New Purple Mattress for Kids – Best Kid Mattress?

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If your kid sleeps hot or you just want them to have the best kid mattress, check out Purple’s new kid’s collection. It includes a kid mattress, Purple kid pillow, sheets, and mattress protector. They come in fun colors.

The Purple kid mattress is a low profile twin mattress 7 inches deep. It has a foam perimeter around the comfort grid center (which makes it lighter weight too). Purple kid mattresses come in twin size only.

Now there are new options for kids, younger fans, and growing teens or smaller adults to get good sleep. It’s funny how we buy our kids the cheapest mattress. No one thinks about it. But if they had a better mattress, they’d feel and know the difference right away. How do I know? Being a mattress reviewer, I’ve given mattresses to several kids after I’m done reviewing them. And they tell me that it makes such a huge difference from what they used to sleep on.

We may earn a commission when you shop through our links. Purple provided this mattress for our review. I have slept on a Purple mattress for over 5 years now (the Purple Hybrid Premier 4).

Best Kid Mattress?

The new Purple mattress for kids is not just a smaller version of the adult-sized mattress. It’s constructed differently (see below). Also, it comes in twin size only, so technically, it could be used for a lighter weight (around 115 lbs or less) adult too.

The best mattress is subjective but there are unique features about this kid mattress that makes it ideal for certain kids.

Kids who need some cushion without sinking. Sleeping on a Purple mattress is like floating on top, not sinking into your bed. It’s easy on the backs and joints.

Kids or lighter adults who sleep hot. Purple mattresses sleep cool, naturally, because of the breathable cover and flexible top comfort grid.

Someone who loves Purple but wants to use it in a bunk bed, RV or just needs a thinner mattress because you’re short and other mattresses are too tall (you need a ladder to get into bed)!

Prefer a medium feel. This is more medium than soft.

I’d argue that Purple makes one of the most comfortable mattresses in a box. However, they’re unique too and take some adjustment time (worth it). Purple has a sleep trial and is great to work with on returning within the 100-day trial if it’s not for you. They’ll send someone to pick it up too, so you won’t have to lift it. But give it a good 30 days or longer to adjust.

Purple Kid Mattress

With the new Purple Kid’s Collection, there are new kid-sized mattresses, sheets, mattress protectors, and Purple pillows too. The kid-size mattress is thinner than the size for an adult. So no more catapulting onto or jumping off the bed. It’s the perfect height for shorter legs.

As with all Purple mattresses, there is no memory foam inside, and it doesn’t sleep hot. Inside is a Purple comfort grid and foam (no coils in this model).

Here’s what the Purple Kid’s Collection Includes:

  • Kid’s Twin Size Purple Mattress with 2” Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Purple grid
  • Kid Purple Pillow
  • Kid Sheets
  • Kid Mattress Protector

Differences Between the Kid’s and Regular Purple Mattress

The kid’s mattress is priced lower, not as thick as the original Purple mattress, and has new colors.

Size and Thickness

The kid’s mattress only comes in twin. The size is different, though. It’s a shorter twin. Dimensions are 38” x 75”, and it’s 7 inches thick. The original is 38” x 75” and 9.25” thick. The shorter profile makes it best for bunk beds or sofa beds.


37 lbs compared to around 70 lbs for the original Purple twin-size mattress.


The regular twin is $574, and the kid-size twin is $474. Check the current price here.

The cover is 64% Polyester, 35% Cooling PE, 1% Spandex, and is stretchy.

Surrounded by 1.8 lb density foam side/head/foot rails around the perimeter of the mattress (which appears to be a lot more than the original has).


Middle Layer:
2.5” 1.8 lb density soft transition foam

Base Layer:
2.5” 1.8 lb density medium support foam

The new Purple mattress for kids fits on the Purple foundation.

Sleep Trial/Return Policy

Sleep trial is 100 days, and there’s a 10-year warranty on all mattresses.

Kid’s Purple Pillow Compared to Original Purple Pillow

The kid version of the Purple pillow is a little thicker than the original. It’s 18” x 13” and 3.25” thick. The price is $69, and it weighs 5 lbs. – less than half of the original Purple pillow. Otherwise, it’s the same.

The original Purple pillow is 24″ x 16″ and 3″ thick and costs $109. It weighs 11.7 lbs.

Easy to clean and keep clean since no foam absorbs liquid. Hypoallergenic. You can wash both the inside pillow and the cover.

Comes in gray, blue, pink, or white

You get a 100-night sleep trial and a 1-year warranty.

Purple mattress pillow for kids

Kid’s Purple Sheets and Mattress Protector

Interestingly, for a 7-inch sheet, the kid’s version is 15″ thick (for a 7″ mattress). Not sure why. Same with the mattress protector, which isn’t specifically for kids – it’s the same as for the other Purple mattresses. I love the Purple mattress protector, but I would buy a low-profile one like this one for 6-8″ deep mattresses.

The fitted sheet works just fine because it gathers around the edges. It’s the top sheet and pillowcases that are too big.

Same with the sheets, they’re stretchy and move with the mattress. However, with less grid, it may not need that feature as much as with the adult-size mattress. Here are low-profile sheets that fit 6-9″ deep mattresses.

The kid’s sheets are the Purple SoftStretch sheets just with new colors and only in twin size. The packaging says kid’s, but you could get any twin size or color, and they’ll work.

Made with a seamless design (no seams) and industrial elastic to ensure the sheets stay in place. Buying the pillows, sheets and mattress mean that everything matches.

Sheets Material
67% Rayon from Bamboo Viscose
23% Polyester
10% Spandex

Care Instructions
Machine wash cold. Hang to dry or tumble dry low.


Twin size only.

Flat Sheet 98″ x 70″

Fitted Sheet 75″ x 38″ x 15″

Pillowcase 31″ x 20″

Price is $99 at the time of writing.

The warranty is 1 year on the sheets, and 10 years on the mattress protector. There is a 30-day trial period on the sheets and protector.

Purple kids sheets

Worth It?

We loved the new Purple mattress for the kids. Our other mattress is so tall that she has difficulty getting into bed. If she fell, it would be a lot further to the floor. It’s much easier to get in/out of bed with the kid’s mattress. And the foam perimeter makes an otherwise very heavy bed more manageable since the grid makes Purple mattresses weigh more. The foam is also softest, but the middle with the Purple grid adds no pressure cushioning.

It’s a bit pricier for kids (this isn’t a cheap throw-away mattress), but it’s a solid choice because of its durability and comfort.

The sheets are ok, but we found it harder to make the bed since the top sheet is too big for the bed. The pillow is best for smaller kids – my 9-year-old thought it was too small (but she’s used to a standard-size pillow). I liked the look of the mattress on her kid’s size (twin) bed frame.

The mattress and pillow seem safer for little ones since they have airflow, and they can’t sink into and get stuck in the mattress like you can with memory foam. There are reports of children being unable to breathe because they have sunk into a bed so far. You don’t have a high risk of that with a Purple.

Overall, we love Purple mattresses and know they can last through several kids. When she upgrades to a bigger size someday, we know it’ll be Purple too.

Purple doesn’t make crib mattresses. So, if you have a baby and are looking for a crib mattress, we recommend the breathable Newton Baby Mattress.

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