airweave Mattress Review – Best Ultra Firm Mattress in a Box?

airweave mattress review (inside of mattress)
Unzipping the airweave mattress

AirweaveIn a sea of mattresses that all seem about the same, it can be tough to tell them all apart. They all seem like a big block of foam in some configuration or another. Not the airweave mattress.

Looking for a firm supportive mattress and you DO NOT LIKE the feel of memory foam? You probably think most people like a soft mattress but a recent survey said 51% of people like their mattress firm. 

This mattress is imported from Japan and the unique style of woven material was inspired by fishing line. It has a very minimalist look and could be put on the floor. Because of the airflow in the bed itself, you don’t even need a frame.

airweave mattress review

The airweave mattress is not like any other mattress. There’s no foam. Or springs. It didn’t come rolled up in a box. Instead, it’s a minimalist futon style low profile mattress that’s made in Japan.

We got the New airweave mattress to review and may earn a commission when you shop through our links (and you may get better sleep).

airweave mattress unboxing

airweave mattresses come in two large boxes and is in pieces that you assemble. The bed itself comes in 3 rectangles that are about 8.5 inches thick that can be stacked and stored when not in use. You put down the mattress cover, then the fire sock and add the 3 rectangle blocks. Add the soft layer and zip up your bed. It’s ready to sleep on immediately.

I noticed no smell or offgassing at all.

See video below to see. 

What airweave mattresses is made of

Here are the layers of an airweave mattress

1. A breathable mesh cover with a zipper that can be washed.

2. A thicker stretchy fire sock that can be easily removed if you want to disassemble the mattress. Be sure to velcro on one side so that you won’t feel the seam through the sheets. See video for instructions.

3 Rectangle blocks made of airfiber® core, which is made of woven Polyethylene. It’s made of mostly air. It’s also 100% washable. You can literally put this mattress in the bathtub or shower. Or hose it off outside.

But it’s so sanitary and won’t soak up sweat, dust, allergens or anything else. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry. 

4 A pad or soft layer that goes over the airfiber core to add softness. 

This is a lower profile mattress – meaning that it’s thinner – just 8.5″ deep. It’s not heavy and because it comes in pieces you could stack the pieces and store them when not in use. 

Dimensions and Weight
59.8” x 79.9” x 8.5” and weighs 77 lbs

Sleeps Cool

Since it’s made of air and has excellent airflow and because there’s no foam or memory foam, you won’t sleep hot, even if you’re a heavier person. Normally, you sink into foam and it gets warmer as your body heat gets trapped inside the mattress.

You won’t get that common stuck feeling where you sink into foam as it softens throughout the night and gets hot. It’s easy to move around in your sleep.

Low Motion Transfer

You’re not going to feel if your partner, pet or something moves on part of your bed. I could punch it as hard as I could and nothing moved nearby. This means you’re not going to wake someone else up when you get up or move around.

Excellent Edge Support

I could literally sleep on the very edge and it doesn’t collapse or feel like I’ll fall off.

Sleep Trial
You get a 100-day sleep trial or period of time to sleep on your Airweave to make sure it’s right for you. Give it at least 30 days to adjust to it because there’s a fee if you return it before then. I find that most people are used to the mattress they have and need several weeks to adjust to a new one, even if their old mattress is awful.

10 Year warranty
Though I don’t expect the unique airfiber material to break down quickly or get dips like foam does, you have a 10 year warranty in place. 

Mattress of Olympians

airweave will provide roughly 18,000 beds for athletes to use in the Olympic Village at the 2929 Tokyo Games this summer. There are several studies about the performance of airweave for athletes and how there aren’t any hot spots like memory foam can have. It’s breathable and sleeps cool.

Many people have found relief from aches and pains by sleeping on this supportive mattress.

Mattress Studies 

There are studies about how cool airweave mattress sleeps and that it can help improve athletic performance.

  • airfiber® can lower core body temperature and improve sleep quality more than memory foam
  • Published in Scientific Reports, this study showed that sleeping on airweave’s high rebound mattress toppers improved athletic performance. The results suggest selecting optimal sleep surfaces may contribute to the maximization of athletic performances.


This isn’t as hard as sleeping on the floor but it’s pretty firm. There’s not a lot of give but there’s a little. The pad adds a little softness but it’s still overall quite firm.

airweave mattress price

The queen is $1400 at the time of this review. For an additional $125 they’ll haul away your old mattress for you (free in California). That’s pretty reasonable and because the material inside is likely more durable than foam, you can expect a good value because it will last a long time and not develop dips or indents as fast as other materials.

There is mattress financing including deferred Interest: No interest if paid in full** Pay 0% interest on your purchase if the full amount is paid in 6-12 months. Minimum monthly payments required.

Who’s the airweave mattress best for?
The Airweave is ideal for hot sleepers who like a firmer feel and don’t want a thicker mattress. If you don’t like memory foam and want a lower profile mattress, be sure to check out airweave.

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