Sweetnight Mattress Review – Best Value Memory Foam Bed

Sweetnight Mattress Review

Sweetnight MattressAre you looking for a value priced mattress that has a higher profile? Today at Unbox Mattress we’re reviewing the Sweetnight mattress. We were sent a mattress to try out and we purchased two Sweetnight Pillows to go with it. When you shop through our links we may earn a commission.

Sweetnight 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Sweetnight is a value bed that’s sold on Amazon. Sweetnight is a cheaper mattress that you can find on Amazon. They sell different models on Amazon at lower price points too. There are beds with springs and some like this one that are all foam. We reviewed is a queen size Sweetnight 12 inch gel memory foam mattress.

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Here’s the Sweetnight mattress video review on YouTube:

When I took it out of the box I was surprised that it doesn’t reach its full height quickly. It takes longer to expand – they say to give it 72 hours.

Nice presentation. Came in this colorful box. I liked the inner bag that add protection when shipping. I like that the box has handles to make it easier to move and the small touches like the felt pouch with material about the mattress.

Sweetnight Mattress Layers

12 inches deep
3 inches memory foam
3.5” regular foam
5.5” high density foam
Weighs 81 lbs.

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Sweetnight Firmness

The firmness is so subjective that it’s helpful to refer to the layers. Sweetnight has a full 3 inches of memory foam on top, which means you’re going to get some sink. It’s not the most plush mattress we’ve reviewed, but it’s definitely towards the softer spectrum.

Sweetnight Sleep Trial

The Sweetnight gives you 30 days which is standard for mattresses sold on Amazon but not as long as other brands in the niche.

Sweetnight has a 10 year warranty. The pillow has a 3 year warranty.

Sweetnight Price

This queen is listed at $568 on Amazon. Which to be honest is a bit more expensive than I expected but it is a 12″ thick bed. But I do have a coupon code for you which – use code 82YQ8CV9 and it takes off $142, taking it down to $426.

As far as quality, it’s what you would expect for the price. I’ve seen much more expensive beds that were very cheaply made.

Sweetnight Unboxing

Want to see what Sweetnight mattress looks like as it comes out of the box? We liked how it has an inner bag to protect the bed for shipping. It’s unusual in that it takes longer to expand – 2 or 3 days.

Watch the unboxing video here:

Sweetnight Pillows

Sweetnight mattress adjustable shredded memory foam pillow

We purchased the Sweetnight pillows to go with the mattress and they are standard queen size shredded memory foam pillows. The thing that I was impressed about with them is that they have a double zipper.

You can unzip the cover and wash it and you can unzip the inner cover and adjust the amount of memory foam inside to get the thickness you want. It has a plush feel and about $45. The discount code only applies to the mattress but the pillows do go on sale if you watch. It’s a great pillow and also a strong value, like the mattress!

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Sweetnight Pros
No noticeable offgassing. That was unexpected. This is a made in China memory foam bed so I almost expect it to have a strong smell but it doesn’t. The pillows did have some smell but the bed didn’t.

The mattress cover zips off which makes it easier to clean and is a feature we love to see on a mattress. Most people need a minimum of 10 inches of foam because it does compress with weight. The Sweetnight is 12″ thick which gives it a higher end feel and look.

Sweetnight Cons
It only has a 30 day trial period when most have 100 days. However, it’s pretty standard for a mattress to have 30 days on Amazon.

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