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I Bought the New Purple SoftStretch Sheets – Here’s What I Think

In this Purple Softstretch sheets review, I’ll go over what you need to know to help you make the best decision.

First, the packaging. As always, the packaging is beautiful (gift-worthy), and the SoftStretch sheets come in 6 colors, including a dark purple and a lighter lavender color. I purchased the Natural Oat in queen size. They’re really pretty! But they’re a bit more light gray than oat colored.

These are high-tech performance sheets that are luxurious feeling but moisture-wicking.

Purple SoftStretch Sheets Review

Purple came out with new sheets this year that I’ve wanted to try. They’re called The Purple SoftStretch sheets. I bought them immediately and tried them out. I want to tell you what I thought of them because I’ve already tested out The Purple Sheets they’ve had for a few years now.

First, the backstory.

Purple gave me the Purple sheets set when they came out a few years ago. I requested them because I know that the biggest selling point of Purple sheets is they complement the Purple mattress (which we have).

While you can use them on any mattress, and they’re very comfortable, there’s ideal for a Purple hybrid. That’s because they’re deep–allowing for up to 15 inches thick mattress. We have the Purple Hybrid Premiere that’s 14 inches deep. And the mattress I tested them on is 14 inches deep.

You can get 2 additional colors, in twin size only. Keep reading our Purple SoftStretch Sheets for that tip you may have missed.

I got Purple Softstretch sheets in a queen, which comes with
(1) Fitted Sheet, (1) Flat Sheet, (2) Pillowcases

Fits mattresses up to 15 inches deep.

If you want to see these sheets, check out our video on YouTube.

How Stretchy Are They?

Another reason they go best with a Purple mattress is that the top of a Purple mattress is flexible and allows for movement. So having tight-fitting sheets hurts the ability to flex and move with you. Stretchy sheets greatly enhance how the mattress feels.

I thought that The Purple Sheets were too stretchy, though. They were like sleeping in a pair of nylons. Our toes got caught in them. They ended up in a wad at the end of the bed. They didn’t hold their shape well. We’re used to cotton sheets, but they can be too tight on a mattress like Purple.

So I wanted to try again.

I’m happy to say that these are perfect – stretchy but not too stretchy.

However, if you’re used to cotton sheets, they will bunch up easier and don’t hold their shape. We used to fold over our sheets and comforter together, and it didn’t look good with these sheets. We’ve since changed to a Crane & Canopy duvet cover that looks like it’s folded over but isn’t. That way, we can leave the sheets under the comforter, which looks better on a made bed.

The Purple Soft Stretch Sheets come in 6 colors, including natural oat, a deep purple, a light lavender called lilac, a deeper gray, a light blue, and what they call true white.

There is no cream color or tan colors available. The natural oat is more like a light gray color, not what you traditionally think of as oatmeal.

TIP: the kid’s sheets are the same SoftStretch sheets with different packaging and the addition of pink and blue (more of a royal blue). They’re only available in twin size.

67% Rayon from Bamboo Viscose
23% Polyester
10% Spandex

Polyester helps them keep their shape.


Purple sheets review

I don’t sleep hot, but they have a nice weight to them and don’t make you warm, just like the mattress. I thought the temperature was perfect, and as I’m talking to you, it’s summer, and temps are in the 90s.

If you’re a hot sleeper, you can’t beat this combo!

If you’re a lady, you know those soft butter leggings that don’t flatter everyone, but we can’t resist because they’re so soft? These sheets are almost that soft. They should make this fabric into pajamas because they’re heavenly. I like a cotton-soft feel, not a silky-cotton, and these aren’t slidy.


There are no seams in these sheets.

I paid $119 plus tax for this set because I bought them with a deal. Purple is always running deals so check their website. They often have sales, especially if you bundle it with a mattress or other accessories like a pillow.

The regular price is $149 for a queen-size set.

30-day return period
1-year warranty
As always, they have financing, so you can get everything now but pay for it monthly with financing offered through Purple. You can pay online and set up autopay.

Regarding washing instructions, washing in cool and line dry is best. Or low heat on the dryer to help them last longer. I was worried, but they didn’t shrink even though I accidentally washed them on regular (medium) heat.

Thanks for reading our Purple SoftStretch Sheets review. Have any questions about Purple Softstretch Sheets? Leave them in the comments section below, and I’ll try to help out!

Also, read this article if you’re trying to choose between the Purple or the Purple SoftStretch Sheets.

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