Firm Mattress you Can Buy Online – Our Top 3 Picks

Are you looking for a firm mattress you can buy online? Our last post talked about the most plush beds you can buy in a box. Today we’re talking to those of you who like a nice and firm bed.

While most mattresses you can buy online come in at about a 6 on a firmness scale from 1-10, these beds are an 8 or higher.

These beds are not only firm, they’re a good looking group! You’ll find that they’re thicker and more high end than a lot of mainstream brands.

Here are our top 3…

Best Firm Mattress you Can Buy Online

1. Idle Mattress

As of recently, Idle changed the foam density in their luxury firm hybrid mattress. It’s now an 8.5-9/10 in firmness. Previously they rated it at a 7-7.5/10. Idle said that this will help customers distinguish the bed from the original mattress that’s more a medium. With this change the Idle might just be the firmest mattress in a box!

Idle is our top pick because it has an excellent reputation, low return rate and a LIFETIME warranty. However you’ll pay a bit more for an Idle (still in line with the quality, even a steal) – prices are over $1k for a queen.

If unboxing and set up of your new mattress is a problem, you can add white glove delivery which includes set up and old mattress removal for $149.

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2. DreamCloud Mattress

We know that DreamCloud is advertised as a medium or even plush bed but in reality we’ve found it more firm than most of the others we’ve tested. It’s such a gorgeous thick, pillowy top that you think you’re getting a soft bed, but it’s surprisingly firm.

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The DreamCloud is thick and we love that it has handles which makes handling and rotating it much easier.

DreamCloud mattress in a box

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3. Voila Mattress

We have a plush Voila in our guest room and it’s not plush at all to us. It’s more of a medium. Voila comes in plush, medium and firm. You’re allowed one switch the foam out one level so it’s softer or firmer. A medium could go down to a plush or a medium could go up to a firm. Either way, if you want a true firm, the Voila should be just the right choice for you!

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