My Very Favorite Down Pillow I Found at a Hotel in Oregon

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Before we get into our favorite feather and down pillow, check out this holiday promo. Pacific Coast is a classic feature pillow company that supplies pillows to many hotels like Hilton. That’s where I first discovered it. This is my very favorite down pillow.

After sleeping on it in a hotel in Oregon, I loved the pillow so much I checked to see what brand it was. Then I asked the company for the closest pillow to the one I slept on.

This is the pillow:

The Pacific Coast Standard Double DownAround Pillow in Soft

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It comes in medium and firm but I prefer the soft. Comes in standard, queen or king.

And if you stay in a hotel or experience their pillow they’ll even help you pinpoint exactly what pillow you slept on. If you’re like us and check brand names of your favorite bedding when you’re traveling!

Feather and Down Pillow

Here’s a little more about this wonderful pillow:

  • 525 fill Hyperclean® down.
  • The Resilia® feather filled inner pillow delivers firm cushioning that keeps your head from sinking to the mattress while the exterior is made of fluffy down to cushion your tired head.
  • Pillow can be machine washed and dried for easy care.
  • 300 Thread count, 100% cotton Barrier Weave® down and feather proof fabric
  • 30 Night Comfort Guarantee
  • Allergy Free Limited Warranty
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Preferred in over 2 million hotel rooms
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 What Pillows Does Hilton Use?

Pacific Coast is the brand I discovered when I stayed at a Hilton hotel for a conference. The pillow was so soft and dreamy that I checked to see what it was. I normally don’t sleep on a feather and down pillow but this one was so soft and comfy that I loved it!

This company has been making feather and down pillows since 1884! This is a classic feather pillow and they make everything from affordable pillows to higher priced luxury pillows and bedding.

The pillow I checked was 75% down. This one is 100% – check out their down hotel pillow.

Whatever you get, protect it with a pillow protector and it will stay cleaner and last much longer!

4 Ways Hotel Pillows May Be Different From Ones You Get at Home

Have you ever bought a hotel pillow only to come home and find it’s not the same? Here are some reasons why…

  1. Hotels may use a smaller pillow case (2″ shorter) to plump up the pillows and make them appear fluffier.
  2. Hotels sometimes use 2 pillow protectors on each pillow to reduce air flow to the pillow to keep it fluffier throughout the night.
  3. Hotel pillows are slept on and washed regularly which makes them get softer faster. You may need to wash and dry your pillow a few times to get the same effect.
  4. Pillows from hotels may be made especially for that hotel. You can look at the label and get as close as possible. They have to last as long as possible too, so the price may be higher.
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Hotels know that when you have guests asking all the time if they can buy your pillows (or are stealing them), then you know you have selected the right pillow. Now you can buy a hotel pillow and get that hotel stay feel with a Pacific Coast pillow. It’s one of our top picks and what we sleep on at home!


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