets that aren’t stiff and that will give you the full experience.

While some people (especially back sleepers or people who want a flatter pillow) love the Purple pillow, we’re not fans of the Purple brand pillows. This is the only Purple product that we haven’t liked.

The Purple Powerbase is a high quality adjustable base that’s excellent for people with bad backs, because it offers a zero-gravity position that takes the weight off your back. It also has massage which helps you fall back to sleep faster. Then there’s the ability to raise your head slightly which helps open your airways and prevent snoring.

Common Questions about Purple Mattress Financing

Does it do a credit check?

Yes, only to confirm your identity, and decide if you’re approved and for what interest rate. It won’t show on your credit report.

Do you need to put down a deposit?

No, Affirm allows 100% financing for all Purple™ mattresses.

What fees are involved?

One of the great tings about Purple™ mattress financing is that there are no late fees, no service fees, and no prepayment fees.

How much interest will you pay?

Your annual percentage rate (APR) will be between 0 to 30% based upon how much you are borrowing and how good your credit score is. Affirm also offers a 6% interest cap for anyone on active military duty, which you can apply for here.

How long do you have to pay back the loan?

Affirm will offer you a repayment term of 6, 12, or 24 months for Purple™ mattresses, based on the size of the loan.

How can you pay the bill?

Affirm make it simple to repay your loan, with several repayment options including debit card, bank account, and check payments.

Do you need to have existing credit score?
Yes, a credit score needed.

Will their credit score check affect my credit rating?

When checking your eligibility for Purple™ mattress financing, Affirm credit will perform a “soft” credit check. This check is designed to confirm your identity and determine if you are eligible. This eligibility check will not show up on your credit report and will not affect your credit score.

How soon will it ship?

Once your finance has been approved through Affirm, Purple will immediately begin processing your order. You will have your new mattress within 2 to 3 weeks.

Thanks for reading How Purple Mattress Financing Works. For more information on mattress financing browse our other guides.

Purple mattress new look

Purple Mattress Changes Explained New Names, Cover and Prices

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Today Purple Mattress announced changes to their mattresses. Don’t be alarmed though. The patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ (aka, stretchy polymer grid or comfort grid) still makes up the top layer of every mattress. This is what makes a Purple a Purple and what supports your body and is flexible in all directions.

Like this:

Sometimes it’s difficult to decipher marketing emails to see what really changed. So let us help! Below we tell you what to expect. There are affiliate links in this post which may benefit this site if you shop through them.

Original Purple Mattress Changes

There are 4 things that have changed about the Purple mattress: the name, cover, price and improved edge support. The Original Purple


The Original Purple Mattress is now known simply as the Purple Mattress. We guess it’s been out long enough that it doesn’t need to be described as original any more! The Purple Mattress has the same 2 inches of purple polymer and the rest of the bed is made of foam.

Cover Design and Fabric

The cover is a different color and made of new fabric. It went from the geometric all-white design to white with purple dots and swish along the side, like this:

It also has a new, durable SoftFlex cover that moves when you do. So it’s more stretchy. This is the least expensive mattress Purple carries. Purple mattress review.

Foam Border

Like the hybrid models, the Purple Mattress now has foam borders to reinforce edge support for better sleeping and sitting on the edges. Previously the edges collapsed in and though not awful, now they will be more supportive. Like you wish your spouse would be sometimes. We really like this change!


The price for the Purple Mattress is $100 more for most sizes. You can buy a split king which is cheaper than buying two twin xl mattresses to make your own. You get a price break by buying them as a set.

A Purple mattress is a perfect to pair with an adjustable bed (like the Purple Powerbase – but it works with any brand adjustable bed). Purple is one of the best mattresses to use on an adjustable base because they’re floppy means they conform to the shape of the bed better when you’re sitting up. Other beds are more flat and often leave a gap by not lying flat on the base.

See The Purple Mattress on Purple.com

Purple 2 is Now Called the Purple Hybrid

What used to be called the Purple 2 (it has 2″ of purple polymer like The Purple Mattress) is now the Purple Hybrid. That means it has responsive support coils and foam (no memory foam). Other than that the price, cover and layers are the same.

See The Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress on Purple.com

Purple 3 or Purple 4 are Now Called the Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple3 and Purple4 are grouped together with a new name – the Purple Hybrid Premier. This is a bit of a tongue twister but as before, they either have 3 inches of polymer or 4 inches (the most soft model).

The mattresses are the same thickness – that didn’t change.

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We think these changes make sense in that it’s less confusing. The new Purple mattress came out a few years ago so it’s no longer new. The name didn’t reflect that the numbered models are all hybrids.

new Puffy mattress

New Puffy Mattress Extra Plush 14″ Puffy Royal

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One of the more plush mattresses that comes in a box now has an even plusher version – The Puffy Royal Mattress. This is the newest mattress from Puffy and like the original and the Puffy Lux, they are made up of all foam. However, the Puffy Royal has some features that set it apart.

If you ever tried a Puffy and found even the Lux too firm, the Puffy Royal will be the best choice. Those who really love to sink into their mattress and want that body contouring and plush feel will appreciate the softness without the heat. Keep reading to find out how Puffy has addressed this common concern.

The Puffy Royal – Puffy’s Plushest Mattress

On the higher end price wise, the Royal is a luxury bed. If you compare it to other boxed brands it might seem premium priced. Yet it isn’t pricey when compared to similar brands. Puffy has added several features to the Royal that make it a great choice for someone who wants the softness of a Tempur-Pedic without the price tag.

