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Why Choose a Low Profile Mattress? Best Thin Mattresses For Bunk Beds, Camping and More - Unbox Mattress

Why Choose a Low Profile Mattress? Best Thin Mattresses For Bunk Beds, Camping and More

Low Profile Mattress

Right now thicker beds are in style but there’s still high demand for lower profile beds. The industry standard is 7 inches but today that would be considered a thin mattress. Mattresses have gotten a lot deeper in the last decade or so. Some mattresses are 24 inches deep, not including the box spring!

Instead of a box spring mattress retailers are selling things like a Bunkie Board which add very little height to a bed. It’s only 1.5 inches thick.

One reason mattresses are so much higher than they were 20 years ago is people are more selective and things like a pillow top or extra foam layers which add to the height. Also, the style is a larger, thicker mattress. For some, that extra height spells luxury.

Another reason is the rise in popularity of platform beds, which have a strong enough foundation to support a mattress without box springs. So you need a thicker mattress if you want a taller bed. If you have a box spring and mattress together, they’re much higher than a standard bed.

Typically a low profile mattress is under 6 inches deep.

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Best Thin Mattress Brands

Our favorite brands for reasonably priced thinner mattresses are Linenspa, Zinus and Tochta. These are all highly rated and not expensive for the quality. Each is ideal for RVs and more…

Bunk Bed with custom mattresses in Camping Trailer

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Low Height Mattress

Here’s why you might want a lower height mattress:

  1. It costs less to ship a thinner mattress because they’re not as heavy.
  2. A thinner mattress is easier to pack and move. You can fold them up and transport them easier. See this video on how we move a mattress. With a lighter bed you could move a bed wby yourself and fit it into the back of your car!
  3. You’re short and don’t want to have to use a ladder to get into your bed.
  4. Your health makes it difficult to get up onto a thick mattress. Lower profile mattresses can be ideal for the elderly or those who cannot get in/out of bed easily.
  5. For safety reasons. A child can’t easily get on/off the bed and may fall if they roll off the bed in their sleep on a mattress and frame that are near the ground.
  6. Ideal for an RV or similar tight space.
  7. Budget – thinner mattresses are usually less expensive. 
  8. To use on bunk beds and get more clearance space (and don’t hit your head on the bed above you or the ceiling).
  9. For adjustable beds. If your mattress is too thick they won’t move with the head of the bed and look funny sticking up straight above the top of the frame.
  10. For sofa sleeper beds – a thicker mattress won’t fit when you make it back into a couch.
  11. For camping, in a tent or the back of a truck (you need to pack something light).

    Mattresses for camping

Low Profile Mattress

Want a thin mattress for floor?

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If you’re looking for a camping or RV mattress that can be custom built for your exact space/size or shape, check out Totcha ** here’s our Tochta RV mattress review ** They give you instant price quotes online and come in a variety of thicknesses. Despite being made for RVs, they are very reasonably priced and can be used anywhere like the back of your truck, SUV or even just for your everyday mattress.

Low Profile Box Springs

Looking for box spring & mattress for very low bed? You can also lower a mattress profile by adding a low profile box spring, base or platform.

Low Profile Bed Sheets

Standard sheets will be too deep for a thinner mattress, so you’ll need low profile sheets and a low profile mattress protector. This one from Amazon Basics is a great price that can’t be beat. Now your sheets and protector won’t be loose and come off the bed. Who wants to wake up to a wad of sheets?

Did you buy a low profile mattress? Let us know what one and how it’s going in the comments!

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