Novilla Mattress Review – Best Cheap Mattress Under $300 for a Queen

Best Cheap Mattress Under $300

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Looking for an inexpensive mattress? The Novilla Bliss 12″ Memory foam mattress is one of the cheapest mattresses we’ve seen that’s not garbage. It even beats most of the price/value mattresses on Amazon on price but you get better terms by buying directly from Novilla. It’s an all foam, 10 inch thick mattress.

Who Will like this cheap mattress? 

This mattress would be great for a guest room or a college student. You could also put it in the back of your truck or RV for camping excursions. If you’re shopping on a budget for any reason, the Novilla is a good solid pick.

However, it’s not perfect, make sure to watch the video to see what I mean. I don’t think these are deal killers but realize that you aren’t getting a Mercedes for a Chevy price. Overall, you won’t get the longer sleep trial or the same financing options, however, you get a great price.

I got a queen size Novilla Mattress. Bliss Memory Foam Mattress, 12 inch deep. It also comes in a 10” thick option. Sometimes they’re sold out on the 10″, probably because of the price that attracts budget seekers. 

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Novilla Mattress Review

Since we’re calling the Novella an inexpensive mattress, let’s talk about the price first.

Novilla Price – a queen is $299. And if you use my code UNBOX the price drops about $30 to $270. It ships free via FedEx and you can track your mattress delivery on their website. They accept a debit card, credit card or PayPal. 

You can use my link and coupon code UNBOX here to save 10% off ALL Novilla products.

Value and Flaws in the Novilla

The Novilla isn’t a perfect mattress, but for the price, I think you can live with the flaws. It doesn’t lie completely flat against the bed frame and it has a line down the center of the mattress cover that looked like a flaw.

The Novilla Mattress is an inexpensive, quality mattress option for your home. In this video, I go over all the details and show you the mattress in detail. 

Novilla Mattress Layers

Yes, you can judge a mattress by its cover. Here’s how I judge it…

Cover. Here’s where I’ve seen the cheaper mattresses really go cheap. The cover will be made of fabric that pills and rips easily, they’re scratchy. But not on the Novilla. It’s cosmetically not perfect on mine (see the video, tough to show but the middle part is like it rubbed off and the subtle pattern is different on one side than another). However, it’s not super thin. It’s not thick and fancy but it is good.

The Novilla mattress cover is made with Bamboo fabrics to enhance the breathability. It has a zipper and is removable and machine washable, although I wouldn’t wash it unless you have to and only on delicate and air dry. Just in case. What is amazing is it’s not even a cheap zipper and it has branding on it. Many times they skip these details to save money.

Plus the cover has a zipper that is easy to unzip if you need to remove it (I would get a waterproof mattress protector and not wash it, but if you needed to remove it, you can). That’s an extra expense that’s usually skipped on cheap mattresses.

Novilla mattress cover

Another difference is a lot of cheap mattresses have 1 or 2 layers and that’s it. The Novilla has 4 and it has a waffle foam that adds airflow and isn’t memory foam. I would say it is medium as far as fitness. The top layer is the softest. When I test it out using my hand, it leaves a temporary imprint. 

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Here are the layers for the 10 inch model:

  • 2 inches of gel memory foam (softest layer)
  • 2 inches of foam (medium)
  • 3 inches of waffle foam (medium)
  • 3 inches of firmer base foam
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Novilla Mattress Firmness

Firmness- medium firm feel. The bottom 2 layers are made of waffle foam. If you’re a heavier sleeper I recommend the hybrid mattress instead. You will sink in further but since there’s only 2 inches of memory foam, you won’t sink in too much before you hit the denser foams. It just may not hold up as well as a hybrid over time, with extra weight.

Speaking of weight, the weight of a queen is 51 lbs. It is on the heavier side which speaks to its overall quality. 

If you also want a cheap bed frame that will still last and look nice, I suggest this one from amazon. If you like the Wayfair Platform bed frame featured in my video, you can purchase it through the link here

No matter what kind of mattress you have, you should always use a mattress protector. My favorite is the Coop Mattress Protector. It’s not a budget choice but the idea is to get as much time out of your cheap mattress as you can. So protect it. Anything liquid hitting the foam attracts bacteria and starts breaking it down.

Novilla Mattress Sleep Trial

Novilla offers a 30-night sleep trial, which isn’t as long as most, but is pretty normal for the price. You get less time, but it should be enough. This isn’t a luxury mattress or one that has a lot of fancy details. But you have a month to sleep on it in your own house. If you don’t like it in that timeframe, you can return it for a full refund. Customer service is a big expense for companies and they offer but don’t love giving returns. But that’s because the price of those returns are built into the cost of the mattress. 

Novilla Mattress Warranty

It has a 10-year limited warranty and it’s covered in a packet that comes with the mattress.  Just be aware that if it has blood, tears or stains, it may not be covered. So again, get a mattress protector. This is actually a generous warranty for a budget mattress. Most warranties are to cover manufacturing flaws or severe dips/indents. 

Bed Frame

The Novilla mattress fits all bed frames or it can be put on the floor. Another great feature of this mattress is that it’s suitable for all sleep positions.

Novilla Unboxing 

In this video, I unbox the Novella Mattress and give you my first impressions. Keep in mind, it takes at least 12 hours for the bed to expand completely.   

Right now the 12” model only comes in full, queen or king sizes but the 10” has a twin size if you’re looking for a cheap kid bed. Full sizes are ideal for a grown up kid who a twin might be too small for yet a queen is too big. 

Inside the box: 1x Novilla mattress | 1x Novilla User Manual & Warranty Card | 1x Package Opener

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Did it smell? Watch the video (and subscribe) here:

Cheap Mattress Topper

Now even if all you could afford an entire mattress or all you needed or wanted is a mattress topper, you really should check out Novilla’s mattress toppers because they have a 2, 3 or 4 inch toppers and again, they’re inexpensive.  

A 3” topper in queen size is $137! That’s very cheap! And they even have a cover on them. That’s an amazing value!! You could add a topper to make this bed softer or more firm. The mattress toppers come in soft, medium soft and medium firm. 

Is Novilla a Good Mattress?

My experience

Novilla mattress is an inexpensive no frills mattress with some extras like the zip off cover. So this is subjective. As I said, you can’t expect the best customer service or the longest sleep trial (probably plan on it being a pain to return). 

Overall though, it beats other budget brand mattresses I’ve tried that weigh nothing like they could blow away in the wind if it came through the window of your bedroom. The college student me would be happy with this mattress and expect to get at least 3-5 years out of it. I think it’s pretty comfortable and I don’t get that cheap mattress vibe. And if you have little kids and want a cheap mattress for them, this is a solid choice for them, too. 

You can pay more and get better mattress for sure if you want to pay more. But we don’t all have that luxury and it’s very easy to OVERPAY for a mattress. Cheapskates will rejoice at this option. Ok, I know if you’re truly cheap, you’ll make your own. In that case, get their topper.