One important point to note is that The Puffy Royal and all Puffy mattresses all come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

One of the most difficult qualities about a more plush bed is that they often have more memory foam. That means it get softer as your body heat reacts with the foam. Your body heat then gets trapped and builds up in the indent your body creates. Puffy has addressed this concern with the Royal and the physical differences in the foam set it apart from the original and Lux.


Top 3 Features of the Puffy Royal Mattress

  1. It’s thicker – a full 14 inches deep!! Love the look of height on your bed or platform bed frame? This is it!
  2. There’s a breathable layer to cool down the memory foam. That allows more airflow than the other two Puffy mattresses and so you’ll sleep cooler.
  3. Extra support on your low back. With 5 cloud zones, your head, neck, shoulders, and feet will feel softest. There will be a little more support at your lower back. This means you won’t get that dip near your back might throw your spine out of alignment.

Is The Puffy Royal Mattress for You?

If you want to skip the store and buy online, plus you find most mattresses aren’t soft enough for you, the Royal will likely be a good fit.

As with all Puffy mattresses you get a 101 night sleep trial. Sleep on it in your own bedroom and see what you think. New mattresses typically take about a month to break in (your body is used to the mattress you’ve been sleeping on for years, even if it’s past its prime now), leaving you plenty of time to decide what you think.

One last nice touch with the Puffy Royal is a removable stain resistant cover. Still, we recommend that you don’t skip a mattress protector.

If it’s not for you, know that Puffy donates returns to help communities around the country.

Airweave Mattress

Airweave Mattress – TheJapanese Style Minimalist Bed

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If you’ve been looking at bed in a box mattresses for a while, you’ll see they’re easy to mix up. There are so many different brands and names that it’s tough to know which one. That’s why, at Unbox Mattress, we appreciate a unique bed. Airweave mattress is one of those beds.

Are you one of those people who likes sleeping on the floor more than sleeping on a mattress? This might be the right mattress for you! It’s made in Japan, a country famous for more firm mattresses. If you’ve ever lived or traveled there you may have adjusted to a firmer bed or futon.

Airweave mattress gets very high reviews from people with back pain or with severe allergies.

Airweave lifestyle picture bed


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5 Reasons Airweave Mattress is Unlike Any Other Bed

1. Breathable. It’s made mostly of air.

Like the Newton Baby mattress, Airweave is lightweight because it’s essentially made of a polymer that comes in blocks. Then a pad and a cover. Very simple design that you can breath through because it’s mostly air.

inside an Airweave mattress

2. Lightweight and easy to move (goes back in the box).

Instead of coming rolled up in a box, Airweave comes in 3 flat panels. You can assemble and disassemble it quickly. One person can move it on their own. A king size Airweave weighs less than 90 lbs.

3. It’s a truly firm bed.

Most mattresses give out over time and become less firm. It starts going down where you sleep. Not the Airweave. It will hold up and stay firm.

If really firm isn’t right for you but the other qualities of this bed are, then choose the Airwave Mattress Advanced that has a softer pillow top.

4. It sleeps cool.

Despite what marketing messages there are about cooling gel or cooler fabrics, most memory foam sleeps hot. Foam naturally gets softer when it gets warm (and your body heat is enough to do that). Airweave has no memory foam in it. In addition, it doesn’t have airflow and that means you won’t sleep hot.

5. Easy to Clean.

You can literally wash the inside of your mattress with water or put it in the shower.

6. Hypoallergenic.

If you have severe allergies that interfere with your sleep, get this bed.  The Airweave mattress is incredible.

7. Perfect if a standard mattress doesn’t work for your home or bedroom.

Narrow hallways, staircase, small spaces (like an RV) or doors that won’t fit a regular bed? You can get an Airweave in, easy.

8. Lasts a long, long time.

With no foam there’s less likelihood that your bed will wear as quickly and get divets.

9. Ships free to the US, but also China, Japan and Taiwan.

What other mattress ships free to countries outside of the US? Airweave was born in Japan and out of the Japanese tradition of simple, minimalist design. They have factories in the US and Asia.

10. Has a simple, clean design that is thinner than most beds, at 8.5 inches thick.

The Airweave mattress sleeps very cool thanks to the natural airflow in the airfiber material. The company has conducted research showing the difference in core body temperature when sleeping on airweave vs memory foam. It shows core body temp lowers faster which means you stay in a deep sleep state for a longer period of time on the Airweave.

  • Thickness: 2 layers of 3.9″ airfiber® (7.8″ total), with cover: 8.5″
  • Cushion: Polyethylene 100%
  • Outer Cover: Polyester 100%
  • Inner Cover: Modacrylic 60%, Glass Fiber 40%

Sleep trial is 100 days and Airweave has a 10 year warranty.

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Here are the prices, as of this writing. Fast, easy financing available through Klarna.

Size Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 39.4” x 74.8” x 8.5” 55 lbs $1,070
Twin XL 39.4” x 80” x 8.5” 60 lbs $1,180
Full 53.1” x 74.8” x 8.5” 66 lbs $1,280
Queen 59.8” x 80” x 8.5” 77 lbs $1,390
King 76” x 80” x 8.5” 88 lbs $1,610
California King 71.7” x 84” x 8.5” 89 lbs $1,070