How Do I Make a Firm Mattress Softer? 5 Tips

You bought a mattress, and it’s too firm. Now what? If you need to make a firm mattress softer, the good news is it’s not that difficult. Here’s what we recommend.

How Do I Make a Mattress Softer?

Here are 5 ways to make your mattress softer.

Break in your bed

Is your mattress new? It may need to be broken in. If your bed is new, help speed the breaking in time by gently walking on your mattress (make sure your feet or socks are clean).

Add a topper.

A mattress topper can add softness to your bed. 2-3 inches thick is adequate. Be sure to get a topper that has a cover on it (not just foam) because it can easily get stained or fall apart as you move it. You can wash a cover, but you can’t wash the foam. We recommend memory foam.

Also, check out the Puffy mattress pad that’s super soft and cushy.

Get a firmer foundation

Put your bed on a proper foundation (a board, the floor, or a solid foundation will make your mattress even firmer). Lastly, adding a semi-flex foundation (the typical wire grid) or an actual working boxspring can soften your mattress slightly. All of these are worth a shot if your bed is too firm.

Lastly, if your mattress is too firm and none of these solutions work, look for a softer mattress.

Warm up the room

Memory foam mattresses feel more firm when they’re cool or at room temperature. As the memory foam warms up, it will get softer. So get a bed heater, keep your room temperature higher or throw on more blankets for a softer feel. Other foam won’t respond to heat as dramatically as memory foam, but it’s worth a try.

Buy a softer mattress

If you can’t soften your mattress enough, it may be time to look for a softer mattress. Sure it may be an investment, but it’ll pay back in better sleep and happiness. It’s something worth investing in because it affects your quality of life so dramatically.

Lack of sleep can create mental health issues. You’re more likely to argue with your spouse if you are sleep deprived, and it’s tough to do your best when you’re dragging. There are many financing options for mattresses.

If you want a soft memory foam bed, this one is our favorite.

What if your mattress is too soft? Read how to make a soft memory foam mattress firmer

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