New Pod Pro Smart Bed from Eight Sleep Monitors Your Heart Health

  • Eight Sleep has launched an upgraded version of The Pod smart bed – called The Pod Pro.
  • Along with sleep data, the Pod Pro tracks your respiratory rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability, to help you dynamically monitor your wellness.
  • It dynamically adapts to the room climate and even uses local weather data to set the right temperature for your best sleep.
  • The Gentle Rise wake up feature, will give you a gentle vibration at chest level to wake up each morning without any sound – you can also gradually cool or warm the bed.
  • Anyone who struggles sleeping too hot will love the cooling this bed (and The Pod).

Quote from Eight Pod fan: “Really big fan of the Sleep Cycle app. It analyzes your sleep patterns through audio and wakes you up within a selected time period. Everytime I wake up it feels natural.”

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  • Receive 20% off all Eight Sleep accessories with your purchase of an Eight Sleep Pod with code ACCESS20.
  • Receive 10% off your purchase of any accessory with code AFF10.

Choose from the following accessories:

The Carbon Air Pillow

The Pod Sheet Set

The Pod Foundation

Gravity Blanket

The Pod Protector

The Sleep Fitness Kit – A 30 day supply of Magnesium CitraMate, Mealton-3 and RecoveryPro. Created in collaboration with Thorne with the highest quality ingredients and backed by their comprehensive testing and scientific research.

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Differences Between The Pod and The Pod Pro

Let’s go over the differences between the two mattresses so you know what more you get when you buy a Pod Pro.

Base Mattress – The Pod Pro is 12″ deep foam mattress which is an inch more than the Pod. It has an enhanced foam topper. 

New ambient sensors measure room temperature, humidity, and local weather to set your bed to the ideal sleep or waking temperature. 

Report includes the analysis of Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability, all key indicators of your physical wellness.

Gentle vibration at chest level to wake up each individual without any sound, while gradually cooling or warming the bed minutes before the set wake-up time.
The Pod Pro works by connecting to “The Hub,” a small tower that houses hydro-engines and uses water to regulate temperature.

The company also updated the Gentle Rise wake up feature, now including a gentle vibration at chest level to wake up each morning without any sound. This feature also gradually cools or warms the bed minutes before the set wake-up time, and it can be set to go off for the entire mattress, or for individual left/right zones.

New Heart Rate Variability metric that lets users track the impact of sleep on their heart health. With this metric, you can track and understand why you might feel more fatigued throughout the day. The Pod Pro also tracks Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time.

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Price for a queen size Pod Pro is $2895 – we highly recommend a waterproof mattress protector to prolong and protect the life of this mattress.

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Both The Pod and The Pod Pro Include

Cool and heat each side of the bed directly from the Eight Sleep app. Set your temperature preference and schedule on and off times.

Dynamic heating and cooling between 55 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit on each side of the bed.

Split sides of the bed so each person can make it to their preference.

Temperature is controlled directly with the connected Eight Sleep app for iOS and Android. The app breaks down your sleep habits with stats like average time asleep, time it takes you to fall asleep, the time at night you tend to get into bed, and more. These metrics all feed into a “sleep coaching” feature that attempts to give you pointers on how to optimize your nighttime routine.

To us, the heart rate monitoring along with the temperature regulation are the most exciting of the new features.
Other than the extra inch of height, the two smart beds look the same with a black sides and top.