Dreamcloud Mattress Reddit – What People Say about this Bed

Dreamcloud bed

What does Reddit say about the Dreamcloud mattress? We summarized the good and the bad below to save you time going through all of the threads.

Dreamcloud is a luxury mattress you can get at an affordable price. As far as materials, Dreamcloud is made of latex, gel memory foam, and coils. Then there is the zoned support, which is ideal for those suffering from back, shoulder, and neck pain. There is so much attention to detail we don’t see in other brands. The pillow top style comes standard (isn’t an add-on).

Dreamcloud mattress handle

Dreamcloud Mattress Reddit – summary of comments, concerns and questions

Dreamcloud Bed PROS

  • Very supportive mattress that keeps your back and shoulders aligned
  • High quality materials
  • Luxurious 15″ thick
  • Cashmere cover with tufted top
  • Attractive and stylish design
  • Handles help you rotate or move mattress around on the frame
  • Low motion transfer so you won’t disturb another person sleeping in the bed if you move around or get out of bed

Dreamcloud Bed CONS

  • Heavy
  • Shipping delays (mostly over a year ago when the company was new)
  • Cover not removeable
  • Some say the Dreamcloud is more firm than they expected

Recently, Dreamcloud dropped their prices for every size bed. Since mattress companies often change the prices, we don’t always publish them. You’ll also see Dreamcloud discounts applied when you click the link below.

They offer financing through Affirm which does a soft credit check that doesn’t show up on your credit score. You will get the terms and payment info within seconds.

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Dreamcloud Mattress Reddit

Here’s what the people of Reddit have to say about Dreamcloud:

Dreamcloud Mattress Height

It’s a wonder but Dreamcloud beds are a full 15 inches in height. They’re one of the thickest mattresses that comes in a box plus it has an incredible year sleep trial and forever warranty.


“So far, I have one night on it – best way to describe it is soft on top but supportive underneath. You sink in a little but can feel the support underneath once the foam support ends.”

Shipping Delays

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It looks like Dreamcloud has fixed shipping delays that many Redditers complained about.

“So overall, you can call it a rather thoughtfully designed product. There are no major customer complaints other than the delivery issues. In fact, those who eventually got their mattress, agree that it was worth the wait.”

Is there a lot of motion transfer?

Overall there is low motion transfer, which means the bed doesn’t move around a lot when you do.

“Some motion transfer here and there but nothing too bad. I don’t feel my wife get out and come back to bed when using the bathroom in the middle of the night…but then again, once I am asleep, I sleep like a rock (I’ve slept through smoke detectors going off in the bedroom). After having it a little over a month and spinning it once, I am pleased so far… If I have my arms under me and then pull them out to put under my head, I can feel the mattress adjust to the pressure change and cradle me in.”

Too Firm?

Even though Dreamcloud is advertised as a soft mattress, it can be more firm than expected. Firmness is subjective but here’s what Redditors have done to solve that issue.

If Dreamcloud is too firm for you, there’s a solution. “Throw a 3-4” gel topper on it and it will be like heaven. Get a GOOD topper. No kohl’s junk….”

Dreamcloud mattress weight

A Dreamcloud weighs from 74 lbs (Twin XL) to 135 lbs (King) so you’ll need help getting this mattress inside your bedroom. Luckily, Dreamcloud offers white glove service. That means they’ll remove it from the packaging and set it up on your bed frame for you. They’ll also remove and dispose or donate your existing mattress. Not very many boxed mattresses offer this service. It’s well worth the $149 if you have an old mattress to dispose of, don’t have a truck or are willing to pay for the convenience.

“I got the king and the shipping weight was 138 pounds. I’d say about 20 pounds of that is the outer bag, the zipper nylon bag and the poly wrap they use to vacuum seal the mattress. I had to move it to my 2nd floor by myself – what a pain in the ass. 16 steps, a turn and then up one more had me struggling because there isn’t a good place to grab the outer bag.”

How to return a Dreamcloud mattress

If the Dreamcloud isn’t for you, please try to find a mattress charity or other nonprofit (make sure they are a 501c3) to donate it to. Sometimes they’ll tell you but you usually have to ask, they may not necessarily tell you what’s available in your state. Otherwise your mattress will likely be picked up by a junk type company. You’ll get a receipt either way and that’s what you’ll send to the company to start processing your refund.

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Protect your bed for the entire year in case you need to return it

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get a mattress protector to keep your bed clean in case you need to return it. Many companies ask about the condition of the bed you want to return. Dreamcloud has their own branded mattress cover that is thicker and pillow like. Plus, it’s just gorgeous.

Otherwise, if you are worried about spills or stains, you may want to get a 6-sided mattress protector (also called encasement cover) completely covers the top, sides and underneath the mattress. Make sure it can handle the 15 inch height.

If you need to store or move your Dreamcloud during the year trial, be sure to get a mattress bag to protect it. It’ll keep your bed looking brand new.

If you’re pretty clean with no pets, you can get a top only mattress cover which costs a lot less. The Recci mattress protector costs less than half of an encasement cover. It’s only waterproof on the top. Use code RECCICOVER here for 30% off any size mattress protector.

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Dreamcloud Review Video

Here’s a video where you can get even more info about Dreamcloud. When we talk to our customers they usually love it – however, the feedback we hear most often from those who return it is that it’s more firm than they expected.