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Amerisleep Financing – How it Works

Amerisleep Financing

Amerisleep is one of America’s leading manufacturers of a high-quality memory foam mattresses. Their mattresses use a cellular foam structure which is extremely comfortable, durable, and enjoyable to sleep on. They also provide excellent pressure relief and support while limiting motion transfer which helps you get a great night’s sleep.

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This post will take a closer look at Amerisleep mattresses and the payment methods they offer. One feature that Amerisleep has that we love and don’t see other mattress companies do – they give a ship-by and a delivery-by date for your order. That way you can plan and not be without a mattress! 

Another standout is their covers are super durable and made from quality fabrics that don’t pill. There’s a double layer system that zips off, making it easy to clean.

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Amerisleep Mattresses

Amerisleep is a high end mattress company that isn’t a one-size-fits-all company. In fact, they have five different memory foam mattresses, each with a different firmness. They start with the number 1 for the most firm and go a little softer with each number, until you get to the softest Amerisleep, the AS5.

Which Amerisleep Mattress Should You Get?

If you want to make it easier to pick the right Amerisleep mattress for you, check out  

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Here are the names and benefits of each mattress they sell:


The AS1 is a the firmest mattress in the Amerisleep line. It is made from a Bio-Core™ foam support layer, breathable Bio-Pur™ foam layer, and high-performance Celliant® cover. This is the ideal choice for back or front sleepers. 10 inches deep. A queen starts at $999 but they have frequent sales (check their website). 


This is a medium-firm mattress that has a Bio-Core™ foam support layer, ergonomic transition foam layer, breathable Bio-Pur™ foam layer, and high-performance Celliant® cover. It is also a great choice for back or front sleepers. 12 inches deep.

AS3 – The most popular Amerisleep mattress

This versatile medium mattress blends support and softness. It is made from a Bio-Core™ foam support layer,  ergonomic transition foam layer, breathable Bio-Pur™ foam layer, and high-performance Celliant® cover. This is a great choice for people who often switch between back, front, and side sleeping positions. 12 inches deep. There’s also a hybrid model with foam and springs. 12 inches deep.


This is a super-comfortable medium-soft mattress which is ideal for side sleepers. It is also made from a Bio-Core™ foam support layer, ergonomic transition foam layer, breathable Bio-Pur™ foam layer, and high-performance Celliant® cover. 12 inches deep.


The AS5 is the plushest and most luxurious mattress offered by Amerisleep™. It contains multiple layers of Amerisleep’s™ most absorbent foam to provide an extraordinary level of comfort. It also includes the Bio-Core™ foam support layer,  ergonomic transition foam layer, breathable Bio-Pur™ foam layer, and high-performance Celliant® cover.

Don’t Forget a Mattress Protector!

After choosing a mattress, always get a mattress protector that’s waterproof and put it on your bed before you sleep on it the first time. This will help prevent bacteria, sweat, dust mites and more from degrading the foam inside of your mattress. Make your mattress last longer and keep it cleaner with a protector. Also, should you need to return your mattress, it will be in returnable condition.

You may also need memory foam pillows, an adjustable bed base, sheets, and a regular bed base, and these can be financed with your mattress purchase.

Amerisleep Labor Day Sale

Financing An Amerisleep Mattress

Amerisleep accepts all major credit and debit cards. They also provide bank transfer from checking or savings accounts if you call their support team at 1-800-500-4233.

Unlike other mattress companies, they do not offer interest-free payment plans for their mattresses. We think this is a missed opportunity!

However, you may be able to use interest-free periods that are associated with your credit card. Since they don’t truly offer financing to their customers, we will recommend some other brands that offer an affordable monthly payment (but you get your mattress right away). 

More Mattress Brands That Offer Mattress Financing   

Are you interested in an Amerisleep mattress but you really need interest-free finance? Then you may have to purchase a mattress from a competitor.  Casper, Nest, and Luxi all offer mattresses that are similar to Amerisleep’s products but you get a monthly payment and don’t have to use your credit card.

Casper Mattress Financing

The Casper Wave is a great alternative to Amerisleep mattresses. It features several layers including targeted gel pods for support, pressure-relieving memory foam, breathable latex foam, and soft comfort form.

Casper allows customers to purchase mattresses using Affirm financing (available for purchases over $350). When using Affirm, you will pay back the cost of your mattress over 6, 12, or 24 months with an interest rate of between 0% to 30% APR (based on your credit rating). One of the best parts of using Affirm to finance a mattress is that there are no late fees, service fees, or prepayment fees. Visit the Casper financing page to learn more.

Nectar Mattress Financing

If you’re looking for a memory foam mattress that has excellent terms, check out Nectar mattress. Nectar uses Affirm financing which is the industry standard. You can purchase a brand new Nectar mattress today, get it, start sleeping on it, and pay later. Plus, it’s a very comfortable medium-firmness mattress!

You can pay for your Nectar mattress in low monthly payments. Choose to pay it off over 6, 12, or 24 months. The interest rate varies between 0% and 30% APR.

Go here to learn more about financing a Nectar mattress.

Thanks for reading How Amerisleep Mattress Financing Works. For more information on mattress financing, browse our other mattress financing guides.

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